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Fri Mar 21 17:02:51 2014 UTClccn-n811517860.00La metodologia dei programmi di ricerca scientifici : scritti filosofici, 1 /0.680.92Visible time : the work of David Claerbout /108479916Gregory_Currien 81151786696525lccn-n79117996Frege, Gottlob1848-1925lccn-n2002104113Ravenscroft, Ianlccn-n50039434Lakatos, Imrelccn-n91010314Worrall, Johnedtlccn-n84028837Musgrave, Alanedtlccn-n80032184Popper, Karl R.(Karl Raimund)1902-1994nc-oxford university pressOxford University Presslccn-n81054102Scots Philosophical Clublccn-no2003050411Claerbout, Davidlccn-nb2002069825Green, David1953 May 23-Currie, GregoryHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogsScience--PhilosophyDiscourse analysis, NarrativeLiterature--PhilosophyScience--MethodologyScienceMathematics--PhilosophyAestheticsMotion pictures--PhilosophyFictionLiterature--Theory, etcImagination (Philosophy)ImaginationFrege, Gottlob,Art--PhilosophyClaerbout, DavidPhotography, ArtisticImitationPhilosophyPhilosophy, ModernPopper, Karl R.--(Karl Raimund),Mimesis in artMimesis in literatureSocial sciences--Research--MethodologyArt and philosophyResearch--MethodologySocial sciences--Methodology1950197819801981198219831985198619871988198919901992199319941995199719992002200420052006200720082009201020112012437033231401.41Q175ocn802782552ocn461773251ocn186492814ocn797241777ocn797251668ocn801940871ocn442661650ocn802620861ocn606076755ocn80365403684023ocn536309518file20100.56Currie, GregoryNarratives and narrators a philosophy of storiesNarratives are artefacts of a special kind: they are intentionally crafted devices which fulfil their story-telling function by manifesting the intentions of their makers. But narrative itself is too inclusive a category for much more to be said about it than this; we should focus attention instead on the vaguely defined but interesting category of things rich in narrative structure. Such devices offer significant possibilities, not merely for the representation of stories, but forthe expression of point of view; they have also played an important role in the evolution of reliable communicatio+-+451737446559515ocn008131977book19810.63Currie, GregoryFrege, an introduction to his philosophyCriticism, interpretation, etcStudie over het werk van de Duitse wijsgeer Friedrich Ludwig Gottlob Frege (1848-1925)54623ocn031936883book19950.70Currie, GregoryImage and mind : film, philosophy and cognitive scienceThis is a book about the nature of film: about the nature of moving images, about the viewer's relation to film, and about the kinds of narrative that film is capable of presenting. It represents a very decisive break with the semiotic and psychoanalytic theories of film which have dominated discussion+-+410809670547618ocn020057415book19900.73Currie, GregoryThe nature of fictionCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+227638670532445725ocn056641016book20040.76Currie, GregoryArts and mindsGregory Currie shows that philosophical questions about the arts go naturally with other kinds of questions about them. He offers discussions of such topics as meaning, interpretation, function, genre, character, empathy, imagination, and pretence+-+937107446542317ocn049991569book20020.76Currie, GregoryRecreative minds : imagination in philosophy and psychology"Recreative Minds develops a philosophical theory of imagination that draws upon recent theories and results in psychology. Ideas about how we read the minds of others have put the concept of imagination firmly back on the agenda for philosophy and psychology. Currie and Ravenscroft present a theory of what they call imaginative projection; they show how it fits into a philosophically motivated picture of the mind and of mental states, and how it illuminates and is illuminated by recent developments in cognitive psychology. They argue that we need to recognize a category of desire-in-imagination, and that supposition and fantasy should be classed as forms of imagination. They accommodate some of the peculiarities of perceptual forms of imagining such as visual and motor imagery, and suggest that they are important for mind-reading. They argue for a novel view about the relations between imagination and pretence, and suggest that imagining can be, but need not be, the cause of pretending. They show how the theory accommodates but goes beyond the idea of mental simulation, and argue that the contrast between simulation and theory is neither exclusive nor exhaustive. They argue that we can understand certain developmental and psychiatric disorders as arising from faulty imagination. Throughout, they link their discussion to the uses of imagination in our encounters with art, and they conclude with a chapter on responses to tragedy. The final chapter also offers a theory of the emotions that suggests that these states have much in common with perceptual states." "Currie and Revenscroft offer a lucid exploration of a fascinating subject, for readers in philosophy, psychology, and aesthetics."--BOOK JACKET+-+145387346532435512ocn010876882book19850.79Currie, GregoryPopper and the human sciences+-+K34472975425911ocn018832755book19880.79Currie, GregoryAn ontology of art+-+010375768532419525ocn007498497book19780.56Lakatos, ImreThe methodology of scientific research programmesHistory+-+49916767053249118ocn247689893book19780.63Lakatos, ImreMathematics, science, and epistemology+-+85853767053710ocn781257922book19780.73Lakatos, ImrePhilosophical papersHistory+-+6685376705331ocn056447992book20040.92Visible time : the work of David ClaerboutExhibition catalogs173ocn612080245book19820.53Lakatos, ImrePhilosophische Schriften61ocn797241777book19850.47Lakatos, ImreScritti filosofici63ocn711909804book19780.08Lakatos, ImrePhilosophical papers (of) Imre LakatosHistory+-+499167670532452ocn758016317book20020.47Lakatos, ImreEscritos filosoĢficos42ocn848294173book1985Lakatos, ImreLa metodologia dei programmi di ricerca scientifici : scritti filosofici, 143ocn468300721book19780.47Lakatos, ImrePhilosophical papers+-+668537670532ocn812876262book20120.92Mimesis: Metaphysics, Cognition, Pragmatics32ocn848294175book1978Lakatos, ImreMatematica, scienza e epistemologia : Scritti filosofici II+-+4108096705+-+4108096705Fri Mar 21 15:48:33 EDT 2014batch15207