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Fri Mar 21 17:12:30 2014 UTClccn-n811140050.32A bold stroke for a wife0.761.00Œuvres de Mistriss Susanna Centlivre41874559Susanna_Centlivren 81114005659019author of A bold stroke for a wife; and the Beau's duel, The, 1667?-1723Author of the GamesterAuthor of the Gamester 1667?-1723Carrol, S. (Susanna), c. 1667-1723Carrol, Susanna.Carrol, Susanna, 1667?-1723Carrol, Susanna, c. 1667-1723Carroll, S.Carroll, S., 1667?-1723Carroll, S. (Susanna), 1667?-1723Carroll, Susanna 1667-1723Carroll, Susanna, ca 1667-1723Carroll, SusannahCarroll, Susannah 1667-1723Cent Livre, ..., Mrs., 1667?-1723Cent Livre, Susanna.Cent-Livre, Susanna, 1667?-1723Cent Livre, Susanna, ca 1667-1723Centliore, 1667?-1723Centliore, Susanna, 1667?-1723Centlive, ... 1667-1723Centliver, Susanna, 1667?-1723Centlivre, 1667?-1723Centlivre, Susanna, 1667?-1723Centlivre, Susanna Carroll.Centlivre, Susanna Carroll, 1667?-1723Centlivre, Susanna Carroll, ca 1667-1723Centlivre, Susannah.Centlivre, Susannah, 1667?-1723Centlivre, Susannah, ca 1667-1723Centlivre, Suzanne 1667-1723Fox Susanna.Fox, Susanna, 1667?-1723Fox, Susanna, c. 1667-1723Fox, Susannah 1667-1723Fox, Susannah, ca 1667-1723Freeman, Susanna.Freeman, Susanna, 1667?-1723Freeman, Susanna, c. 1667-1723Freeman, Susanna, ca 1667-1723Freeman, SusannahFreeman, Susannah 1667-1723Gamester, author of The, 1667?-1723Livre, Susanna Cent 1667-1723Livre, Susanna Cent, ca 1667-1723lccn-n50006616Behn, Aphra1640-1689lccn-nr97013593Copeland, Nancy Eileen1952-lccn-no2009156200Stathas, Thaliaedtlccn-no2004103148Bowyer, John Wilson1901-1968lccn-n78077412Lock, F. P.lccn-n91002785Kreis-Schinck, Annettelccn-n88131533Boston Theatre (Federal Street, Boston, Mass.)lccn-n50046482CharlesXIIKing of Sweden1682-1718lccn-n79074258CharlesIIKing of England1630-1685viaf-287489451Byrd, JessCentlivre, Susanna1667?-1723HistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcDramaPoetryBiographyPortraitsFictionEnglish dramaEnglish drama (Comedy)Centlivre, Susanna,EnglandWomen and literatureBehn, Aphra,English drama--Women authorsEnglish drama--RestorationEnglish drama (Tragedy)Criticism and interpretationMarriageCharles--XII,--King of Sweden,Dramatists, EnglishTheaterGreat BritainInternational relationsHumorous playsCharles--II,--King of England,Women authorsPilkington, Laetitia,Manley,--Mrs.--(Mary de la Rivière),Haywood, Eliza Fowler,Authors, EnglishHeraldic bookplatesHusband and wifeDramatistsDramaDramatists, English--Early modernDramatists, EuropeanEuropean dramaDramatists, Latin (Medieval and modern)Dramatic criticismEuropean drama--RenaissanceDramatists, AmericanDrama, MedievalWomenIndiaRare booksShirley, James,Congreve, William,Massinger, Philip,Shadwell, Thomas,Beaumont, Francis,Murphy, Arthur,Otway, Thomas,Rees, James,Ford, John,D'Avenant, William,--Sir,Wycherley, William,Lee, Nathaniel,166717231700170217031704170517061707170817091710171117121713171417151716171717181719172017231724172517271728172917321733173417351736173717391740174117421746174717481749175117521753175417551756175717581759176017611763176517661767176817701771177217731774177517761777177917801781178217831784178517861787179017911792179417951797179817991800180318041805180618071808180918101811181218141815181618171818181918201821182218231824182518261827182918301831183218331834183618371838183918401842184318501853185418551856185718601863186418711872187418771879188018831884189318971900190519091928192919421949195219631965196719681969197019711972197419751977197819791980198119821986198719881989199019931994199519961997200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011250784622599822.5AC4ocn658768753ocn658768424ocn658768567ocn658772236ocn658768717ocn658772131ocn658768367ocn658768617ocn073654511ocn4208323953379382ocn511288118file17050.79Centlivre, SusannaA