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Thu Feb 12 22:11:55 2015 UTClccn-n810795370.06Daddy's girl /0.180.96Fullness79812213Garrison_Keillorn 81079537624799Durber, Margaret HaskingsDurber, Margaret Haskins.Durber Margaret Haskins 1942-....Keillor, GarrisonKeillor, Garrison, 1942-Keillor, Garrison EdwardKeillor, Gary Edward.Keillor Gary Edward 1942-....キーラ, ギャリソンキロワー, ギャリソンlccn-n84002451Minnesota Public Radiolccn-n80067040Republican Party (U.S. : 1854- )lccn-n79054058Democratic Party (U.S.)lccn-no95035820Harrelson, Woodyprfactlccn-n99262760Songer, Marcia1936-autlccn-no2006060564River Road Entertainment (Firm)prolccn-n88258563LaZebnik, Kensceccplccn-n81003475Altman, Robert1925-2006proprfflmdrtautlccn-n2010006300Prairie Home Productionsprolccn-no89020359Jones, Tommy Lee1946-prfactKeillor, GarrisonFictionDomestic fictionBiographyJuvenile worksDramaChristmas storiesHumorous storiesPictorial worksDetective and mystery stories, AmericanPsychological fictionLake Wobegon (Minn. : Imaginary place)MinnesotaCity and town lifeHumorous stories, AmericanUnited StatesLutheran womenEnglish poetryAmerican poetryMinnesota--Saint PaulLiteratureAuthors, AmericanRadio broadcastersSummerNorwegian AmericansPastoral fiction, AmericanShort stories, AmericanAdvice columnistsAmericansItaly--RomeRadio stationsBrothersMarried peopleMenPolitical scienceDemocracySocial historyEconomic policySocial policyRadio programsTravelersBlizzardsNorth DakotaWit and humorRadio actors and actressesCountry musicKeillor, GarrisonChristmas storiesDemocratic Party (U.S.)Republican Party (U.S. : 1854- )CatsHumorous storiesStories in rhymeManners and customsFathers and daughtersHomesHumorous stories--AuthorshipLutheransMan-woman relationshipsWeight lossPolitical and social views194219701972197419771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014997226941876813.54PS3561.E3755ocn011971882ocn016227460ocn018740437ocn046908019ocn037293275ocn124166751ocn023767162ocn028182310ocn052214564ocn191929198ocn028286795ocn069408562ocn071270576ocn031507715ocn062595551ocn021711470ocn051268219ocn229157300ocn856907081ocn856906244ocn233578725ocn052724209ocn065377619ocn071354852ocn046630670ocn038107758ocn767873694ocn760891916ocn166326036ocn051563971ocn070685057ocn809199523ocn878600913ocn829102374ocn070685057ocn829102374ocn040146950ocn731389145ocn442269259ocn805924456ocn420518080ocn870937352ocn779975622ocn893939330ocn893939331ocn894473253ocn893939333ocn893939334ocn893939335ocn503245123ocn893939311ocn862133862ocn893939332ocn800110417ocn780839722ocn779722693ocn762712044ocn674289588ocn742670728ocn422100347ocn422000324ocn441764821ocn075657187ocn077762068ocn781754715ocn785738343ocn793848999ocn144684647ocn762712044ocn674289588ocn779722693ocn422100347ocn742670728ocn884918570ocn078523320652287ocn011971882book19850.19Keillor, GarrisonLake Wobegon daysFictionSatireLearn about the status of the unknown Norwegian and why Lake Wobegon never made it onto the maps and many other small-town stories+-+7616865965423354ocn016227460book19870.20Keillor, GarrisonLeaving homeFictionIn this collection of stories about small-town life, Dale takes a step toward manhood and Darlene sets off for Minneapolis to begin a new life+-+9516865965356429ocn124166751book20070.16Keillor, GarrisonPontoon : a Lake Wobegon novelFictionSatireAstonished to learn that her impeccable mother led a secret life marked by her passionate love for a Las Vegas man and a private commitment to pleasure, Barbara elects to end destructive patterns in her own life while honoring her mother's final wishes+-+3108155215353237ocn018740437book19820.19Keillor, GarrisonWe are still married : stories & lettersFictionA collection of short stories, poems, and letters of domestic problems, travels, etc., in rural America+-+1106865965339222ocn046908019book20000.18Keillor, GarrisonLake Wobegon summer 1956FictionDuring the summer of 1956, fourteen-year-old geek Gary struggles with the hormonal pains and obsessions of puberty as he experiences a passionate devotion to his rebellious cousin Kate and pursues his dream of becoming a writer, but when Kate gets into trouble with the local basketball star, Gary is forced to deal with the first pangs of a broken heart+-+5465676205324300826ocn037293275book19860.19Keillor, GarrisonWobegon boyFictionPsychological fictionDomestic fictionA comedy on John Tollefson, a 40-something bachelor from Minnesota working in a college in New York State as manager of its radio station. The college caters to academically challenged children of financially gifted parents. A spoof on academia+-+8253235215299839ocn023767162book19910.19Keillor, GarrisonWLT, a radio romanceFictionIn the spring of 1926, the Soderbjerg brothers, Ray and Roy, plunge into radio and launch station WLT (With Lettuce and Tomato) to rescuer their failing restaurant and become the Sandwich Kings of South Minneapolis. For the next quarter century, the "Friendly Neighbor" station produces a dazzling array of shows and