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Thu Oct 16 18:04:27 2014 UTClccn-n811355060.06Journey under the sea /0.060.07Space and beyond /95318263R._A._Montgomeryn 81135506680358Montgomery, R. A.Montgomery, R. A. 1936-Montgomery, RA 1936-Montgomery, Raymond A.Montgomery, Raymond Almira 1936-lccn-n2003037100Millet, Jasonilllccn-n81012598Granger, Paulillnp-newton, keithNewton, Keithilllccn-no2008018268Sundaravej, Sittisanilllccn-no2008018270Thongmoon, Kriangsakilllccn-no2009183812Pornkerd, V.(Vorrarit)1982-illlccn-no2009183806Yaweera, S.(Sasiprapa)1981-illlccn-n82050988Reese, Ralph1949-illlccn-n79059304Morrill, Leslieilllccn-no2008140745Semionov, VladimirillMontgomery, R. A.FictionJuvenile worksPlot-your-own storiesYoung adult worksAdventure storiesDetective and mystery storiesFantasy fictionAdventure stories, AmericanPlot-your-own storiesAdventure storiesScience fictionAutomobile racingDetective and mystery storiesAfricaUnderwater explorationYetiHimalaya MountainsAutomobile racing driversHuman-alien encountersChildren's storiesMayasAtlantis (Legendary place)Life on other planetsDogsGhost storiesInventorsScientistsBoysExplorersCousinsHaunted housesInterplanetary voyagesSpace travelersFantasy fictionSpiesAmazon River ValleyPueblo IndiansPrecious stonesIslandsTime travelSwitzerlandStormsNorth America--Lake ChamplainIndians of North AmericaYoung adult fictionMayaMexicoIndians of MexicoGemsChildren's stories, AmericanJewelry theftPetroleum industry and tradeSpace and timeRobotsAmazon River RegionSouthwest, NewPetroleum reservesEarth (Planet)1936194819511962196619721977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998200320052006200720082009201020112013201436624275763[FIC]PZ7.M7684ocn845369431181828ocn068187807book19790.07Montgomery, R. ASpace and beyondJuvenile worksFictionPlot-your-own storiesAs an intergalactic explorer born on a traveling spaceship, the reader has to choose what planet to call home and each decision results in a different encounter with aliens and space creatures+-+9855488846177126ocn068187796book19770.06Montgomery, R. AJourney under the seaJuvenile worksFictionAdventure storiesPlot-your-own storiesReaders make choices that determine the outcome of the story when, while exploring the seas for the lost continent of Atlantis, they are separated from their diving vessel+-+1755488846169922ocn065335053book19820.06Montgomery, R. AThe abominable snowmanJuvenile worksFictionYoung adult worksPlot-your-own storiesThe reader, as an expert mountain climber, embarks on an expedition in the Himalayas to find the Yeti and rescue a fellow climber. By choosing the specific pages, the reader determines the outcome of the plot+-+3655488846156922ocn068187801book19810.06Montgomery, R. AMystery of the MayaJuvenile worksFictionFantasy fictionYoung adult worksPlot-your-own storiesThe reader faces deadly dangers as a writer on assignment in Mexico to explore the ruins of the Mayan Indians and solve the mystery of why the ancient civilization collapsed+-+5055488846143819ocn068187799book19810.07Montgomery, R. AThe lost jewels of NabootiJuvenile worksFictionYoung adult worksPlot-your-own storiesYou must try to help recover fabulous jewels stolen from a Paris museum+-+7955488846133715ocn065511798book19820.07Montgomery, R. ARace foreverJuvenile worksFictionPlot-your-own storiesThe reader, as a young racing car driver, is selected to compete in the African Dual Road Race Rally. By choosing specific pages, the reader determines the outcome of the race+-+2255488846114714ocn065511757book19780.06Montgomery, R. AHouse of dangerJuvenile worksFictionPlot-your-own storiesYou trace a desperate anonymous caller to a house on the site of a former Civil War prison. Is it safe to go in alone? Depending on the choices you make, will this house of danger be your biggest case or your last?+-+4155488846112113ocn143994882book19810.06Montgomery, R. AThe haunted houseJuvenile worksFictionPlot-your-own storiesAn adventure story featuring a dog that disappears into an abandoned, possibly haunted, house. The reader makes choices throughout the story which will determine the outcome+-+9605488846105610ocn068187806book19830.06Montgomery, R. ALost on the AmazonJuvenile worksFictionAdventure storiesPlot-your-own storiesThe Amazon River basin is home to the greatest biodiversity on planet earth. Will it yield up its potential cures, or sink you in its depths?