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Fri Mar 21 17:04:27 2014 UTClccn-n800823930.08Teapots and quails : and other new nonsenses /0.631.00Master drawings lent by Philip Hofer, class of 1921120155546n 80082393463655Hofer, P.Hofer, Philip, 1898-1984Philip Hoferlccn-n79003363Goya, Francisco1746-1828artlccn-n83013533Harvard College LibraryDepartment of Printing and Graphic Artslccn-n79084245Lear, Edward1812-1888lccn-n78095331Blake, William1757-1827lccn-n91035784Bickham, George1684?-1758?lccn-n79105958Fogg Art Museumlccn-n78095532Milton, John1608-1674lccn-n50015357Winterich, John T.1891-1970lccn-n79066136Rosenfield, John M.lccn-n84033093Loring, Rosamond B.(Rosamond Bowditch)1889-1950Hofer, Philip1898-1984HistoryPoetryPictorial worksIllustrationsBiographyJuvenile worksExhibition catalogsBibliographyCriticism, interpretation, etcHofer, Philip,SpainIllustration of booksNapoleonic Conquest of Spain (1808-1813)Fall of manPenmanshipBible.--JobIllustrated booksEngravingLandscape drawing, BritishDrawingParadise lost (Milton, John)Proverbs (Goya, Francisco)Marbling (Bookbinding)Fall of man in literatureLoring, Rosamond B.--(Rosamond Bowditch),Lear, Edward,Bible.--GenesisHistory of Biblical eventsBusinessArts, JapaneseHarvard College Library.--Department of Printing and Graphic ArtsLibrariesPaperEve--(Biblical figure)Adam--(Biblical figure)Hyde, Donald Frizell,Eccles, Mary HydeBlake, William,EndpapersDecorative paperGreat BritainOrlando furioso (Ariosto, Lodovico)Nonsense verses, EnglishEnglish wit and humorChildren's poetryAuthors, EnglishLetteringAlphabetsDe divina proportione (Pacioli, Luca)Type and type-foundingArtists' preparatory studiesMassachusettsCalligraphyBeggar's opera (Gay, John)Book ornamentationPaste papersMarbled papersFogg Art MuseumDrawing--Private collections189819841923192819311932193319341935193719381940194119421943194519471948195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419761977197819791980198119821984198519881996199719982005200620108474291574769.924NE2195.G78ocn000526416ocn310505730ocn420179375ocn470567164ocn422050761ocn460038473ocn762363744ocn000786133ocn081168001ocn595632782ocn297423051ocn270737414ocn502464062ocn441354148ocn469581663ocn417361665ocn468510785ocn313829754ocn458413774ocn460531645ocn459356949ocn724011345ocn467864016ocn762424507ocn846777700ocn46405251665122ocn002195454book19410.47Bickham, GeorgeThe universal penmanFamous treasury of English roundhand calligraphy of 1740. Alphabets, decorated pages, scrolls, frames, cupids, similar material+-+016157139564635ocn000850611book19510.63Hofer, PhilipBaroque book illustration : a short survey from the collection in the Department of Graphic Arts, Harvard College LibraryHistory56913ocn000517797book19670.56Hofer, PhilipEdward Lear as a landscape draughtsman5695ocn000057267book19690.39Goya, FranciscoLos caprichosPictorial works+-+69387713955097ocn001539071book19400.56Milton, JohnParadise lostCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyPoetryIllustrations50913ocn000010673book19690.50Goya, FranciscoThe disparates; or, The proverbios36411ocn001361806book19520.70Loring, Rosamond BDecorated book papers; being an account of their designs and fashionsHistoryExploring the history and use of decorated papers in the book arts, this title reprints Loring's original text, along with an account of her life and work26610ocn009002691book19370.70Blake, WilliamIllustrations of the Book of JobIllustrationsPictorial works2538ocn001160102book19450.76Fragonard, Jean-HonoréFragonard drawings for AriostoIllustrations24313ocn000786133book19560.81Hofer, PhilipEighteenth-century book illustrations2385ocn000526416book19530.08Lear, EdwardTeapots and quails : and other new nonsensesJuvenile worksPoetryA previously unpublished collection of drawings and poems by Edward Lear, published posthumously2283ocn000939621book19620.73Hofer, PhilipEdward LearBiography2255ocn000513760book19630.73Drawing SocietyApproaches to drawings1923ocn000578894book19720.81Krimpen, Jan vanA letter to Philip Hofer on certain problems connected with the mechanical cutting of punches1537ocn001209339book19650.84Hogarth, WilliamThe beggar's opera by Hogarth and Blake : a portfolioIllustrationsThe plates are reproductions of Hogarth's seven versions of his picture which illustrates act 3, scene 11, air 5 of John Gay's The beggar's opera, with reproductions of the 1st and 4th states of Blake's engraving after the Duke of Leeds version, and including a modern restrike of the 4th state1283ocn000611544book19330.84Morison, StanleyFra Luca de Pacioli of Borgo S. Sepolcro1266ocn052027490book19670.32Goya, FranciscoThe disasters of warHistoryPictorial worksExhibition catalogsVisual indictment of war's horrors, modeled after Spanish insurrection (1808), the resultant Peninsular War and following famine. Miseries