stars, including Leo LaValley, Dad Benson, Wingo Beals, Slim Graves and Little Buddy, chain-smoking child star Marjery Moore, and blind baseball announcer Buck Steller. Francis With, a shy young man from North Dakota, entranced by radio, gets into WLT through his uncle Art and quickly becomes the Soderbjerg's right hand. Soon Francis is a budding announcer adored by Lily Dale, the crippled nightingale of WLT kept hidden from her fans, whose firing contributes to the downfall of the station. And then comes television [Publisher description]+-+7058627425288220ocn191929198book20080.16Keillor, GarrisonLiberty : a Lake Wobegon novelFictionA national holiday in Lake Wobegon is always gaudy and joyful. But when the major planner behind the Fourth of July parade and the twenty-four-year-old girl who dresses up as the Statue of Liberty develop a close "friendship," rumors begin to fly. What will happen is anybody's guess as CNN and the governor put in an appearance in Lake Wobegon--home to a good loving people who drive each other crazy+-+2644655215283525ocn052214564book20030.17Keillor, GarrisonLove meFictionDomestic fictionLeaving his wife to pursue an idealized life as a writer, Larry Wyler finds his early successes quickly deteriorating and returns home to write for an advice column, through which he learns unexpected life lessons+-+3197855215279735ocn028182310book19930.19Keillor, GarrisonThe book of guys : storiesFictionIncludes twenty-one short stories+-+0728875965273520ocn318411554book20090.15Keillor, GarrisonPilgrims : a Wobegon romanceFictionHumorous storiesWobegon goes abroad in this rousing and moving story of a group trip to Rome in which the warm circle of kinship invites stories of astonishing frankness and self-revelation--and of course, humor+-+6456755215251827ocn007739347book19700.20Keillor, GarrisonHappy to be hereFictionA collection of Keillor's writings--skewed reflections on our life and times+-+0736865965220710ocn049320415book20020.18Keillor, GarrisonGood poemsEvery day people tune in to The Writer's Almanac on public radio and hear Garrison Keillor read them a poem. And here, for the first time, is an anthology of poems from the show, chosen by the narrator for their wit, their frankness, their passion, their "utter clarity in the face of everything else a person has to deal with at 7 a.m." The title Good Poems comes from common literary parlance. For writers, it's enough to refer to somebody having written a good poem. Somebody else can worry about greatness. Mary Oliver's "Wild Geese" is a good poem, and so is James Wright's "A Blessing." Regular people love those poems. People read them aloud at weddings, people send them by e-mail. Good Poems includes poems about lovers, children, failure, everyday life, death, and transcendence. It features the work of classic poets, such as Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, and Robert Frost, as well as the work of contemporary greats such as Howard Nemerov, Charles Bukowski, Donald Hall, Billy Collins, Robert Bly, and Sharon Olds. It's a book of poems for anybody who loves poetry whether they know it or not+-+2176855215210313ocn319501311book20090.14Keillor, GarrisonA Christmas blizzardFictionChristmas storiesA wealthy and depressed Chicago man, bound for Christmas in Hawaii, is abruptly summoned home to North Dakota. He arrives just in time to be trapped there by a blizzard. During his stay, he reaches an epiphany worthy of the season and resolves to simplify his life+-+4186755215210031ocn070685057visu20030.19Keillor, GarrisonA prairie home companionHumorDramaComedy films"The day of reckoning has come to the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, home of A Prairie Home Companion. The show is closing, the theater is going dark. Radio station WLT has been sold to a broadcasting conglomerate in Texas. The wrecking ball is poised to swing as the regulars arrive for the last broadcast in a state of disbelief - the Johnson Girls, Yolanda and Rhonda, and the singing cowboys, Dusty and Lefty, crooner Church Akers, and announcer Garrison Keillor. But when the Dangerous Woman appears with her golden Botticellian hair and dazzling white trench coat, the final curtain catches them all by surprise."