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Thu Oct 16 17:55:28 2014 UTClccn-n800365840.06The great Quillow /0.230.74James Thurber, an annotated bibliography of criticism /22149445James_Thurbern 80036584418724"Author's memoir".Grover Thurber, James 1894-1961James Grover ThurberJames ThurberSābā, Jēmuzu 1894-1961T_'erber, G'ems 1894-1961Terbber, Ğēîyms 1894-1961Thurber, JamesThurber, James Grover.Thurber, James Grover 1894-1961Тербер, Д 1894-1961ת׳רבר, ג׳ימס 1894־1961جيمس ثيربر، 1894-1962サーバー, ジェイムズサーバー, ジェームズlccn-n78093543Simont, Marcilllccn-n79045271Slobodkin, Louis1903-1975illcrelccn-no93023945Holmes, Charles S.(Charles Shiveley)lccn-n81084209Thurber, Helenedtlccn-n83301641Ross, Harold Wallace1892-1951lccn-n80120827Morsberger, Robert Eustis1929-lccn-n84074750Rosen, Michael J.1954-edtlccn-no2003099247Kinney, Harrison(Harrison Burton)1921-edtlccn-n79059572Bernstein, Burtonlccn-n79054648White, E. B.(Elwyn Brooks)1899-1985auiThurber, James1894-1961HumorFictionJuvenile worksBiographyCriticism, interpretation, etcRecords and correspondenceDramaBibliographyFilm adaptationsInterviewsThurber, James,Humorous stories, AmericanUnited StatesHumorists, AmericanCartoonistsAmerican wit and humorPrincessesMoonFables, AmericanManners and customsAmerican wit and humor, PictorialFairy talesAuthorsComic, TheRoss, Harold Wallace,Wit and humorNew Yorker (New York, N.Y. : 1925)ImaginationMan-woman relationshipsOhio--ColumbusClocks and watchesFantasyMurderFablesGiantsChildren's literatureDogsSexAuthors, AmericanAmerican poetryCouragePoetryCaldecott MedalTimeMinstrelsUnclesJournalistsComedyChildren's storiesWit and humor, PictorialPiratesExile (Punishment)VowelsChildren's stories, AmericanClock and watch makersAmerican fictionEuropeChappell, Warren,Fantasy dramaReaders (Elementary)18941961190019111924192519291930193119321933193419351936193719381939194019411942194319441945194619471948194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014821878392716817.5PS3539.H94ocn035549602ocn030184877ocn461731023ocn468644787ocn443714824ocn017683708ocn461947638ocn454264860ocn049343068ocn439383383ocn878515692ocn880367209ocn442404470ocn444252742ocn691745484ocn691345460ocn692031959ocn454264860ocn452891742ocn453062895ocn722998178ocn073600467ocn724194329ocn180906846ocn186014015ocn185809756ocn257967438589250ocn000302265book19430.07Thurber, JamesMany moonsJuvenile worksFictionPicture booksThough many try, only the court jester is able to fulfill Princess Lenore's wish for the moon+-+38236070655260144ocn000261871book19310.23Thurber, JamesThe Thurber carnivalBiographyHumorFictionAs James Thurber writes in his preface, "This book contains a selection of the stories and drawings the old boy did in his prime, a period which extended roughly from the year Lindbergh flew the Atlantic to the day coffee was rationed. He presents this to his readers with his sincere best wishes for a happy new world." The Thurber Carnival, which the Saturday Review called "one of the absolutely essential books of our time," was a phenomenal bestseller when it was first published in 1945. The omnibus, virtually all of which first appeared in The New Yorker, draws from such Thurber classics as My World and Welcome to It, My Life and Hard Times, Fables for Our Time and Famous Poems Illustrated, The Owl in the Attic, The Seal in the Bedroom, and Men, Women and Dogs. - Publisher+-+7435514215271144ocn000290925book19600.24Thurber, JamesLanterns & lancesCriticism, interpretation, etcContains 24 pieces in which the well-known humorist is largely concerned with the survival of our English language, currently being subjected to much erroneous use263364ocn000290915book19500.07Thurber, JamesThe 13 clocksJuvenile worksFictionWith the help of his magical protector, Golux, Prince Zorn performs impossible tasks to win the hand of Princess Saralina+-+7027265406239651ocn000334711book19570.27Thurber, JamesThe years with RossHistoryBiographyJames Thurber's memoir about his years at The New Yorker with its creator and first editor Harold Ross+-+6624045155228623ocn034473991book19960.23Thurber, JamesWritings and drawingsGathers previously uncollected cartoons and humorous stories+-+6776658336215355ocn000577096book19400.26Thurber, JamesFables for our time, and famous poems illustratedJames Thurber has been called "one of our great American institutions' (Stanley Walker), "a magnificent satirist ("Boston Transcript"), and "a Joyce in false-face" ("New York Times"). The "New York Herald Tribune" submits that he is "as blithe as Benchley ... as savage as Swift ... surprisingly wise and witty, " while the "Times" of London, out of enthusiasm and a profound regard for truth, proclaims that "Thurber is Thurber." In "Fables for Our Time," Thurber the Moralist is in the ascendancy. Here are a score or more lessons-in-prose dedicated to conventional sinners and proving--what you will. The fables are imperishably illustrated, and are supplemented by Mr. Thurber's own pictorial interpretations of famous poems in a