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Thu Oct 16 17:52:06 2014 UTClccn-n800899760.26Company of adventurers /0.530.84The case of the Hudson's-Bay Company139169065n 80089976471112Adventurers of England Trading into Hudson's BayBaie (Firme)Compagnie de la baie d'HudsonGovernor and Company of Adventurers of England Trading into Hudson's BayGovernor and Company of Adventurers of Englang Trading into Hudson's BayGovernour and Company of Adventurers of England, Trading into Hudson's BayHBCHudson Bay CompanyHudson Bay Fur CompanyHudson's Bay Fur CompanycontainsVIAFID/126589702North West Companylccn-n50062035North West Companylccn-n88030122Whitman Collegelccn-n50009625McLoughlin, John1784-1857lccn-n84086982Rich, E. E.(Edwin Ernest)1904-1979edtlccn-n79077230Simpson, GeorgeSir1786 or 1787-1860lccn-n79017939Newman, Peter Charleslccn-n50052500Radisson, Pierre Espritapproximately 1636-1710lccn-n80028633McDonald, Archibald1790-1853lccn-n50006530Selkirk, Thomas DouglasEarl of1771-1820lccn-n80029965Cole, Jean MurrayHudson's Bay CompanyHistorySourcesPeriodicalsRecords and correspondenceBiographyHudson's Bay CompanyFur tradeCanada--Canadian NorthwestCanadaTravelHudson Bay RegionFrontier and pioneer lifeFur tradersWhitman CollegeDiscoveries in geographyGreat BritainPacific NorthwestManners and customsArctic RegionsCree IndiansCartographyIndians of North AmericaManitoba--York FactoryPrairie ProvincesCanada--Arctic CoastNaturalistsCanada--James Bay RegionMcDonald, Archibald,Dease, Peter WarrenHenday, Anthony,Canada, NorthernAmericansAdventure and adventurersPacific AreaUnited States--Columbia River ValleyPioneersJapanMacDonald, Ranald,Capitalists and financiersEmployeesMonnet, Jean,EuropeStatesmenEuropean UnionAlgonquian Indians--CommerceIndians of North America--CommerceStrathcona and Mount Royal, Donald Alexander Smith,--Baron,Canadian Pacific Railway CompanyOntario, NorthernUnited StatesCree Indians--Social conditionsCree Indians--Social life and customsCanada, WesternNorth West Company (1967- )Colonies1670167316751682168416851687168816901696169716981701170217051709171017111715171917441745174817491752175517591764176617691770177217741775177917811782178317841789179017911792179417951799180018031810181218131814181518161817181818191820182118221824182518261827182818291830183118321833183418361837183818391840184118421843184418451846184718481849185018511852185318541855185618571858185918601861186218631864186518661867186818691870187118721873187418751876187718781879188018811882188318841885188618871888188918901891189218931894189518961897189818991900190119021903190419051906190719081909191019111912191319141915191619181919192019211922192319241925192619271928192919301931193219331934193519361937193819391940194119421943194419451946194719481949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320149846326716513971.2F1060.8ocn466559676ocn866761078ocn866031704ocn460286141ocn461018584ocn460273499ocn494924360ocn185284300100915ocn001519303file0.53Hudson's Bay CompanyThe BeaverHistoryPeriodicalsArticles and commentary exploring all aspects of Canada's history; published by The Govenor and Company of Adventures of England Trading into Hudson's Bay, known as the Hudson's Bay Company6474ocn759157040com20090.47Hargrave, JamesLetters from Rupert's Land, 1826-1840 James Hargrave of the Hudson's Bay CompanyHistoryRecords and correspondenceA collection of letters that document the experiences of a 'lowland' Scottish family in North America, as well as happenings at the administrative center of the Hudson's Bay Company fur trade+-+K8208082253279ocn003822852book19480.70Hudson's Bay CompanyCopy-book of letters outward & c, begins 29th May, 1680 ends 5 July, 1687HistorySourcesRecords and correspondenceReprint of 1948 edition. Counterpart to the Minutes of the Committee in the administrative system of the Company, and in the study of the early years of the Hudson's Bay Company, they must take their place in direct sequence to the minutes3087ocn003824657book19410.74McLoughlin, JohnThe letters of John McLoughlin from Fort Vancouver to the governor and committeeHistorySources2935ocn025436046book19570.66Hudson's Bay CompanyHudson's Bay copy booke of letters : Commissions instructions outward, 1688-1696HistorySourcesText of letter book. Appendices include list of governors, deputy