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Fri Mar 21 17:13:24 2014 UTClccn-n800823690.00Correspondence, 1874-19380.531.00A scientist in the bud. Silvanus Phillips Thompson at Bootham46828206Silvanus_P._Thompsonn 80082369463631Phillips Thomson, SilvanusThompson, S. P.Thompson, S. P. 1851-1916Thompson, Silvanus P.Thompson, Silvanus P., 1851-1916Thompson, Silvanus P. (Silvanus Phillips), 1851-1916Thompson, Silvanus PhillipsThompson, Silvanus Phillips, 1851-Thompson, Sylvanus P., 1851-1916Tompson, Sil'vanus.タムソン, エス ピーlccn-n79007443Newton, Isaac1642-1727lccn-n86835978Motte, Andrew-1734trllccn-n79133769Cajori, Florian1859-1930edtlccn-n79054207Gardner, Martin1914-2010lccn-n79139223Kelvin, William ThomsonBaron1824-1907lccn-n84804174Gilbert, William1540-1603lccn-n79134100Huygens, Christiaan1629-1695lccn-n50009174Faraday, Michael1791-1867lccn-n80144963Royal Institution of Great Britainlccn-n85800217Reis, Philipp1834-1874Thompson, Silvanus P.(Silvanus Phillips)1851-1916HistoryBiographyBibliographyBibliography‡vCatalogsCatalogsJuvenile worksTextbooksWave theory of lightRefraction, DoubleMechanicsCelestial mechanicsCalculusOpticsMagnetismElectricityFaraday, Michael,Kelvin, William Thomson,--Baron,Electric machineryLightX-raysPhysicistsThompson, Silvanus P.--(Silvanus Phillips),Great BritainTelephoneReis, Philipp,Electric currents, Alternating--PolyphaseElectric motors, Alternating currentPhotographic opticsElectromagnetsRadiumChristianity--Essence, genius, natureRefractionReflection (Optics)Electric generatorsMathematicsScienceRadiationElectrical engineeringReligionEngland--LondonImperial College of Science and TechnologyManuscripts, EnglishManuscriptsElectric currents, AlternatingElectric machinery--PolyphaseLibrariesPhysicsElectric motorsNewton, Isaac,Light--ScatteringMathematical physicsTheology, DoctrinalElectric machinesRayleigh, John William Strutt,--Baron,Ayrton, W. E.--(William Edward),Bragg, William Henry,Electromagnetic theory185119161860186918731875187718781879188018811882188318841885188618871888188918901891189218931894189518961897189818991900190119021903190419051906190719081909191019111912191319141915191619171918191919201921192219231924192619271928192919311932193319341935193619381939194019411942194319441945194619471948194919501952195319551956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671969197119721974197619781979198019821983198719881989199019911992199319941996199819992000200120032004200520062007200820092010201120122013116543681374515AC1ocn000917314ocn000491873ocn006189849ocn003535576ocn004152482ocn000887836ocn003647550ocn019291364ocn009866668ocn680629700ocn004217383ocn005758144ocn594017804ocn5554284042412108ocn038379171book19100.25Thompson, Silvanus PCalculus made easy : being a very-simplest introduction to those beautiful methods of reckoning which are generally called by the terrifying names of the differential calculus and the integral calculusUpdates the classic calculus primer+-+5390367685218224ocn000917314book19520.25Newton, IsaacMathematical principles of natural philosophy ; and, OpticsThe Motion of Bodies, The System of the World; Optics; treatise of Light+-+1680477035787135ocn002196090book18810.90Thompson, Silvanus PElementary lessons in electricity and magnetismJuvenile worksTextbooks55392ocn000367882book18830.90Thompson, Silvanus PDynamo-electric machinery; a manual for students of electrotechniques36011ocn000716863book19000.76Gilbert, WilliamOn the magnetHistory35717ocn004125763book19100.66Thompson, Silvanus PThe life of William Thomson, Baron Kelvin of LargsBiographyThe mathematician and physicist William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin, (1824-1907) was one of Britain's most influential scientists, famous for his work on the first and second laws of thermodynamics and for devising the Kelvin scale of absolute temperature. Silvanus P. Thompson (1851-1916) began this biography with the co-operation of Kelvin in 1906, but the project was interrupted by Kelvin's death the following year. Thompson, himself a respected physics lecturer and scientific writer, decided that a more comprehensive biography would be needed+-+72627535663094ocn000491873book19450.66Huygens, ChristiaanTreatise on light : in which are explained the causes of that which occurs in reflection, & in refraction and particularly in the strange refraction of Iceland crystal+-+447371989624633ocn001907922book18950.86Thompson, Silvanus PPolyphase electric currents and alternate-current motors22113ocn000914768book18830.81Thompson, Silvanus PPhilipp Reis, inventor of the telephoneHistory18013ocn000699842book18980.79Thompson, Silvanus PMichael Faraday, his life and workHistory17814ocn003104464book18980.76Gladstone, J. HMichael Faraday; his life and workHistoryBiography+-+223827679632417810ocn000521750book19030.79Thompson, Silvanus PLight visible and invisible : a series of lectures delivered at the Royal institution of Great Britain, at Christmas, 1896, with additional lectures16817ocn005878515book18910.86Thompson, Silvanus PThe electromagnet, and electromagnetic mechanism+-+867475356616613ocn001991215book19100.70Thompson, Silvanus PThe life of Lord KelvinBiography+-+609283673516322ocn004152482book19120.70Huygens, ChristiaanTreatise on light, in which are explained the causes of that which occurs in reflexion & in refraction, and particularly in the strange refraction of