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Thu Oct 16 17:52:23 2014 UTClccn-n800852480.06Mustangs /0.310.93Letters from and to the Ford Motor Company /125431219n 8008524877102466453Detroit (Mich.)Ford Motor.Ford Motor Company ABFord Motor Company Ltd.Koncern Forda.lccn-n79055385Ford, Henry1863-1947lccn-sh85050468Ford familylccn-n79079577General Motors Corporationlccn-n50041318Lacey, Robertlccn-n50034864Hill, Frank Ernest1888-1969lccn-n50004624Nevins, Allan1890-1971lccn-n80087581Chrysler Corporationlccn-n87937828Crowther, Samuel1880-1947lccn-n81037309Ford, HenryII1917-1987lccn-n50029119Collier, Peter1939-Ford Motor CompanyHandbooks, manuals, etcHistoryJuvenile worksPictorial worksSourcesPeriodicalsFord Motor CompanyUnited StatesFord, Henry,Automobile industry and tradeFord familyIndustrialistsGeneral Motors CorporationChrysler CorporationFamiliesBrazil--FordlândiaBrazilCivilization--American influencesRubber plantationsInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)ManagementPlanned communitiesAutomobile industry and trade--ManagementAutomobile engineersPolitical and social viewsMichigan--Highland ParkAutomobile industry workersAutomobile industry and trade--Personnel managementMachinery in the workplaceIndustrial policyEconomic policyFriendshipCity planningRussia (Federation)--Nizhniĭ NovgorodGorʹkovskiĭ avtomobilʹnyĭ zavodAustin CompanyTeams in the workplaceCompetitionIndustrial management--Employee participationIacocca, Lee AFord, Henry,--II,Ford, Edsel,BusinessmenFord automobileIndustrial managementMercury Cougar automobile--Maintenance and repairContour automobile--Maintenance and repairMystique automobile--Maintenance and repairAutomobilesMustang automobileSports carsAutomobiles--Design and constructionFishingAdventure and adventurersNatural historyNature1900190119051906190819091910191119121913191419151916191719181919192019211922192319241925192619271928192919301931193219331934193519361937193819391940194119421943194419451946194719481949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320149314355386694629.2065HD9710.U54ocn874050205ocn874049743ocn874050344ocn874050287ocn874049849ocn874050281ocn874050019ocn874049850ocn874050142ocn874050012ocn185149081ocn185159129ocn185149070ocn317579327ocn186739630ocn186829203ocn186829192ocn186829186ocn185365273ocn186829207ocn635559324ocn656296523ocn701928232ocn635547918ocn635531103ocn635612702ocn635612225ocn656279092ocn659567213ocn703274375ocn186483448ocn187168410ocn186514182ocn186739697ocn185500368ocn186797118ocn186453580ocn186485766ocn186514044ocn464254806ocn0495692232532ocn666573487book20110.06Portman, MichaelMustangsJuvenile worksLearn about the history and design of the Ford Mustang+-+K6029488961911ocn048892178book20010.15No boundaries : spirit of adventurePictorial works+-+50736240061862ocn002810130book19560.74Ford Motor CompanyFreedom of the American road1761ocn001330027book19630.30Ford Motor CompanyThe Ford book of styling : a history and interpretation of automotive design.1751ocn041885193book19990.12Mihalyi, Eric MichaelChilton's Ford Contour/Mystique/Cougar : 1995-99 repair manualHandbooks, manuals, etc+-+10564465351602ocn004136580book19780.19Sorensen, LorinThe Ford road : 75th anniversary, Ford Motor Company, 1903-1978History1582ocn874049270visu19210.59Cattle ranching and farmingThis documentary, produced by the Ford Motor Company, features cattle ranching and farming1582ocn874049577visu19160.59Ford animated weekly, 1916This early documentary from the Ford Motor Company shows various scenes of life in and around Detroit, Michigan in the early 20th Century1252ocn874049788visu19370.59The Ford Rouge plant a film story of man, methods, and motor carsThis documentary, produced by the Ford Motor Company, features the story behind the Ford Rouge Plant1252ocn874049250visu19190.59The anglers trout fishing on the Au Sable RiverThis documentary, produced by the Ford Motor Company, features trout fishing1171ocn013604432book19800.92Gealer, R. LElectrolytic treatment of oily wastewater from manufacturing and machining plants1141ocn029788723book19930.82Fifty years of better ideas : Ford advertisingHistorySources1117ocn001569694serial0.63Ford timesPeriodicals"The Ford owner's magazine."1023ocn000540032book19570.19Model A Ford service bulletins complete951ocn001834356book19580.93Moore, MarianneLetters from and to the Ford Motor Company879ocn002338257book19680.14Ford Motor CompanyCar shop manual852ocn874049948visu19360.63Greenfield VillageThis documentary, produced by the Ford Motor Company, is about Greenfield Village822ocn874050060visu19360.59Noah Webster House, Greenfield Village [indoor]This documentary, produced by the Ford Motor Company, is about the Noah Webster House in Greenfield