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Fri Mar 21 17:04:33 2014 UTClccn-n810706760.06We were there on the Nautilus /0.241.00"A most solemnm and significant event."135977854n 81070676616002Ying-wu-lo hao (Submarine : SSN-571)lccn-n82059182Anderson, William R.1921-2007prflccn-n79018893Blair, Clay1925-1998lccn-n79059051United StatesNavylccn-n50045673Rickover, Hyman Georgelccn-n95048395Keith, Don1947-lccn-n50020903Webb, Robert N.lccn-n50014195Vaughn, Frank1915-illlccn-n81052647Lewellen, John Bryan1910-1956lccn-n2001109142Valentine, Paullccn-nr2005000867Oldham, CharlesNautilus (Submarine : SSN-571)SourcesHistoryArctic RegionsNautilus (Submarine : SSN-571)United StatesUnderwater explorationRickover, Hyman GeorgeDiscovery and exploration, AmericanArmed Forces--OfficersCold War (1945-1989)Arctic OceanArctic Ocean--Northwest PassageSubmarine captainsNuclear submarinesExploration, AerialAeronauticsTravelAirshipsUnited States.--NavyScientific expeditionsDiscoveries in geographySubmarines (Ships)Arctic Ocean--North PoleOcean travelVoyages and travels19501952195319541955195619571958195919601961196419661971197219751978198019831984198619891999200020032004200620082009201133067210431ocn002765922mix19580.81Nautilus (Submarine : SSN-571)Deck log book of the U.S.S. Nautilus (SSN-571) commanded by CDR William R. Anderson, U.S.N., attached to 102 Submarine Division, 10 Submarine Squadron, Submarine Force, Atlantic Fleet, commencing 0000 1 August, 1958, at sea enroute [sic] Europe via geographical north pole, and ending 2359 31 August, 1958, at Groton, ConnHistorySourcesHolograph log book of the first nuclear-powered submarine, giving daily remarks on trip and hourly weather reports when submarine was surfaced126412ocn000598715book19500.24Anderson, William RNautilus 90 northJuvenile worksStory of trans-polar voyage of U.S. Navy submarine Nautilus, July - August 1957, leader Cmdr. W.R. Anderson4645ocn001290705book19590.18Anderson, William RFirst under the North pole : the voyage of the Nautilus ...Juvenile worksIllustrated with photographs and drawings4613ocn000349633book19540.32Blair, ClayThe atomic submarine and Admiral Rickover4242ocn173248968book20080.18Anderson, William RThe ice diaries : the untold story of the Cold War's most daring missionBiography+-+34027703252212ocn001399962book19610.06Webb, Robert NWe were there on the NautilusJuvenile worksFictionThrough the experiences of three young sailors, the journey of the Nautilus is traced from Hawaii to England by way of the North Pole1352ocn001235294book19540.20Lewellen, John BryanThe atomic submarine832ocn056769431book20040.66Underway on nuclear power : 50th anniversary of USS NautilusHistory512ocn724704414book20110.33Althoff, William FArctic mission : 90 North by airship and submarineHistory"Artic Mission recounts two concurrent Navy Department penetrations of the Arctic in 1958, one an unclassified project, the other absolutely secret. Sailing under the direct orders of the Commander in Chief, the nuclear submarine Nautilus would, if successful, reaffirm U.S. technological prowess with a stupendous demonstration; an under-ice transit of the Arctic Basin via the North Pole. The airships unclassified mission was an Office of Naval Research project, with the objective to assess the suitability of non-rigid airships for support of field parties deployed throughout the North, ashore and afloat. That August, BUNO 126719 crossed the Arctic Circle, the sole military airship ever to do so, en route to rendezvous with a U.S. Air Force ice-rafted camp in the Arctic Ocean. As 719 pressed north, Nautilus pierced the geographic pole, then without changing course logged the first-ever transit of the deep-ocean Arctic, Pacific to Atlantic. Based on interviews and correspondence with dozens of participants, and on Navy Department reports, the work presents first-hand material throughout, and is a distinct contribution to naval literature."--from Amazon+-+3565607616392ocn002126656book19550.50Blair, ClayThe atomic submarine262ocn264789600rcrd20080.08Anderson, William RThe ice diaries [the untold story of the Cold War's most daring mission]BiographyThe Ice Diaries tells the incredible true story of Captain William R. Anderson and his crew's harrowing, top-secret mission aboard the USS Nautilus, the world's first nuclear-powered submarine. Bristling with newly declassified, never-before-published information, The Ice Diaries takes listeners on a dangerous journey beneath the vast, unexplored Arctic ice cap during the height of the Cold War+-+4518403406121ocn021256917book19590.33Anderson, William RDie abenteuerliche Fahrt der Nautilus102ocn001632667book19590.21Anderson, William RNautilus 90 ĚŠNorte82ocn023329635book19590.97Zhao, HaoshengYingwuluo hao de gu shi81ocn421027504rcrd20090.23Anderson, William RThe ice diaries the untold story of the USS Nautilus and the Cold War's most daring missionBiographyThe Cold War was in full swing. The Soviet Union had just successfully launched Sputnik, and President Eisenhower badly wanted to redeem the reputation of the US as technologically superior. "Operation Sunshine" was the answer: under top-secret orders, the Captain and crew of one of the first nuclear submarines, the USS Nautilus, crossed under the North Pole and became the first naval vessel to forge all the way under the polar ice pack to emerge near the former Soviet Union. Readers will voyage along with Captain Anderson as he shares newly declassified stories of his sub's encounters with terrible storms, fire in the hold, collisions with ice, broken compasses, and more+-+006109061661ocn027969245book19570.96Nautilus (Submarine : SSN-571)The Nautilus, 1951-1957 : pictorial and historical events of the "world's first nuclear powered vessel," the U.S.S. Nautilus (SSN-571)Pictorial works51ocn018042821book19540.29General Dynamics Corporation[The Nautilus51ocn036213281book19580.92Westinghouse Electric Corporation"A voyage of importance."52ocn029618861book19541.00General Dynamics Corporation"A most solemnm and significant event."51ocn029905559book19520.47General Dynamics CorporationThe beginning of an era51ocn061386860book19541.00Belashchenko, Tom KirillovichOn the new American submarine "Nautilus"+-+3402770325Fri Mar 21 16:03:22 EDT 2014batch13293