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Fri Mar 21 17:04:49 2014 UTClccn-n810687040.00The Imus Ranch record II0.251.00Imus in the morning114299708Don_Imusn 81068704614049Imus, John DonaldImus, John Donald 1940- Vollstaendiger Namelccn-no88002194Awkward, Michaellccn-n96119534Imus, Fredlccn-n90628061Tracy, Kathleennp-gershon, tracyGershon, Tracyprdnp-lehning, kyleLehning, Kyleprdlccn-n99017731Reed, Jim1964-lccn-no99050669Kenney, Larryviaf-91928616Savella, Marcianp-bartlett, robBartlett, Roblccn-n79029195Congressional Quarterly, incImus, DonFictionHumorPictorial worksCountry rock musicCountry musicAnecdotesUnited StatesEvangelistsRadio broadcastersImus, DonRacismRace relationsSouthwest, NewCountry musicRadio talk showsFreedom of speechHate speechAmerican wit and humorComedyDisc jockeysMonologuesNovelty songsRock musicTour Eiffel (Paris, France)MSNBCBig East ConferenceCollege sports for womenJournalistsCensorshipStringer, C. VivianRacism in popular cultureSexism in languageRacism in the pressDance therapyHumorous songsPoliticiansWooding, JohnMcCormick, Richard LSexism in musicRacism in languageEntertainersJoy in artPolitics, PracticalNCAA Basketball TournamentSexismRadio comediesFairness doctrine (Broadcasting)194019721973197419811987199419961997199819992003200720082009201026153151813.54PS3559.M8ocn250737780ocn003387306ocn011633487ocn034381525ocn059228427ocn071784797ocn064397958ocn302388777ocn302388774ocn302388771ocn302388787ocn302388785ocn302388781ocn30238876790210ocn031131551book19810.18Imus, DonGod's other son : a novelFictionBilly Sol Hargus, a lecherous, corrupt, hustling, huckstering television evangelist, claims to be God's other son+-+55110162154603ocn036123426book19970.18Imus, DonTwo guys, four corners : great photographs, great times, and a million laughsHumorPictorial worksA collection of photographic images of the American Southwest are accompanied by Don Imus' trademark trenchant observations and witty commentary on modern life+-+02580942151841ocn250737780rcrd20080.12The Imus Ranch recordCountry musicCountry rock music853ocn031596742rcrd19940.13Imus, DonGod's other son the life and times of the Reverend Billy Sol HargusFictionThe life and times of an outrageous, lecherous and corrupt TV evangelist named Billy Sol who claims to be the brother of Jesus Christ+-+7909706215102ocn003387306rcrd19720.97Imus, Don1200 hamburgers to go Imus in the morningPresents a recording of satirical sketches about the "stuffed shirt" conformists in American society73ocn034381525rcrd19740.63Imus, Don"This honky's nuts"71ocn011633487rcrd19730.76Imus, DonOne sacred chicken to go31ocn059228427rcrd20030.23Everything you always wanted to know about rock 'n' roll [novelty & tribute songs dedicated to the music and stars of rock & roll]21ocn229057629rcrd20080.10Imus, Don1200 Hamburgers to Go11ocn302388777rcrd20071.00Imus in the morningRadio talk show hosted by Don Imus, a radio personality known for his provocative comments on the air11ocn302388767rcrd20071.00Imus in the morningRadio talk show hosted by Don Imus, a radio personality known for his provocative comments on the air11ocn768816261rcrd2010The Imus Ranch record II11ocn476867812rcrd2008The Imus Ranch record11ocn302388781rcrd20071.00Imus in the morningRadio talk show hosted by Don Imus, a radio personality known for his provocative comments on the air11ocn302388785rcrd20071.00Imus in the morningRadio talk show hosted by Don Imus, a radio personality known for his provocative comments on the air11ocn047062907visu19990.10How to lose friends & irritate peopleAnecdotesIncludes live performances by Kinky Friedman and guests, 3 duets with Willie Nelson, and interviews with Don Imus, Willie Nelson, and Dwight Yoakum11ocn302388774rcrd20071.00Imus in the morningRadio talk show hosted by Don Imus, a radio personality known for his provocative comments on the air11ocn302388787rcrd20071.00Imus in the morningRadio talk show hosted by Don Imus, a radio personality known for his provocative comments on the air11ocn040414807visu19971.00Radio and television correspondents' dinnerHumorRadio and television correspondents, Congressmen, members of the Cabinet, and others at annual dinner, Washington, D.C., 3/21/96.. Cronkite presents the Barone award to Michel McQueen for a story on Rep. Longley, Gingrich and Clinton speak humorously about Washington politics and Clinton challenges journalists to report aggressively yet fairly. Imus, a radio talk show host known for irreverent humor, makes many jokes, occasionally coarse, about journalists, politicians in attendence, and Whitewater; the White House press secretary the next day characterized many of Imus' remarks as "tasteless."11ocn302388771rcrd20071.00Imus in the morningRadio talk show hosted by Don Imus, a radio personality known for his provocative comments on the air4873ocn318428537book20090.56Awkward, MichaelBurying Don Imus : anatomy of a scapegoat"The radio talk show host Don Imus became the improbable focus of a heated national discussion on race, gender, and the power of language. In Burying Don Imus: Anatomy of a Scapegoat, Michael Awkward provides the first balanced, critical analysis of Imus's comments and the public outrage they provoked." "Written from the singular