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Fri Mar 21 17:06:06 2014 UTClccn-n801138600.00Templaris meditatio = (Meditaciones Templarias) /0.221.00Ordre illustre de la stricte observance : manuel d'instruction à l'usage des frères de la IIIe province de l'Ordre152491765n 801138604945523583423Bracia Grobu Świętego.Bracia Świątyni Salomona.Caballeros TemplariosCavalieri dell'Ordine dei poveri commilitoni di Cristo e del Tempio di SalomoneChevaliers de la milice du TempleChevaliers de l'Ordre du TempleChevaliers du TempleFratres Militiae TempliFratres Templi Salomonis.Knights Templar (Order)Knights TemplarsKnights Templars (Monastic and military order)Knights Templars (Order)Milites TempliMilitia TempliMilitia Templi Christi Pauperum Militium Ordo.OMCTOMCT (Ordo Militiae Crucis Templi)Orde van de TempeliersOrden de los TemplariosOrden del TempleOrden del TemploOrden Militar del TempleOrden Militar y Benéfica del TempleOrder of the Knights TemplarOrder of the TempleOrdine dei poveri commilitoni di Cristo e del Tempio di SalomoneOrdine del TempioOrdine templareOrdo milicie Templi JerosolimitaniOrdo Militiae Crucis TempliOrdo TempliOrdre des Chevaliers de la milice du Temple.Ordre des Templiers.Ordre du Temple.Pauperes Commilitones Christi Templi Salomonici.Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique SalomonisPauvres chevaliers du Christ.Pauvres chevaliers du Christ et du Temple de SalomonPobres Caballeros de CristoPoor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of SolomonPoor knights of Christ and of the Temple of SalomonPoveri commilitoni di Cristo e del Tempio di SalomoneRitterorden vom TempelkreuzRycerze Świątyni Salomona.Sacer Ordo Militie Templi HierosolimitaniSacra Domus Militie Templi HierosolimitaniSOMETSupremus Ordo Militaris Equitum TeutonicorumTampliersTamplieryTampliery (Masonic Order)Tempelherren.Tempelherren-OrdenTempelherrenordenTempeliersTempelritterTempieriTemplariTemplariosTemplariusze.Templars.Templars (Order)Templars Ordo Militiae Crucis TempliTempleTemple OrdreTemple (Religious Order)TemplerTempler Ordo Militiae Crucis TempliTemplerordenTempliers.Templiers OrdreUbodzy Rycerze Chrystusa.Zakon Templariuszy.טמפלריםcontainsVIAFID/139485739Knights Templar (Masonic order)lccn-n81116782Lincoln, Henrylccn-n2003041194Berry, Steve1955-lccn-n81116784Baigent, Michaellccn-n81116783Leigh, Richard1943-2007lccn-n95087296Whyte, Jacklccn-n78000189Barber, Malcolmtrldtelccn-no2002012247Nicholson, Helen J.1960-lccn-n80001259Knights Templar (Masonic order)lccn-nr2005020361Black, Katlccn-n79084784Jesus ChristTemplarsHistorySourcesTrials, litigation, etcChurch historyHandbooks, manuals, etcTemplarsFranceCrusadesFrance, SouthernGrailFrance--Rennes-le-ChâteauAntiquarian booksellersBooksellers and booksellingMalone, Cotton (Fictitious character)Trials (Heresy)Vatican CityGreat BritainGrail--LegendsMilitary religious ordersUnited States.--Federal Bureau of InvestigationArchivio vaticanoInquisitionHoly ShroudChristianity in literatureLiteratureDa Vinci code (Brown, Dan)Mary Magdalene,--SaintJesus ChristArt theftsItaly--TurinOrders of knighthood and chivalryFreemasonryFreemasonry--RitualsEnglandPhilip--IV,--King of France,Christian saints in literatureEuropeEdward--II,--King of England,HospitalersGood and evilEngland--LondonParanormal fictionKidnappingItalyKnights and knighthoodRègle du Temple (Templars)AssassinationEmployeesChristian literature, EarlyWomen archaeologistsSecret societies--Religious aspects--Catholic ChurchCrusades (Fourth, 1202-1204)Council of NicaeaCuriosities and wondersMonasticism and religious orders1626165416691685169117001702170317051713172517471751175817791780178117821783178617881789179017921794179517961797179918051806180718091810181318151818182018221823182518281830183218331834183518371838183918401841184218441845184618481849185018521853185418551856185718581859186018611862186318641865186718691870187118721873187418751876187718791880188118821883188418851886188718881889189018911892189318941895189618981899190019011902190319041905190719081909191019111912191319151918191919201921192219231924192519261927192819291930193119321933193419351937193819391941194319441945194719481950195119521953195419551957195819591961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320149152717463158255.791306CR4737ocn457515123ocn0832461664807ocn044959326file19920.47TemplarsThe