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I. 1812-1870Guertsen, Aleksandr Ivanovich 1812-1870Guertsen, Aleksandr IvanovitchHe er cen 1812-1870Heercen, Yalishanda, 1812-1870Hercen, A.Hercen, A.I., 1812-1870Hercen, Aleksander.Hercen Aleksander 1812-1870Hercen, Aleksander I., 1812-1870Hercen, Aleksander Iwanowicz.Hercen, Aleksander, pèreHercen, Aleksandr 1812-1870Hercen, Aleksandr IvanovičHercen, AlexandarHercen, Alexander 1812-1870Hercens, A. (Aleksandrs), 1812-1870Hercens, Aleksandrs, 1812-1870Hert︠s︡en, Aleksandr Ivanovich, 1812-1870Hertzen, A.Hertzen, A. 1812-1870Hertzen, A.I., 1812-1870Hertzen, Aleksander IvanovitchHertzen, Aleksandr 1812-1870Hertzen, Aleksandr IvanovicHertzen, Aleksandr Ivanovič, 1812-1870Hertzen, Aleksandr IvanovichHertzen, Aleksandr Ivanovich, 1812-1870Hertzen, Aleksandr Ivanovitj, 1812-1870Hertzen, Alexandr.Hertzen, Alexandre.Hertzen Alexandre 1812-1870Herzen, ..., 1812-1870Herzen, A.Herzen, A. 1812-1870Herzen, A. (Aleksandr), 1812-1870Herzen, A.I., 1812-1870Herzen, Aleksander, pèreHerzen, Aleksandr, 1812-1870Herzen, Aleksandr IvanovicHerzen, Aleksandr Ivanovič, 1812-1870Herzen, Aleksandr IvanovichHerzen, Aleksandr Ivanovich, 1812-1870Herzen, Aleksandr Ivanovitj, 1812-1870Herzen, Aleksandr Iwanowitsch 1812-1870Herzen, Alex 1812-1870Herzen, Alexander.Herzen, Alexander, 1812-1870Herzen, Alexander I. 1812-1870Herzen, Alexander Ivanovitj, 1812-1870Herzen, Alexander Ivanovitsj, 1812-1870Herzen, Alexander Iwanowitsch 1812-1870Herzen, Alexander J. 1812-1870Herzen, Alexander, pèreHerzen, Alexandr I. 1812-1870Herzen, Alexandr Ivanovich, 1812-1870Herzen, Alexandre.Herzen, Alexandre, 1812-1870Herzen, Alexandre IvanovitchHerzen, Alexandre, pèreHo-erh-tsʻen, 1812-1870Iscander, 1812-1870Iscander 1812-1870 PseudonymIscander, AIscander A. 1812-1870Iscander, A. 1812-1870 PseudonymIskander.Iskander, 1812-1870Iskander 1812-1870 PseudonymIskander, pseud., 1812-1870Jakovlev, Aleksandr I. 1812-1870Jakovlev, Aleksandr IvanovicJakovlev, Aleksandr Ivanovič 1812-1870Jakowlew, Alexander I. 1812-1870Jakowlew, Alexandr I. 1812-1870Герцен, А. (Александр Иванович), 1812-1870Герцен, А.И., 1812-1870Герцен, А. И. (Александр Иванович), 1812-1870Герцен, Александр, 1812-1870Герцен, Александр (Александр Иванович), 1812-1870Герцен, Александр Иванович.Герцен, Александр Иванович, 1812-1870Герценъ, Александръ Ивановичъ.ИскандерИскандер, 1812-1870גרצן, אלכסנדר איונוביץ'הערצען, א.הערצען, אלכסנדר איונוביץ', 1812-1870הרצן, א., 1812־1870ゲルツェンゲルツェン, アレクサンドルヘルツェン, アレキサンダー赫尔岑 1812-1870lccn-n50029676Ogarev, N. P.(Nikolaĭ Platonovich)1813-1877othedtlccn-n79056734Bakunin, Mikhail Aleksandrovich1814-1876lccn-n77016619Kelly, Aileenlccn-n79130807Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich1860-1904lccn-n80053231Bakhtin, M. M.(Mikhail Mikhaĭlovich)1895-1975lccn-n79034816Stoppard, Tomlccn-no89004043Malia, Martin E.(Martin Edward)lccn-n78095561Carr, Edward Hallett1892-1982lccn-n80086574Herwegh, Georg1817-1875lccn-n50015174Garnett, Constance1861-1946trlHerzen, Aleksandr1812-1870BiographyHistoryFictionPeriodicalsCriticism, interpretation, etcRecords and correspondenceSourcesHerzen, Aleksandr,RussiaSoviet UnionRevolutionariesAuthors, RussianAnarchistsBakunin, Mikhail Aleksandrovich,Political and social viewsSocialismSocialistsOgarev, N. P.--(Nikolaĭ Platonovich),Intellectual lifeRussia (Federation)Bakhtin, M. M.