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His letters, sermons, and treatises - one of the most detailed bodies of writing to survive from any early monastery - provide an unparalleled resource for the study of early Christian monasticism and asceticism." "In Monastic Bodies, Caroline Schroeder offers an in-depth examination of the asceticism practiced at the White Monastery using diverse sources, including monastic rules, theological treatises, sermons, and material culture. Schroeder details Shenoute's arduous disciplinary code and philosophical structure, including the belief that individual sin corrupted not only the individual body but the entire "corporate body" of the community." "Contextualizing Shenoute within the wider debates about asceticism, sexuality, and heresy that characterized late antiquity, Schroeder compares his views on bodily discipline, monastic punishments, the resurrection of the body, the incarnation of Christ, and monastic authority with those of figures such as Cyril of Alexandria, Paulinus of Nola, and Pachomius."--BOOK JACKET+-+85448776352402ocn009394528book19830.70BesaThe life of ShenouteBiography1672ocn795504191book20130.84López, Ariel GShenoute of Atripe and the uses of poverty : rural patronage, religious conflict and monasticism in late antique EgyptHistoryShenoute of Atripe: stern abbot, loquacious preacher, patron of the poor and scourge of pagans in fifth-century Egypt. This book studies his numerous Coptic writings and finds them to be the most important literary source for the study of society, economy and religion in late antique Egypt. The issues and concerns Shenoute grappled with on a daily basis, Ariel Lopez argues, were not local problems, unique to one small corner of the ancient world1192ocn181138709book0.84Christianity and monasticism in Upper EgyptHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcConference proceedings+-+26681692241111ocn016924043book19860.84Shisha-Halevy, ArielCoptic grammatical categories : structural studies in the syntax of Shenoutean Sahidic975ocn001211948book19030.73Leipoldt, JohannesSchenute von Atripe und die Entstehung des national äegyptischen ChristentumsChurch history953ocn055600196book19930.81Emmel, StephenShenoute's literary corpus+-+9587647954324791ocn010825617book19820.73BesaLa Version éthiopienne de la vie de SchenoudiHistoryBiography592ocn016169278book0.90Horn, JürgenStudien zu den Märtyrern des nördlichen OberägyptenHistoryChurch historyCriticism, interpretation, etc481ocn310081568book20090.66Mikhail, Maged S. AChristianity and monasticism in Wadi al-Natrun essays from the 2002 international symposium of the Saint Mark Foundation and the Saint Shenouda the Archimandrite Coptic SocietyHistoryConference proceedingsInternational specialists in Coptology examine various aspects of Coptic civilisation in Wadi al-Natrun over the past 1700 years. Their studies centre on aspects of the history and development of monasticism in Wadi al-Natrun, as well as the art, architecture, and archaeology of the four existing and numerous former monastries of the region+-+4517169224443ocn699720262book20110.79Cristea, Hans-JoachimSchenute von Atripe, Contra Origenistas : Edition des koptischen Textes mit annotierter Übersetzung und Indizes einschliesslich einer Übersetzung des 16. Osterfestbriefs des Theophilus in der Fassung des Hieronymus (ep. 96)HauptbeschreibungSchenute von Atripe (gest. nach 451), der berühmte Archimandrit und bedeutendste Autor der koptischen Originalliteratur, verteidigt in diesem Traktat die orthodoxe Lehre gegen eine Vielzahl abweichender Strömungen, die von Origenes über Arius und verschiedene gnostische Lehren bis zu seinem Zeitgenossen Nestorius reichen und nach wie vor die monastische Disziplin und Frömmigkeit bedrohen. Nach der Erstedition durch T. Orlandi und der Zuordnung weiterer Textzeugen (sowie der Ermittlung des Incipit: "I Am Amazed") durch St. Emmel legt Hans-Joachim Cristea hier erstmals eine urku391ocn030007533book19930.86ShenuteCoptic manuscripts from the White Monastery : works of ShenuteCatalogs383ocn004386740book18890.53Amélineau, ELes moines égyptiens; vie de SchnoundiBiography383ocn025465978book19510.63BesaSinuthii vita Bohairice.101ocn865468585book20130.95ShenuteLe Canon 8 de Chénouté : d'après le manuscript Ifao Copte 2 et les fragments complémentairesShenoute (4th-5th cent.), the abbot of the great monastery in Upper Egypt known as "White Monastery," is considered as the Coptic writer par excellence, being the author of nine books of so-called Canons, or sermons on monastic discipline. Scattered after their discovery in the late 1880's, like all manuscripts of the Monastery's library, the volumes have reached us only in a very fragmentary state. Canon 8 is a welcome exception, as a copy, dated 8th century and preserved up to 80%, has been kept in the collection of Ifao for over a hundred years. Presented here are the description, edition and translation of the various sermons contained in the manuscript, with colour reproductions of all the pages stored in Cairo. Such a valuable testimony should be of great interest to scholars in book history and Coptic language, as well as in Egyptian monasticism, which Shenoute, one of its most passionate representatives, served with a fiery and subtle rhetoric61ocn058452046book20010.95Szmurło, RomanŻycie monastyczne w pismach Szenutego z AtripeHistory54ocn051452260book20020.96Schroeder, Caroline TDisciplining the monastic body : asceticism, ideology, and gender in the Egyptian monastery of Shenoute of AtripeHistory41ocn009327936book19800.63Jaye, Harold SeymourA homily of Shenoute of Atripe On human will and the devil : translation, commentary, and literary analysis41ocn041240909book19960.73Krawiec, Rebecca SandraWomen's life in Shenute's White Monastery : a study in late antique Egyptian monasticismHistory+-+6894760465Fri Mar 21 15:37:03 EDT 2014batch23076