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Thu Oct 16 17:59:35 2014 UTClccn-n800096830.33Oeuvres complètes. 1810-1812 /0.650.92De l'esprit de conquête /45095766Benjamin_Constantn 800096833550465392220Constant, .. 1767-1830Constant, B. 1767-1830Constant, Beniamin.Constant, Beniamin 1767-1830Constant, Benj 1767-1830Constant, BenjaminConstant Benjamin de 1767-1830Constant, Benjamin von 1767-1830Constant de Rebecque, Benjamin.Constant de Rebecque, Benjamin 1767-1830Constant de Rebecque, Benjamin deConstant de Rebecque Benjamin de 1767-1830Constant de Rebecque, Benjamin Henri.Constant de Rebecque, Benjamin Henri 1767-1830Constant, de Rebecque Henri Benjamin.Constant de Rebecque, Henri-Benjamin 1767-1830Constant de Rebecque, Henri Benjamin de 1767-1830Constant de Rebeque , Benjamin HenriConstant, Henri Benjamin 1767-1830Constant-Rebecque, Benjamin 1767-1830Constant-Rebecque, Benjamin de.Constant-Rebecque, Benjamin de 1767-1830Constantin-Rebecque, Henri-Benjamin de 1767-1830Costant , BenjaminDe Rebecque, Henri Benjamin Constant deDeRebecque, Henri Benjamin Constant deGongsidang, BangyamanHahn, J.G.H. 1767-1830Konstan, B.Konstan, Benžamen.Konstan, Benžamen 1767-1830Konstan, V. 1767-1830Konsutan, BanjamanRebecque, Benjamin Constant deRebecque, Benjamin de C.- 1767-1830Rebecque, Benjamin de C. de 1767-1830Rebecque, Benjamin de Constant deRebecque Benjamin de Constant de 1767-1830Rebecque, Benjamin H. de 1767-1830Rebecque, Benjamin Henri Constant deRebecque, Constant de 1767-1830Rebecque, Henri B. 1767-1830Rebecque, Henri Benjamin Constant de.Rebecque, Henri Benjamin Constant de 1767-1830Rebeque, Henri-Benjamin Constant deБенжамен-Констан 1767-1830Констан, Бенжамен 1767-1830Констан, Де Ребек Бенжамен Анри 1767-1830Ребек, Генри Бенжамен Констан 1767-1830קונסטאן, בנז'מן 1767-1830קונסטן, בנז'מן 1767-1830קונסטן, בנימין 1767-1830קונסטן דה רבק, בנז'מןكونستان، بنچامانكونستان دى ربيك، هنرى بنجامانコンスタンコンスタン (1767-1830).コンスタン, バンジャマンlccn-n78089038StaëlMadame de(Anne-Louise-Germaine)1766-1817dublccn-n85148651Kloocke, Kurtothcmmauidrtpbdedtcrelccn-n85126689Delbouille, Paulothpbdauiedtcrelccn-n81049071Hofmann, Etienneothauidrtpbdedtcrelccn-n80104028Harpaz, Ephraïmothauiedtlccn-no2011152453Wilfinger, Lauraothctbedtcrelccn-n50082838Charrière, Isabelle de1740-1805crplccn-n82152953Courtney, C. P.(Cecil Patrick)othpbdctbedtlccn-n86870849Scott, Geoffrey1885-1929lccn-n88624031Bornecque, Jacques-HenryauiedtConstant, Benjamin1767-1830FictionCriticism, interpretation, etcHistoryDiariesBiographyRecords and correspondenceSourcesDramaConstant, Benjamin,FrancePolitical scienceNovelists, SwissIntellectualsLiberalismPolitical and social viewsStaël,--Madame de--(Anne-Louise-Germaine),Intellectual lifeAuthors, FrenchCharrière, Isabelle de,ReligionFrench literatureFilangieri, Gaetano,Women authors, FrenchRepresentative government and representationConstitutional historyConstitutional lawItalyDemocracyCommitment (Psychology)Tocqueville, Alexis de,Revolution (France : 1789-1799)Influence (Literary, artistic, etc.)EuropeMilitarismDespotismRécamier, Jeanne Françoise Julie Adélaïde Bernard,Religion--PhilosophyReligionsPolytheismManners and customsNapoleon--I,--Emperor of the French,GermanyTheaterSwitzerlandWomen intellectualsFrench languagePolitics and literaturePolitical rightsFrench fictionMan-woman relationshipsAuthority--Religious aspectsEthicsDey, William Morton,Adolphe (Constant, Benjamin)Elba and Napoleon's Hundred Days (1814-1815)Wallenstein (Schiller, Friedrich)Scienza della legislazione (Filangieri, Gaetano)Political