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Fri Mar 21 17:02:49 2014 UTClccn-n810335530.29Our singular strengths : meditations for librarians /0.360.95Californien : Henry Madden and the German travelers in America /108143046Michael_Gorman_(librarian)n 810335535792344773781Ghurman, Mishil.Ghūrmān, Mīshīl, 1941-Gorman, Majkl.Gorman, MichaelGorman, Michael J.ميشيل جورمان، 1941-lccn-n79062941American Library Associationothpblcomedtlccn-n85078121Winkler, Paul W.(Paul Walter)othedtlccn-n82118978Joint Steering Committee for Revision of AACRothcomdrtlccn-n84173163Crawford, Waltnc-library and information technology association u s$national conference$1988$boston massLibrary and Information Technology Association (U.S.).National Conference1988 :Boston, Mass.)lccn-n79060800Library Associationothcomnc-library and information technology association u s$national conference$1983$baltimore mdLibrary and Information Technology Association (U.S.).National Conference1983 :Baltimore, Md.)np-jackson, mikeJackson, Mikelccn-no2001101401Nocera, Jimdrtlccn-n88606943Madden, Henry MillerGorman, Michael1941-RulesBiographyConference proceedingsBibliography‡vCatalogsCatalogsHistoryHandbooks, manuals, etcDescriptive catalogingUnited StatesLibraries--AutomationAnglo-American cataloguing rulesLibrarians--Professional ethicsLibraries--Aims and objectivesLibraries and electronic publishingLibrary science--Technological innovationsTechnical services (Libraries)Library scienceLibraries and societyLibrary science--ForecastingLibrariansEnglandLibrary science--Moral and ethical aspectsInformation technologyInformation storage and retrieval systemsGreat BritainCataloging of computer filesElectronic publishingLibrary science--StandardsInformation technology--StandardsLibrary science--Technological innovations--StandardsAnglo-American cataloging rules (British text)MARC formatsTravelersGermanyGermans--Travel--SourcesCaliforniaTravelTravelers--SourcesMadden, Henry MillerGermans--TravelLibrariesLibraries and televisionCanadaAustraliaCatalogingAnglo-American cataloging rules (North American text)Descriptive cataloging--RulesCataloging--Standards19411963196719681969197019711974197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008201125346158534025.32Z694.15.A56ocn797319521ocn610449217ocn441851446ocn797486400ocn442085296ocn843070759ocn802495271ocn610420674ocn398003835ocn310669503ocn045785105ocn468468423ocn470201255ocn439140401ocn861058848ocn762079309ocn814081022ocn780540108ocn185577251ocn185670746ocn185577275ocn185577287ocn462382251ocn760450911ocn469525946ocn003900576ocn005230219ocn0836128016231126ocn018134311book19760.31Gorman, MichaelAnglo-American cataloguing rulesRulesHandbooks, manuals, etcCompiles the rules for library cataloging agreed upon as of 1978 by the American Library Association, the Canadian Library Association, and The Library Association (Britain.)+-+7518843835297818ocn031605103book19950.33Crawford, WaltFuture libraries : dreams, madness & realityArgues against the futuristic idea of virtual libraries because it is devastating to the societal mission of libraries, proposing instead a balanced, human-oriented approach to technology that complements print, community library buildings, and user-friendly librarians+-+3291543835249415ocn044965020file19900.35Gorman, MichaelTechnical services today and tomorrow+-+3688760305324211211ocn052729915file20030.35Gorman, MichaelThe enduring library technology, tradition, and the quest for balanceLibrarians are experts at selecting, evaluating, and disseminating the best content in the most appropriate format to meet the needs of library users. And, new technologies can be invaluable tools in these efforts. Taking advantage of these technologies does not, however, change the fundamental mission of libraries everywhere. In this thought-provoking work, one of the library world's leading thinkers discusses the transformative effect communications technology has had on information delivery from past to present to future. By tracing the transformations, Gorman writes a roadmap for achieving+-+3814443835144910ocn076810161file20050.33Gorman, MichaelOur own selves more meditations for librarians"In Our Own Selves, Michael Gorman follows up his popular first collection of meditations, Our Singular Strengths (ALA Editions, 1997). Our Own Selves presents one hundred new meditations specifically addressing issues at the heart of the library profession. With such intriguing essays as "Four Centuries of Information Overload" and "The Curse of PowerPoint," Gorman offers potent reminders that librarians are far from helpless in addressing these challenging times in their profession. Each reflective essay opens with a quote and concludes with a "resolution," allowing for a quick mental pick-up. The affirmations that conclude each meditation present attitudes and actions that reaffirm the value of librarianship and re-introduce the joys that make it unlike any other vocation."