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Thu Oct 16 17:51:21 2014 UTClccn-n800236050.47Museum Rietberg Zürich : eine Wegleitung /0.721.00Festgabe zur Eröffnung des Museum Rietberg, 24 Mai, 1952139236878n 80023605405926Chūrihhi Rītoberugu BijutsukanMusée Rietberg-ZurichMuseum Rietberg für Außereuropäische KunstMuseum Rietberg für Aussereuropäische Kunst ZürichMuseum Rietberg, ZurichMuseum Rietberg Zürich Park-Villa RieterPark-Villa Rieter ZürichRietberg, MuseumRietberg Museum ZürichRietberg Museum Zurich, SuisseRietbergmuseumRietbergmuseum ZürichRītoberugu BijutsukanVilla Wesendonck, Museum RietbergZürich Museum RietbergZürich (Switzerland) Rietberg Museumlccn-n50005281Fischer, Eberhard1941-crelccn-n81032832New York UniversityInstitute of Fine Artslccn-n79129629Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)lccn-n85226582Homberger, Lorenzauiedtlccn-n88275731Abiodun, Rowlandedtlccn-n82143993Drewal, Henry Johnedtlccn-n80163566Pemberton, John1928-edtlccn-n50034967Himmelheber, Hans1908-2003crelccn-n82037920Salmony, Alfred1890-1958lccn-n82037919Hentze, CarlMuseum RietbergExhibition catalogsPeriodicalsConference proceedingsCatalogsHistoryGuidebooksDesigns and plansArt, AsianMuseum RietbergArtArts, BlackArts, YorubaNigeriaBeninSwitzerland--ZurichFigure sculpture, AfricanArt and societyPortrait sculpture, AfricanSculptureAfrica, Sub-SaharanPainting, IndicIllumination of books and manuscripts, IndicJapanAntiquitiesIndia--Koṭā (Princely State)Rajput paintingPainting, Japanese--Kamakura-Momoyama periodsZen Buddhism in literatureBuddhist paintingJapan--KyotoZen paintingZen calligraphyChinaOceaniaColor prints, Japanese--Edo periodUkiyoeWomen in artWomenMasksDance costumeThronesCameroonWood sculpture, CameroonianLiao Dynasty (China)Art, Chinese--Tang-Five dynastiesArt, Chinese--Song-Yuan dynastiesArt, Chinese--Ming-Qing dynastiesLuo, Pin,Bambara (African people)--Rites and ceremoniesArt, BambaraArt, Southeast AsianDan (African people)--Rites and ceremoniesArt, DanMiniature painting, IndicPahari paintingHeydt, Eduard von der,Art, Japanese1952195519571959196019611962196319641965196619671969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014118044301052700.8996333N8ocn492820551ocn470569273ocn492779713ocn492046236ocn469813220ocn470269609ocn470927211ocn491296148ocn492951679ocn793456266ocn185912320ocn799562405ocn185912274ocn798644473ocn79863980679114ocn001514339serial0.63Artibus AsiaePeriodicals6376ocn061966663file0.59Artibus AsiaePeriodicals5992ocn028583131book19940.53The Yoruba artist : new theoretical perspectives on African artsConference proceedings"The cultural legacy of the Yoruba people of Nigeria and Benin is one of Africa's oldest and richest, extending for more than nine centuries. Among the most prized achievements of African art are the naturalistic terracotta sculptures produced for the royal Yoruba courts from the eleventh to the fifteenth centuries. Also renowned for their beauty and craftsmanship are Yoruba ceremonial swords, elaborate beaded crowns, wood and ivory carvings, embroidered textiles, jewelry, and architectural works." "With twenty-seven color reproductions and eighty-one photographs - many published for the first time - accompanying essays by eighteen of the world's foremost Yoruba cultural historians, this book offers the most complete exploration of Yoruba artists and their work to date. Documenting the full spectrum of Yoruba culture, this definitive work extends beyond the visual arts to examine, for the first time, the Yoruba use of such oral traditions as singing and chanting, as well as drumming, dance, and other artistic expressions, including an Ifa divination ritual that involves an interplay of arts." "The Yoruba Artist presents the latest in field-research and critical methodology, pointing to new directions in African cultural scholarship. The book explains the intricate linkage of a variety of Yoruba art forms and the role of oriki (praise poetry) songs in the transmission of knowledge. In one essay, Wande