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Fri Mar 21 17:10:53 2014 UTClccn-n810556190.00Bie xiang bai tuo shu : ai ke&ka li ai er dui hua lu /0.291.00Giroise ; La porte /36915864Jean-Claude_Carrièren 810556196010962756452Carrière, J.-C. 1931-Carrière, J.-C. (Jean-Claude), 1931-Carrière, JeanCarrière, Jean-ClaudeCarrière, Jean Claude 1931-Carrière, Jean-Claude François 1931-Karijer, Žan-Klodカリエール, J. Cカリエール, ジャン・クロードlccn-n79004176Buñuel, Luis1900-1983iveprfaudadpsceprodrtausflmnrtlccn-no98092622Criterion Collection (Firm)lccn-n2005072496Brook, Peter1925-othivecmmtrladpauidrtsceausflmlccn-nr97021362Silberman, Sergeproprflccn-n90699044Rey, Fernando1917-1994cstprfactlccn-nr93000368Zaentz, Saulprolccn-n81074742Janus Filmslccn-no2002000942Rialto Pictures LLCfast-989141Krishna (Hindu deity)lccn-no97027263Seyrig, Delphine1932-1990prfactCarrière, Jean-Claude1931-DramaFilm adaptationsHistoryFictionInterviewsTelevision adaptationsMusical settingsBiographyPersonal narrativesMotion picturesFranceCyrano de Bergerac,Man-woman relationshipsMahābhārataKrishna (Hindu deity)Rostand, Edmond,Motion pictures, FrenchAuthors, FrenchFrance--ParisCarrière, Jean-Claude,ProstitutionDanton, Georges Jacques,Reign of Terror (France : 1793-1794)Robespierre, Maximilien,Upper classFilm adaptationsKessel, Joseph,Dinners and diningSpainPrzybyszewska, Stanisława,Buñuel, Luis,Surrealism in motion picturesGoya, Francisco,InquisitionChristian hereticsMonksEinstein, Albert,Du Tilh, Arnault,Guerre, Martin,Trials (Impostors and imposture)Impostors and impostureRevolutionariesMarried womenBoredomMotion picturesIndiaUglinessAdulteryBuddhismSex addictionLouÿs, Pierre,Books and readingCzechoslovakiaSurgeonsEpic poetry, SanskritWomen household employeesEco, UmbertoLoveBooksManners and customs1931195219561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014271809212811791.4372PN1997ocn294967115ocn024484931ocn758991881ocn144615951ocn025778577ocn055676831ocn024435787ocn071755364ocn040001754ocn041948489ocn294967115ocn758991881ocn780842694ocn770711082ocn779674876ocn813613373ocn766970961ocn655141305ocn691943317ocn694023397ocn422208510ocn421708515ocn420799399ocn421252699ocn411902772ocn799986515ocn800016921ocn780843873ocn797844954ocn762449810ocn153171848ocn422021337ocn417414742ocn015860286ocn470567147ocn469294193ocn462237689ocn586688476ocn502984214ocn676604869ocn406568215ocn418717833ocn470078175ocn420631152ocn407145492ocn470861672ocn419261046ocn742939390ocn411195822ocn842455837ocn839557914ocn826871249ocn849907823ocn692037601ocn691949976ocn762190290ocn469319433ocn778421030ocn801422344ocn039666452ocn793486165ocn763029549ocn692040380ocn780327015ocn763005915ocn691708018ocn676604869ocn693956017ocn767392465ocn859438000ocn691287623ocn780273185ocn693956013ocn693915091ocn465813080ocn462365692ocn795437543ocn417089525ocn076243851ocn467053637ocn470746855ocn470819178ocn470663427ocn461707456ocn471001398ocn045012484ocn463056588ocn461978022ocn691427149ocn661306889ocn461521216ocn320294560ocn765453585ocn765199727ocn042600120ocn659101359ocn659101317ocn659101352ocn659101388ocn659101378ocn659101368ocn659101343ocn659308308ocn659101400ocn797709480ocn467850583ocn042651139ocn461675473ocn461636838ocn691949973ocn691949975ocn186436118ocn461518565ocn461725765ocn724978219ocn691989282ocn468235111ocn799973369ocn797842787ocn692035573ocn691539036ocn692035575ocn762723955ocn799433462ocn692021286ocn470574821ocn463739602ocn676374442ocn743078353ocn810672186ocn767046207ocn691534040ocn863046695ocn658945620ocn661970183ocn691270422ocn421353966ocn781370048ocn421711032ocn797781484ocn797837055ocn762054386ocn743137628ocn742848345ocn714585115ocn767058687ocn691668201ocn867579538ocn691808723ocn693472745ocn767476755ocn221808935ocn221666170ocn221666187ocn225831130ocn221359357ocn225831068ocn225848256ocn225831184ocn225831065ocn461748711ocn469320001ocn464932357ocn762674007ocn822028961ocn691771608ocn691332810ocn822847581ocn822873915ocn742965039ocn422007363ocn466178940ocn467145559ocn691796805ocn691681926ocn780203158ocn690404732ocn767370984ocn797847470ocn862294575ocn723638111ocn691557853158283ocn049040622visu19660.27Buñuel, LuisBelle