governors and committees elected 1687-96, ships sailing between London and Hudson Bay 1687-96, etc2816ocn001290258book19540.66Hudson's Bay CompanyMoose Fort journals, 1783-85HistorySourcesFirst volume which deals specifically with the affairs of the posts at the Bottom of the Bay. Appendices include Moose Fort correspondence books 1783-84 and 1784-85, information on posts, standard of trade 1783-84 and biographical notes2746ocn001344616book19510.66Hudson's Bay CompanyCumberland House journals and Inland journal, 1775-82HistorySources2655ocn001344630book19650.66Davies, K. GLetters from Hudson Bay, 1703-40HistorySourcesAimed at making known the views and experiences of many of the Company's principal officers, and to draw attention to the many problems faced in this period of consolidation: defence, Indian relations, recruitment, supply, etc2643ocn000263012book18470.79Simpson, GeorgeNarrative of a journey round the world : during the years 1841 and 18422554ocn000018403book19670.66Hudson's Bay CompanySaskatchewan journals and correspondence: Edmonton House 1795-1800; Chesterfield House 1800-1802Westward advance of the Hudson's Bay Company along northern and southern branches of the Saskatchewan River at end of 18th century. Includes Edmonton House and Chesterfield House Journals and Correspondence2543ocn009778492book19790.66Bowsfield, HartwellFort Victoria letters : 1846-1851HistorySources2482ocn001262306book19630.66Davies, K. GNorthern Quebec and Labrador journal and correspondence, 1819-35HistoryIncludes journals of Clouston, Hendry, Finlayson, and Erlandson and Fort Chimo correspondence2212ocn001262247book19590.70Beaver, HerbertReports and letters, 1836-1838, of Herbert Beaver, chaplain to the Hudson's Bay Company and missionary to the Indians at Fort VancouverHistorySources1745ocn065310634file18430.82Simpson, ThomasNarrative of the discoveries on the north coast of America : effected by the officers of the Hudson's Bay Company during the years 1836-39Simpson, a Scot, came to Canada in the Hudson Bay Company's service in 1829. This work is the record of the expedition which he led, with Dease, from the Red River to explore the Arctic coast west and east of the Mackenzie River1228ocn748222724book18190.84Pritchard, JohnNarratives of John Pritchard, Pierre Chrysologue Pambrun, and Frederick Damien Heurter respecting the aggressions of the North-west Company against the Earl of Selkirk's settlement upon Red River1093ocn016692756book19440.70Morton, Arthur SSir George Simpson : overseas governor of the Hudson's bay company, a pen picture of a man of actionHistoryBiography9613ocn144135861book18990.82Klotz, OttoCertain correspondence of the Foreign Office and of the Hudson's Bay Company copied from original documents, London 1898HistorySources961ocn508737803file17490.84Hudson's Bay CompanyThe case of the Hudson's-Bay CompanyHistory894ocn002115968serial0.82Hudson's Bay CompanyMinutesHistorySources801ocn003612829book19040.77Morice, A. GThe history of the northern interior of British Columbia : formerly New Caledonia, 1660-1880History14447ocn842939774file19910.50Ruggles, Richard IA country so interesting the Hudson's Bay Company and two centuries of mapping, 1670-1870HistoryCatalogsMapsDescription of maps and charts made by the Hudson's Bay Company in northern and western Canada, chiefly based on the Company Archives in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Numerous plates, lists of maps, glossary of terms+-+7033808225135031ocn013668898book19850.26Newman, Peter CharlesCompany of adventurersHistoryFirst volume of a history of the Hudson's Bay Company134497ocn065314559book18480.77Ballantyne, R. MHudson's Bay, or, Every-day life in the wilds of North America during six years' residence in the territories of the honourable Hudson's Bay CompanyHistoryJuvenile worksBiographySources12404ocn711000592file20110.33Royle, Stephen ACompany, crown and colony the Hudson's Bay Company and territorial endeavour in western CanadaHistoryThe Hudson's Bay Company was one of the great merchant companies. Granted sole trading rights to a huge part what is now Canada they were coerced in the mid nineteenth century to set up a colonial administration on Vancouver Island to protect British interests at a time of growing expansionism from America to the south and possible threats from a Russian Alaska to the north. 