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Thu Oct 16 18:02:21 2014 UTClccn-n800466980.00Hoffman, Alice0.161.00Discussion guide : Green angel /85550312Alice_Hoffmann 80046698428651הופמן, אליסホフマン, アリスlccn-n93112993Travis, Nancy1961-nrtlccn-no96051057Ericksen, Susannrtlccn-no96019648Merlington, Lauralnrtlccn-no95005960Warner Home Video (Firm)lccn-no00067101Dunne, Griffindrtlccn-n96062910Bullock, Sandraactlccn-no97048514Kidman, Nicole1967-actlccn-n85089292Channing, Stockardactlccn-no2010059444Cash, Ayanrtlccn-no2005118053Hecht, Jessica1965-nrtHoffman, AliceFictionPsychological fictionDomestic fictionJuvenile worksManuscriptsDramaFrame-storiesHistorical fictionFilm adaptationsYoung adult worksMassachusettsWomenCity and town lifeMothers and daughtersMan-woman relationshipsLife change eventsNew EnglandCommunity lifeHoffman, AliceUnited StatesWomen librariansLightningSingle womenNear-death experiencesTrials (Murder)FloridaPreparatory school studentsPoliceAIDS (Disease) in childrenMurderSiege of Masada Site (Israel : 72-73)Israel--Masada SiteClairvoyantsGrandmothersArchitectsIdentity (Psychology)England--LondonIsraelIslandsWild menSpousesDwellingsDivorced womenNew York (State)--Long IslandSistersManners and customsLoss (Psychology)WitchesHome ownershipAngelsFaithParanormal fictionPsychological fictionRapeDomestic fictionNew York (State)Young womenNew York (State)--New YorkImmigrantsRussians1952197219741976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320142015949993221610813.54PS3558.O3447ocn035723734ocn780783888ocn781380386ocn674259381ocn676366007ocn691421977ocn673912370ocn674345522ocn673906925ocn780531651ocn780757988452150ocn036343365book19890.18Hoffman, AliceHere on EarthFictionLove storiesMarch breaks up with her boyfriend, Hollis, and marries another. Twenty years later she visits her hometown, Hollis is a widower, and the romance resumes. But March forgot how violent he is+-+5868964485364337ocn046501135book20010.16Hoffman, AliceBlue diaryFictionThe courage to face the unthinkable is at the core of this magnificent new novel. How do we manage to confront the truths in our lives and find forgiveness in the most unforgiving of circumstances? How do we love truly and deeply in a world that is as brutal as it is beautiful? When Ethan Ford fails to show up for work on a brilliant summer morning, none of his neighbors would guess that for more than thirteen years, he has been running from his past. His true nature has been locked away, as hidden as his real identity. But sometimes locks spring open, and the devastating truths of Ethan Ford's history shatter the small-town peace of Monroe, affecting family and friends alike. This deeply felt and compelling novel makes it clear why Alice Hoffman has been called "one of the best writers we have today" (Cleveland Plain Dealer). Honest, shattering, seductive, and ultimately healing, Blue Diary is an unforgettable novel by a writer who tells "truths powerful enough to break a reader's heart."+-+2753964485352737ocn043481792book20000.16Hoffman, AliceThe river kingJuvenile worksFictionPsychological fictionFrom the master storyteller, a suspenseful, lyrical account of one man's search for the truth behind an inexplicable death. For more than a century, the small town of Haddan, Massachusetts, has been divided, as if by a line drawn down the center of Main Street, separating those born and bred in the village from those who attend the prestigious Haddan School. But one October night the two worlds are thrust together due to an inexplicable death, and the town's divided history is revealed in all its complexity. The lives of everyone involved are unraveled: from Carlin Leander, the fifteen-year-old girl who is as loyal as she is proud, to Betsy Chase, a woman running from her own destiny; from August Pierce, a boy who unexpectedly finds courage in his darkest hour, to Abel Grey, the police officer who refuses to let unspeakable actions--both past and present--slide by without notice+-+5440964485349334ocn024546961book19910.18Hoffman, AliceTurtle moonFictionWhen Keith Rosen runs away from his Florida home taking along a motherless baby, his divorced mother is perplexed and terrified. She sets out on her own journey to find him, and the resulting events change both of their lives in ways both simple and extraordindary+-+K441860795344038ocn051460760book19800.16Hoffman, AliceThe probable futureFictionDetective and mystery storiesDomestic fictionSuspense