--BOOK JACKET+-+7261015325194810ocn060188965book20050.07VariousGood poems for hard timesPresents a collection of inspirational poems by such authors as Emily Dickinson, Billy Collins, Robert Frost, and Raymond Carver+-+8189855215145512ocn031515743book19950.07Keillor, GarrisonCat, you better come homeJuvenile worksFictionPictorial worksDissatisfied with her life, Puff the cat leaves home and becomes a rich and glamorous model, but eventually returns having found out that it's better to be who you are+-+976603521596414ocn154744041rcrd20070.13Keillor, GarrisonPontoon [a novel of Lake Wobegone]FictionHumorous storiesAstonished to learn that her impeccable mother led a secret life marked by her passionate love for a Las Vegas man and a private commitment to pleasure, Barbara elects to end destructive patterns in her own life while honoring her mother's final wishes+-+67702334069458ocn775416086book20120.13Keillor, GarrisonGuy Noir and the straight skinnyFictionDetective and mystery stories, AmericanOn the 12th floor of the Acme Building, on a cold February day in St. Paul, Guy Noir looks down the barrel of a loaded revolver in the hands of geezer gangster Joey Roast Beef. Joey is demanding to hear what lucrative scheme Guy is cooking up with stripper-turned-women's-studies-professor Naomi Fallopian. In this whirlwind caper Guy faces danger, falls in love, and faces off with the capo del capo del grande primo capo Johnny Banana8837ocn057726709book20050.06Keillor, GarrisonDaddy's girlJuvenile worksFictionColorful illustrations of four doting songs celebrate the loving relationship between a father and his daughter. Includes CD sung by the author+-+8134631325206310ocn051551050file20000.37Songer, MarciaGarrison Keillor a critical companionCriticism, interpretation, etcProvides an overview of the life and career of author Garrison Keillor, along with scholarly readings of seven of his works and a primary and secondary bibliography+-+937255868520047ocn055657651book20040.19Keillor, GarrisonHomegrown Democrat : a few plain thoughts from the heart of AmericaHistoryBiography"We deomcrats are deeply flawed people, we can be earnestly boring and awfully righteous about moral issues in faraway places......And we are passionate. This is a year for passion."+-+50188552158484ocn027936236book19930.37Scholl, Peter AGarrison KeillorCriticism, interpretation, etcScholl finds that if Keillor attained his widest acclaim as a yarnspinner in the nineteenth-century traditions of local color and literary comedy - the foremost progenitor of which being Mark Twain - he revitalized those traditions while adopting comic modes and playing roles that had little precedent in eras other than his own+-+45390922353248283ocn233549290book20140.16Keillor, GarrisonThe Keillor reader" Stories, essays, poems, and personal reminiscences from the sage of Lake Wobegon When, at thirteen, he caught on as a sportswriter for the Anoka Herald, Garrison Keillor set out to become a professional writer, and so he has done-a storyteller, sometime comedian, essayist, newspaper columnist, screenwriter, poet. Now a single volume brings together the full range of his work: monologues from A Prairie Home Companion, stories from The New Yorker and The Atlantic, excerpts from novels, newspaper columns. With an extensive introduction and headnotes, photographs, and memorabilia, The Keillor Reader also presents pieces never before published, including the essays "Cheerfulness" and "What We Have Learned So Far." Keillor is the founderand host of A Prairie Home Companion, celebrating its fortieth anniversary in 2014. He is the author of nineteen books of fiction and humor, the editor of the Good Poems collections, and a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters"--7122ocn047833124book20010.19Keillor, GarrisonIn search of Lake WobegonPictorial worksExcerpt on back of dust jacket: "Twenty-five years ago, I invented a small town and started telling stories about it on the radio and ever since then, people have asked me if it's a real town, and if it is, then where is it? I used to tell them that it's fiction. But they were disappointed. People want stories to be true. So I started telling people the town is in central Minnesota, near Stearns County, up around Holdingford, not far from St. Rosa and Albany and Freport, which is sort of the truth, I guess."+-+12858552156852ocn016005464book19870.21Fedo, Michael WThe man from Lake WobegonBiographyStory of the originator of the radio program "A Prairie Home Companion."5312ocn022860706book19910.54Lee, Judith YarossGarrison Keillor : a voice of AmericaCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+68290532353853ocn056129782rcrd20040.13Keillor, GarrisonHomegrown Democrat [a few plain thoughts from the heart of America]BiographyHumorKeillor draws on a lifetime of experience amongst the hardworking, God-fearing people of the Midwest and pays homage to the common code of civic necessities that arose from the left, such as protecting the social compact, defending the powerless, and maintaining government as a necessary force for good+-+7374660106821ocn016505565visu19870.14A Prairie home companion with Garrison Keillor the last showIn the final live performance of the 13-year-old radio show, Keillor shares his humorous observations and touching depictions of life in Lake Wobegon before an enthusiastic and emotional audience. Included are musical performances, the conclusion of "Buster the Show Dog," and tributes to America672ocn123229067visu19900.23Carnegie Hall at 100 a place of dreamsCriticism, interpretation, etcInterviewsTribute to Carnegie Hall, New York, in the form of a series of brief interviews with performers