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Fri Mar 21 17:15:28 2014 UTClccn-n821305880.10Benjamin Disraeli letters0.590.84Queen of the world : opinion in the public life of France from the Renaissance to the Revolution /95180211J._A._W._Gunnn 82130588826852Gunn, J. A.Gunn, J. A. 1937-Gunn, J. A. W.Gunn, J. A. W. 1937-Gunn, J. Alexander 1937-Gunn, John A. 1937-Gunn, John A. W.Gunn, John A. W. (John Alexander Wilson), 1937-Gunn, John Alexander W. 1937-Gunn, John Alexander WilsonGunn, John Alexander Wilson, 1937-lccn-n78095587Disraeli, Benjamin1804-1881lccn-n88607307Wiebe, M. G.(Melvin George)1939-edtlccn-n00034022Pharand, Michel W.lccn-nr2003001749Millar, Mary S.edtnp-wiebe, m gWiebe, M. G.edtnp-matthews, johnMatthews, Johnedtlccn-n50030041Conacher, J. B.edtnp-hawman, ellenHawman, Ellenedtlccn-n85063261Robson, Ann P.edtlccn-n79017964Great BritainParliamentGunn, J. A. W.(John Alexander Wilson)1937-HistorySourcesRecords and correspondenceBiographyCriticism, interpretation, etcPolitical scienceGreat BritainFranceIntellectual lifePrime ministersDisraeli, Benjamin,Public interestPhilosophy, FrenchPhilosophy, ModernPolitical partiesIntellectuals--AttitudesPublic opinionTimePolitics and literatureSpace and time19371966196919721974198019821983198919901993199519972004200820092010201338833487320.941JA84.G7ocn461795666ocn489667750ocn299378333ocn760960405ocn76096040211578ocn243500643file19830.53Gunn, J. A. WBeyond liberty and property the process of self-recognition in eighteenth-century political thoughtHistory10327ocn759157047file20090.53Gunn, J. A. WWhen the French tried to be British party, opposition, and the quest for civil disagreement, 1814-1848+-+376080822556814ocn000018199book19690.66Gunn, J. A. WPolitics and the public interest in the seventeenth centuryHistory+-+621000069556312ocn008534381book19820.63Disraeli, BenjaminBenjamin Disraeli lettersHistoryBiographySourcesRecords and correspondence+-+75630575353242384ocn000380094book19720.79Gunn, J. A. WFactions no more. Attitudes to party in government and opposition in eighteenth-century EnglandHistorySources2198ocn033211147book19950.84Gunn, J. A. WQueen of the world : opinion in the public life of France from the Renaissance to the RevolutionHistory111ocn821813142com19970.37Disraeli, BenjaminBenjamin Disraeli Letters Vol. 6: 1852-1856Records and correspondence+-+K286957535111ocn821813128com19930.33Disraeli, BenjaminBenjamin Disraeli lettersRecords and correspondence91ocn851156352com20130.47Gunn, J. A. WPolitics and the Public Interest in the Seventeenth Century (RLE Political Science Volume 27)This book examines the concept of public interest against the background of English politics from the Civil War to the coming of the Hanoverians. These years witnessed both the rise of the modern notion of the public interest as a part of ordinary political language and the growth of a social philosophy of individualism. The new ideas challenged the status quo, based on order, reason of state and national power, in the name of legitimate self-interest and respect for the rights of the private person. In presenting a complex set of ideas in their historical context, the author exami91ocn059238073book19820.18Disraeli, BenjaminBenjamin Disraeli lettersBiography94ocn233679662book0.47Disraeli, BenjaminLettersBiography+-+537235753561ocn768961673book19820.37Disraeli, BenjaminLetters61ocn059238231book19820.10Disraeli, BenjaminBenjamin Disraeli lettersBiography61ocn768961672book19820.35Disraeli, BenjaminLetters52ocn461795666book19820.47Disraeli, BenjaminBenjamin Disraeli letters51ocn842903744book0.63Disraeli, BenjaminBenjamin Disraeli lettersSourcesRecords and correspondenceThis latest volume covers 1865 to 1867, crucial years leading up to Disraeli's first ministry in 1868. The story is told through 697 letters, of which 525 have never before been published and 78 only in part42ocn046825217book19220.76Gunn, John AlexanderModern French philosophy : a study of the development since ComteCriticism, interpretation, etc42ocn489667750book19820.47Disraeli, BenjaminBenjamin Disraeli letters31ocn059775250book19290.79Gunn, John AlexanderThe problem of time, an historical & critical study31ocn499497293book20090.47Disraeli, BenjaminBenjamin Disraeli lettersSourcesRecords and correspondence+-+6494457535+-+K286957535+-+K286957535Fri Mar 21 15:31:59 EDT 2014batch10867