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Fri Mar 21 17:15:28 2014 UTClccn-n810184760.33Faith on earth an inquiry into the structure of human faith /0.500.88Radical monotheism and Western civilization76325086H._Richard_Niebuhrn 81018476564315Nibur, RičardNiebuhr, H. RichardNiebuhr, H. Richard 1894-1962Niebuhr, Helmut R. 1894-1962Niebuhr, Helmut RichardNiebuhr, Helmut Richard, 1894-1962Niebuhr, Richard, 1894-1962Niebuhr, Richard H.Гибур, Ричардニーバー, H. リチャードニーバー, リチャードlccn-n81035762Niebuhr, Richard R.edtlccn-n92120771Johnson, William Stacyedtlccn-n79076754Beach, Waldoedtlccn-n50015737Williams, Daniel Day1910-1973edtlccn-n50057837Ramsey, Pauledtlccn-n79060198Fowler, James W.1940-lccn-n84006623Grant, C. David1949-lccn-n80146769Kliever, Lonnie D.lccn-n89223769Hoedemaker, L. A.lccn-n86080107Diefenthaler, JonNiebuhr, H. Richard(Helmut Richard)1894-1962HistoryChurch historySourcesConference proceedingsQuotationsComparative studiesChristian ethicsUnited StatesNiebuhr, H. Richard--(Helmut Richard),Christianity and cultureFaithChristian sociologySectsClergyTheologyKingdom of GodChurchCivilization, WesternMonotheismTheology--Study and teachingTheology, DoctrinalReligious thoughtChristianityTheological seminariesRevelationEthicsRevelation--ChristianityValuesGod (Christianity)--History of doctrinesCultureReligionAnabaptistsSocial ethicsProtestant churchesProtestant churches--DoctrinesChristianity and politicsLanguage and languages--Religious aspectsYoder, John HowardReligion and scienceMissions--TheoryMission of the churchTheology--MethodologyScience--PhilosophyKnowledge, Theory of (Religion)Religion--PhilosophyRahner, Karl,War--Moral and ethical aspectsBarth, Karl,World War (1939-1945)War--Religious aspects--ChristianityJapanOhki, Hideo,Kitamori, Kazō,Hauerwas, Stanley,Suffering--Religious aspects--ChristianityJesus Christ1894196219171924192919321935193719391941194219451946194719481949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201328005354895171.1BT771.2ocn003245043ocn644523901ocn647593300ocn644523922ocn757428919ocn703550723ocn002855912ocn721173437ocn721173433247745ocn000424252book19510.37Niebuhr, H. RichardChrist and cultureHistoryThe interrelation of Christ and society+-+4855586155201812ocn047009661file19890.33Niebuhr, H. RichardFaith on earth an inquiry into the structure of human faithAnnotation+-+5068955585324188872ocn000249626book19290.53Niebuhr, H. RichardThe social sources of denominationalism+-+K79846112517078ocn047009453file19960.37Niebuhr, H. RichardTheology, history, and culture major unpublished writingsThis book brings together the best of the unpublished works of H. Richard Niebuhr, one of the outstanding American religious thinkers of this century. The collection includes lectures, sermons, and essays, some of which Niebuhr delivered at major universities to general audiences and others that he prepared for circulation and discussion among colleagues at Yale and elsewhere. Contemporaneous events, religious figures, important issues in theology, and interpretations of American history and culture - all engaged Niebuhr's broad-ranging interest and revealed his concern with integrating theology and practical living+-+0519180305324168322ocn000312530book19630.37Niebuhr, H. RichardThe responsible self : an essay in Christian moral philosophy+-+5667115155324166226ocn000385053book19370.53Niebuhr, H. RichardThe kingdom of God in AmericaChurch history+-+K777104635148744ocn002708048book19410.50Niebuhr, H. RichardThe meaning of revelationThis affirmation of faith denies that mankind is but a cog in an impersonal universal machine. The author instead affirms the existence of a great personal God who does reveal himself to men. The author then claims that this supreme revelation can come only through a personal act of self-commitment with a vastly renewed and more fervent faith. This book, based upon the 1940 Taylor Lectures at Yale, is a living creed of religious conviction, meant to inspire ministers, students, and laymen toward more vital Christian living143111ocn000374072book19550.50Beach, WaldoChristian ethics; sources of the living traditionHistorySourcesOn ethics, excerpts from the writings of St. Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther, John Calvin, Joseph Butler, John Wesley, Jonathan Edwards, Soren Kierkegaard, and Walter Rauschenbusch, among others129419ocn000294259book19600.53Niebuhr, H. RichardRadical monotheism and Western culture : with supplementary essays+-+617807911592711ocn000312081book19560.50Niebuhr, H. RichardThe purpose of the church and its ministry; reflections on the aims of theological education87912ocn003245043book19560.53Niebuhr, H. RichardThe ministry in historical perspectivesHistory4085ocn017199535book19840.56Scriven, CharlesThe transformation of culture : Christian social ethics after H. Richard NiebuhrHistory4007ocn000382088book19350.56Niebuhr, H. RichardThe Church against the world39514ocn000972602book19570.56Niebuhr, H. RichardThe advancement of theological education2772ocn023766800book19910.73Niebuhr, H. RichardThe Legacy of H. Richard NiebuhrConference proceedings1877ocn002855912book19320.56Tillich, PaulThe religious situation1553ocn175286329book20080.63Niebuhr, H. Richard"The responsibility of the church for society" and other essays by H. Richard Niebuhr+-+73958791151479ocn001881696book19570.88Niebuhr, H. RichardRadical monotheism and Western civilization1094ocn061859868book20060.50Niebuhr, H. RichardThe meaning of revelationComparative studiesQuotations+-+5344779115697ocn006838125book19480.50Niebuhr, H. RichardDer Gedanke des Gottesreichs im amerikanischen Christentum. : Deutsche Ausg. von Richard M. HonigChurch history8759ocn003283114book19570.56Ramsey, PaulFaith and ethics; the theology of H. Richard NiebuhrBibliography7966ocn000801652book19740.53Fowler, James WTo see the kingdom; the theological vision of H. Richard Niebuhr+-+K9305642065792ocn010753572book19840.63Grant, C. DavidGod the center of value : value theory in the theology of H. Richard NiebuhrHistory5323ocn003916960book19770.50Kliever, Lonnie DH. Richard Niebuhr5033ocn000116045book19700.59Hoedemaker, L. AThe theology of H. Richard Niebuhr4863ocn013794678book19760.63Diefenthaler, JonH. Richard Niebuhr : a lifetime of reflections on the church and the world+-+K0879001354072ocn000066840book19700.53Godsey, John DThe promise of H. Richard Niebuhr3901ocn009442057book19830.63Irish, Jerry AThe religious thought of H. Richard Niebuhr3841ocn049226190book20020.70Werpehowski, WilliamAmerican Protestant ethics and the legacy of H. Richard Niebuhr+-+88385932353612ocn617461693book20110.70Beach-Verhey, Timothy ARobust liberalism : H. Richard Niebuhr and the ethics of American public lifeHistoryConcisely critiquing the internal contradictions and practical limitations of the social contract theory espoused by John Locke and John Rawls, Timothy Beach-Verhey presents a covenantal theory for political life based on H. Richard Niebuhr's theology of radical monotheism. Beach-Verhey challenges sectarian interpretations of Niebuhr's theology and cogently demonstrates that a properly understood, theocentric, covenantal social theory can unite a diverse people in a shared polity. In so doing, he shows how such an understanding of both liberal democratic practices and Christian norms can provoke both the moral vision and the virtues that are required for robust, open, and engaged public life.Robust Liberalismmakes a powerful contribution to contemporary discussion of American public discourse+-+67073075162844ocn001659706book19740.63Fadner, Donald EdwardThe responsible God : a study of the Christian philosophy of H. Richard Niebuhr2701ocn016580895book19880.70Keiser, R. MelvinRecovering the personal : religious language and the post-critical quest of H. Richard NiebuhrHistory2032ocn008280418book19800.70Ottati, Douglas FMeaning and method in H. Richard Niebuhr's theology2032ocn033820349book19960.76Keiser, R. MelvinRoots of relational ethics : responsibility in origin and maturity in H. Richard NiebuhrHistory+-+06675033251933ocn785780068file20070.56Park, Joon-SikMissional ecclesiologies in creative tension H. Richard Niebuhr and John Howard Yoder+-+67713957351721ocn023384390book19910.63Cook, Martin LThe open circle : confessional method in theology971ocn007575022book19810.66Sica, Joseph FGod so loved the world953ocn050166815book20020.73Roberts, David EHope in times of war : a theological ethic of contemporary conflictHistoryThe book's final chapter applies this model to Yugoslavia and demonstrates how one ought to think ethically about conflict situations."--BOOK JACKET921ocn802293984book20120.76Fujiwara, AtsuyoshiTheology of culture in a Japanese context : a believers' church perspectiveHistoryIn dialogue with H. Richard Niebuhr, John Howard Yoder, and Stanley Hauerwas, this work examines Japanese culture, suffering, and three theologians: Kazoh Kitamori, Yasuo Furuya, and Hideo Ohki883ocn051969070book20030.66Sherry, Terrence OwenThe Christo-morphic, hermeneutical theology of H. Richard Niebuhr : shaped by Christ+-+K721198225+-+4855586155+-+4855586155Fri Mar 21 16:03:22 EDT 2014batch33589