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Thu Oct 16 18:03:04 2014 UTClccn-n810894070.39An Anthology of early Renaissance music /0.571.00Carry her over the water /79492507Noah_Greenbergn 81089407634611lccn-n81091300New York Pro Musicaprfenslccn-n79054316Auden, W. H.(Wystan Hugh)1907-1973prfedtlccn-n50082264Daniel(Biblical figure)lccn-n50067197Kallman, Chester1921-1975edtlccn-n84198894Maynard, Paulprfitredtlccn-n50051417HerodIKing of Judea73 B.C.-4 B.C.lccn-n81089324New York Pro Musica Antiquaprflccn-n81147432HenryIVKing of England1367-1413lccn-no96007397GodricSaint-1170lccn-n83198286Power, Leonel-1445Greenberg, NoahDramaCriticism, interpretation, etcMusicScoresLiturgical dramasPart songs, SacredVocal musicPart songs, EnglishDaniel--(Biblical figure)Christmas musicInstrumental musicSongs with luteMusicMusic--Instruction and studyMadrigals, EnglishHerod--I,--King of Judea,SongbooksSacred vocal musicDance musicMassesWind ensemblesChamber musicCarolsInstrumental ensemblesSongbooks, EnglishMadrigalsPart songs, ItalianEnglish poetry--Early modernSpainSongs with pianoGreenberg, NoahNew York (State)--New YorkNew York Pro MusicaSongs, EnglishEarly-music specialistsConductors (Music)Glees, catches, rounds, etcEnglandChildren's songsMadrigals, ItalianChoruses, Sacred (Men's voices) with instrumental ensembleAve Maria (Music)Salve Regina (Music)Kyrie eleison (Music)Agnus Dei (Music)Instrumental ensembles, ArrangedFranceChurch-night servicesPart songsMotetsCarols, EnglishSonatas (Recorder and continuo)SongsVocal duets with instrumental ensemble19191966194219511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197519771978197919801982198419861987198819911993199519961997199820002001200220032004200520072009201020112012201312287281659783.2854M1740.G83ocn003317392ocn003066650ocn029445924ocn006292312ocn003741179ocn001029645ocn003525715ocn004969357ocn002997936ocn003316632ocn000376511ocn002869519ocn003524573ocn042231721ocn000338506ocn045432065ocn004674350ocn001163808ocn003111711ocn055162540ocn003228461ocn001062865ocn001102164ocn003334682ocn002809372ocn004074400ocn005096980ocn003320094ocn010835378ocn006898415ocn005155170ocn025223926ocn025223952ocn021103895ocn870179148ocn670063248ocn885044646ocn885062082ocn676921994ocn884886209ocn154357556130244ocn001200668score19160.47Greenberg, NoahAn Elizabethan song book; lute songs, madrigals and rounds"The songs in this collection were all written when the age of Elizabethan song was at its height."-inside jacket92413ocn001940147score19750.39An Anthology of early Renaissance musicCriticism, interpretation, etc85413ocn000376511score19590.53Greenberg, NoahThe play of Daniel : a thirteenth-century musical dramaMusicDramaScores6408ocn002869519score19610.47Greenberg, NoahAn anthology of English medieval and Renaissance vocal music : part songs for one to six voices56911ocn000407562score19650.59Greenberg, NoahThe play of Herod : a twelfth-century musical dramaDrama55811ocn000229209score19610.39Greenberg, NoahAn English songbook : part songs and sacred music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance for one to six voices44221ocn003317392rcrd19550.66New York Pro MusicaThe play of Daniel : a twelfth century musical dramaDrama3258ocn002792981rcrd19610.77New York Pro MusicaXVth century Netherlands masters30415ocn003066650rcrd19600.70New York Pro MusicaThe Renaissance bandA suite of dances (Praetorius); A la bataglia (Isaac); selections by di Lasso; includes demonstrations of these Renaissance instruments: recorder consort; krummhorn consort; cornett; sackbutt; double reed consort; Noah Greenberg director25512ocn001029645rcrd19640.70The play of Herod; [a medieval musical drama]Drama2546ocn003741179rcrd19540.74Auden, W. HAn evening of Elizabethan verse and its music24811ocn001062865rcrd19590.77New