'Company, Crown and Colony' tells the story of the challenges they faced. Drawing on rich archival resources the author provides a detailed account of this turbulent period, revealing the difficulties faced by a leading me+-+978603393612377ocn180704125file20030.50Houston, C. StuartEighteenth-century naturalists of Hudson BayHistoryBiographyWhere Peter Newman's best-selling trilogy captured the essence of the Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) as a business empire, Eighteenth-Century Naturalists of Hudson Bay presents the scientific achievements of the company's early employees, drawing largely on materials in the HBC Winnipeg archives. C. Stuart Houston, Tim Ball, and Mary Houston make amends for two centuries of neglect of these collector-observers, showing that fur traders in isolated trading posts on Hudson Bay were involved in some of the earliest stirrings of science on the continent andd that the fur traders and Native people worked together in a remarkable symbiosis, beneficial to both parties+-+403770822511657ocn559328974file20010.50McDonald, ArchibaldThis blessed wilderness Archibald McDonald's letters from the Columbia, 1822-44HistoryBiographyRecords and correspondencePresents an extensive, edited selection of the public and private letters of Archibald McDonald (1790-1853), one of the Hudson's Bay Company's first men to go west of the mountains after the company's merger with the North West Company. Characterized by a frank, original style, strong observation skills, and an ironic wit, his correspondence provides a picture of people and events during a formative period in the history of the Pacific Northwest. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR+-+778353922510928ocn180704155file20010.47Dease, Peter WarrenFrom Barrow to Boothia the Arctic journal of Chief Factor Peter Warren Dease, 1836-1839HistoryBiographyDiariesSources"Peter Dease's journal, reproduced in full, is supplemented by a brief introduction to each section and detailed annotations that clarify and elaborate the text. By including relevant correspondence to and from expedition members, Barr captures the original words of the participants, offering insights into the character of both Dease and Simpson and making clear what really happened on this successful expedition."--BOOK JACKET+-+580770822510083ocn236348256file20000.47Henday, AnthonyA year inland the journal of a Hudson's Bay Company wintererHistoryDiariesAnthony Henday, a young Hudson's Bay Company employee, set out from York Factory in June 1754 to winter with "trading Indians" along the Saskatchewan River. He adapted willingly and easily to their way of life; he also kept a journal in which he described the plains region and took note of rival French traders, and success at their inland posts. A copy of Henday's journal was immediately sent to the company directors in London. They rewarded Henday handsomely although they were uncertain where he had travelled, what groups he had met on the plains, and what success he had in opposing rival French traders. Since then, uncertainty about Henday's year inland has increased. The original journal disappeared; only four copies, dating from 1755 to about 1782, are extant. Each text differs from the other three; the differences range from variant spellings to word choice to contradictory statements on vital questions. All four copies are the work of a company clerk, later factor, named Andrew Graham, who used them to support his own views on HBC trading policies. Twentieth-century scholars have based their claims for Henday's importance as an explorer, trader and observer of Native cultures on a poorly edited transcript of the 1782 text. They have been unaware or careless of the journal's textual ambiguity. A Year Inland presents all four copies for the first time, together with contextual notes and a commentary that reassesses the journal's information on plains geography, people and trade+-+68985743359463ocn044954147file19970.31Roe, JoAnnRanald MacDonald Pacific Rim adventurerHistoryBiography+-+819677923592733ocn001446354book19360.53MacKay, DouglasThe honourable company; a history of the Hudson's Bay CompanyHistoryPopular and comprehensive history based on company