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Fri Mar 21 17:06:43 2014 UTClccn-n810634780.06Barbara Jordan getting things done /0.280.90Interview of Barbara Jordan by Roland C. Hayes, March 28, 198419706311Barbara_Jordann 81063478608864Barbara JordanJordan, Barbara CharlineJordan, Barbara Charline, 1936-1996lccn-n79107874United StatesCongressHouselccn-n81094248Rogers, Mary Bethlccn-n50025632Hearon, Shelby1931-edtlccn-n79006865United StatesCongresslccn-n50001246Fenno, Richard F.1926-lccn-n93015154Stokes, Louis1925-lccn-n2002027616Jones, Stephanie Tubbs1949-2008lccn-n2002027615Fattah, Chaka1956-lccn-n00040746Mendelsohn, Jameslccn-n83181102Roberts, NauriceJordan, Barbara1936-1996BiographyHistoryConference proceedingsCriticism, interpretation, etcInterviewsChurch historySourcesUnited StatesJordan, Barbara,LegislatorsAfrican American women legislatorsUnited States.--Congress.--HousePolitical scienceSpeeches, addresses, etc., AmericanFattah, Chaka,Stokes, Louis,Jones, Stephanie Tubbs,African American legislatorsUnited States.--CongressAfrican Americans--Politics and governmentTexasPolitical ethicsPolitical and social viewsSpeeches, addresses, etcCivil rightsDemocracyPolitical oratorySocial valuesCultural pluralismWomen educatorsAfrican American women educatorsSpeeches, addresses, etc., EnglishWomenCivil rights movementsConstitution (United States)OratoryGood and evilPhotography of womenWomen--PortraitsAdjustment (Psychology)Social historyEqualityPatriotismWatergate Affair (1972-1974)Rhetoric--Political aspectsLanguage and languagesSocial policyCommunicationWomen's rightsMinority women lawyersEducatorsPolitical activistsInterpersonal communicationPolitical participationStern, Paula,Quayle, Marilyn TElders, M. Joycelyn19361996196719691970197119731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820102013201413688229322BE838.5ocn021898290ocn663900994ocn077733303ocn042508924ocn767465244ocn767459715ocn462125669ocn046630352Legislators3633ocn034949342visu19950.28Great American speeches 80 years of political oratorySourcesTraces the history of visually recorded American oratory and discusses the evolution of how, through technology, politicians appear to the public. Each segment has narrative perspective and visual clips which portray that historical era3442ocn040856792book19990.70Jordan, BarbaraBarbara C. Jordan--selected speechesHistory"In this volume, editor Sandra Parham (Archivist, Barbara Jordan Archives) has selected speeches that give readers an insight into Jordan's philosophy on ethics, diversity, and government at a time when our citizens have serious questions about all three. Although printed speeches may not adequately express Jordan's abilities as a consummate orator, they do share her determination, tenacity, and absolute sense of integrity and ethical responsibility. In fact, her emphasis on ethics in government could be summed up in these words: "Just because it's legal, doesn't make it right!""--BOOK JACKET+-+14463073352133ocn123904395visu20040.22Greatest speeches of all timeSeen and heard in this original footage are the dramatic speeches from world leaders that changed the course of history and inspired millions worldwide+-+92340403363241643ocn013993194book19860.88The Great Society : a twenty year critiqueConference proceedings1565ocn026939873visu19860.47Great speechesPresents 6 speeches by 5 speakers each with an introduction detailing the time, place and events surrounding them1422ocn233613586visu20070.27The greatest speeches of all-timeA collection of the most important and well-known speeches of modern times. These are the dramatic words from world leaders that changed the course of history and inspired millions worldwide+-+92340403363241354ocn026939887visu19870.47Great speechesPresents famous speeches, each with an introduction detailing the time, place and events surrounding it1086ocn038126983visu19970.37Great American speeches ; 80 years of political oratoryHistorySourcesThis series traces the history of visually recorded American oratory and discusses the evolution of how, through technology politicians present themselves to the public. Includes commentary and film clips with place each speech in historical perspective. Two speeches included are one for nonpartisan judgment at the Nixon Impeachment hearings by Barbara Jordan, and a 1984 campaign speech by Jesse Jackson+-+7001686796861ocn033032795visu19950.47Great speeches. today's womenA series of speeches by women on national concerns and issues641ocn034417441visu19960.47The legacy of Barbara Jordan four speechesBiographyBarbara Jordan was the first black woman elected to the House of Representatives from the South. She served three terms in that office and became known for her speeches. She was an attorney and later an educator in Houston, Texas572ocn317559693com19840.90Jordan, BarbaraInterview of Barbara Jordan by Roland C. Hayes, March 28, 1984461ocn070185512visu20060.17A moment in time conversations with legendary womenInterviewsPresents interviews with three influential African American women383ocn030384987visu19940.33Anchor of the soul a documentary about black history in MaineHistoryChurch historyProvides an in-depth look at Black history and race relations in northern New England: the inspiring story of African