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Fri Mar 21 17:13:29 2014 UTClccn-n810512550.33Handbook of motivation and cognition : foundations of social behavior /0.600.96Uncertainty motivation : implications for a general theory of human motivation /47057652n 81051255596774Sorrentino, Richard M.Sorrentino, Richard Mathewソレンティノ, R. Mlccn-n80161947Higgins, E. Tory(Edward Tory)1946-edtlccn-n82239776Kuhl, Julius1947-edtlccn-n92027646Efklides, Anastasiaedtlccn-nr2001035393Yamaguchi, Susumuedtlccn-n80016764Rushton, J. Philippeedtviaf-253625441Roney, Christopher R. J.lccn-n85320096Brickman, Philiplccn-n81003500Wortman, Camille B.lccn-n99276800Roney, Christopher J. R.lccn-n84020249Goodstadt, Michael S.Sorrentino, Richard M.Conference proceedingsCross-cultural studiesHistoryMotivation (Psychology)CognitionInterpersonal relationsCultureSocial psychologyEast and WestCross-cultural studiesMotivation (Psychology)--ResearchHelping behaviorCognition and cultureEthnopsychologyConflict (Psychology)Commitment (Psychology)LoveCertaintyUncertaintyIndividual differencesPublic opinionPolitical scienceCanadaQuébecAutonomy and independence movementsOntario--LondonCognitive psychologyConsciousnessPsychologyLaporte, Pierre,Cross, James Richard,Attitude (Psychology)19431969197019711973197519771978197919811985198619871990199119921996200020012002200320042005200820112013416534140153.8BF503ocn315584775ocn490214548ocn299408119ocn503233894ocn802794175ocn804295720ocn823851376ocn470325709ocn797620286ocn79763429684127ocn012837968book19860.63Sorrentino, Richard MHandbook of motivation and cognition : foundations of social behavior+-+121171343578011ocn058678502file20040.47Sorrentino, Richard MCulture and social behaviorConference proceedingsThe 10th Ontario Symposium on Personality and Social Psychology was held in 2002 on the topic of culture and social behavior. This book consists of the expanded and updated versions of papers presented initially at the conference+-+642761569663820ocn051933225file20010.53Efklides, AnastasiaTrends and prospects in motivation researchConference proceedingsResearchers in achievement motivation are becoming all the more aware of the importance of affect in motivation and self-regulation. This leads to extension and integration of existing theories as well as to new theories that provide a good account of existing data and offer new insight into the mechanism underlying the functioning of motivation. This book presents up-to-date basic research in motivation and self-regulation and an overview of the field, with particular emphasis on issues such as change of motivation, effects of context and culture on motivation, relations of cognition and affect in motivation and self-regulation, and motivation in school, in sports, and in the aged+-+612129158532457325ocn225423112book20080.66Sorrentino, Richard MHandbook of motivation and cognition across culturesCross-cultural studiesIn recent years there has been a wealth of new research in cognition, particularly in relation to supporting theoretical constructs about how cognitions are formed, processed, reinforced, and how they then affect behavior. Many of these theories have arisen and been tested in geographic isolation. It remains to be seen whether theories that purport to describe cognition in one culture will equally prove true in other cultures. The Handbook of Motivation and Cognition Across Cultures is the first book to look at these theories specifically with culture in mind. The book investigates universal truths about motivation and cognition across culture, relative to theories and findings indicating cultural differences. Coverage includes the most widely cited researchers in cognition and their theories- as seen through the looking glass of culture. The chapters include self-regulation by Tory Higgins, unconscious thought by John Bargh, attribution theory by Bernie Weiner, and self-verification by Bill Swann, among others. The book additionally includes some of the best new researchers in cross-cultural psychology, with contributors from Germany, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, and Australia. In the future, culture may be the litmus test of a theory before it is accepted, and this book brings this question to the forefront of cognition research. * Includes contributions from researchers from Germany, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, and Australia for a cross-cultural panel * Provides a unique perspective on the affect of culture on scientific theories and data+-+89418287655415ocn007577817book19810.66Altruism and helping behavior : social, personality, and developmental