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Thu Feb 12 22:12:51 2015 UTClccn-n800836140.00Page, William0.661.00Ednah Dow Cheney ... memorial meeting ... Feb. 20, 190554474603Ednah_Dow_Littlehale_Cheneyn 80083614464856Author of Patience 1824-1904Author of Social games 1824-1904Cheney, E. D.Cheney, E. D. 1824-1904Cheney, E. D. (Ednah Dow), 1824-1904Cheney, Ednah D.Cheney, Ednah D. 1824-1904Cheney, Ednah Dow 1824-1904Cheney, Ednah Dow Littlehale 1824-1904Dow Littlehale Ednah Cheney 1824-1904Littlehale Cheney, Ednah Dow 1824-1904Patience, Author of 1824-1904Social games, Author of 1824-1904lccn-n79117152Alcott, Louisa May1832-1888autnp-crocker, lucretia$1829 1886Crocker, Lucretia1829-1886lccn-nr99004968May, Abby W.(Abby Williams)1829-1888lccn-nr90007128New England Women's Clubnp-cheney, margaret swan$1855 1882Cheney, Margaret Swan1855-1882lccn-n88027378Saxton, Marthalccn-n97003804Gerroll, Daniellccn-no2005064140Marvel, Elizabethlccn-n88043133Porter, Nancy W.lccn-n2009016737Reisen, HarrietCheney, Ednah Dow1824-1904BiographyRecords and correspondenceDiariesFictionJuvenile worksComic books, strips, etcShort stories, AmericanGraphic novelsCriticism, interpretation, etcTelevision adaptationsUnited StatesWomen authors, AmericanAuthors, AmericanTranscendentalism (New England)FeminismTranscendentalists (New England)May, Abby W.--(Abby Williams),Alcott, Louisa May,Children's storiesConduct of lifeChildren--Conduct of lifeSlaveryWomen--SuffrageAmerican fiction--Women authorsManners and customsMassachusetts--BostonWomen social reformersFaust (Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von)TranscendentalismWomen authors, EnglishArtPoets, AmericanMaineGold mines and miningCountry lifeAustraliaNew EnglandSolitaire (Game)Young womenGossipFuneral rites and ceremoniesSchool childrenOrphanagesWomen--Societies and clubsWomen--EmploymentNora (Fictitious character : Hurwitz)Cheney, Ednah Dow,FriendshipHowe, Julia Ward,Stone, Lucy,Novelists, AmericanHale, Edward Everett,--Sr.,MassachusettsMitchell, Maria,Women's rightsChild, Lydia Maria,TravelHowe, S. G.--(Samuel Gridley),Anthony, Susan B.--(Susan Brownell),New England Hospital for Women and Children1824190418691870187118721873187418751877187918811884188518861888188918901891189218931895189718981899190019011902190319051907191019131917192119231924192819301932196019661970197119741978198019911993199519971999200120032006200820102013466193281BPS1018ocn875132499ocn875136557ocn866993601ocn866991950ocn002541296ocn015539764ocn015539671ocn015539643ocn015539735ocn015539709ocn070655451ocn000664445ocn004311423ocn000626907ocn001499558ocn015543623ocn004110464ocn010534312ocn008030920ocn183273111161964ocn000230557book18890.60Alcott, Louisa MayLouisa May Alcott : her life, letters, and journalsBiographyDiariesPersonal narrativesRecords and correspondenceOffers a portrait of Louisa May Alcott through a collection of personal letters and journal entries, giving insight into her life and her work+-+351995479625410ocn004311423book18930.92Cheney, Ednah DowMemoirs of Lucretia Crocker and Abby W. May prepared for private circulationHistoryBiographySeparate sections titled "Lucretia Crocker, teacher" and "Abby W. May, philanthropist" recount their election as the first women members of the Board of Supervisors, Boston School Committee, and other civic work, e.g. on behalf of freed slaves and of women's education2329ocn866991950file18880.92Cheney, Ednah DowLouisa May Alcott, the children's friendBiography2014ocn875132499file18900.13Cheney, Ednah DowStories of the olden timeHistoryJuvenile worksFiction19710ocn032469434book18890.24Alcott, Louisa MayLife, letters, and journalsBiographyDiariesRecords and correspondencePresents the life and writing career of Louisa May Alcott+-+19797626051934ocn006554881book19210.20Alcott, Louisa MayLouisa May AlcottBiographyComic books, strips, etcGraphic novelsShort stories, AmericanA highly abridged version of Alcott's most famous work, Little Women, shares the volume with her lesser known tales of bizarre passion and