Abimbola illustrates how an extended praise poem serves as a source for knowledge concerning a famous eighteenth-century carver in the Old Oyo area. In another, Oba Solomon Babayemi discusses the relationship between oral history preserved by singers and drummers and the architectural history of the palace at Gbongan." "In appraising individual figures such as Olowe of Isethis century's most important Yoruba artist - the contributors underscore particular oral and visual codes that identify authorship. Discussing the transition to current cultural forms, the essayists also show how contemporary artists in West Africa and the Americas have revitalized Yoruba aesthetic traditions."--BOOK JACKET+-+35983451063243932ocn711045520book20110.50LaGamma, AlisaHeroic Africans : legendary leaders, iconic sculpturesExhibition catalogsOver the centuries, artists across sub-Saharan Africa have memorialized eminent figures in their societies using an astonishingly diverse repertoire of naturalistic and abstract sculptural idioms. Adopting complex aesthetic fromulations, they idealized their subjects but also added specific details--such as emblems of rank, scarification patterns, and elaborate coiffures--in order to evoke the individuals represented. Imbued with the essence of their formidable subjects, these works played an essential role in reifying ties with important ancestors at critical moments of transition. Often their transfer from one generation to the next was a prerequisite for conferring legitimacy upon the leaders who followed. The arrival of Europeans as traders, then as colonizers, led to the dislocation of many of these sculptures from their original sites, as well as from the contexts in which they were conceived; thus, today, they are seen primarily as timeless representations of generic archetypes. "Heroic Africans" reexamines the sculptures in terms of the individuals who inspired them and the cultural values that informed them, providing insight into the hidden meaning and inspiration behind these great artistic achievements+-+693026558525613ocn000397437book19690.74Bühler, AlfredKunst der Südsee. Art of OceaniaCatalogsNon-Aboriginal material2353ocn037140901book19970.79Gods, kings, and tigers : the art of KotahExhibition catalogsGods, Kings, and Tigers: The Art of Kotah focuses on the art of a single Rajasthani kingdom, founded during the early seventeenth century, and investigates in detail its political, religious, and cultural context. This volume provides the first in-depth examination of Kotah and its rulers, and highlights some 70 paintings and 10 items of royal regalia from the Kotah royal collection, including images of the gods (especially Krishna, the deity of the royal family and2324ocn034569329book19960.82Brinker, HelmutZen : masters of meditation in images and writingsExhibition catalogs"This book places Zen art in a new and proper perspective and notes its seminal influences. By concentrating on major figures from Zen history and legend and on some outstanding prelates of the medieval Zen clergy, it is intended to bring these masters into the clearest possible focus, to "re-animate" them by means of their extant works and the interpretative representation of their physical appearances. This new study reveals the intrinsic worth of Zen architecture, sculpture, writings, and paintings themselves, as well as their cultural and historic setting. The book has the character of a richly illustrated compendium of Zen art."--Jacket2295ocn006143455book19800.77Brinker, HelmutTreasures from the Rietberg MuseumExhibition catalogs2011ocn819289715book20120.63Die Schönheit des Augenblicks : Frauen im japanischen HolzdruckExhibition catalogs"Fascination with color woodblock prints, a typical Japanese art form remains undiminished until today. During its heyday around 1800, numerous captivating portrayals of women were created. Presented here are one hundred masterpieces from the most well known woodblock artists in Japan, supplemented by illuminating texts."