fictionStruggling to cope with her unwanted ability to see the future, Stella must confront her legacy when her father is jailed, wrongly accused of homicide, and Stella joins forces with her grandmother and mother to uncover the truth+-+2512500385344026ocn017296890book19840.17Hoffman, AliceAt riskFictionDomestic fictionEleven-year-old Amanda dreams of becoming a great gymnast but when a sudden tragedy consumes her entire world, she must draw on her unusual strength and courage+-+8382660795338926ocn063116929book20050.16Hoffman, AliceSkylight confessions : a novelFictionDomestic fictionThe marriage of Arlyn Singer and John Moody, opposites who are drawn to each other despite a mutual lack of understanding, has a profound and lasting impact on them, their children, and their grandchildren+-+0323051685338130ocn031814750book19950.17Hoffman, AlicePractical magicFictionDomestic fictionOrphaned at an early age, Gillian and Sally Owen are raised by an aunt who deals in sorcery. The girls long for the normal life and leave home as soon as they can. Years later tragedy strikes and it is then they realize that magic is their gift, not their affliction. By the author of Illumination Night+-+2005964485330922ocn539081848book20060.16Hoffman, AliceThe red gardenFictionOccult fictionHoffman offers a fictional glimpse of small-town America, presenting us with some three hundred years of passion, dark secrets, loyalty, and redemption in a web of tales where characters' lives are intertwined by fate and by their own actions. A young wounded Civil War soldier is saved by a passionate neighbor, a woman meets a fiercely human historical character, a poet falls in love with a blind man, and a mysterious traveler comes to town in the year when summer never arrives. At the center of everyone's life is a mysterious garden where only red plants can grow, and where the truth can be found by those who dare to look+-+4238482585330227ocn709672966book20100.17Hoffman, AliceThe dovekeepers : a novelFictionPsychological fictionHistorical fictionLove storiesA tale inspired by the tragic first-century massacre of hundreds of Jewish people at Masada presents the stories of a hated daughter, a baker's wife, a girl disguised as a warrior, and a medicine woman who keep doves and secrets while Roman soldiers draw near+-+K292616096317038ocn028424414book19940.17Hoffman, AliceSecond natureFictionRobin begins to realize the intricacy of what it means to be human when she rescues an innocent man mistaken for a beast and takes him home with her+-+8816160795314426ocn156198723book11940.16Hoffman, AliceThe third angel : a novelFictionPsychological fictionLove storiesCharts the lives of three London women, each in love with the wrong man. Meanwhile, a fourth woman spends decades searching for the Third Angel-- the angel on earth who will renew her faith+-+7038482585312332ocn020594253book19900.18Hoffman, AliceSeventh heavenFictionNora Silk moves to a typical suburban community in the 1950s, determined to raise her two children without a husband and with a liberated spirit that foreshadows the decade ahead+-+0393360795309124ocn054959912book20040.16Hoffman, AliceBlackbird HouseFictionDomestic fictionPresents a series of interlinking stories that capture the lives and fortunes of the various occupants of an old Massachusetts house over the course of two centuries+-+0612500385281525ocn040251760book19990.07Hoffman, AliceLocal girlsFictionDomestic fictionFrame-storiesA Jewish girl's adolescent years on Long Island are described in a collection of stories. In one, her father remarries, in a second her brother drops out of university, in a third her mother dies of cancer+-+4250964485279427ocn251202549book20090.16Hoffman, AliceThe story sisters : a novelFictionPsychological fictionElv, Claire, and Meg are the Story Sisters, and each has a fate she must meet alone. One on a country road, one in the streets of Paris, and one in the corridors of her own imagination. At once a coming-of-age tale, a family saga, and a love story of erotic longing+-+5138482585226614ocn852226440book20140.16Hoffman, AliceThe museum of extraordinary things : a novelFiction"An extraordinarily imaginative and immersive novel, this one set in New York from 1911-1925"--211014ocn063655351book20060.07Hoffman, AliceIncantationJuvenile worksFictionHistorical fictionYoung adult worksDuring the Spanish Inquisition, sixteen-year-old Estrella, brought up a Catholic, discovers her family's true Jewish identity, and