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Fri Mar 21 17:04:04 2014 UTClccn-n811203060.00Emile de Antonio papers,0.161.00Carol Fennelly papers,117367418Martin_Sheenn 81120306665281Estevez, RamonEstévez, Ramón, 1940-Estevez, Ramón 1940- Wirklicher NameEstevez, Ramon Antonio GerardEstevez, Ramon Gerard Antonio.Estevez, Ramon Gerard Antonio, 1940-Estévez, Ramón Gerardo Antonio, 1940-lccn-no97017622BBC Worldwide Americas, Inclccn-no95055068Dorling Kindersley Visionlccn-no95030749BBC Lionheart Television (Firm)lccn-no96005438Oregon Public Broadcastinglccn-n95097232DK Publishing, Incnp-kamei, mikeKamei, Mikelccn-no95005960Warner Home Video (Firm)dstnp-butt, billButt, Billnp-thomson, richardThomson, Richardlccn-nr98023068Café Productions LtdSheen, MartinDramaFilm adaptationsHistoryJuvenile worksBiographyFolkloreWar filmsFictionBiographical filmsEpic filmsUnited StatesGandhi,--Mahatma,IndiaVietnam War (1961-1975)Organized crimeCriminal behaviorUndercover operationsOrganized crime investigationPoliceMassachusetts--BostonMassachusetts--Boston--South BostonPennsylvania--GettysburgGettysburg, Battle of (Pennsylvania : 1863)American Civil War (1861-1865)Abagnale, Frank W.,United States.--Federal Bureau of InvestigationDeceptionFathers and sonsConrad, Joseph,StockbrokersMassachusettsInfiltration (Military science)Electric automobilesTitanic (Steamship)Renewable energy sourcesSustainable developmentSustainable development--Political aspectsAutomobile industry and trade--Corrupt practicesPolitical scienceNorth Atlantic OceanPetroleum industry and trade--Corrupt practicesSpider-Man (Fictitious character)HeroesBirdsWeatherClimatologyPresidentsNatural historySharksSheen, MartinSkeletonBonesStatesmenPolar regionsZoologyMammalsFishesShaara, MichaelEcologyShakespeare, William,19401964196519661967196819701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201412354512452974791.4372PN1997ocn057617146ocn077523787ocn810203614ocn764463298ocn466441469ocn048460821ocn070834659ocn077756287ocn045277669ocn052934363ocn067705587ocn516430176ocn191674744ocn056721994ocn070110736ocn428733942ocn051882171ocn621673503ocn795403455ocn061226125ocn026760186ocn000236576ocn007070469ocn019888994ocn027884667ocn010379275ocn041173272ocn032796886ocn182836010ocn753586048ocn026289958ocn502287361ocn680310735ocn459794555ocn081668852ocn855496396ocn082038778ocn864561372ocn084525495ocn057567749ocn780844778ocn780942778ocn781033421ocn781036014ocn045825723ocn472656035ocn221425216ocn220005337ocn058550246ocn658545141ocn658492862ocn780844778ocn722994649ocn075766039ocn0849483004143115ocn048460821visu19790.24Coppola, Francis FordApocalypse now reduxFictionDramaWar filmsFilm adaptationsA United States Army officer/trained assassin is sent into the depths of a southeast Asian jungle to seek out a renegade colonel and terminate his command during the Vietnam War394042ocn077523787visu19820.16Attenborough, RichardGandhiHistoryBiographyDramaBiographical filmsEpic filmsHistorical filmsChronicles the life of Gandhi beginning with his political activities in South Africa during the late 1890's and ending with his assassination at the hands of a Hindu extremist in 1948. Shows the development of his philosophy of non-violence as he leads the people of India to independence from the British+-+0945939796333227ocn076891052visu20060.20Scorsese, MartinThe departedFictionDramaGangster filmsPolice filmsIn South Boston, the state police force are waging a war on Irish-American organized crime. Undercover cop Billy Costigan is assigned to infiltrate the mob syndicate, which is run by gangland chief Frank Costello. Billy quickly gains Costello's confidence. Colin Sullivan is a hardened young criminal who has infiltrated the police department as an informer for the syndicate. Colin is rising to a position of power within the Special Investigation Unit. Each man becomes deeply consumed by his double life, gathering information about the plans and counter-plans of the operations he has penetrated. But when it becomes clear to both the mob and the police that there's a mole in their midst, Billy and Colin are suddenly thrust into danger. Afraid of being caught and exposed to the enemy, they each must race to uncover the identity of the other man in time to save himself+-+9863634696324325944ocn045496081visu19920.19GettysburgHistoryFictionDramaFilm adaptationsCivil War drama depicting the events and personal struggles of the Union and Confederate soldiers at the Battle of Gettysburg+-+2420313236324309252ocn045277669visu19870.22Stone, OliverWall StreetFictionDramaAn ambitious young stockbroker is lured into the illegal, lucrative world of corporate espionage when he is seduced by the power, status and financial wizardry of Wall Street legend Gordon Gekko+-+0801648425324287118ocn051854582visu20020.18Spielberg, StevenCatch me if you canDramaBiographical filmsFilm adaptationsBased on the autobiography of a brilliant young master of deception and the FBI agent hot on his trail. Frank W. Abagnale, Jr. passed himself off as a pilot, a lawyer, and a doctor all before his 21st birthday+-+2434178325225320ocn071304647visu20060.07Paine, ChrisWho killed the electric car?HistoryDramaInvestigates the