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Fri Mar 21 17:07:25 2014 UTClccn-n810281600.00Maps of Boston Harbor,0.661.00Instruments of gift for the endowment of the Thayer School of Civil engineering, in connection with Dartmouth College, and for the Thayer Mathematical Prize Fund18539255Sylvanus_Thayern 81028160573900lccn-n79074300United States Military Academync-united states military academyUnited States Military Academynp-ragland, thomasRagland, Thomaslccn-n78072337Agnew, James B.lccn-nr91022935Eliot, George Fielding1894-1971lccn-n85022679United StatesArmy Pictorial Centernc-united states$army$court martial ragland 1819United StatesArmyCourt-martial (Ragland : 1819)lccn-n50032522Dupuy, R. Ernest(Richard Ernest)1887-1975lccn-n85253154Partridge, Alden1785-1854lccn-n82031998United States Military AcademyLibraryThayer, Sylvanus1785-1872HistorySourcesMilitary historyRulesMapsThayer, Sylvanus,United States Military AcademyRagland, ThomasMilitary educationNew York (State)--West PointUnited StatesCourts-martial and courts of inquiryTrials (Military offenses)Misconduct in officeMilitary art and sciencePartridge, Alden,United States Military Academy.--LibraryManuscriptsNew York (State)Thayer School of EngineeringTechnical educationMassachusetts--BostonSea-wallsUnited States.--ArmyBooks--Conservation and restorationArmed Forces--OfficersTexasMilitary readinessFortificationUnited States.--NavyUniversities and colleges--FacultyEducation--CurriculaUnited States Military Academy.--Board of VisitorsDartmouth CollegeNew York University.--Hall of Fame for Great AmericansWar of 1812Political scienceOrdnanceSmith, Asa D.--(Asa Dodge),Mathematics teachersMassachusetts--Boston HarborBuildingsMilitary suppliesVirginia--CharlottesvilleMassachusetts--Boston--CharlestownUniversity of VirginiaMassachusettsUniformsDartmouth College.--TrusteesScholarshipsMassachusetts--Boston Harbor IslandsVan Buren, Abraham,17851872181918251826182718281832184018431844185418551862186718681869187018711880188318841886190119121924194019451950195319581959196019641965196619681974197519761978197919801982198319841985198819992000200320052008200920101070119154974.047423U410.M1344ocn007225851book19640.93Thayer, SylvanusThe beginnings of the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College : as revealed in selections from the correspondence between General Sylvanus Thayer and President Asa Dodge Smith, as well as that exchanged by General Thayer and Professor Robert Fletcher, during the years 1867-1871202ocn005114293book18440.95Thayer, SylvanusA special report on the sea wall, built in the year 1843, for the preservation of Ram Head at the northwest end of Lovell's Island, in the harbor of Boston, Massachusetts31ocn024636737book18400.47Van Buren, MartinMessage from the President of the United States : transmitting a report from the Secretary of War, in compliance with a resolution of the Senate, in relation to the military and naval defences of the country, April 27, 1840Military history21ocn010919806book0.92Thayer, SylvanusWill of Sylvanus Thayer22ocn009134861mix0.47Mackay, Ae. J. GPapersHistorySeries A: Vouchers and purchase records, 1824-1829, for fuel, sundries for chemical department, bunks, stationery, building supplies, straw, hay and corn signed by Aeneas Mackay; series B: 1-6, 1824-1825 disbursments, pay vouchers to repairmen, clerks, drivers, vouchers for baggage transport; series B: 7-10, 1826 recipts for postage, transportation of baggage, passage for enlisted men, masons' pay, mess hall repairs; series B: 11-14, 1826-1828, expenditures for transportation, repairs pay for masons, carpenters, custodial staff, clerks; series C-K, 1825-1826, vouchers for straw, fuel, forage and stationery issued, vouchers for expenses incurred in pursuing deserters; duplicate vouchers, 1825-1829; public letters rec'd by Aeneas Mackay, 1824-1829 including correspondence from contractors, letters from Thayer regarding supplies; contractual agreements for goods, 1819-1827; auditors' statements, 1824-1829; returns and statements, 1823-1825; vouchers and recipts for construction of the U.S.M.A. Band Barracks, 1825-1827; letters from Quartermaster's Office, N.Y. to Aeneas Mackay; U.S. Military Academy fund vouchers, recipts for cadets' uniforms, 1825-182922ocn007821743mix0.47Sully, ThomasPapersHistoryPainter. Letters from engineering officers in reply to Colonel Gratiot's circular suggesting that all Army Corps of Engineers subscribe to a fund to commission Sully to paint portraits of former Chiefs of Engineers; letter, 24 Jan. 1830, from Sylvanus Thayer to Sully, commissioning a portrait of Charles Gratiot on behalf of the Army Corps of Engineers; signed receipt of $500 payment for two portraits; signed receipt for $100 in payment for the portrait of Charles Gratiot; list of officers subscribing to the portrait fund21ocn173483582book19640.92Lathem, Edward ConneryThe Beginnings of the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College, as revealed in selections from the correspondence between General Sylvanus Thayer and President Asa Dodge Smith, as well as that exchanged by General Thayer and Professor Robert Fle22ocn000840976book18691.00Thayer, SylvanusInstruments of gift for the endowment of the Thayer School of Civil engineering, in connection with Dartmouth College, and for the Thayer Mathematical Prize Fund22ocn007638125book0.47Jackson, AndrewLettersLetter, [Georgia], 5 Sept. 1818, from Charles Floyd to Col. Sylvanus Thayer at West Point stating