bold stroke for a wife a comedy. In five acts. Written by Mrs. Susannah Centlivre. With alterations and amendments, as performed at the Theatre in BostonPortraitsA comedic play on gambling2870304ocn083440030file17140.79Centlivre, SusannaThe wonder: a woman keeps a secret. A comedy As it is acted at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane. By Her Majesty's servants. Written by the author of The gamesterA comedic, satirical play about a woman2662175ocn083330839file17090.73Centlivre, SusannaThe busy body A comedy. Written by Mrs. Susanna CentlivreA comedic play85677ocn083439962file17050.76Centlivre, SusannaThe gamester: a comedy As it is acted at the New-Theatre in Lincolns-Inn-Fields by Her Majesty's servantsA comedic play centered on a gambler65619ocn000354957book19680.59Centlivre, SusannaA bold stroke for a wife56180ocn062826137book17090.93Centlivre, SusannaThe busy body a comedy.Portraits+-+99182389053245048ocn045842841file19950.32Centlivre, SusannaA bold stroke for a wifeFictionDrama+-+567566600646736ocn083440099book17000.86Centlivre, SusannaThe perjur'd husband: or, the adventures of Venice. A tragedy. As it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. By His Majesty's servants. Written by Mrs. CentlivreA tragic play based in Venice43334ocn083440051com17150.81Centlivre, SusannaA wife well manag'd A farceDramaA satirical play about controlling a wife40631ocn083431628file17170.79Centlivre, SusannaThe cruel gift a tragedy. As it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. By His Majesty's servants. Written by Mrs. Cent Livre39530ocn083439945file17230.76Centlivre, SusannaThe Artifice A comedy. As it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. By His Majesty's company of comedians. By Mrs. Cent-Livre38421ocn083440093file17670.73Centlivre, SusannaThe ghost. A comedy of two acts as performed at the Theatre-Royal in Crow-street and Smock-Alley37637ocn083439904file17090.81Centlivre, SusannaThe man's bewitch'd or, the devil to do about her. A comedy, as it is acted at the New-Theatre in the Hay-Market; by Her Majesty's servants. Written by Susanna Cent-Livre32929ocn083439900file17110.81Centlivre, SusannaMar-plot or, the second part of The busie-body. A comedy. As it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane, by Her Majesty's servants. Written by Mrs. Susanna Centlivre30420ocn083439921book17100.79Centlivre, SusannaA Bickerstaff's burying or, work for the upholders. A farce; as it is acted at the theatres, with applause. By His Majesty's servants. Written by Mrs. Susanna Centlivre:30316ocn000333397book18720.84Centlivre, SusannaThe dramatic works of the celebrated Mrs. Centlivre, with a new account of her life29010ocn000779751book17090.81Centlivre, SusannaThe busie body : (1709)28922ocn083439985com17170.79Centlivre, SusannaAn epistle to the King of Sweden from a lady of Great-BritainPoetry28225ocn083439968book17060.86Centlivre, SusannaLove at a venture. A comedy. As it is acted by his Grace, the Duke of Grafton's servants, at the New Theatre in Bath. Written by the author of The gamesterA comedic play about love24319ocn083451372file17910.70Centlivre, SusannaThe busy body A comedy. By Susannah Centlivre. Adapted for theatrical representation as performed at the Theatres-Royal Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden. Regulated from the prompt-books6184ocn000328411book19520.66Bowyer, John WilsonThe celebrated Mrs. CentlivreHistoryBiography6062ocn004503361book19790.59Lock, F. PSusanna CentlivreHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc3962ocn044089224book20010.73Kreis-Schinck, AnnetteWomen, writing, and the theater in the early modern period : the plays of Aphra Behn and Suzanne CentlivreHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc"This book is the first monograph study offering in-depth analysis of the plays of Aphra Behn (1640-1689) and Suzanne Centlivre (1669?