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Fri Mar 21 17:10:02 2014 UTClccn-n800799380.12Under siege /0.510.94His Grace the Duke of Marlborough's letter to the States General concerning his march to attack the enemy. From a copy printed at the Hague29153John_Churchill,_1st_Duke_of_Marlboroughn 80079938461251Churchil, John, 1650-1722Churchill, Jean de 1650-1722Churchill, John 1650-1722Churchill, John, 1650-1722, duc de MarlboroughChurchill, John, 1st Duke of MarlboroughChurchill, John, 1st duke of Marlborough, 1650-1722Churchill, John, duc de Marlborough, 1650-1722Churchill, John, Duke of MarlboroughChurchill, John, duke of Marlborough, 1650-1722Churchill, John, hertig av Marlborough, 1650-1722Churchill, John, vévoda z Marlborough, 1650-1722Churchill, LordChurchill, Lord (John), 1650-1722Churchill Marlborough, John 1650-1722John ChurchillJohn Churchill 1st Duke of MarlboroughMalborough, Duke of (John Churchill), 1650-1722Malborough, John Churchill, 1650-1722, duc deMalborough, John Churchill, 1650-1722, duke ofMarlboroug, van, Hertogh, 1650-1722Marlborough, ..., 1650-1722Marlborough, Duc deMarlborough, John C. of 1650-1722Marlborough, John Churchil von 1650-1722Marlborough, John Churchill, 1650-1722, duke ofMarlborough, John Churchill, 1er Duc deMarlborough, John Churchill, 1st duke of, 1650-1722Marlborough, John Churchill, Duc deMarlborough, John Churchill, Duke ofMarlborough, John Churchill, duke of, 1650-1722Marlborough, John Churchill von 1650-1722Marlborough, John of 1650-1722Marlbourg, van, Hertogh, 1650-1722Marlbourough, ..., 1650-1722Marleborugus, Joannes 1650-1722モールバラlccn-n50059512Marlborough, Sarah Jennings ChurchillDuchess of1660-1744lccn-n78085430Churchill, Winston1874-1965lccn-n85024891Hare, Francis1671-1740lccn-n79063282Great BritainArmylccn-n78024009Webb, Stephen Saunders1937-lccn-n79053974Defoe, Daniel1661?-1731lccn-n50017467Barnett, Correllilccn-n79021703Commager, Henry Steele1902-1998edtlccn-n78096912Swift, Jonathan1667-1745lccn-n79018073Chandler, David G.Marlborough, John ChurchillDuke of1650-1722HistorySourcesRecords and correspondenceBibliographyPoetryBiographyMarlborough, John Churchill,--Duke of,Great BritainGeneralsStatesmenSpanish Succession, War of (1701-1714)Political scienceCourts and courtiersRevolution of 1688 (Great Britain)Great Britain.--ArmyImperialismFinanceMarlborough, Sarah Jennings Churchill,--Duchess of,AccountingMilitary campaignsFinance, PersonalMilitary leadershipMarriagePeaceSwift, Jonathan,Expenditures, PublicFranceInternational relationsAnne,--Queen of Great Britain,SoldiersBelgiumMilitary participation--BritishProtestantismChristianityLatin fictionGreat Britain.--Parliament.--House of CommonsAuthors, IrishHeinsius, Anthonie,ConfiscationsIrelandCoinageEnglandPolitical and social viewsWilliam--III,--King of England,Military art and scienceCommand of troopsAnacreonYouth and deathYouth--Conduct of lifePrisonersBarnes, Joshua,Conduct of lifeCourageDefense contractsChurchill, Winston,Swift, Jonathan1650172216841688168916901691169617001701170217031704170517061707170817091710171117121713171417151716171717181721172217231724172517271729173017311732173317341735173617371738174117421743174417451747174817501753175417551758175917631766178017831784178617931800180318061808180918101818181918201821182218341838183918421844184518471848184918501851185218531854185518571860186118621865186718681869187018751879188018811882188418851886188718881890189118921893189418951896189718981899190019021903190419051907190919101911191319141915191719201921192219241925192619271928192919301931193219331934193519361937193819391941194319471948194919501951195219531955195619571958195919601961196219631966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198319841986198819891991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320144235010972322942.060924DA462.M3ocn004456907ocn553817952ocn060673955ocn553812568ocn837579243ocn257425679ocn187112554ocn185247328ocn185247326ocn187112561ocn800729481ocn801388739ocn801422847ocn801388338ocn801381280ocn801182761ocn801181573ocn801246502ocn811471803ocn81147180141328ocn065322285file17110.84Northey, EdwardThe information against the Duke of Marlborough and his answerSir Edward Northey, Attorney General, charges that the Duke had misappropriated