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Fri Mar 21 17:04:28 2014 UTClccn-n811445670.00Plexus : the theoretical journal of the International Union of National Socialists0.451.00National Socialist leaders133706810n 81144567689351American Nazi PartyNational Socialist White People's PartyParti national socialiste des citoyens blancscontainsVIAFID/132539131American Nazi PartycontainsVIAFID/151547404New Order (Organization)lccn-n79055074Rockwell, George Lincoln1918-1967lccn-n81144566American Nazi Partylccn-n98079439Simonelli, Frederick J.(Frederick James)lccn-no2003091939Parkes, Walter F.viaf-281992955Critchlow, Keith F.lccn-n87836615Yasny Productionslccn-n88034919Paramount Home Video (Firm)nc-george lincoln rockwell partyGeorge Lincoln Rockwell Partylccn-no89014407National Socialist Youth Movement (U.S.)lccn-nr92019436Arts and Entertainment NetworkNational Socialist White People's PartyPeriodicalsNewspapersComic books, strips, etcPictorial worksControversial literatureCriticism, interpretation, etcUnited StatesAmerican Nazi PartyNational Socialist White People's PartyAntisemitismRockwell, George Lincoln,Right-wing extremistsPolitical scienceRacismWhite supremacy movementsNational socialismNazisNeo-NazisCriminal behaviorTelevision seriesRace relationsCaliforniaJewsVirginia--ArlingtonJewish questionFascismNational Socialist Youth Movement (U.S.)New Order (Organization)Race discriminationNeo-NazismHitler, Adolf,Social historyAlabama--SelmaRabin, Jack,Social justiceSouthern StatesAlabama--HuntsvilleAfrican Americans--Social conditionsHankerson, LesterDurr, Virginia FosterHorton, Myles,Montgomery Improvement AssociationWomen civil rights workersPoor People's CampaignAfrican Americans--Economic conditionsKing, Martin Luther,--Jr.,African Americans--Civil rightsCivil rights demonstrationsCivil rights movementsNixon, Edgar DanielCarmichael, StokelyAfrican American intellectualsAlabama--MontgomeryGomillion, Charles G.--(Charles Goode),Alabama--GadsdenAfrican Americans196719701971197219731974197519761977198019861995199619971998199920022007200811646087322.420973E743537ocn002243694serial0.93White powerPeriodicalsNewspapers243ocn005296703serial0.96Rockwell, George LincolnThe Rockwell reportPeriodicals203ocn012058035serial0.93National Socialist White People's PartyThe Stormtrooper magazinePeriodicals203ocn009554076serial0.93The stormtrooperPeriodicals172ocn007378011serial0.97NS BulletinPeriodicals41ocn027788720serial0.96Covington, Harold AResistancePeriodicals31ocn032735659book19711.00National Socialist leadersPictorial works31ocn145395097serial0.81NS bulletinPeriodicals31ocn018303020serial0.92The Stormtrooper magazinePeriodicals22ocn769031175book19720.92Nix, DennisAryanman battles the bestial hordes of JudaComic books, strips, etc22ocn003475044book0.47National Socialist White People's PartyThe big lie - who really told it??21ocn017811391serial1.00Save the white prisonersPeriodicals21ocn779497525book19730.92Eric Thompson, National Socialist youth in White power comes to MidvaleComic books, strips, etc21ocn017064732serial1.00News bulletinPeriodicals11ocn234183700book20081.00Mason, JamesThe theocratCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn856530335book1.00The Franklin prophecy11ocn638893855serial0.47White power : the revolutionary voice of National socialism11ocn034444497book1.00An invitation to friends and members of the John Birch SocietyControversial literature11ocn023912818mix0.47National Socialist White People's PartyCollection11ocn032029433serialPlexus : the theoretical journal of the International Union of National SocialistsPeriodicals7881ocn039856145book19990.32Simonelli, Frederick JAmerican fuehrer : George Lincoln Rockwell and the American Nazi PartyHistoryBiography"The founder of the American Nazi party and its leader until he was murdered in 1967, George Lincoln Rockwell was one of the most significant extremist strategists and ideologists of the postwar period. His influence has only increased since his death."