Village823ocn056427809visu20040.20Future carExplores the latest developments by the Big Three in automobile design technology that replaces gasoline with non-fossil fuels such as hydrogen or electricity791ocn874049356visu19160.59Hawaiian fishermenThis early documentary from the Ford Motor Company shows Hawaiian fishermen and their work in the early 20th Century324010ocn013559849book19860.21Lacey, RobertFord, the men and the machineHistoryBiographyRelates the story of Henry Ford, his son Edsel, his grandson Henry II, and describes others who were influential in the automobile company and in the family dynasty22129ocn016844914book19870.21Collier, PeterThe Fords : an American epicHistoryBiographyReveals the story of three generations of Fords, from Henry I, the mechanical wizard of the automobile and son Henry II, who saved the company from financial ruin and from Lee Iacocca+-+0789008436204412ocn276930372book20090.23Grandin, GregFordlandia : the rise and fall of Henry Ford's forgotten jungle cityHistoryThe stunning, never-before-told story of the quixotic attempt to recreate small-town America in the heart of the Amazon, "Fordlandia" depicts a desperate quest to salvage the bygone America that the Ford factory system did much to dispatch+-+7714797685195611ocn050479330book20030.23Brinkley, DouglasWheels for the world : Henry Ford, his company, and a century of progress, 1903-2003HistoryBiographyIn Wheels for the world, Douglas Brinkley reveals the riveting details of Ford Motor Company's epic achievements, chronicling the success of the Tin Lizzie to the beloved Model A through the glory days of the Thunderbird, Mustang, and Taurus, as well as the revolutionary plants where they were built-Highland Park and River Rouge. Brinkley tells of the amazing acquisitions of Volvo, Land Rover, Jaguar, and Mazda in the 1990s. His narrative also explores Ford Motor Company's darker aspects, from its founder's anti-Semitism, ill-considered wartime pacifism, and disloyalty-not only to the cohorts who made him the richest man of his time but also to his only son. Along the way, Brinkley introduces the whole cast of characters-from the early brains of the outfit, later U.S. Senator James Couzens; to CEO Lee Iacocca to the chairman and CEO of today, William Clay Ford, Jr+-+K636855215185613ocn000390161book19510.31Nevins, AllanFord151211ocn755623950file19560.39Sorensen, Charles EMy forty years with FordInside story of the dynamics of the Ford dynasty+-+K42788963514779ocn641532264book20110.23Vlasic, BillOnce upon a car : the fall and resurrection of America's big three auto makers--GM, Ford, and ChryslerHistory"The Detroit bureau chief for The New York Times takes readers inside the Big Three U.S. automakers for the rise and fall --and rise again? -- of this quintessentially American industry"--+-+571093615514582ocn042855066file19810.47Meyer, StephenThe five dollar day labor management and social control in the Ford Motor Company, 1908-1921History+-+4450048235133115ocn605953707book19220.35Ford, HenryMy life and workHistoryBiographyAnnotation+-+092869022632410955ocn693780250file20100.39Crumm, Thomas AWhat is good for General Motors? solving America's industrial conundrumAn insider exposes the strategic decisions that have caused the foundation of America?s industrial sector to crumble, then lays out a plan for its restoration. The author led GM Chairman John Smale?s Scenario Planning Staff in the mid-1990s and Roger Smith?s development of a Saturn expansion proposal in the late-1980s after a career in GM plant operations designing and managing manufacturing systems10224ocn050002227book20020.19Banham, RussThe Ford century : Ford Motor Company and the innovations that shaped the worldHistoryPictorial worksMarking the centennial of the Ford Motor Company, this illustrated history of the company chronicles the various innovations, from the invention of the assembly line to the V-8 engine, that transformed modern transportation+-+365701420610074ocn794682716file20020.39Bryan, Ford RFriends, families & forays scenes from the life and times of Henry FordHistoryBiographyDescribes people and interests that colored the life of Henry Ford I. Part I encompasses Ford's encounters with famous people such as George Washington Carver, Helen Keller, Mahatma Gandhi, and others. Part 2 details the branches of the Ford family tree. Part 3 addresses Ford's mechanical pursuits including the electric car, speedboat Miss Dearborn, and robot engines. Parts 5 and 6 detail financial investments and humanitarian efforts. Part 6 identifies luxuries; Fair Lane residence, the Wayside Inn, the Botsford Tavern, Richmond Hill Plantation, etc+-+93568896359475ocn819325601file20030.37Austin, Richard CartwrightBuilding