wonderful and joyous assemblage+-+9444545155324204847ocn000290391book19530.24Thurber, JamesThurber country : a new collection of pieces about males and females, mainly of our own speciesHumorThis book is not recommended to people who have a tendency to get bad hiccoughs from too much laughing. Thurber, probably one of the funniest of our or social commentators of this past century, is at his wittiest here, and each small piece is a gem within itself+-+4598878925197661ocn000290394book19430.27Thurber, JamesThurber's dogs; a collection of the master's dogs, written and drawn, real and imaginary, living and long agoCaricatures and cartoonsHumorAnecdotesStories and drawings by the longtime New Yorker humorist that celebrate man's best friend. Thurber's unpoetic dogs, with their expressive ears and baffled faces, surprise us with a vision of our sloppy selves193227ocn000302217book19570.07Thurber, JamesThe wonderful OJuvenile worksFictionRelates what happened when an evil sea captain banished the letter O from the island Ooroo+-+5458265406185823ocn000964411book19520.24Thurber, JamesThe Thurber album : a new collection of pieces about peopleBiographyHumor176919ocn023940114book19440.06Thurber, JamesThe great QuillowJuvenile worksFictionQuillow, a tiny toymaker, defeats a ferocious giant named Hunder and saves his town from destruction+-+7990787065324170222ocn000290332book19310.26Thurber, JamesAlarms and diversionsA book for people who like to laugh and know how to think, selected from Thurber's work over 30 years - one third of the text never before in book form169536ocn000290927book19500.26Thurber, JamesFurther fables for our time161314ocn000293568book19320.25Thurber, JamesCredos and curiosBiographyRecords and correspondence21 previously uncollected pieces, including 3 short stories and 7 profiles of fellow-craftsmen. Foreword by Helen Thurber154138ocn000290920book19370.26Thurber, JamesMy world--and welcome to itHumorA collection of thirty stories, sketches, and articles that range from wild comedy to the serious business of murder+-+2998711065151981ocn001348046book19290.31Thurber, JamesIs sex necessary? or, Why you feel the way you doHumorAnecdotesThe first book of prose published by either James Thurber or E. B. White, this book combines the humor and genius of both authors to examine those great mysteries of life: romance, love, and marriage+-+9968825155150548ocn000290331book19480.27Thurber, JamesThe beast in me and other animals, a new collection of pieces and drawings about human beings and less alarming creaturesThe twentieth-century American artist and writer uses cartoons and stories to parody the shortcomings of modern man+-+3503561065324136727ocn000844280book19450.07Thurber, JamesThe white deerIn this mock fairy tale, a princess (who may or may not be a white deer) appears at the court of King Clode and sends his 3 sons on impossible tasks through the enchanted forest in competition for her hand+-+5917141065110211ocn000271839book19640.24Thurber, JamesThurber & company"A new collection of drawings of male and female animals, including the human"--Jacket subtitle22008ocn000290597book19640.25Morsberger, Robert EustisJames ThurberCriticism, interpretation, etcA critical analysis of Thurber's writings in the context of his times193912ocn001272497book19610.26Bernstein, BurtonThurber : a biographyBiographyAmerican Theater presents "Thurber," selected and played by William Windom17627ocn000494220book19720.27Holmes, Charles SThe clocks of Columbus; the literary career of James ThurberBiography16338ocn007732729book19810.24Thurber, JamesSelected letters of James ThurberBiographyRecords and correspondenceLetters covering the period of 1935 to 1961, from Thurber's confident prime as a writer and artist, to his last days when blindness and infirmity failed to quench the exuberance of his spirit or his prose163117ocn001611804book19330.23Thurber, JamesMy life and hard timesBiographyRecords and correspondenceBeloved James Thurber returns to his starting point -- the delightful chaos of boyhood, family, odd dogs, and recalcitrant machinery+-+435884515513215ocn032166589book19950.26Kinney, HarrisonJames Thurber : his life and timesBiography+-+K11485053513102ocn000922701book19740.30Holmes, Charles SThurber: a collection of critical essaysCriticism, interpretation, etc12626ocn000072308book19690.29Tobias, Richard CThe art of James ThurberCriticism, interpretation, etcTobias examines Thurber's comic technique as an art that grows and develops throughout his work, and accesses Thurber's contribution to the American imagination10536ocn029752110book19940.25Grauer, Neil ARemember laughter : a life of James ThurberBiographyOne of the great American humorists of this century, James Thurber is still read and cherished by many readers more than thirty years after his death. He is most famous for the hilarious, often bittersweet stories that he published in the 1930s and 1940s in the New Yorker. Among his best-known books are My Life and Hard Times, Is