science--Philosophy1767183017671785178717921794179517961797179817991800180118021809181318141815181618171818181918201821182218231824182518261827182818291830183118321833183418351836183718381839184018421844184518481849185018511853185418551856185718601861186218631864186718681869187018721874187518771878187918811882188318841886188718881889189018911892189318941895189718981900190119021903190419051906190719081909191019111912191319141915191619171918191919201921192219231924192519261927192819291930193119321933193419351936193719391940194119421943194419451946194719481949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320144308717545798843.6PQ2211.C24ocn000379442ocn000875069ocn417561524ocn417561780ocn801137839ocn417565881ocn417565897ocn417565961ocn417561573ocn417565944ocn186042466ocn186628517ocn466282909ocn464816107ocn466025679ocn466025658ocn466129663ocn466174229ocn466241886ocn466285040ocn799382448ocn024573173ocn458024982ocn182722791ocn816848908ocn457974386ocn802548564ocn421826677ocn081912789ocn421826614ocn420518295ocn692008557ocn691889011ocn762199191ocn494696203ocn780971074ocn691956994ocn762214131ocn494693947ocn863052750ocn082047144ocn256869480ocn762696805ocn467154265ocn083740690ocn468323035ocn762699978ocn467478390ocn467537413ocn457980689ocn457980983ocn472584300ocn833658221ocn832276263ocn801191193ocn801191195ocn801191194ocn419370615ocn417660082ocn246081877ocn310129394ocn469036663ocn798975559ocn693475224ocn4683520634613840ocn001102373book17670.66Constant, BenjaminAdolphe, anecdote trouvée dans les papiers d'un inconnu. Extraits de la correspondance de Benjamin Constant avec Anna Lindsay. Lettre sur Julie. De Madame de Staël et de ses ouvragesCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyFictionDramaWe are such volatile creatures that we finally feel the sentiments we feign. First published in 1816, Adolphe is the story of a young man with all the privileges and advantages of a noble birth, but who's still haunted by the meaninglessness of life. He seeks distraction in the pursuit of the beautiful, but older and married Ellenore, a fictionalized version of Madame de Stael. The young Adolphe, inexperienced in love, falls for her unexpectedly adn falters under the burden of the illicit love+-+127483746585855ocn001235260book19310.63Constant, BenjaminŒuvres64222ocn785782846file18220.39Constant, BenjaminCommentaire sur l'ouvrage de FilangieriHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcThis volume of the Collected Works of Benjamin Constant contains political texts from 1822 as well as Constant's commentary on the work of Filangieri, an Italian expert in constitutional law, which is included in the volume as a facsimile. A critical apparatus and the index serve to place the commentary in the context of the age60210ocn753968509file20100.37Constant, BenjaminPrincipes de politique applicables à tous les gouvernements représentatifs (texte de 1806)This volume makes accessible Benjamin Constant|#x00B4;s major political treatise, which was the basis for his political actions and the development of his political writings. His Principes de politique became one of the decisive starting points of European liberalism. The book contains 1906 tenets of Constant|#x00B4;s political philosophy, which evolved over a lengthy period. Principes de politique remained unpublished for a long time. The critical apparatus elucidates the genesis of the work and also its reception in the political theory of the 19th and 20th centuries55127ocn016685298book19880.66Constant, BenjaminPolitical writingsA translation of the major political work of Benjamin Constant with a detailed introduction and bibliographical information. A Swiss protestant by birth, Constant was a prominent figure in French political life in the aftermath of the Revolution of 1789+-+618858670532442746ocn000887411book19510.70Constant, BenjaminCécileOm kærlighedsforholdet mellem Benjamin Constant og Charlotte Hardenberg 1793-1807, skrevet i dagbogsform40990ocn406957862book18230.82Constant, BenjaminDe la religion considérée dans sa source, ses formes et ses développementsHistoryThis volume contains the definitive version of the second of the five volumes of Benjamin Constant's major study entitled "De la Religion, considérée dans sa source ...". Its unusually extensive annexes assemble a selection of manuscripts illustrating the working methods and strategies employed by the author. Further, the volume contains a general introduction, a chronology and a detailed critical apparatus comprising explanatory notes, biographical details of the persons referred to, a