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Hoffer, Peter Charles 1944-

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Roe v. Wade : the abortion rights controversy in American history by N. E. H Hull( Book )

17 editions published between 2001 and 2010 in English and held by 2,963 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Looking back 200 years to the first state laws & forward to a political climate that threatens Roe's future legal status, this book combines a close & accessible analysis of the debates with a broad understanding of what is at stake politically & culturally. Giving due respect to both sides of the conflict, the authors effectively trace and analyze the core debates, examine the case's unique history, clarify the jurisprudence behind the Court's ruling, and gauge its impact on American society. Of special note is their revealing account of how the Court attempted to steer a middle course by rejecting both abortion on demand and the absolute right to life and yet, in the end, wound up igniting a firestorm of protest instead. Unlike other accounts of Roe, this one examines the complete social and legal context of the case. Hull and Hoffer review more than a century of abortion practice (and abuse), common-law views on abortion, nineteenth-century criminalization measures, and the rapid changes in science, public mores, and civil rights that finally brought the issue before the Supreme Court. They also trace abortion law through the twentieth century, reprise the 1965 case of Griswold v. Connecticut, in which the Supreme Court overturned a state law against contraceptives, and reexamine the highly publicized attempts to reverse Roe in Webster v. Reproductive Services (1989) and Casey v. Planned Parenthood (1992)
Sensory worlds in early America by Peter Charles Hoffer( )

23 editions published between 2003 and 2006 in English and held by 1,809 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Over the past half-century, historians have greatly enriched our understanding of America's past. We now know that homes and workplaces form a part of our history as important as battlefields and the corridors of power. In this new work, Hoffer presents a "sensory history" of early North America, offering a bold new understanding of the role that sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch played in shaping the New World: the choking stench of black powder, the cacophony of unfamiliar languages, the taste of fresh water and new foods, the first sight of strange peoples and foreign landscapes, the rough texture of homespun, the clumsy weight of a hoe. Hoffer traces the effect sensation and perception had on the cause and course of events conventionally attributed to deeper cultural and material circumstances. Among the episodes he reexamines are the first meetings of Europeans and Native Americans; belief in and encounters with the supernatural; the experience of slavery and slave revolts; the physical and emotional fervor of the Great Awakening; and the feelings that prompted the Revolution.--From publisher description
The law's conscience : equitable constitutionalism in America by Peter Charles Hoffer( )

10 editions published between 1990 and 2016 in English and held by 1,706 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The Supreme Court : an essential history by Peter Charles Hoffer( Book )

9 editions published between 2007 and 2018 in English and held by 1,528 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

For more than two centuries, the U.S. Supreme Court has provided a battleground for nearly every controversial issue in our nation's history. Now a veteran team of talented historians--including the editors of the acclaimed Landmark Law Cases and American Society series--have produced the most readable, astute, and up-to-date single-volume history of this venerated institution, as engaging for general readers as it is rigorous for scholars. The Supreme Court chronicles an institution that dramatically evolved from six men meeting in borrowed quarters to the most closely watched tribunal in the world. Underscoring the close connection between law and politics, the authors highlight essential issues, cases, and decisions within the context of the times in which the decisions were handed down. Deftly combining doctrine and judicial biography with case law, they demonstrate how the justices have shaped the law and how the law that the Court makes has shaped our nation, with an emphasis on how the Court responded--or failed to respond--to the plight of the underdog. Each chapter covers the Court's years under a specific Chief Justice, focusing on cases that are the most reflective of the way the Court saw the law and the world and that had the most impact on the lives of ordinary Americans. Throughout the authors reveal how--in times of war, class strife, or moral revolution--the Court sometimes voiced the conscience of the nation and sometimes seemed to lose its moral compass. Their extensive quotes from the Court's opinions and dissents illuminate its inner workings, as well as the personalities and beliefs of the justices and the often-contentious relationships among them. Fair-minded andsharply insightful, The Supreme Court portrays an institution defined by eloquent and pedestrian decisions and by justices ranging from brilliant and wise to slow-witted and expedient. An epic and essential story, it illuminates the Court's role in our lives and its place in our history
Past imperfect : facts, fictions, and fraud--American history from Bancroft and Parkman to Ambrose, Bellesiles, Ellis, and Goodwin by Peter Charles Hoffer( Book )