--(Mikhail Mikhaĭlovich),Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich,RadicalismPolitical scienceEuropeEuropean Revolutions of 1848IntellectualsHerwegh, Georg,Belinsky, Vissarion Grigoryevich,RussiansManners and customsWorld politicsFranceLincoln, Abraham,Gentile, Giovanni,Garvey, Marcus,Zapata, Emiliano,Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm,Weber, Max,Sharīʻatī, ʻAlīPape, Robert Anthony,Comte, Auguste,Freire, Paulo,Giles,--of Rome, Archbishop of Bourges,Marx, Karl,Atatürk, Kemal,Mao, Zedong,Arendt, Hannah,Guevara, Che,Thoreau, Henry David,Lenin, Vladimir Ilʹich,Maudoodi, Syed Abul ʻAla,KauṭalyaWollstonecraft, Mary,Sunzi,Han, Fei,Fanon, Frantz,181218701814184618471850185118521853185418551856185718581859186018611862186318641865186618681869187018711872187318741875187618781879188018811882188318851886188718891890189118921893189418951896189718981900190119021903190419051906190719081909191019111912191319141915191619171918191919201921192219231924192519261927192819291930193119321933193419351936193719381939194019411942194319441945194619471948194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220133079222454437BDK209.6.H4ocn007257137ocn006384061ocn032884642ocn018723539ocn039944182ocn798560039ocn081844546ocn457335166ocn021259165ocn221745217ocn256444210ocn247080510ocn854746284ocn254435839ocn256441279ocn247357405ocn256443931ocn258078598ocn862848938ocn854746193ocn185612955ocn186459717ocn185667563ocn186877363ocn185753721ocn185614942ocn465092990ocn186877535ocn186877417ocn186314300ocn021829065ocn832286881ocn780655802ocn439583083ocn755155112ocn755128698ocn186380009ocn0721858754501ocn001056595book19730.56Confino, MichaelDaughter of a revolutionary : Natalie Herzen and the Bakunin-Nechayev circle4183ocn010696269book19840.66Herzen, AleksandrWho is to blame? : a novel in two partsFiction4039ocn000785088book19560.73Herzen, AleksandrSelected philosophical works+-+330957569640030ocn003108381book19560.70Herzen, AleksandrFrom the other shore and the Russian people and socialism: an open letter to Jules Michelet / Alexander Herzen ; introduction by Isaiah BerlinHistory26247ocn003335164book19340.92Herzen, AleksandrPovesti i rasskazy225126ocn004560785book18600.81Herzen, AleksandrByloe i dumyHistoryBiography21623ocn001634893book19550.88Gogolʹ, Nikolaĭ VasilʹevichSobranie sochineniĭCriticism, interpretation, etc1849ocn008003160book18590.88CatherineMemoirs of the Empress Catherine IIHistoryBiography1734ocn004804793book19790.63Herzen, AleksandrFrom the other shore, translated from the Russian by Moura Budberg and The Russian people and socialism, translated from the French by Richard WollheimHistory15417ocn001587296serial0.95KolokolPeriodicals14914ocn006129504book18960.93Bakunin, Mikhail AleksandrovichPisʹma M.A. Bakunina k A.I. Gert︠s︡enu i N.P. OgarevuRecords and correspondence1333ocn006196929book19780.81Herzen, AleksandrWho is to blame? : a novel in two partsFiction1172ocn000927457book19630.94Problemy izuchenii︠a︡ Gert︠s︡ena11110ocn001775047serial0.95Poli︠a︡rnai︠a︡ zvi︠e︡zdaPeriodicals11028ocn011777602book18710.93Herzen, AleksandrLettres de France et d'Italie (1847-1852)History10632ocn009966540book18470.92Herzen, AleksandrKto vinovat? : roman v dvukh chasti︠a︡kh925ocn009512562book19620.90Herzen, AleksandrO literature903ocn001877571book0.95Golosa iz Rossii : sborniki A.I. Gert︠s︡ena i N.P. Ogareva8723ocn004430530book18530.56Herzen, AleksandrRusslands soziale Zustände8524ocn010867340book18640.92Herzen, AleksandrKto vinovatʹ? povesti\Roman og noveller\167530ocn000342918book19680.59Herzen, AleksandrMy past and thoughts; the memoirs of Alexander HerzenHistoryBiographySourcesHerzen's story of his privileged