rule of the Templars the French text of the Rule of the Order of the Knights TemplarHistoryThe Order of the Knights Templar, whose original purpose was to protect pilgrims to the Holy Land, was first given its own Rule in 1129, formalising the exceptional combination of soldier and monk. This translation of Henri de Curzon's 1886 edition of the French Rule is derived from the three extant medieval manuscripts. Both monastic rule and military manual, the Ruleis a unique document and an important historical source. It comprises the Primitive Rule, Hierarchical Statutes, Penances, Conventual Life, the Holding of Ordinary Chapters, Further Details on Penances, and Reception into the Order. There are details of clothing, armour and equipment; instructions on conduct while on campaign; information on the daily life of members of the order and on the discipline which made it a formidable fighting force. The Ruleevolved over almost 150 years of the Order's history, and is thus a dynamic piece of work, showing how the Templars adapted to political change and formulated their disciplinary code. An introduction gives the historical background to the Rule and summarises the various sections. An appendix by MATTHEW BENNETT discusses the military implications. J. M. UPTON-WARD gained her M. Phil. at the University of Reading+-+08051603053241058ocn006027469book18410.86TemplarsProcès des templiersChurch historyTrials, litigation, etcSources301ocn100801303rcrd20060.59Ensemble organumLe chant des templiers183ocn191923270book20070.93Archivio vaticanoProcessus contra TemplariosHistoryTrials, litigation, etcSources113ocn003534909book19040.56TemplarsDie Varianten der Barceloner Handschrift der Templerregel : Aus dem Altfranzösisch-Provenzalischen übersetzt und mit Anmerkungen versehen112ocn468201136book19960.56TemplarsRègle et statuts de l'Ordre du TempleHistory94ocn460957786book18860.88TemplarsLa règle du Temple, publiée pour la Société de l'histoire de France92ocn123174571book19810.88TemplarsRecords of the Templars in England in the twelfth century : the Inquest of 1185 with illustrative charters and documentsHistorySources72ocn681548981com17940.66TemplarsStatutenbuch des Ordens der Tempelherren42ocn312362896book19950.47Religion und Nation : Fundamente eines Volkes; [Vorträge während des OMCT-Konventes vom 17. bis 19. März 1995 im Haus Schlesien in Königswinter-Heisterbacherrott]41ocn462806100book19720.90Dailliez, LaurentLes Templiers et les régles de l'Ordre du Temple32ocn716722936book20030.88Archivo de la Corona de AragónThe Catalan rule of the Templars : a critical edition and English translation from Barcelona, Archivo de la Corona de Aragón, 'Cartes reales', ms. 3344"The Knights Templar, part monastic order, part military force, lived by a firm code, or rule, which exists in differing versions. The Catalan version, presented here with facing English translation, is represented by Barcelona, Archivo de la Corona de Aragon, Cartas Reales, MS 3344; although, compared to the French Rule (also translated by Judi Upton-Ward), it is complete, it nevertheless contains important clauses not found in other manuscripts. In her introduction, the editor discusses the content, language and dating of the manuscript, and provides background information, derived from the French Rule, on the circumstances of the Knights Templar. There is also a brief description of the provincial organisation of the Order, with particular reference to the houses in Aragon, where it is most likely that the manuscript was used; a summary of clauses; and a concordance with both de Curzon's 1886 edition of the French Rule and Delaville Le Roulx's partial transcription of the Catalan Rule. Footnotes to the English translation elucidate the text; give biographical information on the named officers of the Order where possible; and indicate significant differences from the French Rule."