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Most widely held works by Jerry V Tobias
Foundations of modern auditory theory by Jerry V Tobias( Book )

17 editions published between 1970 and 1973 in English and Undetermined and held by 641 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Cockpit noise intensity : eleven twin-engine light aircraft by Jerry V Tobias( Book )

4 editions published in 1968 in English and held by 407 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Noise audiometry by Jerry V Tobias( Book )

3 editions published in 1971 in English and held by 209 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The displacement of a threshold from its measured-in-the-quiet value to the value it takes in the presence of another sound is masking. Measurement of that displacement is masking audiometry. And the measurement of displacements at a large number of frequencies produces masking patterns. This paper concerns itself with a procedure that produces masking patterns with good precision, sensitivity, and rapidity without the problems of tonal interference and beats that normally interfere with the determination of masking patterns. Several applications of the techniques are suggested, including one for determining the auditory effects produced by aircraft noises, and one for testing hearing protectors. (Author)
A central factor in pure tone auditory fatigue by Joel S Wernick( Book )

4 editions published in 1963 in English and held by 206 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

A long accumulation of psychophysical and physiological evidence indicates that auditory fatigue has its locus of effect in the cochlea; transfer studies with negative or questionable results, and studies of cochlear chemistry and potentials with positive results all lead to the same conclusion. However, Galambos's reports of inhibition through efferent stimulation taken together with his findings of changes in cochlear potentials corresponding to differences in 'attentiveness' provide a basis for testing the existence of a central factor operative in auditory fatigue. The present study was designed to evaluate the possibility that a listener's level of mental activity constitutes an adequate central factor. Subjects were presented with a 4000 cps, 40 dB SL or 90 dB SL tone for 3 minutes under conditions of (a) a mental task or (b) reverie. Pre- and post-fatigue thresholds were measured with a switched (0.2 sec on, 0.2 sec off) tone. For low level (40 dB) fatigue the frequency of the test tone was 4000 cps and for high level (90 dB) fatigue, 5656 cps. Subjects consistently showed greater temporary threshold shift and longer recovery time when the fatiguing tone was presented in the mental task condition. Results thus indicate a central factor in pure tone auditory fatigue. It is suggested that the degree of effect of a fatiguing tone is a function of the listener's degree of mental activity during stimulation. (Author)
A table of intensity increments by Jerry V Tobias( Book )

3 editions published in 1966 in English and held by 206 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Auditory processing for speech intelligibility improvement by Jerry V Tobias( Book )

2 editions published in 1970 in English and held by 205 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Ear-protector ratings by Jerry V Tobias( Book )

5 editions published in 1973 in English and held by 203 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Reception of distorted speech by Jerry V Tobias( Book )

4 editions published in 1973 in English and held by 203 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Noise, either in the form of masking or in the form of distortion products, interferes with speech intelligibility. When the signal-to-noise ratio is bad enough, articulation can drop to unacceptably--even dangerously--low levels. However, listeners are capable of learning to listen to such speech and to improve their comprehension of it. In the experiments described here, the nature of this learning and the necessary amounts of time for maximum improvement are explored. The effects of several types of signal degradation are discussed, as are suggestions for training listeners to understand them. Among the processes investigated are the transfer of listening experience with one kind of signal to the analysis of another kind, the effects of actively participating in the listening task, and the results of manipulating motivation. (Modified author abstract)
Binaural processing of speech in light aircraft by Jerry V Tobias( Book )

4 editions published in 1972 in English and held by 202 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Laboratory studies have shown that the human binaural auditory system can extract signals from noise more effectively when the signals (or the noise) are presented in one of several interaurally disparate configurations. Questions arise as to whether these laboratory studies in anechoic or semi-anechoic spaces can be generalized to more reverberant listening conditions. In this study, tests were conducted in the cabin of a light airplane, in flight. For symmetrical signal sources, loudspeaker transmissions of intelligibility-test materials produce higher intelligibility scores for speakers out-of-phase than for speakers in-phase. (Author)
Auditory effects of noise on air-crew personnel by Jerry V Tobias( Book )

4 editions published in 1972 in English and held by 201 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Hearing-threshold tests were made on flight personnel of several sorts, including aerial-application pilots, flight instructors, private pilots, stewardesses, and FAA flight inspectors. Excluding those people whose flight experience is of short duration, each group shows some measurable degree of threshold shift, although this shift is frequently not enough to be regarded as a clinically significant entity. Data on the sorts of noise exposures each group commonly receives are presented, and some cautions are offered regarding interpretation of the data
Interaural intensity difference limen by Roy Cecil Rowland( Book )