a portion of the public funds alotted for the payment of foreign troops. Marlborough's reply states that such sums were a perquisite of the Commander-in-chief of the armies, and were used to carry on necessary secret services2706ocn000002328book18450.79Marlborough, John ChurchillThe letters and dispatches of John Churchill, First Duke of Marlborough, from 1702-1712Sources25621ocn000535966book18380.76Marlborough, Sarah Jennings ChurchillPrivate correspondence of Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough, illustrative of the court and times of Queen Anne; with her sketches and opinions of her contemporaries, and the select correspondence of her husband, John, Duke of MarlboroughHistoryRecords and correspondencePrivate letters of the duchess of Marlborough during the reign of Queen Anne provide a chance to view the internal movements of Queen Anne's court, as well as many of the private thoughts of its members17922ocn000887261book19510.81Marlborough, John ChurchillThe correspondence, 1701-1711, of John Churchill, first duke of Marlborough and Anthonie Heinsius, grand pensionary of Holland. Ed. by B. van 't HoffSourcesRecords and correspondence1276ocn013369835book16880.92Marlborough, John ChurchillThe Lord Churchill's letter to the KingHistorySources1087ocn642179394file17040.79Marlborough, John ChurchillWindsor, August 13. 1704. The Lord Tunbridge arrived here this evening being sent by His Grace the Duke of Marlborough to Her Majesty with the particulars of the late glorious victory obtained over the French and Bavarians at Hochstet, on Wednesday the 13th Instant, N.S. His Lordship brought a letter from His Grace to the Right Honourable Mr. Secretary Harley, dated the morning after the battel which follows. Published by Authority1002ocn085871495com17120.73Clarke, SamuelThe dedication of Dr Clarke's edition of Cæsar's commentaries, to His Grace the Duke of Marlborough. In Latin and English. Translated by R.T1004ocn083344118file17090.76The Duke of Marlborough's letter to the Parliament994ocn083351519file17100.73The French King's letter to the Duke of Marlborough, on his forcing the lines near Doway. And his Grace's answer802ocn510764395file17110.70Marlborough, John ChurchillThe Duke of Marlborough's letter to the states of Holland, concerning a general peace781ocn509703340file17110.66Marlborough, John ChurchillThe Duke of Marlborough's speech to the Right Honourable the House of Lords743ocn645788285com17060.66Marlborough, John ChurchillHis Grace the Duke of Marlborough's letter to the Rt. Hon. Mr. Secretary Harley together with other letters which passed between His Grace and the deputies of the States-General567ocn083424877com17120.88Marlborough, John ChurchillThe case of his Grace the D--- of M--------- As design'd to be represented by him to the ... House of Commons, in vindication of himself from the charge of the Commissioners of Accounts; in relation to the two and half per cent. bread and bread waggons545ocn003200719book18500.86Marlborough, John ChurchillCorrespondance diplomatique et militaireSources536ocn001550671book18180.76Coxe, WilliamMemoirs of John, duke of Marlborough, with his original correspondence: collected from the family records at Blenheim, and other authentic sources; illustrated with portraits, maps and military plansHistorySources451ocn643158732com17050.94Marlborough, John ChurchillHis Grace the Duke of Marlborough's letter to the States General concerning his march to attack the enemy. From a copy printed at the Hague3811ocn061913430book18450.39Marlborough, John ChurchillThe letters and dispatches of John Churchill, first Duke of Marlborough, from 1702 to 1712Sources181ocn004456907book17050.84Anacreon Teius, poeta lyricus, summâ curâ & diligentiâ, ad fidem etiam vet. ms. Vatican. emendatus. : Pristino nitori, numerísque suis restitutus, dimidiâ fere partè auctus, aliquot nempè poematiis, & fragmentis plurimis, ab undiquaque conquisitis. Item Anacreontis vita &c. aliaque, quorum seriem sequens pagina notat. Accêssere ornamenti loco tres elegantèr-sculptæ effigies auctoris, Anacreontis. Patroni, D. ducis de Marlborough. Editoris, Josuæ Barnesii.BibliographyPoetry163ocn005053721book16880.73GeorgePrince George his letter to the