bibliography, and an index of proper names. As such it gives a graphic idea of the astounding originality displayed by Constant in his approach to research on religion36438ocn826659776file18290.56Constant, BenjaminMélanges de littérature et de politiqueA new volume of the Collected Works of Benjamin Constant (Série I), containing literary and political texts from 1821-1830. A critical apparatus and the indexes of persons and works serve to place the texts in the context of the age36167ocn416649866book18140.79Constant, BenjaminDe l'esprit de conquête et de l'usurpation : dans leurs rapports avec la civilisation européenneHistory30327ocn000273718book19610.84Constant, BenjaminMémoires sur les cent-jours21417ocn023432291book19640.86Constant, BenjaminÉcrits et discours politiques. PrésentationSources20028ocn065343956file17960.84Constant, BenjaminDes réactions politiquesHistory19739ocn001103601book19570.59Constant, BenjaminAdolphe ; Le Cahier rouge ; CécileTussen een jonge man, te egocentrisch om werkelijk te kunnen liefhebben, en een niet meer zo jonge vrouw ontstaat een tragische liefdesrelatie; geannoteerde uitgave, aangevuld met twee andere teksten1969ocn051931222book20030.74Constant, BenjaminPrinciples of politics applicable to all governments+-+904824013519258ocn005183999book18950.84Constant, BenjaminJournal intimeDiariesRecords and correspondence18615ocn008993267book19720.86Constant, BenjaminRecueil d'articles: Le Mercure, La Minerve et La Renommée18228ocn003007265book18820.82Constant, BenjaminLettres à Madame Récamier, 1807-1830HistorySourcesRecords and correspondence17746ocn000752573book19570.59Constant, BenjaminAdolphe; suivi de Cécile17025ocn007780056book19420.92Constant, BenjaminDe l'esprit de conquêteComment, après avoir lutté pour la liberté contre Napoléon, B. Constant a-t-il pu se rallier à l'Empereur de retour de l'île d'Elbe ? Ce comportement apparaît comme étant encore plus étrange à la lecture de ce pamphlet, écrit en Allemagne en novembre 1813 et publié en janvier 1814 puis réimprimé en Angleterre16415ocn000234605book19700.84Constant, BenjaminDeux chapitres inédits de L'esprit des religions (1803-1804): Des rapports de la morale avec les croyances religieuses et De l'intervention de l'autorité dans ce qui a rapport à la religion88018ocn000730241book19250.59Scott, GeoffreyThe portrait of ZélideBiographyLife of Isabelle de Charriere, writer and friend of Benjamin Constant+-+54683403366752ocn000793527book19740.56Cruickshank, JohnBenjamin ConstantCriticism, interpretation, etcIl passe en revue les moments essentiels de sa vie politique : la Révolution, le Directoire, ses écrits : "Des réactions politiques"; le Consulat, l'Empire et la monarchie, ses contacts avec Bernadotte, Napoléon, les Cent-Jours, son entrée aux Chambres6168ocn000351854book19490.66Nicolson, HaroldBenjamin ConstantHistoryBiographyAnalyse : Biographie qui ne se veut pas une analyse psychologique mais un récit le plus objectif possible5695ocn179832112book20080.56Winegarten, ReneeGermaine de Staël & Benjamin Constant : a dual biographyBiography"When they first met in 1794, shortly after the Reign of Terror, Germaine de Stael and Benjamin Constant were both in their twenties, both married, and both outsiders. She was already celebrated and a published writer, whereas he, though ambitious, was unknown. This dual biography tells the story of their union and disunion, set against a European background of momentous events and dramatic social and cultural change. Renee Winegarten offers new perspectives on each of the protagonists, revealing their rare qualities and their all-too-human failings as well as the complex nature of their debt to one another." "Their passionate and productive relationship endured on and off for seventeen years. Winegarten traces their story largely through their own words - letters and autobiographical writings - and illuminates the deep intellectual and visceral bond they shared despite disparate personalities and gifts. Exploring their relationships with Napoleon and the Bourbons, their different responses to the momentous upheavals of postrevolutionary France, their support of individual liberty with order, and more, the book concludes with an appreciation of de Stael's and Constant's singular contributions to a new literature and to the history of liberty."