-1723), the first women writers to succeed in establishing life-long professional careers as dramatists. It explores how the Restoration stage provided a space for women dramatists to use for themselves. The previous revolutionary period in England had changed the nation enough for women's participation in all areas of society, politics, and religion to become feasible and visible. This emergent visibility gave them a chance to become actresses after 1661, and sparked their desire to offer contributions to the public stage after 1669."--BOOK JACKET+-+46138138352323ocn053485493book20040.84Copeland, Nancy EileenStaging gender in Behn and Centlivre : women's comedy and the theatreHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcHandbooks, manuals, etc+-+20768190251674ocn005150569book17600.81Centlivre, SusannaThe works of the celebrated Mrs. Centlivre ... : containing, Perjur'd husband ... ; with a new account of her lifePortraits942ocn002050704book18720.84Centlivre, SusannaThe dramatic works of the celebrated Mrs. Centlivre, with a new account of her life793ocn002236766book19290.84Jerrold, WalterFive queer womenHistoryBiography302ocn013293611book19090.92Seibt, Eduard RobertDie Komodien der Mrs. Centlivre122ocn436085476book20010.76Kreis-Schinck, AnnetteWomen, writing, and the theater in the early modern period : the plays of Aphra Behn and Susanne [i.e. Susanna] CentlivreHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+461381383582ocn004867607book18360.79Dunham, S. AEminent literary and scientific men of Great Britain and IrelandBiography53ocn021625160book19890.86Hill, Linda MarieThe dramatic daring of Susanna Centlivre : a feminist study of the foremost woman playwright of the eighteenth centuryHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc54ocn008652834book19820.86Markel, Shirley AThe Cook's Wife reconsidered : an evaluation of the comedies of Susanna CentlivreCriticism, interpretation, etc51ocn070171800com20060.73Morrison, Leslie Michelle"We never part with our money without desire" : marriage economics and attempted rape in the comedies of Behn and CentlivreCriticism, interpretation, etc44ocn002849554book19630.97TEN HOOR, HENRYA reexamination of Susanna Centlivre as a comic dramatistCriticism, interpretation, etc32ocn022076444book0.81Cibber, ColleyThe double gallant or, the sick lady's cure. A comedy. By Colley Cibber, Esq. Adapted for theatrical representation, as performed at the Theatres-Royal Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden. Regulated from the prompt-books32ocn024351498book19900.47Hines, AliceFemale ingenuity in the plays of Susanna Centlivre : a rhetorical study ...Criticism, interpretation, etc31ocn660533655book20050.37Drama criticismCriticism, interpretation, etcBio-bibliographyBiographyReviewsStories, plots, etcPresents literary criticism on the works of dramatists of all nations, cultures, and time periods. Critical essays are selected from leading sources, including published journals, magazines, books, reviews, radio transcripts, diaries, newspapers, broadsheets, pamphlets, and scholarly papers+-+645631232532ocn314197119book20010.47Literature Criticism from 1400 to 1800Criticism, interpretation, etc+-+583191232521ocn015177157book19870.86Centlivre, SusannaA critical edition of three plays by Susanna CentlivreCriticism, interpretation, etc21ocn036306064book17851.00Centlivre, SusannaŒuvres de Mistriss Susanna Centlivre+-+5675666006+-+5675666006Fri Mar 21 15:23:57 EDT 2014batch60521