York Pro MusicaSpanish music of the Renaissance2269ocn000950995rcrd19530.56New York Pro Musica AntiquaEnglish medieval Christmas carols2217ocn003026586rcrd19660.66New York Pro MusicaNoah Greenberg conducting the New York Pro Musica an anthology of his greatest works2093ocn003525715rcrd19620.79Greenberg, NoahSpanish medieval music20010ocn010017265rcrd19610.77JosquinMissa Pange lingua Motets & instrumental pieces1988ocn004301446rcrd19540.77New York Pro Musica AntiquaAnthology of Renaissance musicKyrie Eleison (Dufay); Tu Solus (Des Pres); Adoremus Te (Lassus); Ave Maria (Des Pres); Agnus Dei (Morley); Ave Maria (De Victoria); Assumpta Est (Da Palestrina); O Jesu Christe (Van Berchem); Salve regina (Lassus); Iocundare Jerusalem (Mouton); Eheu (Morley); Domine Fac Mecum (Morley); O Vos Omnes (De Victoria); Resonet In Laudibus (Lassus) Primavera Singers of the New York Pro Musica Antiqua Noah Greenberg, director1907ocn004074507rcrd19610.79New York Pro MusicaInstrumental music from the courts of Queen Elizabeth and King James1884ocn029445924rcrd19580.66Monteverdi, ClaudioVocal music of Claudio Monteverdi1824ocn045432065score20000.47An English medieval and Renaissance song book : part songs and sacred music for one to six voices+-+39286913952111ocn045582509book20010.74Gollin, JamesPied Piper : the many lives of Noah GreenbergBiography"In 1952, he put together an ensemble of engaging young singers and instrumentalists, who gave lively, expressive interpretations of medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque works. Their presentation of the liturgical drama The Play of Daniel won them international fame. Under Greenberg's leadership, they recorded extensively and toured Europe, the Soviet Union, and Latin America. At the height of his and Pro Musica's success, Noah Greenberg died at the age of 47. In Pied Piper, James Gollin not only relates Greenberg's tragically short, but highly colorful life story, but he sets the man in the rich context of America's rise to postwar political and cultural prominence."--BOOK JACKET+-+069529120663ocn015020520mix19840.59Gaskill, Sarah JaneThe artist as manager Noah Greenberg and the New York Pro Musica11ocn029581458score19521.00Greenberg, NoahCarry her over the waterMusical settingsManuscripts11ocn795320598book20100.47Duncan, Andrew OliphantNoah Greenberg's presentation of Medieval liturgical music-drama : a study in expediency over scholarshipCriticism, interpretation, etcDramaThroughout this thesis, I examine Greenberg's commercial recordings, his published text and his correspondence with musicologists relating to historic performance practice of these works. I demonstrate that Greenberg found himself in a position where he was forced to compromise between academic and artistic presentations. While Greenberg consulted scholarship in the field of historic performance practice in order to present these works to a modern audience in a historically-informed manner, he often received conflicting advice. Thus Greenberg was often compelled to reject their recommendations and to experiment and make his own judgment to interpret the original manuscipts. Furthermore, Greenberg's adaptations were designed to fascinate the modern New York audience and to keep his musicians active on stage."--Abstract, p. 211ocn082055324book19661.00New York Pro Musica AntiquaNew York Pro Musica concert in memoriam Noah Greenberg (1919-1966) October 16, 1966 ... Hunter College Assembly Hall11ocn122346214mix1.00New York Pro MusicaNew York Pro Musica recordsThe New York Pro Musica records document the organization's performance and administrative activities and span the years 1952-1988, including Pro Musica's entire period of activity from 1952-1974+-+3928691395+-+3928691395Thu Oct 16 15:28:02 EDT 2014batch25191