development and demise of the fuel-efficient, environmentally-friendly electric car. Examines the Bush administration's role in the car's being peremptorily pulled from production, the influence of the automobile industry and oil interests, and implications for the future of sustainable energy in the United States188521ocn810203614visu20120.17Webb, MarcThe amazing Spider-ManDramaFilm adaptationsPeter Parker finds a clue that might help him understand why his parents disappeared when he was young. His path puts him on a collision course with Dr. Curt Connors, his father's former partner187146ocn041486721visu19730.24Malick, TerrenceBadlandsFictionDramaSet in South Dakota in 1959, this is the story of Kit and his girlfriend Holly, two people alienated from everyday life, who go on a killing spree+-+2995061138324184840ocn042473042visu19950.17Reiner, RobThe American presidentFictionDramaAndrew Shepherd is a consummate politician and a man of integrity, who also happens to be a widower, ready to start dating again. He is swept off his feet by Sydney Ellen Wade. His critics rant that it is immoral and his friends proclaim that it's romantic, but one thing is certain, all that stands between true love and re-election is the approval of the American public+-+716936553532418277ocn032098287visu19940.08Dorling Kindersley VisionBirdJuvenile worksAn exciting journey from the bird's distant dinosaur past to its present astonishing variety+-+807371102517949ocn070192879visu19960.07Eyewitness weatherJuvenile worksDramaSee how different types of weather form and the effect that climate has on our world+-+841871102517119ocn080020051visu19940.08SharkJuvenile worksTakes you down into the murky world of sharks and their relatives, reveals what motivates these fascinating creatures, and dispels some myths about their behavior. Discover a shark that can fit in your hand and a shark that eats only plankton--and learn that not all sharks are killing machines+-+178371102516908ocn076175023visu19940.08Hanson, DavidSkeletonJuvenile worksTakes you beneath the surface to reveal the hidden secrets of an incredible variety of skeletal structures, none more complex than our own. A symbol of our deepest fears, a miracle of engineering--see the skeleton as never before+-+9883711025166518ocn015074449visu19860.14Secrets of the TitanicArmed with sophisticated equipment, Dr. Robert Ballard of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and his team of researchers become the first humans to see and photograph the Titanic since its sinking more than 70 years ago166316ocn764463298visu20100.18The wayDramaFilm adaptationsTom goes to St. Jean Pied de Port, France, to collect the remains of his adult son, who was killed in the Pyrenees in a storm while walking the Camino de Santiago. Rather than return home, Tom decides to embark on the historical pilgrimage to honor his son's desire to finish the journey. What Tom doesn't plan on is the profound impact the journey will have on him as he begins to learn the difference between the life one lives and the life one chooses16586ocn077122190visu19960.08MammalFolkloreReveals the most amazing facts and folklore about our favorite furry animals. Towering or tiny, ferocious or friendly, mammals trot, hop, swim, and soar. Meet the creatures that make up this huge and varied family+-+147371102516469ocn056761870visu19950.06Arctic & AntarcticJuvenile worksEducational filmsA mixture of animation and live footage serves as a background for a narrated introduction to the general ecology and animal life of the two polar regions and to their place in human history+-+7072594325324162213ocn077122185visu19940.10FishJuvenile worksTakes you deep into the waters of the world to discover some of the most exotic creatures in nature. Take the plunge from dazzling coral reefs to the darkest depths to meet fish - a vast and varied group of animals+-+K27371102516172ocn057617146visu20040.12Bridges, LawrenceWhy Shakespeare?Various famous and not so famous individuals state the effect that Shakespeare's works have had in their lives. A main video presentation accompanied by seventeen vignettes12235ocn741542474book20120.14Sheen, MartinAlong the way : the journey of a father and sonBiography"In this remarkable dual memoir, film legend Martin Sheen and accomplished actor/filmmaker Emilio Estevez recount their lives as father and son. In alternating chapters -- and in voices that are as eloquent as they are different -- they tell stories spanning more than fifty years of family history, and reflect on their journeys into two different kinds of faith."