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Fri Mar 21 17:09:53 2014 UTClccn-n810955680.00Preview0.390.86Community survey, San José, California : conducted for KTEH-TV, February 4th-7th, 1974 /261795787n 81095568640738K.T.E.H.-TV (Television station : San Jose, Calif.)KTEH-TV (Television station : San Jose, Calif.)San Jose (Calif.). K.T.E.H.-TV (Television station)San Jose (Calif.). KTEH-TV (Television station)San Jose Public Televisionlccn-n81083806Else, Jonproausdrtedtlccn-n50005793Oppenheimer, J. Robert1904-1967lccn-n80044885Pyramid Films, incnp-fadiman, dorothyFadiman, Dorothyprodrtnrtlccn-no94040835Peoples, Janetauslccn-n93002890Peoples, David Webbauslccn-no97020056Frees, Paulnrtlccn-nr97027344Trans Pacific Televisionlccn-n81071503United StatesArmyCorps of EngineersManhattan Districtlccn-n88074979Manhattan Project (U.S.)KTEH-TV (Television station : San Jose, Calif.)HistoryBiographyMilitary historyInterviewsCase studiesDocumentary television programsSoftwareVideo gamesDramaInteractive multimediaUnited StatesOppenheimer, J. Robert,Atomic bombPhysicistsUnited States, WestWater resources developmentWater-supplyIrrigation--Government policyNuclear weaponsUnited States.--Army.--Corps of Engineers.--Manhattan DistrictNew Mexico--Trinity SiteManhattan Project (U.S.)Women--Social conditionsAbortionPress and politicsJournalismJournalistsCensorshipReporters and reportingFreedom of the pressFreedom of speechPolitical corruptionSex role in the work environmentSex differences (Psychology)Sex roleSex differencesWorld War (1939-1945)Liberty shipsMerchant marineCalifornia--San FranciscoFree schoolsEducational innovationsEducation--Experimental methodsEmployees--AttitudesPersonnel managementResponsibilityManagementPerformance standardsJob satisfactionIrrigationEcologyPro-choice movementAbortion--Law and legislationWork and familyTime managementSales personnelRestaurant managementEntrepreneurshipNew business enterprisesSelling19641974197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220134589190307530.092QC16.O6291026ocn051237184visu19800.25The day after TrinityHistoryMilitary historyBiographyDramaA documentary on the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer, focusing on his role in the development of the atomic bomb during World War II3614ocn035795184visu19960.53Fear & favor in the newsroomCase studiesInterviewsExamines the need to protect freedom of the press and investigative journalism in the United States when newspapers and television stations are owned and influenced by large corporations hostile to media exposure. Examines case studies of investigative journalists who have been dismissed or forced to resign because of "too aggressive" journalistic practices, and cases of censorship mandated by television and print media management2913ocn037429004visu19970.39Cadillac desertHistoryCadillac desert relates the story of the epic quest for water and the role it has played in the vast transformation of the American West and many parts of the world2645ocn029643478visu19920.53When abortion was illegal untold storiesHistoryPresents the stories of women who had illegal abortions from 1930 to 1960, along with comments of doctors and others who helped them deal with later trauma23712ocn038923416visu19970.33Cadillac desertHistoryRelates the story of the quest for water and the role it played in the transformation of the American West+-+53929674253241926ocn039878366visu19940.24The men who sailed the Liberty shipsHistoryBiographyDocumentary television programsRecounts the activities and importance of the merchant marines in World War II1662ocn024511694visu19900.47Why do these kids love school?Documents a variety of alternative approaches in education, providing an intimate look at nine different schools1491ocn123128927visu0.66Who are "they" anyway? a tale of achieving success at work through personal accountabilityAuthor B.J. Gallagher discusses personal accountability in the workplace and how employees may avoiding blaming problems on others1272ocn033478038visu19950.59From danger to dignity the fight for safe abortionHistoryA documentary on the efforts to legalize abortion in the United States and on the social and medical dangers of illegal abortions prior to Roe vs. Wade. Also portrays the underground network that helped women procure safe illegal abortions1232ocn032795551visu19950.53Dr. Pat HeimThe power dead-even rule and other gender differences in the workplaceThe purpose of the "Power dead-even rule" program is to promote the best possible communication between men and women in the workplace. As we move between male and female cultures, we sometimes have to change how we behave (we need to "speak" the language of the other gender) if we hope to make people understand what we want and need from them in any given situation1056ocn056890130visu19990.50Time frenzy"This cautionary program examines the social and ethical consequences of the increasingly fast pace of life in the U.S."