22 editions published between 2004 and 2007 in English and held by 1,504 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Woodrow Wilson, like many men of his generation, wanted to impose a version of America's founding identity: it was a land of the free and a home of the brave. But not the braves. Or the slaves. Or the disenfranchised women. So the history of Wilson's generation omitted a significant proportion of the population in favor of a perspective that was predominantly white, male, and Protestant." "That flaw would become a fissure and eventually a schism. A new history arose which, written in part by radicals and liberals, had little use for the noble and the heroic, and rankled many who wanted a celebratory rather than a critical history. To this combustible mixture of elements was added the flame of public debate. History in the 1990s was a minefield of competing passions, political views, and prejudices. It was dangerous ground, and, at the end of the decade, four of the nation's most respected and popular historians were almost destroyed on it: Michael Bellesiles, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Stephen Ambrose, and Joseph Ellis." "This is their story, set against the wider narrative of America's history. It may be, as Flaubert put it, that "Our ignorance of history makes us libel our own times." To which he could have added: falsify, plagiarize, and politicize, because that's the other story of America's history."--Jacket
The Salem witchcraft trials : a legal history by Peter Charles Hoffer( Book )

9 editions published in 1997 in English and held by 1,222 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

In late-seventeenth-century New England, the eternal battle between God and Satan moved into the courtroom. Between January 1692 and May 1693 in Salem, Massachusetts, neighbors turned against neighbors and children against parents with accusations of witchcraft, and nineteen people were hanged for having made pacts with the devil
Law and people in colonial America by Peter Charles Hoffer( Book )

20 editions published between 1992 and 1998 in English and Undetermined and held by 1,216 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The devil's disciples : makers of the Salem witchcraft trials by Peter Charles Hoffer( Book )

13 editions published between 1996 and 1998 in English and held by 1,142 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Using "a set of conversations--in taverns and courtrooms, at home and work--which took place among suspected witches, accusers, witnesses, and spectators," the author "offers a fresh look at the Salem outbreak based on recent studies of panic rumors, teen hysteria, child abuse, and intrafamily relations."--Jacket
The historians' paradox : the study of history in our time by Peter Charles Hoffer( Book )

17 editions published between 2008 and 2010 in English and held by 965 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Covering a range of philosophies, methodological approaches to writing history, and the advantages and disadvantages of different strategies of argument, this book constructs a philosophy of history that is reasonable, free of fallacy, and supported by appropriate evidence that is itself tenable
The abortion rights controversy in America : a legal reader( Book )

6 editions published in 2004 in English and held by 896 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Beginning with the introduction of abortion law in the nineteenth century, this reader includes important documents from nearly two hundred years of debate over abortion. These legal briefs, oral arguments, court opinions, newspaper reports, opinion pieces, and contemporary essays are introduced with headnotes that place them in historical context." "This collection brings together the writings of doctors, lawyers, scientists, philosophers, elected officials, judges, and scholars as few other legal readers do, and it is essential reading for those engaged in the ongoing debate about abortion law in the United States."--Jacket
The brave new world : a history of early America by Peter Charles Hoffer( )

16 editions published between 2000 and 2009 in English and held by 863 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"The Brave New World covers early American history, from 30,000 years before Europeans ever landed on North American shores to the creation of the new nation. Peter Charles Hoffer combines Atlantic Rim scholarship with a Continental perspective, illuminating early America from all angles - from its first settlers to the Spanish Century, from African slavery to the Salem witchcraft cases, from prayer and drinking practices to the development of complex economies, from the colonies' fight for freedom to an infant nation's struggle for political and economic legitimacy."--Jacket
Impeachment in America, 1635-1805 by Peter Charles Hoffer( Book )

9 editions published in 1984 in English and Undetermined and held by 755 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Seven fires : the urban infernos that reshaped America by Peter Charles Hoffer( Book )

5 editions published in 2006 in English and held by 688 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"This is the story of how seven urban fires - dramatic and terrible conflagrations in themselves - have together shaped the larger course of American history."
Murdering mothers : infanticide in England and New England, 1558-1803 by Peter Charles Hoffer( Book )

17 editions published between 1981 and 1984 in English and Undetermined and held by 645 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Kindermord / USA / England / Geschichte (16.-18. Jh.)
The great New York conspiracy of 1741 : slavery, crime, and colonial law by Peter Charles Hoffer( Book )

5 editions published in 2003 in English and held by 633 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Almost 35 years before New York saw the first great battle waged by the new United States of America for its independence, rumours of a slave conspiracy spread in the city, leading to the conviction and execution of over 70 slaves. This text retells the dramatic story of these landmark trials
A nation of laws : America's imperfect pursuit of justice by Peter Charles Hoffer( Book )

4 editions published in 2010 in English and held by 597 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