perspective of a black intellectual with both a long-standing commitment to feminism and a deep familiarity with - and appreciation of - Imus in the Morning, this book contends that the reaction to the insult ignored the nature of Imus's contributions to popular culture and political debate while eliding the real and very complicated issues within contemporary racial politics." "Awkward's probing account analyzes the responses within the African-American community as reflective of deep-seated anxieties rooted in the collective trauma resulting from centuries of slavery, Jim Crow, and racial violence. Placing the controversy in multiple contexts, he addresses Imus's public persona and the satirical intent of his show, and delves into such charged topics as the perception of women athletes in American culture, the tradition of racist humor, the sexist language of hip-hop, and the politics of black hairstyles. Awkward also juxtaposes the Imus incident with other recent controversies, including the rape accusations leveled against white players on Duke University's lacrosse team in 2006, in order to demonstrate how sensational spectacles of racism play out in the media again and again."--BOOK JACKET+-+66921116352821ocn041667719book19990.15Tracy, KathleenImus : America's cowboyBiographyThis briskly paced, definitive account follows the meteoric rise of Imus from small-time radio stations in California to his first triumphs in New York as the morning host on WNBC. Within twelve months, though, alcohol, cocaine, and ego ended Imus's glory days, and for the next eight years he battled the demons that nearly cost him all hopes of a career. But in 1979 he was back, again at WNBC, rehabilitated, and formidably armed with the weaponry of captious words, irreverent humor, and acute political intelligence+-+73515213251172ocn040925844book19990.17Reed, JimEverything Imus : all you ever wanted to know about Don ImusBiography+-+9950724006452ocn146183953com20070.24Clemmitt, MarciaShock jocksWhen Don Imus labeled the Rutgers University women's basketball team "nappy-headed hos" in April, it first looked to be just one more insult hurled in his long career. Imus was penalized initially with a two-week suspension. But when the incident appeared on the Internet site, organizations ranging from the National Association of Black Journalists to the liberal media watchdog group Media Matters for America urged a tougher stance against racial stereotyping on public airwaves. Advertisers began pulling their sponsorship from Imus' show, and both networks that carried it -- CBS Radio and MSNBC TV -- fired him. The outcome was hailed by some as a long-needed response to an increasingly uncivil culture in which shock jocks, comedians, rappers and other media figures traffic in name-calling, racism and misogyny. However, other analysts say silencing Imus was unfair and could begin a purge of outspoken conservative radio hosts, including political commentators like Rush Limbaugh51ocn042443962book19990.08Tracy, KathleenDon ImusBiography+-+735152132541ocn042585990visu19980.27Don Imus mouthing offBiographyReviews the life of controversial radio personality Don Imus11ocn767568147mix1.00Rutgers UniversityThe records of the Don Imus Controversy at Rutgers University are divided into two series containing forty-two folders. Series I, Press Coverage, contains sixteen folders. Series II, Correspondence, contains twenty-six folders. The first series contains the transcript of Imus? original radio show, the subsequent Rutgers University statements in response to his comments, and the media coverage of the controversy (including 6 DVDs, Google News search results, and copies of original newspaper articles). The bulk of the material is found in the second series, consisting of emails sent to the Rutgers University President, Richard L. McCormick, in reaction to the controversy, as well as his responses11ocn046837460art1996Imus, Don11ocn607085398book20090.47Gilliland, Theresa MThe limits of free speech : a critique of censorship in journalism and an analysis of the fairness doctrine11ocn181034759rcrd20070.47Thank you Don Imus Donna Lopiano, CEO of The Women's Sports Foundation, believes that there are not enough conversations on women's civility, but Imus's inappropriate comments about women in sports actually encouraged new healthy conversations ; Commentator Aja Lownes feels that despite Imus's derogatory remarks against women in sports, he is not the root of the problem, Americans are ; Barbara Ehrenreich, biologist and author, affirms that dance, a form of joy, permits humans to bond with each other ; Mathematician Sophie Germaine, who needed a male pseudonym to publish her advanced skills in calculation, contributed to the formation of the Eiffel TowerPart 1. No matter how you feel about the situation, you pretty much have to agree that Don Imus and his comments on the Rutgers women's basketball team have people talking about women and sports. Donna Lopiano is grateful for the opportunity to talk about that. She's the CEO of The Women's Sports Foundation, and she says the whole thing isn't as bad for women in sports as you might think+-+0258094215+-+0258094215Fri Mar 21 15:15:52 EDT 2014batch18164