de jourDramaFilm adaptationsMotion picturesSévérine, una joven casada con un atractivo cirujano, descubre la existencia de la prostitución matutina. Curiosa, Sévérine ingresa a la casa de citas de Anaïs y termina acostumbrándose a una doble vida. La aparición de Marcel, un delincuente que se enamora de Sévérine, complicará la cómoda situación de la protagonista126352ocn294967115visu19820.28Wajda, AndrzejDantonHistoryFictionDramaFilm adaptationsMotion pictures"The film centers on Georges Danton ... the popular revolutionary leader, who returns to Paris at a time when the new Republic is in disarray. Maximilien Robespierre ... and his allies have set up a monstrous dictatorship, beginning the infamous "Reign of Terror." In direct opposition to the government and Robespierre, Danton pleads with the people for an end to the bloodshed which violates the spirit of their revolution. What begins as a public cause, soon turns into a personal conflict between Danton and Robespierre. Robespierre subsequently has Danton arrested for treason and France's one voice for peace faces the guillotine"--Cassette container109664ocn023894513visu19890.32Brook, PeterThe MahabharataJuvenile worksFictionDramaTelevision adaptationsFilm adaptationsThe world of The Mahabharata is of profound storytelling power and spiritual import; within it a civilization rises, falls and is reborn91362ocn024484931visu19890.19Rappeneau, J.-PCyrano de BergeracHistoryFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsIn 17th-century Paris, a long-nosed poet and swordsman helps his handsome friend win the girl he himself loves89412ocn015653946book19850.32Carrière, Jean-ClaudeThe Mahabharata : a play based upon the Indian classic epicDramaThe Mahabharata is 3,500 years old and is the longest poem in any language. It is one of the founding epics of Indian culture and, with its mixture of cosmic drama and profound philosophy (one small section forms the Bhaghavad Gita) holds a unique place in world literature+-+158236869589118ocn184955350visu20060.20Forman, MilošGoya's ghostsHistoryChurch historyDramaTold through the eyes of celebrated Spanish painter Francisco Goya. Set against political turmoil at the end of the Spanish Inquisition and start of the invasion of Spain by Napoleon's army. Captures the essence and beauty of Goya's work which is best known for both the colorful depictions of the royal court and its people, and his grim depictions of the brutality of war and life in 18th century Spain. When Goya's beautiful muse is accused of being a heretic, the renowned painter must convince his old friend Lorenzo, a power-hungry monk and leader of the Spanish Inquisition, to spare her life8891ocn045596980visu20000.27Le Charme discret de la bourgeoisie Discreet charm of the bourgeoisieDrama"An upper-class sextet sits down to dinner but never eats, their attempts continually thwarted by a vaudevillian mixture of events both actual and imagined."--Container81044ocn063168121visu19870.25Kaufman, PhilipThe unbearable lightness of beingHistoryFictionDramaFilm adaptationsA Czech doctor, dedicated to promiscuity, is forced to choose between his wife and his lover+-+99626346963247896ocn064289342book20060.22Carrière, Jean-ClaudePlease, Mr. EinsteinFictionSixty years after the death of Albert Einstein, a physics student interested in his theories about the nonexistence of time finds the eminent scientist in a central European office building and together they discuss such topics as light, relativity, and world peace+-+677965606578859ocn048822968visu19770.32Buñuel, LuisThat obscure object of desire Cet obscur objet du désirDramaFilm adaptationsLa última película dirigida por Luis Buñuel relata las relaciones pasionales y de deseo entre un caballero maduro y una atractiva joven a la que pretende, pero que continuamente le rechaza63614ocn029703565book19940.39Carrière, Jean-ClaudeThe secret language of filmIn his first book about film, Europe's premier