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Fri Mar 21 17:15:02 2014 UTClccn-n801495710.01King Ludwig's castle : Germany's Neuschwanstein /0.380.96L'enchanteur et le roi des ombres /64799557n 80149571529611Li︠u︡dovik II, King of Bavaria, 1845-1886Lodewijk II, koning van Beieren, 1845-1886Lodewijk II Otto Frederik Willem van Beieren, 1845-1886Louis II de Bavière.Louis II, de Bavière, 1845-1886Louis II, King of Bavaria, 1845-1886Louis II, roi de BavièreLouis II, roi de Bavière, 1845-1886Ludvík II., bavorský král, 1845-1886Ludwig 2sei, 1845-1886, BaierunkoLudwig 2セイ, 1845-1886, バイエルンコウLudwig II, König von Bayern, 1845-1886Wittelsbach, Louis de.Wittelsbach Louis de 1845-1886Wittelsbach, Louis de, roi de BavièreWittelsbach, Ludwig Otto Friedrich Wilhelm.lccn-n79089831Wagner, Richard1813-1883crecmplccn-n80019522Blunt, Wilfrid1901-1987lccn-n50010460Petzet, Michaeledtcrenc-schloss neuschwanstein germanySchloss Neuschwanstein (Germany)lccn-no2009007244Pötzsch, Oliverlccn-n2011053294Koschwitz, Nils1974-lccn-no2006113756Kuzneski, Chrislccn-nr97037466King, Greg1964-lccn-n50013506McIntosh, Christopher1943-lccn-no93024046Chapman-Huston, Desmond1884-1952LudwigIIKing of Bavaria1845-1886MusicRecords and correspondenceHistoryDiariesMusical settingsDramaPictorial worksIllustrationsLudwig--II,--King of Bavaria,Germany--BavariaKings and rulersGermanyWagner, Richard,DiariesConspiraciesTreasure trovesConservatories of musicMusic--Instruction and studyPalacesSchloss Neuschwanstein (Germany)Art, GermanEclecticism in artElisabeth,--Empress, consort of Franz Joseph I, Emperor of Austria,Unrequited loveWittelsbach, House ofLudwig--I,--King of Bavaria,Waste land (Eliot, T. 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According to legend, Ludwig stockpiled a massive treasure in the years before his death, a cache of gold and jewels that would finance the construction of the largest castle of all time. But in the years since his death, no one has found any evidence that Ludwig had hidden anything. Until now. Jonathon Payne and David Jones are pulled into the mystery by a colleague of theirs, a former supply sergeant in the U.S. military who asks them to investigate. They agree to help and quickly find themselves in a life-or-death struggle to uncover the truth about Ludwig's murder and his mythical treasure+-+K0920644856094ocn034932769book19960.25King, GregThe mad king : the life and times of Ludwig II of BavariaHistoryBiographyOn August 25, 1995, the German Republic celebrated the 150th anniversary of the birth of the most scorned and most beloved monarch of modern times: Ludwig II. As a child, though physically beautiful, Ludwig was withdrawn and silent. Entering his teenage years, he determined that his desires were directed toward young men rather than the numerous girls presented as potential wives. Following a broken engagement to Princess Sophie of Austria, Ludwig never again considered marriage. After ascending the throne at the age of eighteen, Ludwig became devoted to his major passions: music and architecture. Captivated by the music of Richard Wagner, the young king formed a bond with the composer and became his benefactor, enabling Wagner to create and produce his great operas. The royal love for architecture resulted in some of the world's most admired castles as well as the most extravagant. Berg, Hohenschwangau Castle, and Linderhof were jewels, but his crowning achievement, Neuschwanstein, rivaled any other on the continent, a monumental creation second only to the Hermitage. An intemperate ruler, Ludwig changed the course of European history almost against his will. He launched Bavaria into two wars, and, with Bismarck, created the German Second Reich. As Prussia's power grew, he watched the newly unified country come under the sway of the Hohenzollerns rather than his own Wittelsbachs. He assuaged his disappointment by lavishing more of his treasury on art and on funding a new opera house for Wagner's work. He would frequently watch a Ring performance as the sole member of the audience. His own government and family plotted against him, called him mad, and forcibly overthrew him. After a single day at a sanatorium and a prolonged visit with a doctor, he vanished. His body was found in a lonely lake outside Munich. Was it suicide? Or murder?+-+471872400637914ocn234573539visu19720.24Visconti, LuchinoLudwigDramaHistorical evocation of Ludwig, king of Bavaria, from his crowning in 1864 until his death in 1886, as a romantic hero. Fan of Richard Wagner, betrayed by him, in love with his cousin Elisabeth of Austria, abandonned by her, tormented by his homosexuality, he will little by little slip toward madness+-+28565726963651ocn056481458book20050.01Trumbauer, LisaKing Ludwig's castle : Germany's NeuschwansteinJuvenile worksDiscusses the building of King Ludwig's castle, and the mad king who lived there+-+97551624063509ocn010123033book19820.53McIntosh, ChristopherThe Swan King, Ludwig II of BavariaHistoryBiography+-+97439151363233ocn004745729book19780.47Victoria and Albert MuseumDesigns for the dream king : the castles and palaces of Ludwig II of BavariaExhibition catalogs2633ocn042257768book19900.25Chapman-Huston, DesmondLudwig II : the mad king of BavariaHistoryBiographyFor this balanced and sympathetic biography, the author was given the complete freedom of the secret Archives of the Royal House of Wittelsbach24314ocn002994533book19330.59Channon, HenryThe Ludwigs of Bavaria2423ocn000284040book19670.79Knust, HerbertWagner, the king, and The waste land2407ocn001318038book19000.56Bertram, WernerA royal recluse; memories of Ludwig II. of BavariaBiographyGeromantiseerde biografie, written in deepest reverence and devotion, weswege van homosexualiteit geen sprake kan zijn2222ocn000751559book19540.50Richter, WernerThe mad monarch; the life and times of Ludwig II of BavariaHistory2003ocn040744214book19820.31McIntosh, ChristopherLudwig II of Bavaria, the Swan KingHistoryBiography+-+59689151361895ocn000328462book19550.56Chapman-Huston, DesmondBavarian fantasy; the story of Ludwig II1808ocn001029902book19680.76Rall, HansKönig Ludwig II. [der Zweite] und die KunstBiographyExhibition catalogs1721ocn000313902book19700.81Petzet, DettaDie Richard Wagner-Bühne König Ludwigs II., München, Bayreuth1425ocn001374111book19280.53Pourtalès, Guy deThe mad king1351ocn057426351book20040.66Rudnick, PaulValhallaDrama+-+5675777735+-+K092064485Fri Mar 21 15:36:12 EDT 2014batch41572