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Thu Oct 16 17:56:10 2014 UTClccn-n810593420.00Complete works0.741.00[Erna Hilfstein]27144183n 81059342604782lccn-n79039943Copernicus, Nicolaus1473-1543lccn-n82216096Rosen, Edward1906-othlccn-n79057885Czartoryski, Paweł1924-1999edtlccn-no2003014304Grande, Frank D.lccn-n81092068Zakład Historii Nauki, Oświaty i Techniki (Polska Akademia Nauk)lccn-n79079423Starowolski, Szymon1588-1656viaf-272267389Nierada, Zygmuntnc-polska akademia nauk$institute for the history of science and technologyPolska Akademia NaukInstitute for the History of Science and Technologylccn-n81110946Zakład Badań Kopernikańskich (Polska Akademia Nauk)edtlccn-n92094307Brożek, Jan1585-1652Hilfstein, ErnaBiographyHistoryBibliographyPersonal narrativesCopernicus, Nicolaus,PolandAstronomersAstronomy, MedievalAstronomyPolitical scienceState, TheLeviathan (Hobbes, Thomas)ScienceRosen, Edward,Starowolski, Szymon,Solar systemBrożek, Jan,Hobbes, Thomas,Science and civilizationScience--PhilosophyHilfstein, ErnaHolocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)Bergen-Belsen (Concentration camp)Holocaust survivors19721974197819801985198719921995199620085031258520.92QB36.C8ocn443429568ocn762335512ocn1864275911918ocn025832649book19850.63Copernicus, NicolausMinor works+-+016093653512614ocn005310433book19780.86Science and history : studies in honor of Edward RosenHistoryBibliography10816ocn008242786book19780.88Hilfstein, ErnaStarowolski's biographies of CopernicusBiography332ocn085937465book19720.59Copernicus, NicolausThe manuscript of Nicholas Copernicus' 'On the revolutions' : facsimile175ocn030407928book19720.82Copernicus, NicolausComplete works+-+0160936535153ocn215339982book19720.47Copernicus, NicolausComplete works [of] Nicholas Copernicus74ocn443429568book19960.77Schmitt, CarlThe Leviathan in the state theory of Thomas Hobbes : meaning and failure of a political symbolThen grows the counterforce of silence and stillness," and public power and force "may be ever so completely and emphatically recognized and ever so loyally respected, but only as a public and only an external power it is hollow and already dead from within."+-+494382177521ocn488620107book19950.47Rosen, EdwardCopernicus and his successorsBiographyNicholas Copernicus (1473-1543) was the greatest astronomer of the first half of the sixteenth century and author of the epoch-making treatise On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres (De revolutionibus orbium coelestium), published in Nuremberg in 1543. Edward Rosen, the editor and translator of Copernicus's complete works, was the leading authority on this most celebrated of Renaissance scientists, on whose career and influence he wrote extensively but mainly in the form of articles. The essays in Copernicus and his Successors deal both with the influences on Copernicus, including that of Greek and Arabic thinkers, and with his own life and attitudes. They also examine how he was seen by contemporaries and finally describe his relationship to other scientists, including Galileo, Brahe and Kepler+-+K62503703612ocn164001478book19780.10Science and history11ocn079939935rcrd19741.00[Erna Hilfstein]Personal narratives11ocn641923432book19800.10Hilfstein, ErnaStarowolski's biographies of Copenicus11ocn831241094book1972Copernicus, NicolausComplete works+-+0160936535+-+0160936535Thu Oct 16 15:24:35 EDT 2014batch7759