--Dust jacket10913ocn000239174book19650.28Gilroy, Frank DanielAbout those roses; or, How not to do a play and succeed, and the text of The subject was roses1702ocn023220012book19910.06Hargrove, JimMartin Sheen : actor and activistJuvenile worksBiographySurveys the life and work of the actor, known for such films as "Apocalypse Now."1371ocn019885722book19890.22Riley, LeeThe Sheens : Martin, Charlie, and Emilio EstevezBiography1131ocn645207992com20020.25Contemporary hispanic biographyProvides informative biographical profiles of the important and influential persons of Latino heritage who form the international Hispanic community. Covers persons of various nationalities in a wide variety of fields, including art, music and literature to science, politics and business+-+K380112325651ocn032242184book19960.06Press, SkipCharlie Sheen, Emilio Estevez & Martin SheenJuvenile worksBiographyNarrates the lives and acting careers of the Sheen family including references to the social justice issues which concerned Martin and which he instilled in his children171ocn010620386rcrd19820.59Sheen, MartinThe craft of actingActor Martin Sheen declares that acting is a noble calling, and describes his career and his feelings about his craft11ocn080459437rcrd19820.47Reagan, RonaldReagan news conference on the MX missileBiography11ocn819768499mix0.47Sahl, TedTed Sahl social justice collectionHistoryThe Ted Sahl social justice collection represents the work of local photojournalist Theodore (Ted) Sahl. A long term resident of San José, Sahl, documented social, political, and cultural events in the Bay Area through photography. His early work largely focused on the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in San José, but he also documented a range of social protest movements and political events from the 1970s to the present. This collection represents the culmination of his work over the last thirty years, and is a companion to the Ted Sahl Collection, which documents the LGTB community from 1976-2001, and the Black Americana collection. This collection is arranged into five series: Peace protests & demonstrations, 1980-2007; Culture, society, & politics, 1970-2009; LGBT identity politics, 1970-2010; Recreation, leisure & the environment,1970-1989; Ted Sahl - personal memoirs, 1976-201011ocn422995800visu19861.00Hollywood closeupHost Steve Edwards interviews Joan Rivers, Martin Sheen and Alan Alda11ocn769012784visu19890.10Haering, MichaelDemonstration for immigrant rightsActor Martin Sheen and the Rev. Michael Kennedy along with hundreds of immigrant workers demonstrate in downtown along Pico Boulevard and Main Street this morning. Photograph dated September 28, 198911ocn070236605book20051.00Bonpane, BlaseCentral American solidarity movement Blase BonpaneInterviewsThis is one in a series of interviews with individuals who were involved in the Central American solidarity movement of the 1980s in a variety of capacities. Blase Bonpane's interview covers his childhood, the effect of the Depression on his family, his education at Maryknoll Seminary in New York, Catholic Worker group, Cursillos de Cristiandad approach, social and rebel movement in Guatemala, his decision to be activist in the U.S. against joining guerillas in Latin America, founding of AVILA (Avoid Vietnam in Latin America), political activism in the 1960s and 1970s, working with César Chavez and the United Farm Workers, discussion of Sandinistas in Nicaragua, founding of Office of the Americas, media coverage of Latin America, Ronald Reagan's Central American policies, getting Hollywood involved in Central America peace movement, involvement of Los Angeles organizations and clergy in Central American activism, Salvadoran reaction to Los Angeles activists, the peace movement since the 1980s and changes in politics in the U.S. and Latin American since Ronald Reagan's administration11ocn733872444visu19880.10Sergieff, MikeActors against use of pesticidesPhotograph caption dated September 4, 1988 reads, "Martin Sheen, left, Emilio Estevez, James Edward Olmos and Kris Kristofferson attend a service at a Hollywood church yesterday, where Olmos passed on a wooden cross to Estevez, who now takes a turn at a 3-day fast to protest use of pesticides by grape growers."11ocn086115697mix1.00Fennelly, CarolCarol Fennelly papersThis collection contains correspondence, brochures, videos, films, photographs, newspaper articles, financial records, speeches, and invitations,1971-96, and relates to the work of homeless rights activists Carol Fennelly and Mitch Snyder as part of the Community for Creative Non-Violence (CCNV). CCNV began in the early 1970s as an anti-war group and evolved into an organization that provides food, clothing, shelter, and educational programs for the poor and homeless. A portion of these papers relate to the organizations Housing Now and the Trust for Affordable Housing and the work done on behalf of homeless residents of Washington, D.C11ocn613705082mixDe Antonio, EmileEmile de Antonio papersPapers, mainly 1950s-1980s, of Emile de Antonio (1919-1989), a documentary filmmaker whose work has been characterized by critical exploration of themes in contemporary politics and society. Included are biographical information, correspondence, and extensive files on films produced or considered for production. Produced motion pictures are documented by correspondence, research material, legal and financial records, scripts, production notes, promotion and distribution information, and reviews. This collection includes extensive film, video, and audio tape, as well as some three-dimensional objects11ocn080957972rcrd19821.00Sheen, MartinMartin Sheen, the craft of actingBiography+-+9863634696324+-+9863634696324Fri Mar 21 15:24:32 EDT 2014batch66819