Iceland crystal+-+340809522616110ocn003535576book19000.93Lummer, OContributions to photographic optics16113ocn001953970book18970.81Thompson, Silvanus PLight visible and invisible : a series of lectures delivered at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, at Christmas, 18961126ocn004217383book18910.84Guillemin, AmédéeElectricity and magnetism11038ocn180687329book19260.47Thompson, Silvanus PHöhere Mathematik und doch verständlich eine leichtfassliche Einführung in die Differential- und Integralrechnung für Chemiker, Biologen und Volkswirtschaftler11016ocn004307386book19180.66Thompson, Silvanus PA not impossible religion1798ocn003890547book19200.84Thompson, Jane SmealSilvanus Phillips Thompson, D.SC., LL.D., F.R.S.; his life and lettersBiographyBibliography422ocn006015351book19790.37Greig, JamesSilvanus P. Thompson : teacherBiography111ocn005403344book19670.88Imperial College of Science and TechnologyList of the papers and correspondence of Silvanus Phillips Thompson, F.R.S., preserved in the Imperial College ArchivesHistoryCatalogs52ocn051983454book20030.92Thompson, Silvanus PHand list of the magnetic and electrical books in the library of Silvanus Phillips ThompsonBibliography CatalogsCatalogsBibliography11ocn041791331book19161.00Clark, J. EdmundA scientist in the bud. Silvanus Phillips Thompson at Bootham11ocn081640505mixWhiting, Sarah FrancesRecords and correspondenceWhiting's papers, which date from 1859 to 1927, consist of personal and business correspondence, letters from noted scientists, and letters from individuals invited to speak at Wellesley College, as well as Whiting's notes for speeches and addresses. The papers also include three scrapbooks, 1877-1888, compiled by Whiting containing newspaper clippings on scientific news or stories about Wellesley College, and a book of pencil drawings by Whiting. Correspondents include, among others: William Grylls Adams, William E. Ayrton, George F. Barker, Mary L. Bean, Agnes M. Clerke, Charles R. Cross, A. E. Dolber, J. R. Eastman, Lilian H. Farlow, Susan S. Fessenden, Charlotte N. Fiske, Eustace C. Fitz, Anna M. Fox, Edwin H. Hall, William Herbert Hobbs, Lady Margaret Huggins, Arthur Little, Sir Norman Lockyer, Sir Oliver Lodge, Hendrik Antoon Lorentz, J. Lovering, Emilie Hyacinthe Loyson, W. Ramsey, Lord Robert J. Rayleigh, Laura Spelman Rockefeller, and Silvanus Phillips Thompson11ocn077818459mixHeaviside, OliverSelected papersNotebooks, notes, and correspondence. The notebooks and notes (1874-1904) reflect the variety of Heaviside's interests; topics covered include mathematics (series expansions and calculus), mechanics (wave propagation), and electromagnetism (electromagnetic theory). Included with the notebooks are corrected galley proofs of articles on electromagnetism and theory, and the preface to the collected edition of Heaviside's Electrical Papers. Professional correspondence (1897-1922) (2 reels) is with his editors concerning publication, and with his colleagues on mathematical and electromagnetic topics. Correspondents include William E. Ayrton, Edwin H. Barton, William H. Bragg, Lord Kelvin (William Thomson), George F.C. Searle, John J. Thompson, and Silvanus P. Thompson11ocn083226843mixBell, Alexander GrahamLetters to S. P. Thompson2 letters written by "A. E. R." 2 dictated. Discusses experiments with telephones, foundation American Journal of Otology, Thompson's researches, Binaural Audition-paper, drawings/diagrams description of photophone. Also includes press notices, Thompson's lectures on 'Waves of Sound' and improved phonograph11ocn084192536mixLodge, OliverCorrespondence, mainly scientific. Principal correspondents include: H. E. Armstrong, 1885-1932; W. E. Ayrton, 1884-1899; A. P. Chattock, 1888-1927; G. F. Fitzgerald, 1883-1900; G. C. Foster, 1874-1915; O. Heaviside, 1885-1915, Sir J. Larmor, 1885-1936; A. Muirhead, 1887-1911; J. W. Strutt, 3rd Baron Rayleigh, 1885-1916; S. P. Thompson, 1929-1932, W. Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin, 1884-190711ocn077931098mixClifton, R. BItems in various series of The Royal SocietyObservationsPapers by or relating to Robert Bellamy Clifton are in the following series: Referees Reports: 37 reports on papers by (i) J.W. Strutt, (ii) J.N. Lockyer, (iii) Osbourne Reynolds, (iv) J. Tyndall, (v) H.C. Sorby, (vi) J.P. Joule, (vii) A. Schuster, (viii) J.E.H. Gordon, (ix) A.W. Reinold and A.W. Rücker, (x)C. Spurse, (xi) G.J. Burch, (xii) Herbert Tomlinson, (xiii) R. Threlfall and J.F. Adair, (xiv) E.J. Spitta, (xv) H.J. Chaney, (xvi) H.L. Callendar and E.H. Griffiths, (xvii) Silvanus Thompson, (xviii) C.V. Boys, (xix) A.E. Tutton. Miscellaneous Correspondence: 10 letters to the Royal Society [Topic: astronomical observations]11ocn083949711mixHeaviside, OliverThe papers contain 21 working manuscript notebooks of research notes and drafts of articles; correspondence, including letters from G. F. Searle, Lord Kelvin, and S. P. Thompson. The remainder of the collection consists of about eight archive boxes of loose random notes and pamphlets. A gift from B. A. Behrend comprises 4 letters from Heaviside to Behrend, 1918-1919, a document conferring an honorary doctorate (German) on Heaviside, and volumes 31-100 of 'Nature,' November 1884-February 1918 (minus vol 77), with Heaviside's annotations+-+5390367685+-+5390367685Fri Mar 21 15:21:02 EDT 2014batch40140