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Fri Mar 21 17:12:16 2014 UTClccn-n821272360.00A tale /0.450.93John Batchelor, the friends of freedom /43005549n 82127236823539Batchelor, John BarhamBatchelor John Barham 1942-....lccn-n79054067Conrad, Joseph1857-1924lccn-n79006950Ruskin, John1819-1900lccn-n79063613Wells, H. G.(Herbert George)1866-1946lccn-n79041870Woolf, Virginia1882-1941lccn-n79142936Tennyson, Alfred TennysonBaron1809-1892lccn-n79018033Peake, Mervyn1911-1968lccn-n82024673Cain, T. G. S.(Thomas Grant Steven)(Professor of literature)othedtlccn-n50028908Honigmann, E. A. J.othhnrlccn-n78095332Shakespeare, William1564-1616lccn-n79150985Lamont, Claire1942-Batchelor, John1942-FictionPsychological fictionCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyHistorySea storiesConference proceedingsJuvenile worksIndonesiaBritishAtonementMerchant marine--OfficersCowardiceGreat BritainEnglish fictionSeafaring lifeAbused womenEuropeansRevengeAuthors, EnglishWomen musiciansSea storiesRuskin, John,Conrad, Joseph,Social reformersCriticsArt criticsNovelists, EnglishWells, H. G.--(Herbert George),Southeast AsiaAdventure storiesGood and evilBritish--TravelBiography as a literary formWoolf, Virginia,IslandsAuthorsPoets, EnglishTennyson, Alfred Tennyson,--Baron,Man-woman relationshipsPacific Ocean--Islands of the PacificSailorsLord Jim (Conrad, Joseph)LiteratureArtistsPeake, Mervyn,MalayaShakespeare, William,GuiltAsia--Malay ArchipelagoCultural policyIdentity (Philosophical concept)Art patronageArt patronsWomen art patronsFriendshipPre-Raphaelite BrotherhoodTrevelyan, Pauline,--Lady,19421965196619691970197419751982198319851986198819891991199319941995199619971998199920002001200320062009201220132014761229177823.912PZ3.C764ocn468253826ocn466964847ocn797672575ocn799983677ocn805652992ocn441661637ocn814476591ocn862325806ocn185530980ocn185723632ocn439568444ocn439568783ocn439567945ocn444352664ocn441661637ocn454806236129120ocn047010156file19830.24Conrad, JosephLord Jim a taleHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksConference proceedingsFictionPsychological fictionSea storiesThe story of a would-be hero who deserts what he thinks is a sinking ship and thereafter is haunted by shame and the need to explain himself+-+821618030532489512ocn008111765book19820.47Batchelor, JohnThe Edwardian novelistsHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc88319ocn027810181book19930.37Batchelor, JohnThe life of Joseph Conrad : a critical biographyBiographyRécit biographique d'un épisode inattendu de la vie de l'écrivain : il commanda un an, un bateau, l'Ortago, en 1889. Il était alors encore l'aristocrate européen en liberté, considérant la mer comme une étape vers quelque destin non encore identifié. C'est après cet épisode qu'il se mit à écrire "Almayer's folly"+-+116916681532471212ocn011045254book19850.53Batchelor, JohnH.G. WellsCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+K9532767056222ocn045184543book20000.27Batchelor, JohnJohn Ruskin : a lifeBiographyA biography of the Victorian Renaissance man explores Ruskin's wide-ranging interests in botany, geology, art criticism, and social theory, among other topics+-+K96352132556214ocn030894569book19950.66The art of literary biographyCriticism, interpretation, etcIs literary biography so widely read for popular, 'prurient' reasons, or for reputable intellectual reasons? Is it of interest only in so far as it illuminates a writer's work? How much can we know about a life, such as Shakespeare's, where the documentation is so scanty? These are among the questions addressed by the seventeen leading biographers and literary critics who have contributed essays to John Batchelor's The Art of Literary Biography. Always a popular genre, biography has become one of the most immediate and accessible modes of writing about literature and literary figures. In this book, individuals such as Conrad, Huxley, Lawrence, Virginia Woolf, and the poets Elizabeth Bishop and Lord Rochester are examined. Also addressed are the nature and form of literary biography, including the relationships between biography and autobiography, the challenges the genre poses for the reader, and the problems confronted by the literary biographer at work+-+44373634655179ocn021561822book19910.59Batchelor, JohnVirginia Woolf : the major novelsCriticism, interpretation, etc51212ocn829988957book20120.21Batchelor, JohnTennyson : to strive, to seek, to findBiographyA new study of the Victorian era poet, who was Queen Victoria's favorite, reveals a man who skillfully crafted his own career and his relationships with his audience while discussing his complexities and contradictions33312ocn016581705book19880.76Batchelor, JohnLord Jim3038ocn001103634book19740.66Batchelor, JohnMervyn Peake; a biographical and critical explorationBiography29511ocn043632141book19990.53Batchelor, JohnJohn Ruskin : no wealth but lifeBiography+-+053046103632425215ocn036458056book19970.84Batchelor, JohnShakespearean continuities : essays in honour of E.A.J. HonigmanCriticism, interpretation, etc1667ocn032429710book19860.32Conrad, JosephVictory : an island taleFictionPsychological fictionSkeptic Axel Heyst, a Swedish baron, attempts to remain detached from the people and events surrounding his life on a South Seas island, but his rescue of a young English girl from an exploitative innkeeper draws him out of his isolation+-+73526374653241283ocn068770888book20060.66Batchelor, JohnLady Trevelyan and the Pre-Raphaelite BrotherhoodBiography+-+6958266525382ocn070842126book20060.56Victorian literature315ocn489645068book19690.63Batchelor, John WExistence et imagination; essai sur le théatre de Montherlant301ocn001584317book19740.79Batchelor, JohnBreathless hush61ocn851816969book1983Conrad, JosephA tale+-+707163746532431ocn439568783book19990.15Chant, ChristopherLandHistoryOm militære køretøjer, kampvogne og missiler og deres anvendelse gennem det 20. århundrede. Fra 1. verdenskrig til idag+-+800652802532431ocn805272446book20120.47Batchelor, JohnTennyson : Biography: To Strive, To Seek, To FindTennyson: Biography: To Strive, To Seek, To Find141ocn003361581book19750.93Batchelor, Kenneth BurderJohn Batchelor, the friends of freedomBiography+-+8216180305324+-+8216180305324Fri Mar 21 16:01:05 EDT 2014batch16304