archives. Describes the explorations, trading activities, relations with Indians, rival fur companies, government, etc. from the foundation of the company in 1670. Appendices include statements of earnings and capital structure since 1670 and lists principal officers. (AB 10638)87512ocn006675286book19800.56Brown, Jennifer S. HStrangers in blood : fur trade company families in Indian countryHistoryDescribes the social world of the traders in the 18th and 19th centuries. Examines differences between the North West Company and the Hudson's Bay Company and their effects on Indian-white relations+-+48637615353248624ocn755882970file20100.53Ugland, TrygveJean Monnet and Canada early travels and the idea of European unityHistoryBiography"Jean Monnet (1888-1979) is often viewed as the chief architect of the European Coal and Steel Community, which over time evolved into today's European Union. Monnet spent his early years working as an agent for his father, a cognac producer. It was this experience that took him to Scandinavia, England, the United States, and most importantly Canada, where he was exposed to the country's unique form of federalism. Drawing on a wide variety of empirical sources, including unpublished documents, correspondence, and original historical data extracted from archives both in Canada and Europe, Trygve Ugland's Jean Monnet and Canada argues that the extensive period of time Monnet spent in Canada between 1907 and 1914 had a formative influence on the achievements of his later years, particularly on the institutional 'construction of Europe.'"--Publisher description+-+756891799685211ocn001654182book19570.53Galbraith, John SThe Hudson's Bay Company as an imperial factor, 1821-1869HistoryExpansion, consolidation and decline of Company's fur trade, 1821-69; political implications. Includes facsimile of Arrowsmith map of 18328464ocn244765783file19820.53Francis, DanielPartners in furs a history of the fur trade in eastern James Bay, 1600-1870HistoryAn investigation of the effects of the fur trade on the social patterns of the Algonquian peoples living in the eastern James Bay region from 1600 to 18708167ocn300284550file19960.37McDonald, DonnaLord Strathcona a biography of Donald Alexander SmithHistoryBiographyDonald Smith, known to most Canadians as Lord Strathcona, was an adventurer who made his fortune building railroads. He joined the Hudson's Bay Company at age eighteen and went on to build the first railway to open the Canadian Northwest to settlement. As his crowning achievement, he drove the last spike for the nation-building Canadian Pacific Railway. In 1896, Smith became Canada's High Commissioner in London and was soon elevated to the peerage. He became a generous benefactor to Canadian institutions. This eminently readable biography brings to light new information, including details about+-+22487550068044ocn243616302com20020.50Lytwyn, Victor PMuskekowuck athinuwick original people of the great swampy landHistory+-+060100233576641ocn011323844book17690.74Clúny, AlexanderThe American traveller or, Observations on the present state, culture and commerce of the British colonies in America, and the further improvements of which they are capable ; with an account of the exports, imports and returns of each colony respectively ; and of the numbers of British ships and seamen, merchants, traders and manufacturers employed by all collectively ; together with the amount of the revenue arising to Great-Britain therefrom ; in a series of letters written originally to the Right Honourable the Earl of *********Maps74940ocn012258875book17520.77Robson, JosephAn account of six years residence in Hudson's-bay from 1733 to 1736, and 1744 to 1747 containing a variety of facts, observations, and discoveries about Hudson's-bay to Great Britain ; and, II, the interested views of the Hudson's Bay Company ; and the absolute necessity of laying open the trade ; to which is added an appendixHistoryBiographyMaps7132ocn001091748book19750.26Dillon, Richard HSiskiyou Trail : the Hudson's Bay Company route to California7056ocn243500910file19660.50Beardy, Flora and Coutts, RobertVoices from Hudson Bay Cree stories from York FactoryHistoryBiographyInterviewsAnecdotesCree Indians+-+9699608225+-+K820808225+-+K820808225Thu Oct 16 15:20:05 EDT 2014batch122309