--BOOK JACKET+-+456406603532ocn465360147book19770.93TemplarsLa Règle des Templiers31ocn050667651book19971.00Ordre illustre de la stricte observance : manuel d'instruction à l'usage des frères de la IIIe province de l'OrdreHandbooks, manuals, etc31ocn260015310book19030.63Schnürer, GustavDie ursprüngliche TemplerregelHistory33ocn470248861book18400.63Maillard de Chambure, Charles HippolyteRègle et statuts secrets des Templiers; précédés de l'histoire de l'éstablissement, de la destruction et de la continuation moderne de l'ordre du TempleHistory21ocn028269881score1.00Nelson, SOn the breeze of evening stealing : the evening song of the Knights Templars22ocn765663641artTemplarsRègle21ocn056577783book2004Toro-Garland, Fernando deTemplaris meditatio = (Meditaciones Templarias)22ocn661289680artTemplarsLa Règle du Temple384539ocn007837566book19820.19Baigent, MichaelHoly blood, Holy GrailHistoryGenealogyMiscellaneaControversial literatureBiography Apocryphal and legendary literatureA revolutionary and provocative study explores the startling information uncovered in mysterious parchments unearthed in a small French church that reveal new insight into the mystery of the Holy Grail+-+2403880385334817ocn061262471book20060.14Berry, SteveThe Templar legacy : a novelFictionFormer secret agent Cotton Malone and Stephanie Nelle, a U.S. Justice Department prosecutor, must solve the mystery of fourteenth-century Templar riches and secrets before Raymond de Roquefort and his murderous allies prevail+-+306129098519054ocn229445854book20090.06Black, KatA Templar's apprenticeHistoryJuvenile worksFictionYoung adult worksWhile trying to harness his power for prophetic visions, a fourteenth-century Scottish boy joins a Templar knight on his sacred quest to unearth an ancient relic+-+8901050905160514ocn044493295book19990.22Read, Piers PaulThe TemplarsHistory"The dramatic history of the knights templar. The most powerful military order of the crusades"--Cover+-+3301177685136118ocn003630397book19780.56Barber, MalcolmThe trial of the TemplarsTrials, litigation, etc"The Templars fought against Islam in the Crusader East for nearly two centuries. During that time the original small band grew into a formidable army, backed by an extensive network of preceptories in the Latin West. In October 1307, the members of this seemingly invulnerable and respected Order were arrested on the orders of Philip IV, King of France, and charged with serious heresies, including the denial of Christ, homosexuality and idol worship. The ensuing proceedings lasted for almost five years and culminated in the suppression of the Order. The motivations of the participants and the long-term repercussions of the trial have been the subject of intense and unresolved controversy, which still has resonances in our own time. In this new edition of his classic account, Malcolm Barber discusses the trial in the context of new work on the crusades, heresy, the papacy and the French monarchy."--Jacket+-+3187216705129713ocn064222977rcrd20060.13Berry, SteveThe Templar legacy [a novel]FictionThe ancient order of the Knights Templar possessed untold wealth and absolute power over kings and popes ... until the Inquisition, when they were wiped from the face of the earth, their hidden riches lost. But now two forces, the U.S. Justice Department and a shadowy zealot, vying for the treasure have learned that it is not at all what they thought it was and its true nature could change the modern world+-+065788482512919ocn070821173book20060.13Whyte, JackKnights of the Black and WhiteFictionShortly after his initiation into the Order of the Knights Templar, Sir Hugh St. Clair is drawn into the turbulence of the First Crusade and joins with fellow members of the Order to uncover the roots of the secret society that has guided his family for generations+-+414806448512467ocn007739351book19820.24Howarth, StephenThe Knights TemplarHistoryHere is a complete account of one of the strangest phenomena of medieval history : The Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ, the Knights of the Temple of Solomon--more popularly known as the Knights Templar. In