2 editions published in 1967 in English and held by 191 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The ability to judge the direction (the azimuth) of a sound source and to discriminate it from others is often essential to flyers. A major factor in the judgment process is the interaural intensity difference that the pilot can perceive. Three kinds of intensity-difference thresholds were compared for the purpose of determining interaural-binaural and interaural-monaural relations. Five subjects were tested at 250, 2000, and 6000 Hz, using a variation of the Bekesy technique. Responses to 27 interaural intensity combinations were measured at each frequency. Monaural and binaural conditions were included. Each of 24 of the combinations was measured under 0 and 180 degrees interaural phase conditions, and all were measured at 50, 35, and 20 dB HL (ISO). Results indicate that interaural-difference thresholds decrease as a function of level, as might be predicted. These thresholds vary as a function of the frequency and apparent azimuth of the fused tone, but are relatively insensitive to variations in interaural phase. Interaural intensity-difference thresholds differ significantly from both monaural and binaural difference thresholds. (Author)
Application of a "relative" procedure to a problem in binaural beat perception by Jerry V Tobias( Book )

1 edition published in 1963 in English and held by 187 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Aviation medicine translations : annotated bibliography of recently translated material by Jerry V Tobias( Book )

2 editions published in 1964 in English and held by 186 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Relation of earphone transient response to measurement of onset-duration by Jerry V Tobias( Book )

2 editions published in 1963 in English and held by 184 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Hearing research and theory( Book )

4 editions published in 1981 in English and held by 123 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Acoustic signals for emergency evacuation by Jerry V Tobias( Book )

5 editions published in 1979 in English and held by 119 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Previous studies of binaural hearing suggested that speech sounds are less resistant to masking than are nonspeech sounds; experiments demonstrated that, when the nonspeech sounds are given a message to convey, they act more like speech. Earlier research showed that when subjects are deprived of vision, their walking behavior can be changed by presenting them with binaurally localizable signals, and so tests were run using speech recordings at the exits of the FAA Civil Aeromedical Institute's emergency evacuation simulator. The voices called out, Exit here, This way, and This way out, and people who had the opportunity to listen to them in an evacuation situation in which the illumination level was quite low and the subjects' vision was further obscured as if by smoke or dust performed better than people who did not hear the sounds. (Author)
Interstimulus interval as it affects temporary threshold shift in serial presentations of loud tones by Jerry V Tobias( Book )

5 editions published in 1979 in English and held by 115 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Temporary threshold shifts were measured repeatedly during a session in order to determine effects of interstimulus interval (ISI) on the shift. The fatiguing sound was a 3-minute, 110-dB-SPL, 4,000-Hz tone. Immediately following the 3-minute stimulation, Bekesy-audiometric tracings were made for 3 minutes at 5,656 Hz. Then the subject sat quietly for the ISI that was used during that session. The effect of the subject's rest time or time off was compared at two points on the recovery curve: at 30 seconds and at 2 minutes following the cessation of the fatiguing sound. For susceptible subjects tested with short-duration ISIs, each successive threshold showed a greater shift than the earlier ones for at least four tests. As ISI was increased, improvement seemed not to follow the expected linear form. At some critical value that varies from subject to subject, successive tests no longer differ from each other; each one is similar to a first trial in which no previous exposure to the high-level tone has occurred. For most subjects run under these conditions, the critical ISI value is at least 30 minutes. (Author)
Proceedings of the Third International Congress on Noise as a Public Health Problem, Freiburg, West Germany, September 25-29, 1978 by International Congress on Noise as a Public Health Problem( Book )

5 editions published in 1980 in English and Undetermined and held by 114 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Massed versus distributed practice in learned improvement of speech intelligibility by Jerry V Tobias( Book )

3 editions published in 1976 in English and held by 107 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Student pilots or new air traffic controllers have two ways to learn to understand the noisy and distorted communications common to aircraft operations: they may learn as they are working on other aspects of the activity, or they may learn by devoting a continuous period of time to speech-intelligibility improvement. Work completed at this laboratory indicates that two listening sessions of less than 1 hour each can accomplish the improvement and, under some circumstances, a single session will do. The current experiments are intended to reveal some of the microstructure of this learning process
Earplug rankings based on the protector-attenuation rating (P-AR) by Jerry V Tobias( Book )

5 editions published in 1975 in English and held by 105 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Forty-five attenuation spectra for earplugs were classified according to a simplified method designed to produce single-number ratings of noise reduction. The rating procedure was applied to the mean attenuation scores, to mean-minus-one-standard-deviation scores, and to mean-minus-two-standard-deviations scores. The reporting of all three numbers seems to give the fairest indication of an earplug's value in controlling hearing damage in noise-exposed populations. The tests are described and ranked520"--Technical report documentation page
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