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Fri Mar 21 17:13:18 2014 UTClccn-n811405930.00Povijest ekonomske teorije i metode /0.581.00Il mercato del cristianesimo /68990278n 81140593685407Hebert, R. F.Hebert, Robert F.ヘバート, ロバート・Flccn-n81066454Ekelund, Robert B.(Robert Burton)1940-lccn-n80003863Link, Albert N.lccn-n80082541Tollison, Robert D.lccn-n88255748Dupuit, J.(Jules)1804-1866lccn-n85142159History of Economics Societylccn-no2010101938Pascual Escutia, Jorditrlviaf-191867432Davidson, Audrey, gary mAnderson, Gary M.lccn-n93072909杨玉生np-zhang, fenglin张凤林Hébert, Robert F.HistoryCross-cultural studiesChurch historyConference proceedingsEconomicsEntrepreneurshipChurch history--Modern periodChristianity--Economic aspectsChristian sociologyBusinesspeopleEuropeEconomics--Religious aspects--Catholic ChurchChurch history--Middle AgesMicroeconomicsFranceDupuit, J.--(Jules),Catholic ChurchClassical school of economicsEconomics--MethodologyChurch historyEconomic historyChurch of EnglandEnglandBusiness1900197519821983198419851988198919901991199219931996199719992001200320042005200620072008200920122014512029166270HB615ocn468561239ocn802926083ocn803360241158778ocn001093731book19750.59Ekelund, Robert BA history of economic theory and methodHistoryOffering in-depth coverage of economic ideas from ancient times to the present, this text delivers today's student a powerful insight into the broad scope of past intellectual contributions to the evolution of contemporary economic thinking+-+0278675255139510ocn077521618file20060.47Ekelund, Robert BThe marketplace of ChristianityHistoryThe Marketplace of Christianity applies the tools of economic theory to illuminate the emergence of Protestantism in the sixteenth century and to examine contemporary religion-influenced issues, including evolution and gay marriage. --From publisher's description+-+K73505717584216ocn008050804book19820.70Hébert, Robert FThe entrepreneur : mainstream views and radical critiquesHistory73513ocn417851166file20090.50Hébert, Robert FA history of entrepreneurshipHistoryCross-cultural studiesIn this book, a chronological history of entrepreneurship is presented and analysed by examining the treatment of the subject throughout the history of economic thought, illustrating the tension that often exists between theory and practice+-+17822385753243647ocn039391282book19990.79Ekelund, Robert BSecret origins of modern microeconomics : Dupuit and the engineersHistoryUsing documents previously unavailable in English, the authors present a cohesive and original picture of French economic thought that solidly documents the contributions of Dupuit and his colleagues. Ekelund and Hebert build their argument by focusing on the development of economic theory in the peculiar milieu of postrevolutionary France in an attempt to identify the essence of the French contribution and the extent to which the French legacy benefited other economists of international acclaim. They conclude that the kinds of issues in economic theory and policy that Dupuit and his colleagues found arresting and worthy of analysis in the nineteenth century are still pertinent today and will continue to interest economists into the twenty-first century+-+8444461775324758ocn124094356book20060.63Hébert, Robert FHistorical perspectives on the entrepreneurHistoryThis survey establishes a chronological trace of the entrepreneur as treated in economic literature in order to give a more wholesome perspective to contemporary writings and teachings on entrepreneurship. The authors review the historical nature and role of the entrepreneur as revealed in economic literature from the 18th century to the present. This survey shows the ambiguous nature of a concept that, due to Schumpeter's dominant influence, has come to occupy a primary role in the theory of economic development. In addition, there are other conceptions of entrepreneurship presented besides Schumpeter's. This historical survey also illustrates the tension that often exists between "theory" and "practice." We shall learn that it has been difficult for economic theory to assimilate a core concept that plays a vital role in social and economic change. Finally, the authors expose the many different facets of entrepreneurship as they have been perceived by some of the great economists throughout the ages+-+69946588466110ocn029218928book19930.76History of Economics ConferenceThemes on economic discourse, method, money and trade : selected papers from the History of Economics Conference, 1991HistoryConference proceedings272ocn466427656com19960.63Ekelund, Robert BSacred trust : the medieval church as an economic firmHistoryChurch historyThe Church dominated society in the Middle Ages and functioned as a quasi-government, providing public and private goods. This book examines specific institutions in the Church in the Middle Ages in economic terms. The focus is on marriage, usury, heresy, the crusades, and the monasteries+-+328856046551ocn489582853book19930.47Perspectives on the history of economic thought31ocn298534793book20010.23Ekelund, Robert BJing ji li lun he fang fa shi : di si banHistory31ocn444795464book1997Ekelund, Robert BPovijest ekonomske teorije i metode31ocn800478392book20081.00Ekelund, Robert BIl mercato del cristianesimo21ocn848785132art1989Hébert, Robert FClaude Frédéric Bastiat22ocn835022752book19840.47Kigyōsha ron no keifu : jūhasseiki kara gendai made21ocn769801908book19930.47Perspectives on the history of economic thought11ocn848588857art1984Hébert, Robert FWelfare economics11ocn848542340artEkelund, Robert BAlternative visions of the entrepreneur: Cantillon, Say, Dupuit11ocn704647661file20060.47Ekelund, Robert BThe marketplace of Christianity+-+K73505717511ocn847419156book19930.47Perspectives on the history of economic thought : selected papers from the History of Economics Society Conference, 199111ocn851285502book19960.63Ekelund, Robert BClassics in economic thought : a readerHistory+-+K735057175+-+K735057175Fri Mar 21 15:45:30 EDT 2014batch13675