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Fri Mar 21 17:13:31 2014 UTClccn-n810620950.00A celebration of Thomas Wilson's 60th birthday0.751.00The willow branches : seven songs from the Chinese : for mezzo-soprano and small orchestra (1986) /5119380Thomas_Wilson_(composer)n 81062095607507Wilson, Thomas.Wilson, Thomas Brendan, 1927-2001lccn-n85058154Edinburgh Quartetprfitrlccn-no2004028278Smith, Simon1983-prflccn-no2012082753Neave, Allanprflccn-n82042931Thomson, Brydencndlccn-n82106205Wilde, David1935-prfitrlccn-n81059039Scottish National Orchestraprflccn-n87111775KentigernSaint-approximately 612lccn-no2011129243Wolff, Johannesprfitrlccn-n90679143Hair, Grahamlccn-n80050986Salter, LionelWilson, Thomas1927-2001ManuscriptsGuitar musicPiano musicSonatas (Piano)String quartetsPiano triosWilson, Thomas,Music--Instruction and studyOrchestral musicConcertos (Piano)Orchestral music--ScoresSong cyclesScotlandKentigern,--Saint,ComposersSongs (Medium voice) with pianoWaltzesArt appreciationSymphonies (Chamber orchestra)--ScoresHorn musicChoruses, Secular (Mixed voices) with orchestraToccatasSymphoniesConcertos (Orchestra)Quartets (Piano, clarinet, violin, cello)Brass band musicConcertos (Instrumental ensemble)Chamber orchestra musicHoly Week musicInstrumental ensemblesChoruses, Secular (Mixed voices, 4 parts) with chamber orchestraPublishers' catalogsPiano trios--Scores1927200119611962196419651966196719681971197219731974197519761977197919821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319962001200220042009201152784136786.4554M1010ocn691798165ocn658399864ocn659216279ocn7627220081172ocn811456224file20090.70Wilson, ThomasA chamber portrait463ocn020635870rcrd19880.88Wilson, ThomasPiano concerto Introit : Towards the light--324ocn004551613score19620.47Wilson, ThomasSonatina, for clarinet and piano204ocn004817889score19710.88Wilson, ThomasThree pieces for guitar184ocn017324689score19850.92Wilson, ThomasChamber concerto : 1985173ocn000967397score19720.81Wilson, ThomasSoliloquy : for guitar152ocn150494495score19610.47Wilson, ThomasValse viennoise : (Hommage a Alban Berg)123ocn028974272score19670.93Wilson, ThomasTouchstone; portrait for orchestra [op. 27]111ocn014949394score19830.88Wilson, ThomasDreammusic : for guitar104ocn163287734rcrd20010.63Wilson, ThomasDie Werke für Klavier solo91ocn012895490score19820.76Wilson, ThomasCancion : for guitar64ocn049912635score19730.63Wilson, ThomasSinfonietta : for brass band61ocn032172286score19900.86Wilson, ThomasCarillon : 1990, for full orchestraManuscripts64ocn498277426score19670.47Wilson, ThomasMy Soul longs for thee, my God. S. S. A., etc63ocn001702270score19730.81Wilson, ThomasComplementi : (1973) : [for] clarinet doubling bass clarinet, violin, 'cello, pianoManuscripts61ocn032172190score19900.92Wilson, ThomasChamber symphony : 199051ocn012915110score19840.92Wilson, ThomasRefrains and cadenzas for brass band51ocn032174482score19910.86Wilson, ThomasChanson de geste : for solo hornManuscripts52ocn070724751score19730.95Wilson, ThomasCoplas del ruiseñor : for guitar51ocn055642059rcrd0.86Wilson, ThomasConcerto for orchestra Symphony no. 3 ; Threnody ; Toccata193ocn016714506score19850.88Wilson, ThomasPiano concerto (1984)Manuscripts152ocn016715600score19860.92Wilson, ThomasSaint Kentigern suite : 1986MusicManuscripts111ocn016714570score19840.73Wilson, ThomasThe willow branches : seven songs for mezzo-soprano and piano (1983)Manuscripts81ocn072161261book20040.73The music of Thomas Wilson : a symposiumCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography83ocn032598714score19890.92Wilson, ThomasAmor Christi : for mixed choir, small orch.Manuscripts71ocn758431782book20110.47Wilson, MargaretThomas Wilson : introit : towards the light : a biography of Scotland's great composerCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography"Born in the United States and raised in Scotland, Thomas Wilson rose from modest beginnings to a position of international recognition as one of the leading composers to come from Britain in the latter half of the twentieth century. From his earliest years music was central to his life. Tom not only wanted to be a composer, he said that he had to be one. There was an inner compulsion - he felt as if he had no choice in the matter. Composition was something that gave him great satisfacation. He said that when it went right there was no feeling like it in the world. Tom believed that it was the composer's duty to continually stretch his horizons since the process of composition did not stop with putting notes on paper. For him music was an act of communication, and no work was truly realised until it had reached an audience through performance. The story of Wilson's life as a composer and a man is told by his wife Margaret, who was with him day by day throughout his career. She shared the early years of privation as Wilson strove to develop his unique voice and was also able to share in his later success that included important commissions and prestigious awards. She knew Thomas Wilson as no other person could, and the story she tells concerns a marriage as well as a musical career.", ThomasThe willow branches : seven songs from the Chinese : for mezzo-soprano and small orchestra (1986)Manuscripts21ocn054793807score19870.92Wilson, ThomasViola concerto (1987)Manuscripts22ocn271706459com19930.86Wilson, ThomasCarillon : 1990, for full orchestraManuscripts22ocn271706435com19900.47Wilson, ThomasChamber Symphony (1990) : flute, oboe, clarinets in B♭ (2o doubling bass clar.), bassoon, 2 horns in F, trumpet in B♭, 2 violins, viola, cello, bassManuscripts21ocn028974297score19740.81Wilson, ThomasComplementi : (1973) : [for] clarinet doubling bass clarinet, violin, 'cello, pianoManuscripts11ocn780505966score19770.47Wilson, ThomasPiano trio (1966)Manuscripts11ocn182722762score19840.47Wilson, ThomasIncunabula : (1983)Manuscripts11ocn699893392book19850.47Thomas WilsonBibliography11ocn271706465score19930.86Wilson, ThomasChanson de geste : for solo hornManuscripts11ocn182722752score19640.33Wilson, ThomasPiano sonata : (1959 ; revised 1964)Manuscripts01ocn780277899visu1987New Music Group of ScotlandA celebration of Thomas Wilson's 60th birthdayFri Mar 21 16:01:04 EDT 2014batch16477