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Thu Oct 16 18:03:13 2014 UTClccn-n811039220.33The grand piano0.921.00Steel idea /72720270Steve_Benson_(poet)n 81103922649008Benson, Steven Edward 1949-lccn-n82041869Robinson, Kit1949-lccn-n82071099Hejinian, Lynlccn-n82116811Harryman, Carlalccn-n78006067Silliman, Ronald1946-lccn-n84172091Armantrout, Rae1947-lccn-n81026982Mandel, Tom1942-lccn-n83059980Perelman, Boblccn-n82098643Watten, Barrettlccn-n82147627Pearson, Tednc-mode aMode ABenson, Steve1949-BibliographyBiographyCriticism, interpretation, etcArchivesCaliforniaBenson, Steve,American poetrySilliman, Ronald,Harryman, CarlaCalifornia--San Francisco Bay AreaPoets, AmericanPearson, TedMandel, Tom,Language poetryArmantrout, Rae,Robinson, Kit,Hejinian, LynPerelman, BobWatten, BarrettIntellectual lifeCalifornia--San FranciscoGay menAIDS (Disease)Gays' writingsCoolidge, Clark,United StatesDiaries--AuthorshipDawson, Fielding,Towazugatari (Nakanoin Masatada no Musume)Jensen, KimDavidson, Michael,Waldrop, KeithWesling, DonaldCantor, MargeryOppen, GeorgeCook, Albert,Anderson, Laurie,Pour un tombeau d'Anatole (Mallarmé, Stéphane)Japanese poetryBernstein, Charles,Hirschman, Jack,Hickman, LelandDrucker, Johanna,Lowe, JeanTysh, ChrisCreeley, Robert,Coleman, Victor,Mengham, Rod,VersificationPalmer, MichaelYoung, GeoffreyOlson, Charles,Pearlman, BillRakosi, Carl,1949197219731976197819791980198119841985198719881989199219981999200020032005200620072008200920106014254818.54PS3552.E5475ocn798734913862ocn019096827book19880.94Benson, SteveBlue book614ocn006069630book19780.96Benson, SteveAs isBibliography601ocn021163653book19890.96Benson, SteveReverse order583ocn057559451book20050.94Benson, SteveOpen clothes532ocn007388720book19810.97Benson, SteveThe bussesBibliography251ocn041227892book19980.86Benson, SteveRoaring spring242ocn012208994book19840.96Benson, SteveBriarcombe paragraphs232ocn012208981book19850.96Benson, SteveDominanceBibliography201ocn690088348book20100.95The grand piano. an experiment in collective autobiography : San Francisco, 1975-1980Biography+-+8434654245192ocn077524141book20060.82The grand piano, an experiment in collective autobiography : San Francisco, 1975-1980Criticism, interpretation, etcBiography141ocn122352324book20070.93The Grand piano, an experiment in collective autobiography : San Francisco, 1975-1980Criticism, interpretation, etcBiography+-+3634654245111ocn166372614book20070.33The grand pianoCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography+-+173465424531ocn489802606book20070.97The grand piano. San Francisco, 1975-1980Criticism, interpretation, etcBiography+-+983465424531ocn013477438book19781.00Benson, SteveSteel idea31ocn759121460book19720.96Nadine21ocn031745294mix0.92Smith, AlexanderAlex Smith papersArchivesCorrespondence, journals, typescripts, and academic materials of Alex Smith covering the years 1965-198721ocn036215953book19871.00Benson, SteveTwo works21ocn042680910rcrd19801.00Benson, SteveOn his own21ocn057467801book20030.92Benson, SteveThe door, so that now11ocn010715031rcrd19811.00Benson, SteveSteve Benson reading in the UCSD New Writing Series, Wed., Nov. 11, 1981742ocn166352151book0.93The grand piano : an experiment in collective autobiography, San Francisco, 1975-1980BiographyTHE GRAND PIANO is an ongoing experiment in collective autobiography by ten writers identified with Language poetry in San Francisco. It takes its name from a coffeehouse at 1607 Haight Street, where from 1976-79 the authors took part in a reading and performance series. The writing project, begun in 1998, was undertaken as an online collaboration, first via an interactive web site and later through a listserv. When completed, THE GRAND PIANO will comprise ten parts, in which each of the ten authors will appear in a different sequence. These poets are Bob Perelman, Barrett Watten, Steve Benson, Carla Harryman, Tom Mandel, Ron Silliman, Kit Robinson, Lyn Hejinian, Rae Armantrout, and Ted Pearson+-+4134654245141ocn247983923book20080.94The grand piano. an experiment in collective autobiography : San Francisco, 1975-1980Criticism, interpretation, etcBiography+-+5034654245131ocn221653126book20070.82The grand piano. an experiment in collective autobiography : San Francisco, 1975-1980Criticism, interpretation, etcBiography+-+793465424581ocn437818801book20090.74Grand pianoBiography+-+223465424521ocn708318558book20070.93The Grand piano, an experiment in collective autobiography : San Francisco, 1975-1980Criticism, interpretation, etcBiography+-+363465424511ocn064323219rcrd19920.47Hejinian, LynLyn Hejinian workshop 7-9-92A workshop taught by Lyn Hejinian at the Naropa Institute July 9, 1992. Hejinian spends most of the class discussing the work of Francis Ponge, Clark Coolidge and Steve Benson. The class ends with students reading their workshop assignments11ocn062886694rcrd19890.47Scalapino, LeslieLeslie Scalapino 7-17-89 workshop MondayLeslie Scalapino presents a workshop on the poetic diary form. She reads excerpts from her book Way and That they were at the Beach. She also reads from Confessions of Lady Nijo and references her essay and interaction with Japanese court poetry and Izumi Shikibu. She reads a piece of her essay referencing Mallarme's Tomb for Anatole. Additionally, she talks about Steven Benson and their creation of form together and Laurie Anderson's This is the time and this is a record of the time. The class ends with Leslie requesting that the students write a poetic diary to be workshopped and performed next class11ocn122540967mix0.47Rodefer, StephenStephen Rodefer papers+-+8434654245+-+8434654245Thu Oct 16 15:38:51 EDT 2014batch13806