childhood among the Russian aristocracy is lit with the insight of a great novelist; and, with a trained historian's sense of the interaction of men and events, he limns the grand line of revolutionary devleopment from the earliest stirrings of Russian radicalism throught the tumultuous ideological debates of the International. His close friends - Marx, Wagner, Mill, Bakunin, Garibaldi, Kropotkin - are brought pungently, brilliantly alive+-+256795570515293ocn047007987file19990.35Kelly, AileenViews from the other shore essays on Herzen, Chekhov, and BakhtinCriticism, interpretation, etc"She shows how the view of freedom that Herzen shared with Chekhov and Bakhtin provides an antidote both to traditional absolutes and to the boundless relativism of much postmodern theory. As such it offers an answer to the question now besetting intellectuals in Russia and the West: how to ground morality after the collapse of ideological certainties."--BOOK JACKET+-+213925558597021ocn000266516book19330.59Carr, Edward HallettThe romantic exiles : a nineteenth-century portrait galleryHistoryBiography94710ocn000407158book19610.56Malia, Martin EAlexander Herzen and the birth of Russian socialism, 1812-1855Serious study of the man and his ideas in relation to 19th Century Russian thought6045ocn004003689book19780.63Acton, EdwardAlexander Herzen and the role of the intellectual revolutionaryBiography5581ocn795010944book20130.16The politics bookHistory"Exploring more than 100 big ideas on topics as diverse as the rule of law, the extent of liberty, and the justification of warfare, [this book] takes you on a journey through the history of politics, from the influential theories of ancient Greece, Rome, and Asia to modern concepts voiced by today's brightest political thinkers."--Front jacket flap5179ocn001410563book19230.63Herzen, AleksandrThe memoirs of Alexander Herzen, parts I and IIBiography+-+446846283532450254ocn000395446book18610.81Herzen, AleksandrByloe i dumyHistoryBiography4876ocn154673713book20030.32Stoppard, TomThe coast of Utopia : a trilogyHistoryDrama"This epic but intimate drama of romantics and revolutionaries in an age of emperors, comprises three sequential but self-contained plays, Voyage, Shipwreck and Salvage. Set in the tumultuous years between 1833 and 1866 in Russia and Europe, the trilogy spans the lives of a group of friends who come of age under the Tsarist autocracy of Nicholas I." -- Publisher's description+-+25989675353954ocn051615325book20020.33Stoppard, TomVoyageHistoryDramaVoyage, beginning in the early 1830s, shows the rise of the revolutionary spirit. Set around the very traditional (and wealthy) Bakunin household, it shows a society beginning to undergo a radical transformation+-+69559675353828ocn000527034book19650.59Malia, Martin EAlexander Herzen and the birth of Russian socialismHistory3722ocn018350466book19890.66Zimmerman, Judith EMidpassage : Alexander Herzen and European revolution, 1847-1852HistoryBiographyThe story of both a man and an era, Midpassage is an engrossing account of Alexander Herzen's role in the revolution of 1848 and his complex ideological and personal interactions with such European radicals as Marx, Proudhon, and Mazzini. Russia's modern revolutionary movement really began with Herzen (1812-1870), often called the first revolutionary exile. As a youth, he had committed himself to the ideals of the Decembrists and to the liberation of Russia from tsarist oppression. In 1847, after two periods of internal exile, he left