--Container952ocn034297639visu19960.56Invisible rules men, women and teamsDr. Pat Heim in her presentation sorts out some invisible rules of men and women. Explains how they have radically different ideas of what it means to be a team player, how meeting hehaviors and non-verbal communication are different between men and women. All these happen because men and women grow up in different cultures, learning different lessons about what it means to be a leader and what it means to be a team player. She provides the basis for better understanding, communication and teamwork927ocn015041729visu19840.53Hard sell, soft sellUses an upbeat, light-documentary style in following the fortunes of three commissioned salespeople in widely diverse fields. All three successfully blend their own personalities with the requirements of their products and their customers to come up with a sales approach that works for them874ocn012190448visu19830.50Chef's specialFollows the efforts of David Garo Sokitch in attempting to be a success in opening a new restaurant. With the backing of three local investors, he plans, builds, and opens Garo's restaurant in San Francisco. Covers six months of planning and the first four months after the opening854ocn041935577visu19990.21The Odyssey of Captain HealyHistoryBiographyMike Healy, born a slave on a Georgia plantation, ran away to sea winding up on San Francisco's Barbary Coast. With the purchase of the Alaska Territory Healy's career took off. Passing as a white man on board the cutter Bear, he represented the U.S. government and its justice in the Artic. He charted and patrolled the treacherous waters of the Bering Sea, confronted the rum-runners and poachers and foresaw the extermination of marine animals caused by unrestrained harvesting. He contended with the devastation wreaked upon the Eskimos and was instrumental in bringing reindeer to the Arctic. Film includes extensive rare archival footage of arctic conditions and history832ocn033258340file19950.25The day after Trinity J. Robert Oppenheimer and the atomic bombHistorySoftwareInteractive multimediaVideo gamesA documentary on the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer, focusing on his role in the development of the atomic bomb during World War II743ocn037896278visu19970.25An American NileHistoryCadillac Desert relates the story of the epic quest for water and the role it has played in the transformation of the American West. This second episode charts the dramatic transformation of the Colorado River from a wild desert waterway into the most controlled, litigated, regulated and over-allocated river in history. From the heroic construction of the Hoover Dam during the Great Depression to the bitter political and environmental battles over the potential damming of the Grand Canyon, this program illustrates how the Colorado became so impounded and diverted that by 1969 it no longer reached the ocean724ocn037899770visu19960.24Else, JThe Mercy of natureHistoryCadillac Desert relates the story of the epic quest for water and the role it has played in the transformation of the American West. This third episode traces the fierce political and environmental battles that raged around the transformation of California's Central Valley from semiarid desert into the most productive and environmentally altered agricultural region in global history. It illustrates the role that presidents, governor, and giant agri-business companies have played in the ebb and flow of water. The program then follows the recent trend in which water is diverted away from agriculture and toward cities and wildlife713ocn037899885visu19970.25Last oasisHistoryCadillac Desert relates the story of the epic quest for water and the role it has played in the transformation of the American West. This forth episode opens with the story of how America's large dams became examples for water projects abroad, particularly in developing countries. The film goes to India and China, where big dam building continues in full force, and to Mexico, the Middle East, and back to the American West to explore how, in the face of rising water needs conservation may be humanity's last oasis693ocn037896007visu19970.27Else, JMulholland's dreamHistoryBiographyCadillac Desert relates the story of the epic quest for water and the role it has played in the transformation of the American West. This first episode tells of William Mulholland's search for water for the people of Los Angeles. Superintendent of the L.A. water system in 1913, he found a solution to the problem in a remote valley 250 miles to the north. After the city secured water rights to the valley's Owens River, he spent 6 years building an aqueduct across the Mojave Desert. The program also recalls the shady land speculations behind the deal, how northern ranchers fought back, and the great disaster that destroyed his dream51ocn001935236book19740.86Katzman, NatanCommunity survey, San José, California : conducted for KTEH-TV, February 4th-7th, 197401ocn033056036serialPreviewPeriodicals01ocn009339913serialPreview 54 : the subscriber magazine of KTEH/TV 54 San JosePeriodicals+-+5392967425324+-+5392967425324Fri Mar 21 16:09:29 EDT 2014batch21340