the address to which orders can be directed; extract of a letter, [Washington City], 7 March 1818, from John C. Calhoun to Sylvanus Thayer at West Point, N.Y. directing the reinstatement of Cadet Floyd11ocn647921844mix18261.00Monroe, JamesCorrespondence with Sylvanus Thayer:Correspondence with Sylvanus Thayer, superintendent of West Point Military Academy, concerning discipline at West Point and at the University of Virginia, 1826 Nov 1 and 1826 Nov 2311ocn083623066mapThayer, SylvanusMaps of Boston HarborMapsTopographical maps from Thayer's personal collection were compiled by the U.S. War Dept. Topographical Bureau and drawn in ink, showing: (1) Peddock's Island (2) Charlestown Neck and Noddle's Island, by William Turnbull11ocn647972837mix1.00University of Virginia correspondence of James Madison and James MonroeThe collection consists of correspondence of Monroe with Madison, J.T. Kirckland and Col. S. Thayer; and correspondence of Madison with James Barbour, Nathaniel Bowditch, Charles Bonnycastle, Arthur S. Brockenbrough, John C. Calhoun, Timothy Clowes, John H. Cocke, John A. Dix, Robley Dunglison, Alexander Garrett, de Generes de Jourville, W.A. Hatch, W.B. Lawrence, Thomas C. Levins, George Long, Alexander Macomb, William Matthews, James Pleasants, Alfred H. Powell, and William Wertenbaker11ocn007750399mix0.47Poe, Edgar AllanPapersPoet. Letter, New York, 10 March 1831, to Sylvanus Thayer requesting a recommendation; cadet check11ocn003110800book18681.00Blaisdell, DanielReceipt of payment, 1868 July 8 [n.p.], to Sylvanus Thayer [n.p.]Received on his note payable to the Trustees by the hand of President Smith11ocn007595268book18250.47Van Buren, MartinLetter, 1825 June 6, Albany [to] Col. Sylvanus ThayerLetter requesting Cadet Abraham Van Buren be granted summer leave11ocn003299396book18621.00Thayer, SylvanusLetter, 1862 December 22, South Braintree, Mass., to Col. S. Sweat, [n.p.]Due to illness, he may be unable to attend his Christmas dinner11ocn061242051mix18271.00Thayer, SylvanusLetter to James MonroeHistoryThayer recommends Lt. Edward Courtenay of the U.S. Corps of Engineers for the position of professor of mathematics at the University of Virginia11ocn122299806book18691.00Thayer, SylvanusManuscript deed of gift establishing the endowment and conditions for the Thayer Mathematical Prize11ocn003957595book1.00Thayer, SylvanusLetters, 1821 May 29-1859 December 24, v.p., to George Ticknor, New York and BostonSends some letters to Ticknor; returns the Foreign Quarterly; news of friends. Looks forward to seeing Ticknor at West Point; mentions the application process for appointment to the Academy; his trip to Europe11ocn166625160book19650.88Thayer, SylvanusThe West Point Thayer papers, 1808-1872HistorySources2077ocn506006339book18190.93Ragland, Thomas[Defence before a general court-martial, held at West-Point, in the state of New York, in the month of May, Eighteen hundred and nineteenTrials, litigation, etc1771ocn004494177book19790.25Agnew, James BEggnog riot : the Christmas mutiny at West PointHistoryFiction1261ocn001679886book19590.22Eliot, George FieldingSylvanus Thayer of West PointBiography of the "Father of West Point" from his seventeenth year when he entered Dartmouth through his years as Superintendent of the Academy1032ocn701797272visu19580.63Thayer of West PointHistoryStory of Sylvanus Thayer and how he transformed the Military Academy into an institution known for its history of molding great leaders853ocn001869867book18840.93Dupuy, R. ErnestSylvanus Thayer, father of technology in the United StatesHistory741ocn001674658book19680.94United States Military AcademyPreliminary guide to the manuscript collection of the U.S. Military Academy LibraryBibliography CatalogsCatalogs254ocn007459838book19760.66Kershner, James WilliamSylvanus Thayer : a biographyHistoryBiography193ocn007575698book19650.93Sylvanus Thayer, founder of technical education in the United States141ocn002173687book19660.96New York UniversityUnveiling of the bust and tablet for Sylvanus ThayerBiography111ocn012315824book19640.33West Point Alumni Foundation, IncRegister of graduates and former cadets of the United States Military Academy, 1802-1964Registers116ocn011980592book19660.98Schuyler, C. V. RUnveiling ceremony, Sylvanus Thayer bust, New York University Hall of Fame for Great Americans : Sunday, May 15,1966Biography92ocn000038455book19650.88Thayer, SylvanusThe West Point Thayer papers, 1808-1872HistorySources91ocn001362790book19750.59United States Military AcademyThe Thayer collection: its history, significance, and an account of the restoration project71ocn022008561book18830.92Cullum, George WBiographical sketch of Brigadier-General Sylvanus Thayer : Superintendent of the U.S. Military Academy, July 28, 1817, to July 1, 1833Biography61ocn012315816book19600.96United States Military AcademySylvanus Thayer61ocn017075560book19660.95Unveiling of the bust and tablet for Sylvanus Thayer : in the auditorium of the Library of New York University, University Heights, New York, May 15, 1966, at 3:00 P.M. : the director of the Hall of Fame, Dr. Ralph W. Sockman, presiding51ocn018096070book19650.96Fleming, Thomas JSylvanus Thayer, educatorHistory51ocn003884237book19530.47Ford, Norman RobertThayer of West Point41ocn011931195book19650.96Morton, William JSylvanus Thayer of West Point and his educator sonsBiography32ocn003353808book19240.47Southworth, Stacy BThe life and character of General Sylvanus ThayerFri Mar 21 15:42:42 EDT 2014batch22608