+-+845548884610439ocn068187802book19830.06Montgomery, R. AEscapeJuvenile worksFictionYoung adult worksPlot-your-own storiesThe year is 2045. Civil wars and foreign attacks have split the U.S. into three hostile political areas. Can you make it home from your secret mission in time to help? A once-proud country governed by freedom is torn apart. One section, Dorado, dominates the others with harsh police-state tactics. You are from Turtalia, a new democracy, and you are returning there with important information about Doradan s plans to invade. Two others, Matt and Mimla, join you in escaping to Turtalia. The Doradan underground has helped the three of you get as far as Albuquerque, but now you are on your own. Fighting for a cause that you believe in is noble. But this is the biggest assignment of your young life and you are scared. Can you make it home safely with the plans for the Doradan invasion? The information is literally priceless to Turtalia and its people. Or will the Doradan Secret Police stop you first?+-+035548884610317ocn143992240book19820.07Montgomery, R. AYour very own robotJuvenile worksFictionThe reader is asked to make choices which will determine the fate of a discarded robot+-+7705488846102213ocn065511777book19830.07Montgomery, R. APrisoner of the Ant PeopleJuvenile worksFictionPlot-your-own storiesYour mission with the Zondo Quest Group is to combat the Evil Power Master who has reportedly allied with the Ant People. Are your missing group members playing a prank or have the Ant People taken them prisoner?+-+25654888469929ocn070832155book19840.06Montgomery, R. ATrouble on planet earthJuvenile worksFictionDetective and mystery storiesPlot-your-own storiesEveryone knows that Earth has limited oil reserves. How can they go missing overnight? Is it an evil multi-national corporation? A rogue element in the government? Some crazy scientist? When the trail takes you into outer space, you are terrified for the first time in your life. A mysterious galaxy beyond the Milky Way seems to be siphoning Earth's oil using laser straws. The world's economy and life as you know it will crash to a halt, unless you can stop them. Should you go straight to the Arabian peninsula or head to Washington, D.C. first? Can Ned's ESP be trusted to lead you in the right direction? What does OWD stand for? Let's hope the Earth has enough oil at least to let you solve the case+-+066548884687810ocn071843470book19840.06Montgomery, R. AWar with the evil power masterJuvenile worksFictionPlot-your-own storiesYou and your Martian teammate, Flppto, must make the right choices to save the universe from total destruction+-+798495013632485311ocn645356198book19920.06Montgomery, R. ABehind the wheelJuvenile worksFictionAdventure stories, AmericanPlot-your-own storiesThe reader's decisions control the course of an adventure in which a gambling syndicate tries to influence the outcome of a Swiss auto race+-+70854888468376ocn143997003book19830.06Montgomery, R. AIndian trailJuvenile worksFictionPlot-your-own storiesAs a young brave attempts to help his Pueblo tribe save their crops, the reader is asked to make choices throughout the story while the young brave makes his journey to the kachinas to ask for rain+-+58054888468078ocn077069212book19860.06Montgomery, R. ABeyond escape!Juvenile worksFictionYoung adult worksPlot-your-own storiesIn the year 2041 you, the reader, are Chief of Operations for a peaceful country. Your two best agents are missing and an enemy spy has stolen your topsecret files. You decide what to do next+-+30654888467909ocn079867633book19880.06Montgomery, R. AReturn to AtlantisJuvenile worksFictionYoung adult worksPlot-your-own storiesOn your first solo journey to find the Lost Continent of Atlantis, you failed to bring back proof of your success. Many people think that you imagined the whole thing-or worse. Now you and your colleague Horton James III are returning to document this amazing otherworld. But back below the surface of the sea dangers abound. A treacherous king lures you to riches; rebel slaves lure you to help lead a revolt; and the evil Nodoors aim to capture you and keep you below-for good+-+73654888467369ocn079867136book19870.06Montgomery, R. AThe brilliant Dr. WoganJuvenile worksFictionYoung adult worksPlot-your-own storiesA machine that could stop radiation would shift the balance of world power overnight. In the right hands, it could herald a new age of world peace. In the wrong hands, it would spell disaster. The brilliant Dr. Wogan has designed such a machine. But she has gone missing, along with the plans. As her right-hand assistant, everyone looks to you to help find her+-+92654888466415ocn229021132book19910.06Montgomery, R. AIsland of timeJuvenile worksFiction"You have spent your whole life hiking and exploring an island in Lake Champlain, not far from your home. One weekend, you and your friend Jayme decide to make a trip out to the island. Her anxieties about the weather grow more realistic and you lose control of the Zodiac, your boat ... The storm has brought a lot of strange things with it--the moment you step ashore, you and Jayme feel it. You don't know how, but you're certain the island has taken you back in time!"--P. [4] of cover+-+K375488846+-+3655488846+-+3655488846Thu Oct 16 15:40:39 EDT 2014batch29598