America's founders extolled a nation of laws, for they knew that only a fairly enforced legal system could protect liberty and property against corruption and tyranny. Nearly two and a half centuries later, that system remains the ultimate safeguard for us all. With concise but penetrating and provocative insights, the eminent Peter Charles Hoffer recaptures the spirit of this grand enterprise while never losing sight of its human face. The distillation of four decades of stellar writing, Hoffer's book is a wise and illuminating meditation on the key concepts, history, evolution, and importance of American law. He brings the law to life through brief narratives and portraits drawn from the pages of our nation's history. He takes his readers on a tumultuous journey from the Salem witchcraft trials through the divisive debates over slavery; the long struggles for equality and civil rights; the moral and culture wars over abortion, gay rights, and the teaching of evolution; and recent controversies concerning the rule of law in wartime. In a very compact space, Hoffer has a great deal to say about the role of law, lawmakers, law cases, lawyers, litigants, judges, law professors, and public opinion in creating and recreating the fabric that weaves all of these elements together. He pays particular attention to the criminal trial by looking at the legal proceedings against slave liberator John Brown, feminist Susan B. Anthony, and teacher of evolution John Scopes. He also explores what happens when the law is stretched to the breaking point by revisiting such events as the Stono Slave Rebellion, the Seneca Falls women's rights convention, and FDR's paradigm-shifting New Deal speech. Throughout, Hoffer carefully weighs the promise and vitality of our laws against its flaws and historical failures, for our legal system has not reflected a strong linear progress from inequality and privilege toward perfected liberty and dignity for all. His crystal clear vision of our legal history reminds us of the ambiguities and contradictions, quarrels and confrontations, that mirror the struggles within American history itself and reinforce the central role of law in American life.--Publisher description
Revolution and regeneration : life cycle and the historical vision of the generation of 1776 by Peter Charles Hoffer( Book )

9 editions published in 1983 in English and held by 592 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The treason trials of Aaron Burr by Peter Charles Hoffer( Book )

4 editions published in 2008 in English and held by 561 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The first book dedicated to the treason trial of Aaron Burr. He was "arrested as a threat to national security, under suspicion of fomenting insurrection against the young republic, and then held without bail for months ... Deftly linking politics to law, Hoffer's highly readable study resonates with current events and shows us why the issues debated two centuries ago still matter today."--Inside jacket
Cry liberty : the great Stono River slave rebellion of 1739 by Peter Charles Hoffer( Book )

6 editions published between 2010 and 2012 in English and held by 500 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Provides an account of the slave revolt along South Carolina's Stono River on September 9, 1739, the only notable rebellion to occur in British North America between the founding of Jamestown in 1607 and the start of the American Revolution
Clio among the muses : essays on history and the humanities by Peter Charles Hoffer( Book )

10 editions published between 2013 and 2014 in English and held by 500 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"History helps us understand change, provides clues to our own identity, and hones our moral sense. But history is not a stand-alone discipline. Indeed, its own history is incomplete without recognition of its debt to its companions in the humane and social sciences. In Clio among the Muses, noted historiographer Peter Charles Hoffer relates the story of this remarkable collaboration. Hoffer traces history's complicated partnership with its coordinate disciplines of religion, philosophy, the social sciences, literature, biography, policy studies, and law. As in ancient days, when Clio was preeminent among the other eight muses, so today, the author argues that history can and should claim pride of place in the study of past human action and thought. Intimate and irreverent at times, Clio among the Muses synthesizes a remarkable array of information. Clear and concise in its review of the companionship between history and its coordinate disciplines, fair-minded in its assessment of the contributions of history to other disciplines and these disciplines' contributions to history, Clio among the Muses will capture the attention of everyone who cares about the study of history. For as the author demonstrates, the study of history is something unique, ennobling, and necessary. One can live without religion, philosophy and the rest. One cannot exist without history. Rigorously documented throughout, the book offers a unique perspective on the craft of history. Peter Charles Hoffer has taught history at Harvard, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Brooklyn College, and the University of Georgia since 1968, and specializes in historical methods, early American history, and legal history. He has authored or co-authored over three dozen books, and edited another twenty. Previous titles include The Historian's Paradox: The Study of History in Our Time (NYU Press, 2008)."--
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Roe v. Wade : the abortion rights controversy in American history
Sensory worlds in early AmericaThe law's conscience : equitable constitutionalism in AmericaThe Supreme Court : an essential historyPast imperfect : facts, fictions, and fraud--American history from Bancroft and Parkman to Ambrose, Bellesiles, Ellis, and GoodwinThe Salem witchcraft trials : a legal historyLaw and people in colonial AmericaThe devil's disciples : makers of the Salem witchcraft trialsThe historians' paradox : the study of history in our time
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