revenge1915ocn875136557file18890.92Cheney, Ednah DowMemoir of Margaret Swan Cheney1804ocn866993601file18890.92Cheney, Ednah DowMunicipal suffrage for women1651ocn497933313visu20080.20Louisa May Alcott the woman behind Little womenCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyTelevision adaptationsFilmed on location at many places actually frequented by the real persons portrayed and featuring a script written from primary sources, this documentary tells the life story of American author Louisa May Alcott, chronicling her efforts to rescue her family from poverty and find wealth, fame, and happiness for herself. Includes animations and commentary from Alcott scholars, novelist Geraldine Brooks, and the "literary sleuths" who uncovered Alcott's lost thrillers773ocn002784790book18860.92Sanborn, F. BThe life and genius of Goethe : lectures at te Concord school of philosophy733ocn002541296book18930.74Cheney, Ednah DowLife of Christian Daniel Rauch of Berlin, Germany714ocn015539764book19020.89Cheney, Ednah DowReminiscences of Ednah Dow Cheney (born Littlehale)BiographyThe autobiographical memoirs of Louisa May Alcott's first biographer, Ednah Cheney, containing her recollections of her Transcendentalist friends as well as her memories of the Alcotts6711ocn019175066book18900.96Cheney, Ednah DowNora's return. A sequel to "The doll's house" of Henry IbsenFiction+-+6000332666324663ocn010534312book18880.89Wasson, David AtwoodPoems643ocn000559932book18810.87Cheney, Ednah DowMemoir of Seth W. Cheney, artist616ocn003251613book18810.80Cheney, Ednah DowGleanings in the fields of artHistory593ocn008601173book18890.94Sewall, Harriet WinslowPoemsThe 42 poems in this posthumously published collection were chosen by Sewall's daughters, Lucy E. Sewall and Louisa S. Cabot; the life and memoirs included is comprehensive and includes letters to and from Sewall527ocn002322401book19000.93Cheney, Ednah DowThe story of the Alcotts : [condensed from Ednah D. Cheney's authoritative Louisa May Alcott: her life letters and journals]BiographyLouisa May Alcott was born in Germantown, Pennsylvania, 1832+-+8567113796527ocn000512459book18720.07Cheney, Ednah DowSally Williams, the mountain girlJuvenile worksFiction425ocn006007251book18690.94Cheney, Ednah DowPatience: a series of thirty games with cardsExplains the rules for, and method of play of, 35 different games of solitaire, also known as Patience2264ocn786288210file19020.89Cheney, Ednah DowReminiscences of Ednah Dow Cheney (born Littlehale)BiographyThe autobiographical memoirs of Louisa May Alcott's first biographer, Ednah Cheney, containing her recollections of her Transcendentalist friends as well as her memories of the Alcotts2095ocn875134049file19050.93New England Women's ClubEdnah Dow Cheney, 1824-1904 memorial meeting, New England Women's Club, Boston, February 20, 1905201ocn005218758book19240.60Alcott, Louisa MayLouisa May Alcott : her life, letters, and journalsBiographyDiariesPersonal narrativesRecords and correspondenceOffers a portrait of Louisa May Alcott through a collection of personal letters and journal entries, giving insight into her life and her work32ocn647415733file20010.82Wayne, Tiffany KWoman thinking : feminism and transcendentalism in nineteenth-century AmericaHistoryBiography"Woman Thinking explores the theoretical relationship between feminism and Transcendentalism through the ideas and activism of prominent nineteenth-century female thinkers and activists. By analyzing the work of important figures in post-Civil War American intellectual life, such as Ednah Cheney, Caroline Dall, Margaret Fuller, and Elizabeth Oakes Smith, Tiffany K. Wayne demonstrates how Transcendentalism provided a language with particular appeal to women and helped promote an emerging feminist movement with the goal of acknowledging women's right to self-development."