perspectives3266ocn042592767book20000.76Sorrentino, Richard MThe uncertain mind : individual differences in facing the unknown"This new book deals directly with how people cope with uncertainty. The authors show that while some people are relatively comfortable dealing with uncertainty and strive to resolve it (uncertainty-oriented), others are more likely to avoid uncertainty, preferring the familiar or the known (certainty-oriented). They go on to examine the implications of these orientations for understanding processes of self-knowledge, social cognition and attitude change, achievement, motivation and performance, interpersonal and group processes, and issues relating to physical and psychological health concerns. Research is discussed linking this uncertainty orientation to each of these issues, raising important practical and theoretical questions for each."--BOOK JACKET+-+96412281353063ocn014413159book19870.66Brickman, PhilipCommitment, conflict, and caring553ocn022104219book19900.37Handbook of motivation and cognition : foundations of social behavior+-+5789713435357ocn490598614book19860.37Handbook of motivation and cognition. foundations of social behavior+-+1211713435114ocn645556596book19900.33Handbook of motivation and cognition : foundations of social behaviorVolume 1 challenged the prevailing "hot" motivation vs. "cold" cognition dichotomy, and proposed instead that motivation and cognition work together in the production of behavior. Volume 2 continues to emphasize theory and research on the motivation-cognition interface, widening the range of approac+-+578971343591ocn490325228book19960.47Handbook of motivation and cognition+-+870558720682ocn004814786book19700.81Sorrentino, Richard MOpinion change in a crisis : effects of the 1970 Canadian kidnapping crisis on political and ethnic attitudesHistory71ocn769955267book19960.47Handbook of motivation and cognition : foundations of social behavior+-+870558720662ocn634143016book19960.47Handbook of motivation and cognition : foundations of social behavior+-+870558720631ocn834648137book20050.47Culture and Social Behavior The Ontario Symposium, Volume 10Cross-cultural differences have many important implications for social identity, social cognition, and interpersonal behavior. The 10th volume of the Ontario Symposia on Personality and Social Psychology focuses on East-West cultural differences and similarities and how this research can be applied to cross-cultural studies in general.$linebreak$Culture and Social Behavior covers a range of topics from differences in basic cognitive processes to broad level cultural syndromes that pervade social arrangements, laws, and public representations. Leading researchers in the study of culture and psychology describe their work and their current perspective on the important questions facing the field. Pioneers in the field such as Harry Triandis and Michael Bond present their work, along with those who represent some newer approaches to the study of culture. Richard E. Nisbett concludes the book by discussing the historical development of the field and an examination of which aspects of culture are universal and which are culture-specific. By illustrating both the diversity and vitality of research on the psychology of culture and social behavior, the editors hope this volume will stimulate further research from psychologists of many cultural traditions.$linebreak$Understanding cultural differences is now more important than ever due to their potential to spark conflict, violence, and aggression. As such, this volume is a "must have" for cultural researchers including those in social, cultural, and personality psychology, and interpersonal, cultural, and political communication, anthropology, and sociology32ocn015880617book19790.96Sorrentino, Richard MUncertainty motivation : implications for a general theory of human motivation31ocn340589934book19960.47Handbook of motivation and cognition : the interpersonal context+-+121171343532ocn464278212book19960.47Handbook of motivation and cognition. Vol.3 : The interpersonal contextBuilding on the theoretical foundations laid by its predecessors, this third volume shifts concern from looking within the individual to examining his or her focus on others. In 18 contributions, researchers and theorists of social relations explore how we use others to further evaluate the self; ho+-+870558720621ocn503233894book19860.47Handbook of motivation and cognition : ed. by Richard M. Sorrentino [and] E. Tory Higgins+-+121171343522ocn675207686book20030.47Michinaru mono ni yureru kokoro : Fukakutei shikōsei riron kara mita kojinsa+-+1211713435+-+1211713435Fri Mar 21 15:43:15 EDT 2014batch16800