utopia erecting Russia's first modern city, 1930History"Perhaps the most challenging project under Stalin's first five-year plan was the race to build Europe's largest automobile factory and an adjacent city in just eighteen months. The site chosen was Nizhny Novgorod, later named Gorky, near the Volga River, 500 miles east of Moscow. To design and construct both factory and city, Soviet officials approached the premier industrial builder in America, the Austin Company of Cleveland, Ohio." "Allan Austin, son of the president of the Austin Company, was the youngest of twenty American engineers supervising construction of this Russian city. He wrote many letters to his father and took photographs detailing the struggles involved in this vast undertaking. Author Richard Cartwright Austin uses his father's letters, Russian and American documents, and extensive photographic resources to tell how this cooperation between capitalist and communist, American and Russian, was achieved. From near-breakdown during the initial months, through a Russian winter that called for bravery and ingenuity, to a frantic race toward completion in the final months, Building Utopia reveals the humanity of both communists and capitalists and the contrasts between Russian and American cultures." "Historians as well as scholars interested in early U.S.-Soviet collaboration efforts will be attracted to this compelling story."--BOOK JACKET+-+458238823592915ocn017983070book19260.47Ford, HenryToday and tomorrowHistory+-+91844706459282ocn024107397book19910.28Petersen, Donald EA better idea : redefining the way Americans work8755ocn012188705book19850.26Gordon, Maynard MThe Iacocca management techniqueThis book traces the evolution of Iacocca's successful approach to corporated executive leadership form his career rise at Ford to his performance of "mission impossible" at Chrysler8682ocn006466497book19530.33Ford Motor CompanyFord at fifty : 1903-19538655ocn000046783book19690.29Herndon, BootonFord; an unconventional biography of the men and their times8394ocn051810928book20030.26Bak, RichardHenry and Edsel : the creation of the Ford EmpireHistoryBiography"Henry and Edsel is the first biography to focus on both the legendary founder of the Ford Motor Company and the son who led the company's transformation from successful manufacturer to business empire. Author Richard Bak offers a daring new perspective on the human drama that changed the shape of Ford. He examines the ongoing friction between Henry and Edsel over adapting to a changing competitive environment and lays bare the stark contrasts between the two men - both their personalities and their approach to the design, construction, and marketing of automobiles." "In these pages, Henry Ford emerges as a complex and self-contradictory man who was not entirely comfortable in the new world that he had done so much to create. Renowned as an innovator, he resisted desperately needed changes in his own company - everything from painting cars any color other than black to providing financing for car buyers. A self-styled friend of the working man, he despised labor unions and appointed the ruthless Henry Bennett to squash any hint of unionization at Ford." "Among the many surprises in this fascinating exploration of the ultimate family business run by the quintessential business family is its portrait of Edsel Ford. Often viewed as a weak and ineffectual manager, Edsel is revealed as a gifted, levelheaded, and imaginative businessman with a keen sense of where the market was headed. When the company's very survival was at stake during the tumultuous 1920s and 1930s, it was Edsel who envisioned and pushed for the daring changes that turned Ford into a powerful, modern corporation." "Another compelling character in this classic American story is Henry Bennett, often referred to as Ford's second son. A hard-drinking barroom brawler in his youth, Bennett rose through sheer toughness and force of will to become Henry Ford's heir apparent. The climactic struggle among these three very different men to control the vast and growing Ford empire was one of the most dramatic conflicts in the history of American business." "Complete with compelling portraits of important Ford competitors, executives, and family members, as well as a fascinating array of family and official company photos, Henry and Edsel is must reading for anyone interested in business, the auto industry, or the fascinating world of the early twentieth century."--BOOK JACKET+-+22398762958064ocn002020441book19760.35Lewis, David LanierThe public image of Henry Ford : an American folk hero and his companyHistory+-+K602948896+-+K602948896Thu Oct 16 15:31:24 EDT 2014batch115789