--BOOK JACKET22ocn122656920mix1.00May familyPapers of the May and Goddard familiesThis collection includes correspondence, diaries, financial papers, photographs, and other documents of the two families and their relations. The bulk of the collection is Abigail's papers, including letters from prominent abolitionists, suffragists, and authors, and the papers of Samuel and Mehetable Goddard, with letters they wrote home during their residence in England from 1818 to 1827. Other persons represented are Frederick May, his daughter Eleanor, Abigail May (1775-1800), Samuel J. May (1797-1871), Samuel May of Leicester, Mass., Louisa May Alcott, Ednah Dow Cheney, Lydia Maria Child, Lucy Stone, Julia Ward Howe, and Elizabeth Stuart Phelps21ocn020706892book19051.00New England Women's ClubEdnah Dow Cheney ... memorial meeting ... Feb. 20, 190511ocn863648248file20131.00Mookerjee, LabanyaJealous for justice Ednah Dow Cheney translates transcendentalism to late Nineteenth Century social activism11ocn122521701mix1.00Blackwell familyCorrespondence, diaries, memoirs, writings, photographs, biographical and genealogical information, and other papers of the Blackwell family comprise the collection. A large part of the collection consists of the papers of Antoinette Louise Brown Blackwell, including her autobiography, Antoinette Brown Blackwell, The First Woman Minister11ocn542727247mix1.00Hosmer, Harriet GoodhueThis collection consists mainly of correspondence of Wayman Crow and Cornelia (Crow) Carr, including personal letters written by or re: the Sedgwick family, 1848-1871, letters to Wayman Crow from his friend, Henry Giles, 1857-1863, personal letters from Harriet Goodhue Hosmer to the Crow family, responses from readers of Cornelia (Crow) Carr's book, and letters from Julian Mead of the Watertown Savings Bank re: Harriet Goodhue Hosmer's estate,1909-1913. Also included are book reviews and other clippings re: Cornelia (Crow) Carr's biography of Harriet Goodhue Hosmer11ocn122413408mix1.00Howe familyPapers of the Julia Ward Howe familyThe bulk of the collection consists of correspondence, speeches, and writings of Julia Ward Howe and her daughters, including a manuscript draft of Howe's memoirs11ocn122684823mix1.00Mott familyThis collection is a random group of papers of three generations of the Mott family. Papers of Jordan Lawrence Mott include 51 deeds, letters, and leases showing Mott's subdivision, improvement, and letting of this property. Correspondence of J.L. Mott II is mostly from well-known people in English society in the early 20th century. Mrs. Mott was a cousin of the Jerome sisters (Lady Randolph Churchill, Lady Leslie, and Mrs. Moreton Frewen). Papers of J.L. Mott III include correspondence with publishers about his works, miscellaneous manuscripts, and financial documents. Correspondents include the Duchess of Abercorn, Prince Arthur (Duke of Connaught) and his family, L.B.R. Briggs, Ednah Dow Cheney, Joseph B. Gilder, H.A. Harvey, Lady Constance Leslie, Frank E. Schoonover, Christian Schussele, and Caspar Whitney11ocn049349160book18901.00Cheney, Ednah DowALS : Jamaica Plain, Mass., to Geo[rge] Doane RandRecords and correspondenceThanks him for a lithograph11ocn232007176book18991.00Cheney, Ednah DowMemoir (n.d.) about Seth Cheney, and two letters from Ednah Cheney to Mr. [Louis] Prang (1899) and Mr. Briggs (n.d.), soliciting funds for the New England Hospital11ocn122557304mix1.00Dall, Caroline Wells HealeyHistoryContains Dall's writings; notes for teaching; correspondence; clippings; and extracts from her reading. Also included is genealogical materials, household account books, estate records; lecture notes for her Sunday School and adult education classes; speeches, etc. Texts of many of her writings, some in manuscript, some printed, are included with her research notes, correspondence with publishers, and reviews. Her clipping collection and reading notes reflect her wide interests, including labor laws, woman's suffrage, natural disasters, and women in India12ocn207169049bookSanborn, F. BHistoryRecords and correspondenceThis collection contains mostly typescript originals and copies of Franklin Benjamin Sanborn's correspondence, writings, and