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Fri Mar 21 17:07:00 2014 UTClccn-n811184480.06Lost city of the Maya0.701.00Proyecto arqueológico Punta de Chimino 1996 : informe preliminar /22224436Arthur_Demarestn 81118448663427Demarest, ArthurDemarest, Arthur A.Demarest, Arthur A. (Arthur Andrew)Demarest, Arthur Andrewlccn-n82088004Conrad, Geoffrey W.edtlccn-n83138807Rice, Prudence M.edtlccn-n88253862Rice, Don Stephenedtlccn-n2005037959Jay I. Kislak Reference Collection (Library of Congress)lccn-n79081539Foster, George M.(George McClelland)1913-2006lccn-n90629080Holt, H. Barryviaf-231667973Duran, Simon1972-....trllccn-n82260082Houston, Stephen D.lccn-no00074465Proyecto Arqueológico Regional Petexbatúnlccn-n83035414Knorozov, I︠U︡. V.Demarest, Arthur AndrewHistoryConference proceedingsAntiquitiesMayas--AntiquitiesCentral AmericaMayasIncas--Politics and governmentAztecs--Politics and governmentAztecsIncasAztec mythologyInca mythologyMexicoMayas--Social life and customsSocial archaeologyDemographic archaeologyMayas--Politics and governmentExcavations (Archaeology)Indians--Politics and governmentLatin AmericaEthnoarchaeologyIdeologyMarxian archaeologyIndian philosophyIndians--Economic conditionsIncas--ReligionHonduras--Copán SiteHondurasGuatemala--Dos Pilas SiteGuatemala--Tikal SiteArchaeological surveyingGuatemala--Seibal SiteMayas--Kings and rulersIndians of Central America--AntiquitiesEl Salvador--Santa Leticia SiteEl SalvadorIndians of MexicoIndians of Central AmericaAztecs--ReligionArchaeologyMexico--ChiapasMayan languages--WritingGuatemalaIndians--Religion1974197619811984198619881989199019911992199319941995199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011310133122972.81016F1435ocn469355801ocn468611949ocn18598913978119ocn009762030book19840.59Conrad, Geoffrey WReligion and empire : the dynamics of Aztec and Inca expansionismHistory+-+020897670532459713ocn051438896book20030.53Demarest, Arthur AndrewAncient Maya : the rise and fall of a rainforest civilizationHistoryIn this archaeological study, Arthur Demarest brings the lost pre-Columbian civilization of the Maya to life. In applying a holistic perspective to the most recent evidence from archaeology, paleoecology, and epigraphy, this theoretical interpretation emphasizes both the brilliant rain forest adaptations of the ancient Maya and the Native American spirituality that permeated all aspects of their daily life+-+59774067054359ocn052311867book20010.73The Terminal Classic in the Maya lowlands : collapse, transition, and transformationHistory"Featuring an impressive roster of scholars, The Terminal Classic in the Maya Lowlands presents the most recent data and interpretations pertaining to this perplexing period of cultural transformation in the Maya lowlands. Although the research reveals clear interregional patterns, the contributors resist a single overarching explanation. Rather, this volume's diverse and nuanced interpretations provide a new, more properly grounded beginning for continued debate on the nature of lowland Terminal Classic Maya civilization."--Jacket+-+14826352353256ocn025787744book19920.79Ideology and pre-Columbian civilizationsConference proceedings+-+473709884523610ocn007777340book19810.86Demarest, Arthur AndrewViracocha : the nature and antiquity of the Andean High God+-+11540182351924ocn063178772book20060.88Demarest, Arthur AndrewThe Petexbatun regional archaeological project : a multidisciplinary study of the Maya collapseHistory"This overview and introduction to the multi-volume Petexbatun project series describes the objectives, structure, personnel, and major findings of the seven-year multidisciplinary investigation. The previous research, issues, and problem-orientation of the project are reviewed, and an unusually frank history of the 1989-1996 field investigations is presented. Final results of the dozen Petexbatun subprojects are previewed, including summaries of site-specific studies of centers and subordinate kingdoms and the regional disciplinary subprojects exploring osteology, ecology, faunal studies, ceramics, epigraphic history, settlement patterns, defensive systems, caves, and other aspects of Classic period civilization and culture change. Then, based on the project's findings, Demarest presents interpretive reconstructions of the linked histories of the Pasion River kingdoms and correlates these interpretations with the variable evidence and culture-histories of other regions of the Classic Maya lowlands. He points out that only through linking such accurate regional culture-histories can we begin to understand the eighth- through tenth-century changes in Classic Maya civilization. The volume describes how the Petexbatun project addressed this challenge in its research design, structure, and large, multicentered zone of study. Building on the previous twenty years of Harvard research in adjacent zones, the Vanderbilt projects succeeded in reconstructing events and processes throughout the Pasion River Valley, the largest single inland trade route of the ancient Maya world. In its conclusions, this first of the Petexbatun volumes of multidisciplinary studies, evidence, analyses, and interpretations, provides answers to some long-standing questions about the "Classic Maya collapse," as well as a new, preliminary culture-history of the abandonment, decline, or transformation of the Classic Maya kingdoms of the western Peten. It is an exciting preview and summary of a decade of evidence on the debate over the fate of the Classic Maya civilization, one of the great controversies in the history of Pre-Columbian archaeology."--Publisher's website+-+K8996017351587ocn013989719book19860.93Demarest, Arthur AndrewThe archaeology of Santa Leticia and the rise of Maya civilization1374ocn002577233book19760.93Foster, George MStudies in Middle American anthropology8311ocn021184199book19880.63Conrad, Geoffrey WReligión e imperio : dinámica del expansionismo azteca e incaHistory696ocn184969980book20060.66Demarest, Arthur AndrewLes Mayas : grandeur et chute d'une civilisationHistory194ocn002354773book19760.97Demarest, Arthur AndrewA re-evaluation of the archaeological sequences of Preclassic Chiapas173ocn002203784book19760.97Demarest, Arthur AndrewA critical analysis of Yuri Knorozov's decipherment of the Maya hieroglyphics173ocn026783636book0.97El Proyecto Arqueológico Regional Petexbatun : informe preliminar83ocn611743339book19940.86Ceramics and artifacts from excavations in the Copan residential zone42ocn051664189visu19900.06Lost city of the MayaArchaeologist Arthur Demarest guides the viewer through the excavations of the Mayan site at Dos Pilas in Guatemala. Dr. Demarest points out evidence that may explain the rise and eventual fall of this community that was abandoned 1,200 years ago21ocn605890455art19920.47Demarest, Arthur AndrewIdeology in ancient Maya cultural evolution : the dynamics of galactic polities21ocn185989139book19970.10Maya : regnskogens försvunna kungarike21ocn605889125art19920.47Demarest, Arthur AndrewArchaeology, ideology, and Pre-Columbian cultural evolution : the search for an approach21ocn046451782book19981.00Proyecto arqueológico Punta de Chimino 1996 : informe preliminar21ocn076983684book19811.00Demarest, Arthur AndrewSanta Leticia and the development of complex society in Southeastern Mesoamerica+-+0208976705324+-+0208976705324Fri Mar 21 15:31:59 EDT 2014batch15002