Americans struggling to create and sustain a church in Portland, Maine. The Abyssinian Church, founded in the early 1800's, became the Green Memorial A.M.E. Zion Church351ocn057712736visu20050.29Great American speeches 80 years of political oratoryHistory"This program features speeches by several major orators of the modern political era, including Representative Barbara Jordan's stunningly eloquent appeal for nonpartisan judgment at the Nixon impreachment hearings. Ronald Reagan shows why he was known as the 'great communicator' in his 1981 inaugural address. Former New York Governor Mario Cuom's resounding keynote speech at the 1984 Democratic Convention, as well as an emotion-charged 1984 campaign speech by Jesse Jackson, are also included"--Container341ocn054793082visu20030.37Facing evilBill Moyers joins a three-day Symposium on "Understanding evil" held at the Institute for the Humanities, in Salado, Texas. The video shows how people cope with evil by sharing their experiences342ocn651040746file20100.17We rise speeches by inspirational black womenWe Rise: Speeches by Inspirational Black Women is a rare compilation of memorable speeches delivered by celebrated African-American women from both past and present. Spanning decades and elucidating the fight for equality, it not only captures important pieces of black history, but reveals the struggle from a female perspective. The live recordings in this captivating collection are preceded by a short biography to introduce each speaker+-+6279292516311ocn054083370book19970.27Jordan, BarbaraChallenges for children : discovering science together = Ngā wero mo ngā tāmariki : te kimihia and te ao turoaA resource for parents and teachers which provides instructions for simple experiments to introduce children to science. Topics include plants, animals, electricity, magnetism, light, sound, water, air and earth science+-+3884513545324301ocn061395732visu20050.53The legacy of Barbara JordanBiographyBarbara Jordan was the first black woman elected to the House of Representatives from the South. She served three terms in that office and became known for her speeches. She was an attorney and later an educator in Houston, Texas283ocn024558667visu19900.79Spitz, JeffFrom the bottom upLooks at the efforts of poor and working class communities in the South Bronx, Northern Minnesota and Southern Texas turning to each other to rebuild their communities and provide decent low income housing and services271ocn005626257rcrd19790.63Jordan, BarbaraA profile of Barbara JordanBiographyThe former Congresswoman discusses her years in Congress, her views on American politics, and her present life as a university professor21787ocn038948393book19980.24Rogers, Mary BethBarbara Jordan : American heroBiographyA portrait of the first Black woman elected to the Texas Senate and the U.S. Congress details her rise from Houston's Fifth Ward to influential political leader, and her decision to become a teacher+-+685156800512774ocn004516165book19790.25Jordan, BarbaraBarbara Jordan, a self-portraitBiographyAutobiography of the Afro-American woman who, after serving in the Texas legislature, became a representative to the United States Congress11774ocn721926916file20030.53Fenno, Richard FGoing home Black representatives and their constituentsCase studiesThirty years ago there were nine African Americans in the U.S. House of Representatives. Today there are four times that number. In Going Home, the dean of congressional studies, Richard F. Fenno, explores what representation has meant--and means today--to black voters and to the politicians they have elected to office. Fenno follows the careers of four black representatives--Louis Stokes, Barbara Jordan, Chaka Fattah, and Stephanie Tubbs Jones--from their home districts to the halls of the Capitol. He finds that while these politicians had different visions of how they should represent their distr+-+46869717757463ocn047008684com20000.06Mendelsohn, JamesBarbara Jordan getting things doneJuvenile worksBiographyExamines the life, accomplishments, and views of this distinguished congresswoman, and provides an overview of the history of blacks in Texas+-+42196861256483ocn010099351book19840.06Roberts, NauriceBarbara Jordan, the great lady from TexasJuvenile worksBiographyA biography of the Texas lawyer and teacher who, among other achievements, served three terms in the House of Representatives, the first black woman ever to be elected to that office from the South6204ocn024143776book19900.06Blue, RoseBarbara JordanJuvenile worksBiographyExamines the life and career of the Black woman from Texas who became a prominent political figure+-+86866564255885ocn070045782book20070.50Jordan, BarbaraBarbara Jordan : speaking the truth with eloquent thunder"Revered by Americans across the political spectrum, Barbara Jordan was "the most outspoken moral voice of the American political system," in the words of former President Bill Clinton, who awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1994. Throughout her career as a Texas senator, U.S. congresswoman, and distinguished professor at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, Barbara Jordan lived by a simple creed: "Ethical behavior means being honest, telling the truth, and doing what you