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Fri Mar 21 17:03:27 2014 UTClccn-n810153090.23Violin concerto0.401.00Colin Davis10032941Colin_Davisn 810153092204316561183COLIN REX DAVISDavis, Colin RexDavis, Colin Rex, 1927-2013Davis, Colin, SirDavis, Colin, Sir, 1927-Davis, Colin, Sir, 1927-2013Davis, CollinSir Colin Davisnc-london symphony orchestraLondon Symphony Orchestraprfmusprocnditrorclccn-n80022788Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus1756-1791crecmplccn-n79091197Berlioz, Hector1803-1869arrctbcmplccn-n81100989Bayerischer RundfunkOrchesterprfitrorcmuslccn-n81149803London Symphony Chorusprfmusvoclccn-n80001252BBC Symphony Orchestraprfitrmusvoclccn-n79058413Concertgebouworkestprfitrmuslccn-n83165861John Alldis Choirprfvocviaf-139072544London Symphony Orchestraprfitrorcmusvoclccn-n79107741Beethoven, Ludwig van1770-1827cmpDavis, Colin1927-2013MusicDramaStories, plots, etcTelevision adaptationsMusical settingsTelevised operasFilm adaptationsCriticism, interpretation, etcOratoriosOperasOperasOratoriosSymphoniesJesus ChristOperas--ExcerptsOverturesChoruses, Sacred (Mixed voices) with orchestraLive sound recordingsConcertos (Violin)Opera--Production and directionOperas (Wagner, Richard)Oratorios--ExcerptsTurkey--Troy (Extinct city)Dido (Legendary character)Tunisia--Carthage (Extinct city)Aeneas (Legendary character)Trojan WarTrojansTe Deum laudamus (Music)Orchestral musicViolin with orchestraConcertos (Cello)Piano quintetsRomances (Music)Vespers (Music)Kyrie eleison (Music)Solo cantatas, Sacred (High voice)Don Juan (Legendary character)MotetsAve verum corpus (Music)Motion picture musicSymphonies (Piano), ArrangedSymphonies--ExcerptsGoethe, Johann Wolfgang von,Symphonic poemsDavis, Colin,ChorusesRecitativeSongsVocal duetsContinuoMarches (Orchestra)OperaKristallnacht (1938)Illica, Luigi,Symphonie fantastique (Berlioz, Hector)FranceChoruses, Secular (Mixed voices) with orchestraNational songsTosca (Puccini, Giacomo)19272013195019591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220136371437857277782.1M1001ocn053966476ocn031432829ocn021529920ocn020805366ocn003228567ocn698320491ocn048070352ocn014913033ocn025211692ocn031466236ocn003130953ocn004011409ocn003288619ocn001037296ocn002955432ocn003790708ocn003280865ocn003825471ocn006270999ocn003287633ocn047239855ocn018405217ocn026372369ocn743141109ocn743149506ocn743056306ocn742928722ocn742678300ocn725413105ocn661687719ocn765655751ocn658922653ocn761861305ocn456437183ocn691467618ocn691826438ocn056385401ocn439881134ocn443987520ocn468816127ocn468046892ocn820543780ocn780618092ocn780964115ocn368029408ocn709682197ocn664567140ocn724911173ocn068425206126857ocn021529920rcrd19690.35Berlioz, HectorLes TroyensDramaLes Troyens: Grand opéra en cinq actes d'après Virgile80257ocn029383684rcrd19660.33Handel, George FridericMessiahMusicOratoriosAn oratorio in 3 parts58121ocn053966476visu19810.50Britten, BenjaminPeter GrimesMusical settingsTelevision adaptationsFilm adaptationsTelevised operasIn a small village in England, Peter Grimes is unable to become a part of the community. Because his apprentice drowned at sea, he has incurred the wrath and distrust of the townspeople5722ocn008194627book19820.33Osborne, CharlesThe world theatre of Wagner : a celebration of 150 years of Wagner productionsStories, plots, etc51644ocn013841373rcrd19700.37Puccini, GiacomoToscaCriticism, interpretation, etcMusical settingsBook (125 p. :48951ocn071837797rcrd19630.47Berlioz, HectorSymphonie fantastique op. 14Symphonie fantastique en cinq parties: Episode de la vie d'un artiste, op.14+-+75854439653244259ocn005516392rcrd19780.37Britten, BenjaminPeter Grimes op. 3338319ocn025286984rcrd19740.39Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusCosì fan tutte K. 588Schwarzkopf samlingen3697ocn031432829rcrd19940.24Haydn, JosephThe London symphonies. Nos. 95, 96, 98, 102, 103, 10434714ocn000881478rcrd19700.70Tippett, MichaelThe midsummer marriage opera in 3 actsREMEDIOS, Alberto (tenor). CARLYLE, Joan (soprano). HERINCX, Raimund (baritone). HARWOOD, Elizabeth (soprano). BURROWS, Stuart (tenor). WATTS, Helen (contralto). DEAN, Stafford (mezzo-soprano). BAINBRIDGE, Elizabeth (mezzo-soprano). WHELAN, David (baritone). DANIELS, Andrew (tenor). ROYAL OPERA HOUSE CHORUS. ROYAL OPERA HOUSE ORCHESTRA. DAVIS, Colin (conductor)3454ocn025211692rcrd19730.47Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusDon Giovanni K. 527Drama34327ocn029069068rcrd19500.59Massenet, JulesWertherMusical settingsDramaOperasCT I. Wetzlar, near Frankfurt, 1780s. Though it is July, the widowed Bailiff teaches his younger children a Christmas carol in the garden of their house. Their progress is watched with amusement by two neighbors, Schmidt and Johann. They ask for Charlotte, the eldest daughter, who is engaged to Albert. In his absence, the Bailiff tells them, she will be escorted to the local ball that night by a young visiting poet, Werther, whom they find uncongenial. As the friends go off to supper and the Bailiff goes into the house, Werther