--Page 4 of cover1734ocn225876245book20080.82Cameroon : art and kingsExhibition catalogs+-+41822525481714ocn071831523book20060.84Gilded splendor : treasures of China's Liao Empire (907-1125)Exhibition catalogs+-+17884892331595ocn320267575book20090.86Eccentric visions : the worlds of Luo PingExhibition catalogs+-+K9922525481583ocn048716326book20010.90Bamana : the art of existence in MaliExhibition catalogs1525ocn010587504book19840.93Fischer, EberhardThe arts of the Dan in West AfricaExhibition catalogs1422ocn144613588book20070.84Fontein, JanThe art of Southeast Asia : the collection of the Museum Rietberg ZürichCatalogs+-+287225254813914ocn000227828book19590.82Museum RietbergChinesische Skulpturen der Sammlung Eduard von der HeydtCatalogs1365ocn025156901book19920.90Goswamy, B. NPahari masters : court painters of northern IndiaExhibition catalogs+-+91938243633241356ocn247882909book20080.86Carpenter, John TReading surimono : the interplay of text and image in Japanese prints : with a catalogue of the Marino Lusy collectionHistoryExhibition catalogs+-+46931695541324ocn154686195book20070.84Epprecht, KatharinaKannon : divine compassion : early Buddhist art from JapanExhibition catalogs+-+K58225254812715ocn196089343book19610.86Museum RietbergIndische Skulpturen der Sammlung Eduard von der Heydt : beschreibender Katalog = Indian sculptures in the von der Heydt Collection : descriptive catalogueCatalogs961ocn693659134book20100.93Museum RietbergMughal and Deccani paintings : Eva and Konrad Seitz collection of Indian miniaturesCatalogs+-+7392252548511ocn866143185book20140.95Fischer, EberhardTemple tents for goddesses in Gujarat, IndiaCatalogs481ocn016783302book19820.56Museum RietbergMuseum Rietberg ZürichGuidebooks411ocn025207170book19900.95Fischer, EberhardDie Perlenkette dem Geliebten : elf illustrierte Palmblätter zur Rasika Haravali-Romanze des Dichters Upendra Bhanja von Orissa, Indien aus der Sammlung Alice Boner im Museum Rietberg ZürichExhibition catalogs382ocn050605980book20020.70Asien, Afrika, Amerika und Ozeanien : Eduard von der Heydt als Sammler aussereuropäischer Kunst ; Katalog zur Ausstellung des Von der Heydt-Museums und des Kunst- und Museumsvereins Wuppertal aus den Beständen des Museums Rietberg Zürich, 14. April bis 30. Juni 2002Exhibition catalogs321ocn017168678book19790.84Brinker, HelmutZauber des chinesischen FächersCatalogsExhibition catalogs291ocn061766458book20050.88Museum RietbergGöttinnen : indische Bilder im Museum Rietberg ZürichCatalogs291ocn033875760book19940.82Museum RietbergAsiatische Malerei : Park-Villa Rieter, Museum Reitberg ZürichCatalogs281ocn002304607book19620.56Museum RietbergA guide273ocn021564367book19870.94Museum RietbergLa Chine archaïque : bronzes et jades du Musée Rietberg-Zürich : Collections Baur, 20 février-26 avril 1987HistoryExhibition catalogs233ocn012218046book19730.90Museum RietbergRietberg Museum ZurichGuidebooks221ocn034518628book19940.95Museum RietbergAfrikanische Masken aus dem Museum RietbergCatalogs151ocn237019764book20070.84Calonder, NikkibarlaTextilien aus dem alten Peru : die Sammlungen der Abegg-Stiftung und des Museums Rietberg ZürichCatalogs102ocn043151578book19600.47Leuzinger, ElsyMuseum Rietberg Zürich : eine WegleitungCatalogsGuidebooks91ocn253909233book20070.92Museum Rietberg - die Erweiterung : Grazioli und Krischanitz ArchitektenDesigns and plans71ocn005186801book19521.00Museum RietbergFestgabe zur Eröffnung des Museum Rietberg, 24 Mai, 195263ocn220320697book19610.86Museum RietbergIndische Skulpturen der Sammlung Eduard von der Heydt : beschreibender Katalog = Indian sculptures in the von der Heydt Collection : descriptive catalogueCatalogs61ocn033380938book19550.66Museum RietbergMuseum Rietberg der Stadt Zürich : (Sammlung von der Heydt) : FührerCatalogsGuidebooks52ocn175022774serial0.47Museum RietbergJahresberichtPeriodicals52ocn062393322book20001.00Museum RietbergMuseum Rietberg, Zürich : Museum guideCatalogs+-+3598345106324+-+3598345106324Thu Oct 16 16:00:13 EDT 2014batch37903