miscellaneous papers, 1847-1915. Included are two registers of Sanborn's school in Concord, 1859-1860, and a register for the Concord School of Philosophy, 1879-1882. The manuscript box consists of correspondence with his wife Ariana Walker Sanborn (1832-1854), and letters concerning John Brown, "Bleeding Kansas," and Kansas politics; poetry written largely by Sanborn to his wife; his addresses and lectures before various philanthropic societies, on topics like the Balkan War against Turkey in 1910; Sanborn's writings on Greece, American poetry, and various literary figures. There are also writings for his newspaper columns, and a miscellany of typescript fragments, including a copy of the journal of Samuel Gridley Howe (1801-1876) concerning his part in the Greek War for Independence in 182512ocn232006663mix1.00Hosmer, Harriet GoodhueCorrespondence, diary, poetry, manuscripts, speeches, dramas, sketches, drawings, notes on art, articles, photos, clippings of Hosmer, as well as the papers of her friend and biographer, Cornelia Crow Carr, comprise the collection. Much of the collection is correspondence, the great majority by Hosmer to Carr, Wayman Crow, her benefactor and lifelong patron, and to other members of the Crow/Carr family. There are also many letters from the actresses Charlotte Cushman and Fanny Kemble. Other correspondents include Elizabeth Cary Agassiz, Susan B. Anthony, Robert And Elizabeth Browning, Annie Fields, John Gibson, Isabella Beecher Hooker, Sir Frederick Leighton, Maria Mitchell, Louise Chandler Moulton, Lydia Maria Child, Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, Kate Sanborn, Mary Somerville, Lucy Stone, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Adeline D.T. Whitney, and Abba Goold Woolson11ocn047126299book18971.00Cheney, Ednah DowLetters : Jamaica Plain, [Mass.] to S[arah] Maria Parsons, Brooklyn, N.YRecords and correspondenceLetters relating to a Suffrage Fair to be held in Boston at which some artifacts of Lydia Maria Child are to be donated for sale by Mrs. Parsons12ocn232006931mix1.00Brooks, John GrahamCorrespondence, scrapbooks, reviews, pamphlets, leaflets, clippings, and two early sermons of Brooks. Correspondents include Jane Addams, Alice Stone Blackwell, Ednah Dow Cheney, Ada Louise Comstock, Florence Kelley, Grace Norton, Lillian Wald, and many other notable writers, scholars, statesmen, diplomats, businessmen and educators11ocn064547760art1997Museum of Fine Arts, BostonPage, William11ocn049320835mix0.47New England Hospital for Women and ChildrenRecordsHistorySourcesThe records of the New England Hospital are divided into two parts. The first part consists of administrative records, circa 1859-1955, including annual reports, correspondence and memoranda, financial papers, minutes, written histories, photographs and scrapbooks. Also included are subject files on such topics as a 1888 controversy over abortion, using chloroform as an anesthetic, and African American interns. Application material from women medical students includes letters, forms, recommendations, and transcripts. The second portion of the papers contains several hundred letters collected for their autograph value for sale at nineteenth century fund-raising fairs. The letters do not relate in content to the Hospital, but are correspondence many major literary, political, and religious figures of the latter half of the nineteenth century. Topics of the letters include woman suffrage, social services, abolition, freedmen's education, literature, and Civil War relief. The notable correspondents include: Louisa May Alcott, Susan B. Anthony, Alice Stone Blackwell, Elizabeth Blackwell, Lydia Maria Child, Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Julia Ward Howe, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, Lucy Stone, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and John Greenleaf Whittier. A complete list of names is available in the Sophia Smith Collection+-+1979762605+-+1979762605Fri Feb 13 10:27:54 EST 2015batch30868