said you were going to do." Her strong stand for ethics in government, civil liberties, and democratic values still provides a standard around which the nation can unite in the twenty-first century. This volume brings together several major political speeches that articulate Barbara Jordan's most deeply held values. They include: "Erosion of Civil Liberties," a commencement address delivered at Howard University on May 12, 1974, in which Jordan warned that "tyranny in America is possible" "The Constitutional Basis for Impeachment," Jordan's ringing defense of the U.S. Constitution before the House Judiciary Committee investigating the Watergate break-in Keynote addresses to the Democratic National Conventions of 1976 and 1992, in which Jordan set forth her vision of the Democratic Party as an advocate for the common good and a catalyst of change Testimony in the U.S. Congress on the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork and on immigration reform Meditations on faith and politics from two National Prayer Breakfasts Acceptance speech for the 1995 Sylvanus Thayer Award presented by the Association of Graduates of the United States Military Academy, in which Jordan challenged the military to uphold the values of "duty, honor, country" Accompanying the speeches, some of which readers can also watch on an enclosed DVD, are context-setting introductions by volume editor Max Sherman. The book concludes with the eloquent eulogy that Bill Moyers delivered at Barbara Jordan's memorial service in 1996, in which he summed up Jordan's remarkable life and career by saying, "Just when we despaired of finding a hero, she showed up, to give the sign of democracy. ... This is no small thing. This, my friends, this is grace. And for it we are thankful." .. From publisher's description+-+52816274755762ocn002966288book19770.06Haskins, JamesBarbara JordanJuvenile worksBiographyA biography of the Congresswoman from Texas, the first black woman ever to be elected to that office from the South5253ocn023141513book19900.06Johnson, Linda CarlsonBarbara Jordan, congresswomanJuvenile worksBiographySurveys the life and career of the black woman from Texas who became a lawyer, state legislator, and member of the United States Congress+-+76856621064953ocn043286508book20000.53Holmes, Barbara AnnA private woman in public spaces : Barbara Jordan's speeches on ethics, public religion, and law"The first African American Congresswoman elected from Texas since Reconstruction, Barbara Jordan was an electrifying public speaker. With her ethical vision of community and her passion for education and public service, she challenged the nation to reclaim constitutional ideals and adhere to moral principles. Holmes' provocative and creative work offers the first comprehensive analysis of Jordan's speeches, with particular emphasis on the ways Jordan's private moral vision informed her public work."--BOOK JACKET+-+57583881064171ocn034788343book19970.06Jeffrey, Laura SBarbara Jordan : congresswoman, lawyer, educatorJuvenile worksBiographyExplores the life and career of Barbara Jordan, from her childhood in Houston, through her distinguished career in public office, to her powerful influence as a speaker+-+07415494353191ocn032349677book19960.06Patrick-Wexler, DianeBarbara JordanJuvenile worksBiographyThis is the biography of Barbara Jordan, U. S. congresswoman+-+11248726352692ocn043952182book20000.06McNair, Joseph DBarbara Jordan : African American politicianJuvenile worksBiographyTraces the life and work of this African-American woman who was a respected politician, teacher, and spokeswoman for democracy+-+96921121062231ocn050101421book20020.50Voss, FrederickWomen of our time : an album of twentieth-century photographsBiographyPictorial worksExhibition catalogsThe time frame for this book is the twentieth century, where the women featured were instrumental and significant in their achievements+-+04169430361971ocn039130251book19980.06Rhodes, Lisa ReneeBarbara Jordan : voice of democracyJuvenile worksBiographyTraces the life and work of this African-American woman who was a respected politician, teacher, and spokeswoman for democracy+-+85096668051272ocn212627122book20100.88Aghahowa, Brenda EatmanGrace under fire : Barbara Jordan's rhetoric of Watergate, patriotism, and equalityHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+9537328335991ocn003933604book19780.06Altman, Linda JacobsBarbara Jordan : keeping faithJuvenile worksBiographyA biography of the Afro-American who after serving in the Texas legislature became a representative to the United States Congress973ocn003483771book19770.56Bryant, Ira BBarbara Charline Jordan : from the ghetto to the CapitolBiography942ocn829302182com20050.53The Legacy of Barbara JordanHistoryThis program is a memorable look at the rhetoric of legendary orator Barbara Jordan. Included in their entirety are her 1974 statement on impeachment, 1976 DNC keynote address, 1988 VP nomination, and 1992 DNC keynote address. These speeches along with biographical narration and comments from her memorial service make this a valuable resource for any classroom791ocn055043117book20040.66Thatcher, KristineVoice of good hopeDrama+-+8514677735+-+9234040336324+-+9234040336324Fri Mar 21 15:48:33 EDT 2014batch31719