their brotherhood, the Knights united two conflicting medieval ideals, for they were both monks and warriors, committed to God and committed to war. In the strict hierarchy of the feudal world, where every man owed loyalty and allegiance to his overlord, the Templars obeyed no one except the Pope. Acquiring land and castles by gift conquest and purchase in every part of Europe and the eastern Mediterranean, they became a church within the Church--a state within the State. They were bankers, merchants, diplomats and tax gatherers and though themselves poor, the wealth of their order was legendary. They led the Crusades against Moslem States of the East, yet when their order was destroyed in 1314, its enemies were not Muslims but Christians. Individually and as a group they were accused of heresy, treachery, sodomy, usury, blasphemy, idolatry and a number of unspeakable sins. Pope Clement to whom the Order owed complete allegiance described them as 'horrible, wicked and detestable'. This book charts the rise and fall of the Order, tracing the lives and deaths of its members and examining the motives of its supporters and opponents12309ocn024174493book19910.22Robinson, John JDungeon, fire, and sword : the Knights Templar in the crusadesHistory of the Knights Templar, the Christian warrior monks who occuped the scared Temple Mount in Jerusalem after the First Crusade+-+420168623511827ocn707969434book20090.12Doherty, P. CThe Templar magicianHistoryFictionDetective and mystery storiesRobert de Payens, grandson of Eleanor, one of the co-founders of the Temple, and Englishman Edward Sendal find themselves caught up in a murder mystery when Raymond, Count of Tripoli, is brutally assassinated --+-+K750217685117812ocn163582228book20070.13Whyte, JackStandard of honorFictionHistorical fictionBattle of Hattin survivor Alexander Sinclair hides his identity after the slaughter of his fellow Templars, while elderly Sir Henry St. Clair reluctantly serves King Richard during a Holy Land crusade+-+447906448511126ocn071210171book20070.14Navarro, JuliaThe brotherhood of the Holy ShroudFictionReligious fictionA catastrophic fire at the Turin cathedral, where the Holy Shroud is kept, and discovery of a dead man without a tongue set off an investigation by the elite Italian Art Crimes Department that leads back to the mysterious origins of the relic+-+871488038510606ocn020419501book19890.20Robinson, John JBorn in blood : the lost secrets of freemasonryHistoryIts mysterious symbols and rituals had been used in secret for centuries before Freemasonry revealed itself in London in 1717. Once known, Freemasonry spread throughout the world and attracted kings, emperors and statesmen to take its sacred oaths. It also attracted great revolutionaries such as George Washington and Sam Houston in America, Juarez in Mexico, Garibaldi in Italy, and Bolivar in South America. It was outlawed over the centuries by Hitler, Mussolini, and the Ayatollah Khomeini. But where had this powerful organization come from? What was it doing in those secret centuries before it rose from underground more than 270 years ago? And why was Freemasonry attacked with such intense hatred by the Roman Catholic church? This amazing detective story answers those questions and proves that the Knights Templar in Britain, fleeing arrest and torture by pope and king, formed a secret society of mutual protection that came to be called Freemasonry. Based on years of meticulous research, this book solves the last remaining mysteries of the Masons - their secret words, symbols, and allefories whose true meanings had been lost in antiquity. With a richly drawn background of the bloody battles, the opportunistic kings and scheming popes, the tortures and religious persecution that were the Middle Ages, it is an important book that may require that we take a new look at the history of events leading to the Protestant Reformation. -- from book jacket+-+675168623510147ocn057425547book20040.21Newman, SharanThe real history behind the Da Vinci codeCriticism, interpretation, etcLegendsA medieval scholar examines the historical facts and myths behind the best-selling novel, including discussions on the Templars, the Holy Grail, and the "Apocryphal Gospels."