screenwriter turns a uniquely sophisticated and knowledgeable eye onto the evolution of the language of film over its first hundred years63332ocn047028574visu19630.32Buñuel, LuisLe journal d'une femme de chambreDramaFilm adaptationsIn the 1930's a young woman is hired as a chambermaid for a family of hypocrites and sexual perverts. When a child is murdered, the chambermaid becomes obsessed with discovering the identity of the killer, even though she is attracted to him6297ocn032778847book19960.23Bstan-ʼdzin-rgya-mtshoViolence and compassionConversions between French film writer Jean-Claude Carrière and His Holiness the Dalai Lama on issues such as women's rights, education, terrorism, the population explosion, environmental dangers, and the increase in violence+-+351429038532462117ocn039342660visu19820.33Vigne, DanielLe retour de Martin Guerre The return of Martin GuerreDramaSet in 16th-century France, the film centers around the identity of Martin, a moody youth who mysteriously disappears, deserting his beautiful wife and son. Eight years later a handsome, vibrant man returns; the whole village accepts him as Martin. After he demands from his uncle the profit earned from the farm for those eight years, questions are raised as to his true identity. A case is brought against Martin and a tense courtroom drama unfolds. Only his wife holds the key to unlock the mystery60726ocn050733699visu19890.24Forman, MilošValmontDramaFilm adaptationsThe vindictive widow Merteuil bets her friend debaucherous Valmont that he cannot seduce the virtuous (and married) Madame de Tourvel. If Valmont succeeds he may also bed Merteuil, but if he fails he must join a monastery. Set amongst the aristocracy in France in the 18th century54158ocn013029949visu19720.29Buñuel, LuisLe Charme discret de la bourgeoisie The discreet charm of the bourgeoisieBiographyFictionDramaMotion picturesComedy about a dinner party at which the guests are interrupted whenever they try to eat44322ocn059717329visu19740.33Buñuel, LuisLe fantôme de la liberté The phantom of libertyDramaA feature film from France, director Luis Bunuel's personal version of La Ronde, comprising eight different sketches each representing a different aspect of hypocrisy. The sketches use every type of comedy, from French farce to black jokes about cancer and murder3816ocn144615951visu19880.32La voie lactée The milky wayHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcDramaTwo French beggars on their way to Spain's holy city of Santiago de Compostela meet stigmatic children, crucified nuns, and others on their pilgrimage37849ocn817247567visu19780.27Grass, GünterDie BlechtrommelHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsOskar is born in Germany in 1924 with an advanced intellect. Repulsed by the hypocrisy of adults and the irresponsibility of society, he refuses to grow older after his third birthday. While the chaotic world around him careers toward the madness and folly of World War II, Oskar pounds incessantly on his beloved tin drum and perfects his uncannily piercing shrieks. An adaptation of Gunter Grass's acclaimed novel, characterized by surreal imagery, arresting eroticism, and clear-eyed satire34629ocn040001754visu19970.24Wang, WayneChinese boxHistoryDramaA British journalist in Hong Kong during the changeover from Great Britain's rule to China's is diagnosed with terminal cancer. With a prognosis of six months to live, he struggles to claim the love of the beautiful bartender from his past, a would-be socialite with marriage sights set elsewhere. Meanwhile, he takes to the streets with a free-spirited scam artist and a camcorder to record the end of his Hong Kong--the end of British Hong Kong4979ocn670473737book20090.28Carrière, Jean-ClaudeThis is not the end of the book : a conversationHistoryInterviewsThe perfect gift for book lovers: a beautifully designed hardcover in which two of the world's great men have a delightfully rambling conversation about the future of the book in the digital era, and decide it is