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Fri Mar 21 17:15:02 2014 UTClccn-n810440230.00Beerspit night and cursing0.511.00Howl: original draft facsimile : [a review] /79044617Steven_Moore_(author)n 81044023589610Moore, Stevenlccn-n81043116Gaddis, William1922-1998lccn-n50005312Firbank, Ronald1886-1926lccn-n50048267Kuehl, John Richard1928-edtlccn-n50036488Dahlberg, Edward1900-1977lccn-n79055432Beckett, Samuel1906-1989lccn-n79091866Bukowski, Charleslccn-nr00028654Martinelli, Sherilccn-n78097014Pound, Ezra1885-1972lccn-n50044791Brossard, Chandler1922-1993np-gaddis, sarahGaddis, SarahMoore, Steven1951-Criticism, interpretation, etcRecords and correspondenceFictionBibliographyPoetryPsychological fictionFictionGaddis, William,Beat generationAuthors, AmericanManners and customsBukowski, CharlesMartinelli, SheriPound, Ezra,Women artistsWomen publishersUnited StatesRelations with womenFirbank, Ronald,VampiresProstitutesNew York (State)--New York--HarlemClergyMarried peopleHowl (Ginsberg, Allen)Markson, David1951198219841985198719891990199119941995199619972001200220052006200720102011201350612288809.3PN3451ocn461958487ocn463448917ocn464023982ocn463448659ocn863635885ocn314813223ocn462790783141018ocn496962025book20100.32Moore, StevenThe novel : an alternative history : beginnings to 1600Criticism, interpretation, etcEncyclopedic in scope and heroically audacious, The Novel : An Alternative History is the first attempt in over a century to tell the complete story of our most popular literary form. Contrary to conventional wisdom, the novel did not originate in 18th-century England, nor even with Don Quixote, but is coeval with civilization itself. After a pugnacious introduction, in which Moore defends innovative, demanding novelists against their conservative critics, the book relaxes into a world tour of the premodern novel, beginning in ancient Egypt and ending in 16th-century China, with many exotic ports-of-call: Greek romances; Roman satires; medieval Sanskrit novels narrated by parrots; Byzantine erotic thrillers; 5000-page Arabian adventure novels; Icelandic sagas; delicate Persian novels in verse; Japanese war stories; even Mayan graphic novels. Throughout, Moore celebrates the innovators in fiction, tracing a continuum between these premodern experimentalists and their postmodern progeny. Irreverent, iconoclastic, informative, entertaining The Novel : An Alternative History is a landmark in literary criticism that will encourage readers to rethink the novel+-+89522669965795ocn018834497book19890.56Moore, StevenWilliam GaddisCriticism, interpretation, etc5464ocn010483773book19840.63In recognition of William GaddisCriticism, interpretation, etc3935ocn028848029book19940.47Firbank, RonaldComplete playsComplementing Dalkey Archive's edition of Firbank's Complete Short Stories (published in 1990), Complete Plays makes available for the first time in one volume this inimitable British writer's three excursions into drama: The Mauve Tower (1904), a "dream play" reminiscent in language and setting of Oscar Wilde's Salome and the writings of the French symbolists; A Disciple from the Country (1907), a one-act comedy about a debutante who flirts with religion and sainthood in order to catch a husband; and The Princess Zoubaroff (1920), a three-act comedy about marriage, religion, and homosexual separatism+-+82953291063405ocn019626540book19180.56Dahlberg, EdwardSamuel Beckett's wake and other uncollected prose+-+77983016453155ocn021228056book19900.39Firbank, RonaldComplete short storiesFiction+-+46183016452786ocn007550698book19820.81Moore, StevenA reader's guide to William Gaddis's The recognitions2615ocn045873729book20010.63Bukowski, CharlesBeerspit night and cursing : the correspondence of Charles Bukowski and Sheri Martinelli, 1960-1967Records and correspondence+-+75068792062216ocn835951204book20130.39Moore, StevenThe novel : an alternative history, 1600 to 1800Criticism, interpretation, etcHaving excavated the world's earliest novels in his previous book, literary historian Steven Moore explores in this sequel the remarkable flowering of the novel between the years 1600 and 1800 -- from Don Quixote to America's first big novel, an homage to Cervantes entitled Modern Chivalry. This is the period of such classic novels as Tom Jones, Candide, and Dangerous Liaisons, but beyond the dozen or so recognized classics there are hundreds of other interesting novels that appeared then, known only to specialists: ... Show moreSpanish picaresques, French heroic romances, massive Chinese novels, Japanese graphic novels, eccentric English novels, and the earliest American novels. These minor novels are not only interesting in their own right, but also provide the context needed to appreciate why the major novels were major breakthroughs. The novel experienced an explosive growth spurt during these centuries as novelists experimented with different forms and genres: epistolary novels, romances, Gothic thrillers, novels in verse, parodies, science fiction, episodic road trips, and family sagas, along with quirky, unclassifiable experiments in fiction that resemble contemporary, avant-garde works. As in his previous volume, Moore privileges the innovators and outriders, those who kept the novel novel2133ocn034514603book19960.76Moore, StevenRonald Firbank : an annotated bibliography of secondary materials, 1905-1995Bibliography+-+K8863291061953ocn783163534book20130.56Gaddis, WilliamThe letters of William GaddisRecords and correspondence1316ocn060100697book19910.93Firbank, RonaldThe early Firbank1254ocn060972185book20050.79Brossard, ChandlerOver the rainbow? Hardly : collected short seizures+-+1998906945324402ocn013189452book19850.29The Vampire in verse : an anthologyPoetryThis collection of poetry about vampires includes works by Goethe, Coleridge, Byron, Keats, Baudelaire, Kipling, Fitzgerald, Yeats, and more43ocn047805059book20020.10Brossard, ChandlerThe unknown Chandler Brossard22ocn805076031book19890.50Ansen, AlanContact highs : selected poems, 1957-1987+-+809830164532421ocn047797884book20020.10Brossard, ChandlerThe wolf leaps : did Christ make love?FictionPsychological fiction21ocn492340489book2001Bukowski, CharlesBeerspit night and cursingRecords and correspondence+-+750687920611ocn779208071book20100.10Moore, StevenThe novel: an alternative historyCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+895226699611ocn124068268art19871.00Moore, StevenHowl: original draft facsimile : [a review]11ocn818960235mix1.00Moore, StevenSteven Moore Papers on David MarksonThe collection is primarily comprised of correspondence Steven Moore received from David Markson as well as publicity files, reviews of Markson's work, and Moore's collection of publications by Markson+-+8952266996+-+8952266996Fri Mar 21 15:40:39 EDT 2014batch13733