arrives. He rhapsodizes on the beauty of the evening and watches unseen as Charlotte cuts bread and butter for the children's supper. When the party has left for the ball and the Bailiff has gone to join his friends at the tavern, Albert returns unexpectedly. Disappointed at not finding Charlotte, he promises her sister Sophie he will return in the morning. As the moon rises, Werther and Charlotte return. He has fallen in love with her, but his declaration is cut short when the Bailiff passes by, observing that Albert has returned. Despite his despair, Werther urges Charlotte not to break her promise to marry Albert. ACT II. Three months later, Charlotte and Albert, now married, walk contentedly across the town square on their way to church, followed by Werther. Albert tries to comfort the youth, and Sophie also attempts to cheer him up, but when Charlotte comes out of the church, he speaks of their first meeting; disturbed, she tells him he must leave Wetzlar until Christmas. Werther contemplates suicide, and when Sophie interrupts him, he rushes away. As Charlotte consoles the tearful girl, Albert realizes that Werther must be in love with his wife. ACT III. Alone at home on Christmas Eve, Charlotte rereads the dejected letters written to her by Werther. While she prays for strength, he suddenly appears. Charlotte tries to remain calm and asks him to read to her from his translation of Ossian. Werther chooses a passage where the poet foresees his own death, and when Charlotte begs him to stop, he realizes she returns his love. But she runs from his embrace with a final farewell, and Werther leaves, resolved to die. Albert enters, surprised to find Charlotte distraught, and when a message arrives from Werther asking to borrow Albert's pistols, her reaction convinces him of her love for Werther. He makes her give the pistols to the servant herself, but when Albert has gone she hurries off, praying she may reach Werther in time. ACT IV. Charlotte arrives at Werther's quarters to find him mortally wounded. She declares her love, and he begs forgiveness. As he dies, the voices of the children outside are heard singing their Christmas carol3348ocn003317364rcrd19690.53Berlioz, HectorTe Deum op. 2233223ocn015104646rcrd19660.56Berlioz, HectorOverturesBarbier de Séville (Le). Extr. Ouverture,. Rossini, Gioacchino423033225ocn003010400rcrd19750.56Tippett, MichaelA child of our timeMusicBased on the 1938 assassination of a German diplomat in Paris by Jewish refugee Herschel Grynszpan, which led to Germany's Kristallnacht33010ocn056664216file19780.39Britten, BenjaminPeter GrimesMusical settingsSir Colin Davis presents a powerful vision for Britten's greatest opera that brings new insights to the dark drama32313ocn021704470rcrd19710.29Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusVesperae solennes de confessore K. 339 ; Kyrie in D minor, K. 341 ; Ave verum corpus : K. 618 ; Exsultate, jubilate : K. 1653225ocn052698328rcrd20030.33Dvořák, AntonínViolin concerto Piano quintet3201ocn020805366rcrd19890.24Ma, Yo-YoGreat cello concertos3205ocn698320491rcrd20040.23Elgar, EdwardViolin concerto3205ocn000379366book19720.39Blyth, AlanColin DavisBiography151ocn527366072book20000.25Contemporary musicians. profiles of the people in musicBiographyProvides comprehensive information on musicians and groups from around the world. Entries include a detailed biographical essay, selected discographies, contact information, and a list of sources+-+K70781232521ocn076976587rcrd19771.00Davis, ColinColin DavisDiscussion following attendance at a Boston Symphony Orchestra concert of Stravinsky's Symphony of Psalms. Conductor Davis dealt with interpretation and rehearsal of vocal, as opposed to instrumental, music, and the problem of making each composer sound like himself11ocn056936768book20011.00Fleischmann, ErnestOral history with Ernest FleischmannInterviewsThe interview begins with Fleischmann's childhood in Germany, his family's emigration to South Africa and his education in both conducting and accounting. It continues with his early career in music, including his early presentation of classical music concerts, his positions as manager of the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO), as executive director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, and his work as a consultant after retiring from the Philharmonic. Major topics of discussion indluce life in South Africa during the 1940s and 50s, the rise of LSO during the 60s, music directors and board members of the LA Phil, the Hollywood bowl, programming, marketing, and funding for a symphony orchestra, music education, the cultural identity and role of the city of Los Angeles, and the future of symphonic music11ocn072447984book20061.00Neves, Joel BenjaminThe music of Hector Berlioz : a performance study based on interviews with Colin Davis, Charles Dutoit, and John Eliot GardinerCriticism, interpretation, etcInterviews+-+7585443965324+-+7585443965324Fri Mar 21 15:27:37 EDT 2014batch115150