KingHistory152ocn836743537com17120.47Marlborough, John ChurchillThe case of his Grace the D--- of M--------- : As design'd to be represented by him to the ... House of Commons, in vindication of himself from the charge of the Commissioners of Accounts; in relation to the two and half per cent. bread and bread waggons131425ocn000769250book19330.47Churchill, WinstonMarlborough : his life and timesHistory129610ocn045731654com19950.32Webb, Stephen SaundersLord Churchill's coup the Anglo-American empire and the Glorious Revolution reconsideredHistoryMilitary historyIn LORD CHURCHILL'S COUP, Stephen Saunders Webb further advances his revisionist interpretation of the British Empire in the seventeenth century. Having earlier demonstrates that the Anglo=American empire was classic in its form, administered by an army, committed to territorial expansion, and motivated by crusading religion, Webb now argues that both England and its American social experiments were the underdeveloped elements of an empire emerging on both sides of the Atlantic and that the pivotal moment of that empire, the so-called "Glorious Revolution," was in fact a military coup driven by religious fears. In a vigorous narrative, Webb populates this formative period of the Anglo-American past with colorful and commanding characters. At the center is John Churchill. We see him rise from page boy to earl of Marlborough, winning battlefield glory, influence, and promotion; and his corresponding rise from ensign of the English army taking control of the destiny of the later Stuart monarchs of Britain and America. Webb shows us Churchill increasingly alarmed by the Catholicizing course of his patron, James II, and becoming instrumental in the organization of a successful coup to protect Anglicanism and the constitution. We see the resulting alliance with William of Orange, the Protestant champion of Europe, quickly turn sour as William makes himself king; and we see Churchill, now transformed into imperial politician, once again in power'able to secure the succession of Queen Anne and negotiate the terms of resumption of war against France. Throughout, Webb makes it clear that at the heart of Churchill's ascent and actions is his vision of America as a decisive factor in the world war between England and France for impersonal supremacy. As the book ends, Churchill's American agenda thus becomes central to the war aims of the Grand Alliance. From the Hardcover edition+-+0534909485124424ocn000437190book19330.29Churchill, WinstonMarlborough : his life and timesHistoryMilitary historyBiography+-+49815617758391ocn001194915book19740.28Barnett, CorrelliThe first Churchill : Marlborough, soldier and statesmanHistoryMilitary historyBiography8304ocn009392200book19830.25Cowles, VirginiaThe great Marlborough and his duchessHistoryBiographyDescribes the life of the first Duke of Marlborough, John Churchill, who was responsible for shattering the 300-year French domination of Europe and paving the way for the establishment of a British Empire72114ocn000719707book19730.39Chandler, David GMarlborough as military commanderHistoryMilitary historyBiographySøgeord: Vauban; Douai; Bouchain; Blenheim; Frandern; Preussen; Taktik; Strategi; Art of War; Willian af Orange; William III; Englands Historie; Doktriner; General Winthers;Duc de Vendome; Duc de Villars; Franske Hær; Engelske Hær; Grand Alliance; Aftaler; Traktater; Turenne; First, Second Partition; Peace of Utrechyt; Holland; Spanien; St John, Henry; General Schulenburg; Rhinen; Tilly; Torcy, Colbert de; War of the Nine Years; Store Nordiske Krig; Tredive Års Krigen; 30-års-krigen; Third Dutch War; Religionskrige; Regimentshistorie; Parker, R.; Philip oof Anjou; Earl of Oxford; Monmouth; Namur; Low Countries; Spanish Netherlands; Prince of Orange; Hamilton, George; Maubeuge; Comte de Marsin; Menin; Comte ;erode-Westerloo; Campaigns of 1710-1711; Campagns of 1708, 1709, 1707, 1706, 1705, 1704, 1702-1703; Maastricht; Louis XIV; Lille; Liege; Leopold I; de Lamotte; Landau; Joseph I; James III; James II; Hague; Hanover; Heinsius, A.; Prins Frederik af Hesse-Cassel; Godopphin, Sidney; Eugene of Savoy; Ghent; Holy Roman Empire; Køln; Karl XII; Ærkehertug Charles, Charles III of Spain, VI of Austria; de Boufflers; Louis, Duke