--Jacket+-+40746655855432ocn697293425file20100.33Constant, BenjaminOeuvres complètes. 1810-1812Records and correspondence+-+55388756685322ocn747413877file20110.33Constant, BenjaminTextes des 1818 Lectures à lʻAthénée ; Annales de la session de 1817 à 1818 ; Cours de politique constitutionnelle ; La Minerve française ; Affaires W. Regnault et C. Lainé ; Élections de 18184781ocn010558888book19840.70Holmes, StephenBenjamin Constant and the making of modern liberalism4635ocn000339299book19610.63Holdheim, W. WolfgangBenjamin ConstantAnalyse : Monographie consacrée à Benjamin Constant. La vie de Constant se déroule sur deux plans : 1) celui de l'homme et de ses caractéristiques propres, de ses divagations sentimentales, 2) celui de l'écrivain, du politicien, du philosophe, sérieux, ferme et constant. L'auteur met en relief les principaux aspects de la personnalité et de l'oeuvre de Constant4464ocn007053831book19800.66Dodge, Guy HowardBenjamin Constant's philosophy of liberalism : a study in politics and religionHistory3889ocn000944819book19480.63Constant, BenjaminAdolphe and the red note-bookBiography3864ocn023214277book19920.74Kelly, George ArmstrongThe humane comedy : Constant, Tocqueville, and French liberalismHistoryThis book is a study of French liberalism in the first half of the nineteenth century and its continuing relevance to political theory and practice. Emphasis is given to the tensions and fissures within liberalism as well as to its struggles against Jacobinism, conservatism and socialism. It is a blend of political theory, biography, and intellectual and political history informed throughout by the author's distinctive political, moral, and religious sensibilities+-+22776967053304ocn026764446book19930.77Wood, DennisBenjamin Constant : a biographyBiographyThis major biography traces the development of Constant as a writer centrally preoccupied with the problematics of freedom, not only in the fields of politics and religious belief but also in his own troubled relationship with women+-+32846506953243304ocn000890965book19680.70Poulet, GeorgesBenjamin Constant par lui-même3) L'abnégation, dans un sens quiétiste, accompagnée d'une ouverture à la transcendance3201ocn022732975book19910.77Fontana, BiancamariaBenjamin Constant and the post-revolutionary mindHistoryBiography3156ocn001910081book19240.79Schermerhorn, Elizabeth WheelerBenjamin Constant; his private life and his contribution to the cause of liberal government in France, 1767-1830HistoryBiographyAnalyse : Biographie de Constant29610ocn269282080book20090.79Rosenblatt, HelenaThe Cambridge companion to ConstantHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyBenjamin Constant is widely regarded as a founding father of modern liberalism. This book presents a collection of interpretive essays on the major aspects of his life and work by a panel of international scholars+-+58972167052894ocn000862385book19660.79Bastid, PaulBenjamin Constant et sa doctrineBiographyAnalyse : Ouvrage général sur Constant, comportant une biographie complète (t. 1) suivie d'une analyse de son oeuvre d'écrivain politique (t. 2)2765ocn000169865book19700.82Oliver, AndrewBenjamin Constant, écriture et conquête du moiAnalyse : L'auteur tient à étudier "les rapports entre le moi existentiel de Constant, (...), et l'oeuvre littéraire"2656ocn000905214book19520.82Constant, BenjaminJournaux intimesDiariesAnalyse: Avec un index des personnes mentionnées dans les Journaux (p. 553-569)2604ocn742514030file19990.59Todorov, TzvetanA passion for democracy Benjamin ConstantA subtle and humane exploration of Benjamin Constant, the 19th-century diarist, novelist, psychologist and political theorist -- the first French analyst of democracy+-+4866947436+-+6188586705324+-+6188586705324Thu Oct 16 15:30:52 EDT 2014batch111791