+-+97655707959893ocn663973449file20100.50Burgtorf, JochenThe debate on the trial of the Templars, 1307-1314HistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcTrials, litigation, etcIn October 1307, all the brothers of the military-religious order of the Temple in France were arrested on the instructions of King Philip IV and charged with heresy and other crimes. In 1312, Pope Clement V, at the Council of Vienne, dissolved the order. Seven centuries later there is still hot debate about the causes of this notorious affair, its course, and its aftermath. This book collects the research of both junior and senior scholars from around the world to establish the current state of scholarship and identify areas for new research. Individual chapters examine the background to the+-+95201190259436ocn659305734book20100.13Khoury, RaymondThe templar salvationHistoryFictionSuspense fictionConstantinople, 1203: As the rapacious armies of the Fourth Crusade lay siege to the city, a secretive band of Templars infiltrate the imperial library. Their target: a cache of documents that must not be allowed to fall into the hands of the Doge of Venice. They escape with three heavy chests, filled with explosive secrets that these men will not live long enough to learn... Vatican City, present day: FBI agent Sean Reilly infiltrates the Pope's massive Vatican Secret Archives of the Inquisition. No one but the Pope's trusted secondi get in. But Reilly has earned the Vatican's trust, a trust he has no choice but to violate. The woman he loves, archaeologist Tess Chaykin, has been kidnapped, and the key to her freedom lays in this underground tomb. It is a document known as the Fondo Templari, a secret history of the infamous Templars+-+786403751694015ocn276819209book20090.13Whyte, JackOrder in chaosHistoryFictionAdventure storiesHistorical fictionAfter King Philip IV of France declares the Templar knights outlaws and by way of murder and imprisonment seizes their assets, Sir William Sinclair leads the survivors to temporary sanctuary in Scotland, where they team up with Robert Bruce and after a rousing victory at Bannockburn seek out the fabled land of Templar lore--Merica+-+02200644859362ocn316513020book20090.08Chadda, SarwatDevil's kissJuvenile worksFictionYoung adult worksFifteen-year-old Billi SanGreal has grown up knowing that being a member of the Knights Templar puts her in danger, but if she is to save London from catastrophe she must make sacrifices greater than she imagined+-+39069315168795ocn225870379book20090.19Frale, BarbaraThe Templars : the secret history revealedHistoryAt its height, the Order of the Knights Templar rivaled the kingdoms of Europe in military might, economic power, and political influence. For 700 years the tragic demise of this society of warrior-monks amid accusations of heresy has been plagued by controversy, in part because the transcript of their trial by the Inquisition--which held the key to the truth--had vanished. Templar historian Barbara Frale happened to be studying a document at the Vatican Secret Archives when she suddenly realized that it was none other than the long-lost transcript. It revealed that Pope Clement V had absolved the order of all charges of heresy. Using this sensational new information, Frale chronicles the Templars' spectacular rise and fall against a sweeping backdrop of war, religious fervor, and the struggle for dominance, and finally lifts the centuries-old cloak of mystery surrounding one of the world's most intriguing secret societies.--From publisher description+-+64335240068764ocn310402406file20080.47Bellomo, ElenaThe Templar order in north-west Italy (1142-c.1330)HistoryBased on archival searches, this book provides a reconstruction of the Templar presence in North-west Italy giving general insights into the development and organization of the Order in this area and providing an outline of the history of each Templar house+-+1918169554+-+0805160305324+-+0805160305324Fri Mar 21 15:47:26 EDT 2014batch80084