who have appeared on its stage. They share reminiscences of their own and others' performances, relay historical information, and discuss the variety of Carnegie Hall's presentations, which have included classical music, jazz, pop, comedy, drama, dance, children's concerts, and folk music. Archival footage of illustrious performers of the past and excerpts from more recent performances provide a sampling of the hall's offerings. A montage of the activities of past and present tenants of the building's many studios illustrates its importance to the arts. Tenants and supporters are seen protesting a proposed demolition in 1960, which would have had disastrous and wide-ranging effects. Interspersed through the program are excerpts from Mussorgsky's Pictures at an exhibition, played by the New York Youth Symphony conducted by Samuel Wong602ocn056191064rcrd20040.13Keillor, GarrisonHomegrown Democrat [a few plain thoughts from the heart of America]Biography""I didn't become a Democrat because I was angry," says Garrison Keillor, writer and host of A Prairie Home Companion. "I'm a Democrat because I received a good education in the public schools of Anoka, Minnesota, attended a great state university and when I was 18, John F. Kennedy ran for president." Here, with great heart and wit and a dash of anger, Keillor describes the democratic values of the hard-working God-fearing people of Lake Wobegon and the idea of the common good-- the civil compact that Republicans have been attacking for the past decade. The simple code of the Golden Rule that underlies midwestern civility. The politics of kindness. The obligation to defend the weak against the powerful. "We Democrats are deeply flawed people, we can be earnestly boring and awfully righteous about moral issues in faraway places. We can be weenies, capable of doing dumb things in the name of the common good. But we do stick to our guns. We believe in decency and public spiritedness and have refused to hitch our wagon to yahooism and have supported government as a necessary force for good. And we are passionate. This is a year for passion." A reminiscence, a political tract, and a humorous meditation, Homegrown Democrat is a deeply personal work from one of America's best-loved voices"--Container+-+9274660106252ocn630472598rcrd20100.11Geillor, HarrisonThe zombies of Lake WoebegottenFictionParodies, imitations, etcBlack humor"The town of Lake Woebegotten, Minnesota, is a small town, filled with ordinary (yet above average) people, leading ordinary lives. Ordinary, that is, until the dead start coming back to life, with the intent to feast upon the living. Now this small town of above average citizens must overcome their petty rivalries and hidden secrets, in order to survive an onslaught of the dead"--Container+-+7285336996211ocn644706282com20060.47Contemporary Literary Criticism: Criticism of the Works of Today's Novelists, Poets, Playwrights, Short Story Writers, Scriptwriters, and Other Creative WritersCriticism, interpretation, etcStories, plots, etcCovers authors who are currently active or who died after December 31, 1959. Profiles novelists, poets, playwrights and other creative and nonfiction writers by providing criticism taken from books, magazines, literary reviews, newspapers and scholarly journals+-+2744212325324181ocn527378604book20050.17Balcer, KatyAuthors & artists for young adultsBio-bibliographyBiographyBibliographyInterviewsFacts about the writers, artists, film directors, graphic novelists, and other creative personalities that interest teens. International in scope+-+050111232551ocn004616758book19770.27Keillor, GarrisonG.K. the DJBiography51ocn014956257visu19860.21Portrait of AmericaDocumentary illustrates the importance of lakes and water in Minnesota life. Includes segments on Justine Kerfoot on the Gunflint Trail, wild ricing on Leech Lake Indian Reservation, the Iron Range town of Aurora, Pinchas Zukerman, conductor of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, the preparation and eating of lutefisk, hockey in Warroad with player and coach Bill Christian, the family farm of Marvin Hanson, Joseph Mayo, the most recent Mayo to practice medicine, Garrison Keillor and the Prairie Home Companion radio show, and the St. Paul Winter Carnival ice palace51ocn163595850rcrd20030.14Keillor, GarrisonA life in comedy [an evening of favorites from a writer's life]FictionShort stories, AmericanContains highlights from the radio personality's solo performances at Yale Repertory Theatre, during which he read from his published and unpublished works, including stories from "The New Yorker," chapters from his novels, news from Lake Wobegon, essays, letters, and poems+-+314166010651ocn018187127book19870.22Farewell to A prairie home companion42ocn611353576file0.18Garrison Keillor : (1942-)Criticism, interpretation, etc42ocn707603071file19930.96Banks, ScottFullness+-+5465676205324+-+5465676205324Fri Feb 13 10:28:45 EST 2015batch58847