of war graphically demonstrated in 83 prints; includes veiled attacks on various people, the Church and the State. Captions reprinted with English translations+-+97236713951252ocn001373755book19570.86Hofer, PhilipJohn Howard Benson & his work, 1901-19561253ocn019598687book19880.86Harvard College LibraryA catalogue of an exhibition of the Philip Hofer bequest in the Department of Printing and Graphic ArtsHistoryExhibition catalogs+-+78558196451081ocn006249687book19670.88Hecht, AnthonyAesopic : twenty four couplets by Anthony Hecht to accompany the Thomas Bewick wood engravings for select fablesIllustrations2842ocn000914605book19730.81Rosenfield, John MThe courtly tradition in Japanese art and literature : selections from the Hofer and Hyde collections1713ocn006550149book19800.81Becker, David PDrawings for book illustration : the Hofer CollectionExhibition catalogs1403ocn010403612book19840.86Fogg Art MuseumMaster drawings and watercolors : the Hofer CollectionExhibition catalogs1073ocn037007788book19970.76Becker, David PThe practice of letters : the Hofer collection of writing manuals 1514-1800Catalogs+-+53658196451022ocn014100216book19850.86Harvard College LibrarySpanish and Portuguese 16th century books in the Department of Printing and Graphic Arts : a description of an exhibition and a bibliographical catalogue of the collectionBibliography Exhibition catalogsExhibition catalogs862ocn006602872book19800.86Fogg Art MuseumThe Japanese courtier : painting, calligraphy, and poetry from the Fogg Art Museum, the Philip Hofer collectionExhibition catalogs191ocn021817618book19880.84Philip Hofer as a collector : a symposium in conjunction with the exhibition of the Philip Hofer bequest to the Department of Printing and Graphic ArtsBiographyExhibition catalogs63ocn309932418book19720.81Krimpen, Jan vanA letter to Philip Hofer on certain problems connected with the mechanical cutting of punches61ocn011971828book19580.97Hofer, PhilipHimalayan reverie51ocn034692274book1.00Fogg Art MuseumMaster drawings lent by Philip Hofer, class of 1921Catalogs52ocn084903393book19840.73Bentinck-Smith, WilliamPrince of the eye : Philip Hofer and the Harvard Library52ocn720989464book19730.47Rosenfield, John MThe courtly tradition in Japanese art and literature: selections from Hofer and Hyde collections41ocn083031814book19691.00Walsh, James ENotes on the Philip Hofer reference collection31ocn003874641serial0.47Dartmouth CollegeCollector's showcaseIncludes such collectors as Arthur L. Gale, Richard H. Mandel, Philip Hofer, etc21ocn363416392book19680.90Harvard College LibraryPhilip Hofer as author and publisherBibliography21ocn081312935book19600.92Jackson, William AThe Hofer collection22ocn870086709rcrd1.00Garvey, Eleanor MOral history interview with Eleanor M. GarveyHistoryInterviewsWorking as an art librarian and museum curator at Wellesley College (1947-1952), and art history professors John McAndrew, Sidney Freedberg, James O'Gorman; moving on to the Newark Museum (1952-1953) and its collections and administration under Katherine Coffey11ocn028157595book19331.00Ritter-Hopson GalleriesPress books, first editions, colored plate books and other choice selections from the library of Philip Hofer, New York City : unrestricted public auction, Thursday evening, January 12th, 1933 at 8 o'clockCatalogs11ocn794910934visu18601.00Leighton of Stretton, Frederic LeightonIllustrations for RomolaIllustrationsThe collection consists of three illustrations and four capital decorations commissioned from Frederic Leighton by George Smith in 1860 to illustrate George Eliot's novel Romola, published in parts in Cornhill Magazine, 1862-1863. The illustrations are: Under the Plane-Tree (from Chapter 10 published in August 1862, facing page 184); Escaped (from Chapter 37, published in January 1863, facing page 29); and A Dangerous Colleague (from Chapter 46, published in March 1863, facing page 306). The four capitals appeared in Cornhill in October 1862 (page 433), November 1862 (page 577), July 1863 (page 1) and August 1863 (page 129). The images then appeared in the 1880 edition of Romola published by Smith, Elder11ocn047639477book1.00Dwiggins, W. APüterschein-Dwiggins collectionRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence with Paul Bennett, Alfred Knopf, Philip Hofer, Ray Nash, Rudolph Ruzicka, Daniel Berkeley Updike and others; family correspondence; correspondence concerning the Püterschein-Hingham Press; correspondence about Postscripts; printed articles about Dwiggins; samples of type, book and graphic design work; published and unpublished works by WAD; stencils, pen and ink drawings, water colors, woodcuts, material relating to marrionettes, photographs, awards, exhibitions and miscellaneous material+-+6938771395+-+6938771395Fri Mar 21 16:08:03 EDT 2014batch28635