--BOOK JACKET+-+3037757075867ocn014199283visu19750.35Parkes, Walter FThe California reichA documentary on the National Socialist White Peoples Party in California that characterizes the party's dogma, leaders, and influence. Profiles the leaders of four California units showing their families, homes, and party meetings and social gatherings676ocn002433844book19670.84Rockwell, George LincolnWhite power151ocn061435776visu20020.28Nazi America a secret historyHistoryDocumentary television programsTelevision seriesTraces the history of the American Nazi Party and details the activities of current Neo-Nazi groups. Party members speak of why they embrace a cause so universally reviled. Law enforcement officers describe their fight to stop the spread of Nazi influence in America62ocn023950193book19760.96Koehl, MattThe future calls51ocn191971338file0.66Rabin, JackJack Rabin collection on Alabama civil rights and southern activistsHistoryPictorial worksThe Jack Rabin Collection on Alabama Civil Rights and Southern Activists is a compact but highly complex, multi-layered compilation of documents, sound recordings, and visual images. Some of its components, including copies of records of the Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA) and many hours of oral history of the renowned civil liberties lawyer Clifford Durr, complement major holdings in other American archives. Other components of the Rabin Collection are unique. These include an undated filmed interview of Stokely Carmichael (later known as Kwame Ture) in Montgomery; 450 black-and-white photographs created by the Subversive Unit of the Investigative and Identification Division of the Alabama Department of Public Safety in the course of sit-ins, demonstrations, and marches in several Alabama cities during the early to mid-1960s; and surveillance tapes preserving speeches made variously at an anniversary meeting of the MIA in 1963, at the conclusion of the Selma-to-Montgomery March in 1965, and in Bessemer and Birmingham, Alabama, in the course of the Poor People's Campaign of 1968. Martin Luther King and Ralph Abernathy are among many leading lights of the civil rights movement heard on these tapes21ocn019738714mix1.00New Order (Political party)Ephemeral materialsMiscellaneaIncludes flyers, advertisements, brochures, letters, and a questionnaire completed by the group21ocn070130893book19971.00Obermayer, Herman JAmerican Nazi Party : Northern Virginia sun, Arlington, Virginia, 1958-1984HistorySources11ocn071330033mix1.00Rabin, JackJack Rabin collection on Alabama civil rights and southern activistsHistoryPictorial worksThe collection is a compact but highly complex, multi-layered compilation of documents, sound recordings, and visual images. It includes records of the Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA) (1955-1974); photographs and surveillance tapes of Martin Luther King, Ralph Abernathy, and many others involved in sit-ins (early 1960s), the MIA (1963), the Selma March (1965), and the Poor People's Campaign (1968); oral histories of the white activists Clifford and Virginia Durr, John Beecher, and Myles Horton (late 1960s - 1975); and films of the African-American activists Luther Henderson (in Savannah, Georgia, 1964) and Stokely Carmichael (in Montgomery, Alabama, circa 1972)11ocn856586718book19801.00National Socialist White People's PartyOfficial Program : National Socialist White People's Party11ocn010226774book19670.47American Nazi party11ocn637332195book19730.81Koehl, MattAmerica: a racial mission11ocn063803954book19770.47Rhodes, James MThe Nazi candidate for mayor : National Socialist opinion in MilwaukeeHistory11ocn466809264book1.00Mason, James N[Papers of James N. Mason]11ocn042540536visu19701.00[The big newsBookstore, Normandy Books, said to be a marxist gathering place. Includes images of marxist literature disseminated by the group. May 27-28: examines the Black Afro-Militant Movement, or BAMM. Includes footage of people arriving at a BAMM fundraiser at the Jewish Cultural Center, and interviews with BAMM leaders Al Featherstone and Louis Beller. Beller is attorney for both BAMM and the Young Workers. May 29: profiles the National Socialist White People's Party, a Nazi group. Includes images of NS publications. Richard Whitcomb calls NS headquarters and listens to answering11ocn019615215mix1.00Cooper, Richard EEphemeral materialsMiscellaneaLetter from Cooper dated Christmas 1981 and a tract by Cooper called: A day in court - part two, "the third and last installment of his commentaries dealing with the dishonesty and undesirability of the NSWPP's present leadership."11ocn061427736art1999Rockwell, George LincolnBiography11ocn052177877book19801.00National Socialist Party of AmericaSecurity Division report on the National Socialist White People's Party11ocn029810702book1.00National Socialist White People's PartyNational Socialist White People's Party : file of clippings and miscellaneaPeriodicals11ocn637332286book19770.47Koehl, MattSome laws of revolutionary development+-+3037757075Fri Mar 21 16:03:59 EDT 2014batch18404