here to stay. These days it is almost impossible to get away from discussions of whether the book will survive the digital revolution. Blogs, tweets and newspaper articles appear daily on the subject, many of them repetitive, most of them admitting they don't know what will happen. Amidst the twittering, the thoughts of Jean-Claude Carrière and Umberto Eco come as a breath of fresh air. There are few people better placed to discuss the past, present and future of the book. Both of them avid book collectors with a deep understanding of history, they have explored through their work, both written and visual, the many and varied ways in which ideas have been represented through the ages. This beautifully produced book, an object of desire in itself, is the transcription of a long conversation between the two men in which they discuss a vast range of subjects, from what can be defined as the first book, to the idea of the library, the burning of books both accidental and deliberate, and what will happen to knowledge and memory when infinite amounts of information are available at the click of a mouse. En route there are delightful digressions into personal anecdote about everything from Eco's first computer to the book Carrière is most sad to have sold. Readers will close this book feeling that they have had the privilege of eavesdropping on an intimate discussion between two great minds. And while, as Carrière says, the one certain thing about the future is that it is unpredictable, it is clear from this conversation that, in some form or other, the book will survive. After all, as Eco says: like the spoon, once invented, it cannot be bettered+-+46090019363511ocn023220495book19910.70Peter Brook and the Mahabharata : critical perspectivesCriticism, interpretation, etc1371ocn037889656rcrd19970.27Piazzolla, AstorEl tangoMusical settings222ocn031616867book19940.88Prédal, RenéJean-Claude Carrière, scénariste : l'art de raconter des histoiresBiography211ocn021969640book19890.92Carrière, Jean-ClaudeLa paix des braves : récitHistoryPersonal narratives211ocn755062256book20110.97Carrière, Jean-ClaudeL'esprit libre : entretiens avec Bernard CohnInterviews181ocn052267837book20030.90Carrière, Jean-ClaudeLes années d'utopie : 1968-1969 : New York-Paris-Prague-New YorkBiographyJ.-C. Carrière raconte ses souvenirs des années 1968 et 1969, du mouvement hippie américain, du mois de mai 1968 à Paris et du printemps de Prague, et évoque les personnages qui l'ont alors marqué162ocn054356901visu20020.66Making The MahabharataInterviewsFilm adaptationsDirector Peter Brook, playwright and screenwriter Jean-Claude Carrière and the international cast comment on the making of the film and discuss the cultural and historical contexts of the poem161ocn782105196book20120.92Carrière, Jean-ClaudeMémoire espagnole142ocn638852648book20100.33Carrière, Jean-ClaudeNadie acabará con los libros : Jean-Claude Carrière y Umberto EcoHistoryInterviews+-+6212691793111ocn778952550book20120.84Carrière, Jean-ClaudeDésordreBiography91ocn757487932book20110.24Carrière, Jean-ClaudePara matar el recuerdo : memorias españolas41ocn672226111book20100.10Carrière, Jean-ClaudeNe nadeĭtesʹ izbavitʹsi︠a︡ ot knig!Interviews41ocn282155449book19910.47Peter Brook's Mahabharata : critical perspectives31ocn042075959book19951.00Carrière, Jean-ClaudeGiroise ; La porteInterviews21ocn693778670book20100.19Carrière, Jean-ClaudeNie myśl, że książki zniknąInterviews21ocn720580422book20100.47Carrière, Jean-ClaudeKitaplardan kurtulabileceğinizi sanmayınInterviews21ocn044840445visu19970.92[Jean-Claude Carriere]French screen writer Jean-Claude Carriere describes his life's work to interviewer Melvyn Bragg. Movie extracts support the points made11ocn156796232score20070.47Carrière, Jean-ClaudeJean-Claude Carrière à Oxford 12, 13 mai 2006 : conférence et atelier organisés par Dr Michaël Abecassis, Wadham College11ocn794573230book2010Bie xiang bai tuo shu : ai ke&ka li ai er dui hua lu+-+6779656065+-+6779656065Fri Mar 21 15:47:27 EDT 2014batch68796