of Burgundy; Cadogan, William, 1st Earl of; James Fitz-James, Duke of Cadogan; Max Emanuel of Bavaria; Barcelona; Louis of Baden; Tyske Markgrever; Queen Anne+-+28954869653246774ocn005921295book19790.27Thomson, George MalcolmThe first Churchill : the life of John, 1st Duke of MarlboroughHistoryBiography51517ocn002472645book19570.59Foot, MichaelThe pen & the swordHistoryBiography44711ocn065330700com17120.86Marlborough, John ChurchillThe case of His Grace the D--- of M---------- as design'd to be represented by him to the honourable House of Commons, in vindication of himself from the charge of the Commissioners of Accounts, in relation to the two and half per cent bread and bread waggonsHistory44411ocn001183298book17110.81Defoe, DanielA short narrative of the life and actions of His Grace John, D. of MarlboroughMilitary historyBiography4094ocn026504232book19930.63Jones, J. RMarlboroughHistoryBiographyThis study sets Marlborough's career in its contexts: the royal Court of the last Stuart monarchs, the desperate struggle against French attempts to establish hegemony in western Europe and the bitter political strife in Britain between the Whig and the Tory parties+-+784028670539912ocn065325349com17110.86Hare, FrancisThe management of the war in a second letter to a Tory-memberMilitary history3873ocn000264673book19290.56Chidsey, Donald BarrMarlborough; the portrait of a conqueror3814ocn639167716book20100.12Marston, EdwardUnder siegeMilitary historyFictionHistorical fictionIn the wake of victory at Oudenarde, career soldier Captain Daniel Rawson must take a leading role in the Allies' new strategy--to invade further into French territories and lay siege to Lille, the 'pearl of its fortresses'. He fights alongside the Duke of Marlborough, whose position and safety abroad are threatened by politicians in England plotting his downfall--and by his outspoken and treasonous wife, Sarah. Meanwhile, Captain Rawson must contend with a new rival for his beloved, the beautiful Amalia Janssen, rescue his comrade-in-arms, Henry Welbeck, and avoid capture by ruthless French soldiers+-+726355492536629ocn001157745book18470.70Coxe, WilliamMemoirs of the Duke of Marlborough; with his original correspondence, collected from the family records at Blenheim and other authenic sourcesHistoryBiography36413ocn000755413book19320.59Fortescue, J. WMarlboroughHistoryBiography3553ocn001173343book19740.33Barnett, CorrelliMarlboroughMilitary historyBiographyThis volume presents a biography of John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough (1650-1722). The emphasis throughout is on Churchill's character and personality rather than on the general historical events of his life. Churchill was a noted general, an important diplomat, and made himself indispensable to the Kings and Queens who employed him. Undefeated in battle and the master of surprising military maneuvers, he led a coalition of uncooperative allies with skill and diplomacy. The author details the conflicts between Churchill, his hot-tempered wife Sarah, and Queen Anne. Although it was not until the accession of Queen Anne in 1702 that Churchill reached the zenith of his powers and secured his fame and fortune. Churchill's military victories allowed Britain to rise from a minor to a major power, ensuring the country's growing prosperity throughout the 18th century+-+05577759363243427ocn083320901com17120.73Wagstaffe, WilliamThe representation of the loyal subjects of AlbiniaHistoryPamphlets33752ocn004140993book18810.19Henty, G. AThe cornet of horse : a tale of Marlborough's warsJuvenile worksFictionAdventure storiesA fantastic classic historical adventure novel. Rupert Holiday flees England as a result of a fight with his stepbrother and joins John Churchill, the Duke of Marlborough, during his campaign in the Netherlands. Set during the battles of Blenheim, Ramillies, Oudenarde, and Malplaquet+-+196623540633314ocn065321591com17110.88Great BritainThe report of the Commissioners for Taking, Examining, and Stating the Publick Accounts of the Kingdom with the examinations and depositions relating thereunto : and the resolutions of the House of Commons thereupon : with Her Majesty's gracious answer+-+0534909485Fri Mar 21 15:25:07 EDT 2014batch64578