when their secret is betrayed by Estrella's best friend, the consequences are tragic+-+2465651685194917ocn049795402book20030.06Hoffman, AliceGreen angelJuvenile worksFictionYoung adult worksHaunted by grief and by her past after losing her family in a fire, fifteen-year-old Green retreats into her ruined garden as she struggles to survive emotionally and physically on her own+-+2038994895174823ocn007925628book19820.18Hoffman, AliceWhite horsesFictionDomestic fictionA novel about men, women, romance, and real life. When Teresa was a little girl, she went to sleep with dreams in her head--dreams of dark-eyed, fearless heroes on white horses who would sweep her away. The men her mother told her about were a special breed, and someday, Teresa vowed, she would find one of her own. But now, as the adult Teresa negotiates life and love, she begins to understand that fairy tales don't always come true--and that passion isn't always the stuff of dreams+-+550526079526362ocn057000586book20050.16Hoffman, AliceThe ice queen : a novelFictionManuscriptsPsychological fictionLove storiesBe careful what you wish for. A woman who was touched by tragedy as a child now lives a quiet life, keeping other people at a cool distance. She even believes she wants it that way. Then one day she utters an idle wish and, while standing in her house, is struck by lightning. But instead of ending her life, this cataclysmic event sparks a strange and powerful new beginning. After the lightning strike, the chill in her spirit starts to have physical manifestations. She feels frozen from the inside out, and everything red looks as colorless as snow+-+038906168511066ocn836557823book20130.15Hoffman, AliceSurvival lessonsOne of America's most beloved writers shares her suggestions for finding beauty in the world even during the toughest times2431ocn466089844visu20090.15Dunne, GriffinPractical magicFictionDramaFilm adaptationsThe wry, comic romantic tale follows the Owens sisters, Sally (Bullock) and Gillian (Kidman), as they struggle to use their hereditary gift for practical magic to overcome the obstacles in discovering true love2336ocn854564685rcrd20130.12Hoffman, AliceSurvival lessonsFifteen years ago, Alice Hoffman received a diagnosis that changed everything about the life she'd been living. Most significant, aside from the grueling physical ordeal she underwent, was the way it changed how she felt inside. Now she has written the book that she needed to read then. In this honest, wise, and upbeat guide, Alice Hoffman provides a road map for the making of one's life into the very best it can be131ocn767964904visu20060.12Hoffman, AliceAquamarineJuvenile worksFictionDramaFilm adaptationsA love-struck mermaid named Aquamarine supplies adventure and insights to two teenage girls, life-long friends who are spending their last summer together before one of them moves away42ocn611351312file0.18Alice Hoffman : (1952-)Criticism, interpretation, etc22ocn760065817book20021.00Wohl, CliffordDiscussion guide : Green angel21ocn070251548mix20030.47Sahaida, Peggy EPractical magic : Alice Hoffman's suburban magic realismCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn796772061file1.00Twentieth Century Trade Union Women: Vehicle for Social Change Oral History Transcripts11ocn047141810art1992Hoffman, Alice11ocn647752063visu20080.10Alice Hoffman : Neenah Public Library, April 18, 2008Alice Hoffman, featured author of the 2008 Fox Cities Book Festival, talks about her books including Blackbird house and Green angel and answers questions from the audience11ocn048438486book19961.00"To build is to dwell" : the beautiful, strange architectures of Alice Hoffman's novelsCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn276643478visu20050.15Willing, NickThe river kingDramaFilm adaptationsDetective Abel Grey is called to investigate the death of a prep school student in the nearby river. Initially ruled as a suicide, Grey suspects that it was from a hazing incident gone too far. One sympathetic teacher offers her help in the case01ocn439387224comAlice HoffmanBiographyThis Web site is the official on-line resource of children and adult author Alice Hoffman. Come and explore Hoffman's talent at writing magical tales and find out what inspires her. Visitors can read Hoffman's biography, gain insight into her writing style and skill as an author, and find out what she is currently working on+-+2753964485+-+2753964485Thu Oct 16 16:10:00 EDT 2014batch46336