his native land forever. Midpassage is both about Herzen's physical flight from East to West and the intellectual search, which culminated in a balance between the two, that characterized his maturity. - Jacket flap2434ocn051607505book20020.33Stoppard, TomSalvageHistoryDramaSalvage continues with Alexander Herzen's efforts abroad, printing a Russian newspaper, trying to affect change. The 1861 Emancipation of the Russian serfs is the most significant event here -- though it happens far offstage+-+31559675352383ocn051615333book20020.33Stoppard, TomShipwreckHistoryDramaShipwreck moves abroad: though the central figures remain largely Russian, it and Salvage are plays of exile. The European revolutions of 1848 are the pivotal events of this play -- moments of hope that are revealed as failures+-+88559675352283ocn032272548book19950.84Herzen, AleksandrLetters from France and Italy, 1847-1851HistoryHerzen is one of the most important early Russian revolutionaries. He became a representative figure in both Russia and the West as an irrepressible enemy and victim of czarist oppression. His activity as a publisher and a journalist provided a voice for the Russian opposition, and he made major theoretical contributions to the development of Russian socialist ideology. When he traveled to Western Europe - he was never to return to Russia - Herzen became an eyewitness to the 1848 revolution in France and the rather operatic early episodes of revolution in the states of the Italian peninsula. His description of events in Paris ranks with the works of Marx and Tocqueville as a classic account of the revolution. Herzen's letters, written for publication, are also a literary treat, with a brilliant display of wit and sensibility. The text is rich in wordplay in two or three languages, hyperbole, irony, and other literary devices. Moreover, each of Herzen's moods has its stylistic reflections: the light-hearted traveler, the angry moralist, the enraged revolutionary bystander, each using language differently but effectively2244ocn005565087book19800.59Herzen, AleksandrChildhood, youth, and exile : parts I and II of My past and thoughtsBiography+-+20506374653242082ocn012263796book19840.84Partridge, MonicaAlexander Herzen, 1812-1870Biography1644ocn012501475book19850.63Herzen, AleksandrEnds and beginningsBiography1627ocn002323997book19560.94Ėlʹsberg, I︠A︡. EGert︠s︡en; zhĭzn' i tvorchestvoBiography1602ocn777654622book20120.90Herzen, AleksandrA Herzen readerHistoryA Herzen reader' presents in English for the first time one hundred essays and editorials by the radical Russian thinker Alexander Herzen (1812-1870). Herzen wrote most of these pieces for 'The Bell', a revolutionary newspaper he launched with the poet Nikolai Ogaryov in London in 1857. Smugglers secretly carried copies of 'The Bell' into Russia, where it influenced debates over the emancipation of the serfs and other reforms. With his characteristic irony, Herzen addressed such issues as freedom of speech, a nonviolent path to socialism, and corruption and paranoia at the highest levels of government. He discussed what he saw as the inability of even a liberator like Czar Alexander II to commit to change. 'A Herzen reader' stands on its own for its fascinating glimpse into Russian intellectual life of the 1850s and 1860s. It also provides invaluable context for understanding Herzen's contemporaries, including Fyodor Dostoevsky and Ivan Turgenev+-+2050637465324+-+2050637465324Fri Mar 21 15:43:38 EDT 2014batch90938