Sex Necessary? (co-authored with E.B. White), My World - and Welcome to It, and The Thurber Carnival. He was also a brilliant cartoonist. His unique drawings were an eagerly awaited feature in Harold Ross's New Yorker and in Thurber's books. Grauer by no means sentimentalizes Thurber. He addresses serious, and often disturbing, features of Thurber's life (his failed first marriage, alcohol abuse, misogyny, and agonies over going blind when he was at the height of his success). At the same time, Grauer highlights Thurber's courage, inexhaustible humor, and unique literary and artistic talents. The result is a biography that both celebrates Thurber's genius and shrewdly appraises his qualities as a man+-+41052785359354ocn019515980book19890.24Thurber, JamesCollecting himself : James Thurber on writing and writers, humor, and himselfPresents a remarkable body of previously unauthologized drawings and writings by James Thurber that present the beloved humorist as reader, journalist, satirist, comic, and personal respondent to the written world around him7406ocn051968939book20020.24Thurber, JamesThe Thurber letters : the wit, wisdom, and surprising life of James ThurberRecords and correspondence"Though he died more than forty years ago, James Thurber remains one of America's greatest and most enduring humorists, and his books - for both adults and children - remain as popular as ever. In this comprehensive collection of his letters - the majority of which have never before been published - we find unsuspected insights into his life and career." "For the first time, Thurber's daughter Rosemary has allowed the publication of many of the extremely personal letters he wrote early in his life to the women he was - usually hopelessly - in love with, as well as the affectionate and hilarious letters that he wrote to her. In addition, Harrison Kinney, noted Thurber biographer, has located a number of Thurber letters never before published. The Thurber Letters traces Thurber's progress from lovesick college boy to code clerk with the State Department in Paris and reporter for the Columbus Dispatch, through his marriages and love affairs, his special relationship with his daughter, his illustrious and tumultuous years with The New Yorker, his longstanding relationship with E. B. White, his close friendship with Peter De Vries, and his tragic last days. Included in the book are Thurber drawings never before published."--BOOK JACKET+-+38987789256805ocn016406936book19880.37Long, Robert EmmetJames ThurberBiography6565ocn000001108book19680.56Bowden, Edwin TJames Thurber: a bibliographyBibliography5272ocn019554167book19890.31Thurber, JamesConversations with James ThurberInterviews+-+85690532355092ocn010404372book19840.53Kenney, Catherine McGeheeThurber's anatomy of confusionCriticism, interpretation, etc4513ocn028962419book19940.23Thurber, JamesPeople have more fun than anybody : a centennial celebration of drawings and writings by James Thurber : being a hundred or so ...HumorManuscriptsIn this centennial volume of previously uncollected work, James Thurber continues to flourish. Here is the pleasure of recognizing this comic genius at work again, with his suspicious, civilized, unsettling wit. Included are eighteen prose pieces and over seventy-five drawings by the only cartoonist who could claim to draw "abstract things like despair, disillusion, despondency, sorrow, lapse of memory, exile ... sometimes in a shape that might be called Man or Woman." Here are drawings with such contemporary smarts that they still sting, including dozens of reports from the front line in that cold war between the sexes. This is Thurber at his most entertaining, praising things canine in two marvelous tributes, musing over the promises of mail sweepstakes, confessing his aversion to anything mechanical, puzzling over the animal kingdom's curious uprisings, reconsidering the value of Byrd's claiming of the icy lands of Antarctica ("Are we landowners or ice dealers? Are we men or penguins?"), and observing the fate of sex. For good measure, Michael Rosen offers the recipe for Thurber's favorite birthday cake, the Never-Fail Devil's Food+-+99455560653243633ocn000085420book19640.63Black, Stephen AJames Thurber: his masquerades. A critical studyCriticism, interpretation, etc3492ocn861520622visu20130.18MacLeod, Norman ZThe secret life of Walter MittyJuvenile worksFictionDramaFilm adaptationsA mild-mannered mouse of a man imagines himself to be a number of daredevil heroes in the whimsical adaptation of James Thurber's short story2961ocn015019020book19870.74Toombs, Sarah EleanoraJames Thurber, an annotated bibliography of criticismBibliography2133ocn875190443visu20130.16The secret life of Walter MittyDramaFilm adaptations"The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is filled with small, memorable moments that coalesce into a sweet, if predictable, parable about embracing life."--Miami Herald+-+3823607065+-+3823607065Thu Oct 16 15:48:40 EDT 2014batch65772