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Fri Mar 21 17:08:25 2014 UTClccn-n821117850.47Cruising the performative interventions into the representation of ethnicity, nationality, and sexuality /0.611.00group I,19847263Philip_Brettn 82111785808219lccn-n50032948Byrd, William1539 or 1540-1623cmplccn-n86001458Case, Sue-Ellenothedtlccn-n85073856Foster, Susan Leighothedtlccn-n50001115Fellowes, Edmund H.1870-1951edtlccn-n82101123Dart, Thurston1921-1971edtlccn-nr88011105University of California, BerkeleyChamber Chorusprfvoclccn-n93021664Thomas, Gary C.1944-edtlccn-n93021668Wood, Elizabeth1939-edtlccn-n88064372Haggerty, George E.lccn-no97033342Abel, David1935-prfBrett, PhilipBiographyMusicCriticism, interpretation, etcArtSexSex in musicGender identity in musicUnited StatesPerformance artGaysPopular cultureHomosexualityLiteraturePart songs, EnglishComposersMadrigals, EnglishHomosexuality and musicGay musiciansGreat BritainOperas (Britten, Benjamin)Choruses, Secular (Mixed voices) with instrumental ensembleMusic--Instruction and studyPeter Grimes (Britten, Benjamin)Part songs, SacredMotetsTrios (Piano, flute, glockenspiel)EnglandByrd, William,AnthemsTrios (Piano, percussion, violin)Suites (Violin with gamelan)Choruses, Sacred (Mixed voices), UnaccompaniedArts, ModernLamentations of Jeremiah (Music)Canzonets (Part-songs), EnglishAyresSongs with string ensembleRothko Chapel (Houston, Tex.)Sacred vocal musicSongs, EnglishChoruses, Sacred (Mixed voices, 4 parts), UnaccompaniedAntiphons (Music)Mary,--Blessed Virgin, SaintPart songsMaundy Thursday musicChoruses, Sacred (Men's voices), UnaccompaniedPropers (Music)Masses, UnaccompaniedSex in popular cultureHomosexuality in literatureHomosexuality in artGays in popular cultureVocal music1937200219561958196019611962196319641965196619671969197019711973197419751976197719781980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911993199419951996199719982000200320042006200720092010201210520247518305.90664M2ocn000400682ocn001019890ocn001001438ocn001012487ocn001609827ocn001048052ocn000768313ocn008225508ocn015133762ocn059720065ocn025088515ocn019255934ocn811335905ocn030941232ocn025885428ocn840087588ocn028832260ocn035256474ocn659308278ocn766092737ocn000843665ocn003109785ocn755305270ocn555825060ocn467658652ocn314332352ocn038460706ocn038437765ocn842228016ocn844151283ocn844129704ocn25527541715826ocn042854362file19950.47Cruising the performative interventions into the representation of ethnicity, nationality, and sexuality+-+012457807590017ocn027811889book19930.63Queering the pitch : the new gay and lesbian musicologyWhen the first edition of Queering the Pitch was published in early 1994, it was immediately hailed as a landmark and defining work in the new field of Gay Musicology. The first collection of its kind, its contributors covered a wide range of subjects from analysis of the work of gay composers to queer readings of Schubert's Unfinished Symphony. Among the contributors were many then-new scholars,--including the late Philip Brett (one of the editors of the first edition), Susan McClary, Jennifer Rycenga, Paul Attinello, and Martha Mockus--who have since become leaders in the field. In light of the explosion of Gay Musicology since 1994, a new edition of Queering the Pitch is timely and needed. In this new work, the editors are including a landmark essay by Philip Brett on Gay Musicology, its history and scope, which was written for Grove's Dictionary of Music-but only published in a greatly reduced version, because of its strong political approach. The essay itself has become a cause celebre, and this will be its first full appearance in print. Along with this new historical essay, the editors are contributing a new introduction that outlines the changes that have occurred over the last decade as Gay Musicology has grown+-+080254069589112ocn773565094file20060.59Brett, PhilipMusic and Sexuality in Britten Selected EssaysBiographyPhilip Brett's writing on Benjamin Britten changed the course of music scholarship in the late 20th century. This volume gathers Brett's work on the great British composer. It develops a complex understanding of Britten's musical achievement and highlights the many ways that Brett expanded the borders of his field+-+65619757057289ocn008785965book19830.56Brett, PhilipBenjamin Britten, Peter Grimes+-+31624767055117ocn025088515rcrd19910.53Feldman, MortonRothko Chapel Why patterns?Music4547ocn064487075book20060.70Brett, PhilipWilliam Byrd and his contemporaries : essays and a monographCriticism, interpretation, etc"Byrd was a prominent court composer but also a Catholic. Considering both sacred and secular music and both vocal and instrumental traditions, Brett's essays provide an intimate glimpse into what was unique about Byrd and his music. The selection offered here ranges from the report of Brett's findings on the Paston manuscripts to an unpublished roundtable paper that he delivered a few months before this untimely death, and features his monograph-length study of Byrd's magnum opus, Gradualia."--Jacket+-+730297570540712ocn000400682score19670.66Byrd, WilliamConsort songs3375ocn019255934rcrd19880.56Harrison, LouLa koro sutroCriticism, interpretation, etc29519ocn012913623score19800.66Byrd, WilliamThe Byrd edition25811ocn001033329score19620.73Byrd, WilliamSongs of sundry natures : 15892565ocn042923520book20000.79Decomposition : post-disciplinary performance+-+192867807524516ocn028195366score19890.63Byrd, WilliamGradualia. (1605) : other feasts and devotionsMusic22410ocn001019890score19660.66Tallis, ThomasSpem in alium nunquam habui : motet in forty parts+-+17698084652105ocn001001438score19580.70Mundy, JohnSongs and psalms : composed into 3, 4, and 5 parts (1594)2074ocn001021139score19610.70East, MichaelSecond set of madrigals (1606)2025ocn001021112score19610.70Kirbye, GeorgeFirst set of madrigals : 159720213ocn005788670score19690.73Tallis, ThomasThe lamentations of Jeremiah, for unacc. male voices (A.T.T.B.B.)+-+92457084651956ocn001048052score19610.66Cavendish, MichaelMadrigals to five voices (1598, 1601)entha╠łlt ausserdem: Madrigals and songs in five parts / Thomas Greaves ; Airs to three voices / William Holborne ; "In going to my naked bed" / Richard Edwards1943ocn001012487score19210.73East, MichaelFourth set of books (1618)1945ocn001609827score19600.66East, MichaelThird set of books (1610)11ocn187862041mix1.00Douglass Collegegroup IHistorySourcesThe physical types of records that are present in this collection reflect the functions of the office over the years. Papers relative to the position predominate. These include considerable correspondence, memos, policy statements, reports and general information on subjects of concern to the Dean. Included also are annual reports from departments, administrative offices and support units as well as those to the University president and governing boards. Other types of records include: agendas, applications for positions, curriculum information, financial records and budget information, lists, minutes, programs, press releases, proposals and plans, rosters and schedules11ocn464210067book20030.81Close readings : essays in honour of John Stevens & Philip Brett+-+7302975705+-+7302975705Fri Mar 21 15:46:32 EDT 2014batch22043