--BOOK JACKET+-+4143543835118016ocn007452872book19810.31Gorman, MichaelThe concise AACR2 : being a rewritten and simplified version of Anglo-American cataloguing rules, second editionRules10768ocn043641201book20000.33Gorman, MichaelOur enduring values : librarianship in the 21st centuryThis book takes you through the principles of eight core values as it considers the questions on the minds of most librarians today, including: what is the role of the library today?; what is librarianship in the 21st century?; what do patrons and communities want from their libraries?; will libraries be strengthened or destroyed by new and changing technology?; and how can I maintain the core values of librarianship into the future?+-+20325438359447ocn037509878book19970.29Gorman, MichaelOur singular strengths : meditations for librariansGorman shares "observations rooted in experience and reason that may provide insight into libraries, librarianship, and being a librarian today." Using a style that includes a quotation, short essay, and resolution, his topics cover Ranganathan's laws, Andrew Carnegie, e-mail, kiosks, AACR2, food and drink in the library, problem patrons, and much, much more.--Preface, p.xiii+-+09725438358787ocn064394336file19990.32Gorman, MichaelThe concise AACR2RulesMichael Gorman, co-editor of the original AACR2, explains the more generally applicable AACR2 rules for cataloging library materials in simplified terms that make the rules more accessible and practical for practitioners and students who are in less complex library and bibliographic environments+-+894984383585017ocn055960806book20040.33Gorman, MichaelThe concise AACR2Rules+-+139084383572216ocn019980945book19890.31Gorman, MichaelThe concise AACR2, 1988 revisionRulesAn abridged version of the second edition of the cataloging rules provides an introduction to its basic principles63812ocn040538291book19890.33Gorman, MichaelThe concise AACR2, 1998 revisionRulesA concise abridged edition of the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules+-+89498438353676ocn015549305book19870.53Anglo-American cataloguing rules, second editionRules3116ocn021562061book19900.73Library and Information Technology Association (Chicago, Estados Unidos)Convergence : proceedings of the Second National Conference of the Library and Information Technology Association, October 2-6, 1988, BostonConference proceedings2908ocn010799456book19840.76Library and Information Technology Association (U.S.)Crossroads : proceedings of the First National Conference of the Library and Information Technology Association, September 17-21, 1983, Baltimore, MarylandConference proceedings20020ocn000468656book19670.79Gorman, MichaelA study of the rules for entry and heading in the 'Anglo-American cataloguing rules, 1967 (British text)'Rules1935ocn021599892book19900.79National conference of the Library and Information Technology AssociationLibrary and information technology standards : papers presented at the Second National Conference of the Library and Information Technology Association, October 2-6, 1988, Boston, Massachusetts1724ocn021599902book19900.79Library and Information Technology Association (U.S.)MARC format integration : three perspectives : papers presented at the Second National Conference of the Library and Information Technology Association, October 2-6, 1988, Boston, MassachusettsConference proceedings1144ocn032130772book19910.95Californien : Henry Madden and the German travelers in AmericaHistoryBibliography CatalogsCatalogs873ocn021599900book19900.88Library and Information Technology Association (U.S.)Videotechnology and libraries : papers presented at a session of the Second National Conference of the Library and Information Technology Association, Boston, Mass., October 2, 1988-October 6, 1988Conference proceedings11395ocn738476087com20110.39Gorman, MichaelBroken pieces a library life, 1941-1978Biography+-+1758443835324201ocn729166903file20110.53Gorman, MichaelBroken Pieces a Library Life, 1941-1982BiographyFrom his earliest reading memories in wartime Britain through five decades of librarianship, eminent librarian and former ALA President Michael Gorman offers insights from his extraordinary career in this new memoir+-+1758443835324+-+7518843835+-+7518843835Fri Mar 21 15:11:53 EDT 2014batch24597