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Fri Mar 21 17:09:37 2014 UTClccn-n821433120.00Correspondence : Schott and Torrey,0.731.00Remarks on an ancient relic of Maya sculpture29653885Arthur_Carl_Victor_Schottn 82143312839418Schott, Arthur C. 1814-1875Schott, Arthur Carl Victor.Schott, Arthur Carl Victor, 1814-1875Šot, Artur, 1814-1875lccn-n86873137Parry, C. C.(Charles Christopher)1823-1890lccn-n84075762Torrey, John1796-1873lccn-n80126051United StatesDepartment of the Interiorlccn-n87827736Hall, James1811-1898lccn-n50082080Baird, Spencer Fullerton1823-1887lccn-no2004027689Girard, Charles1822-1895lccn-n89615311Conrad, T. A.(Timothy Abbott)1803-1877lccn-n87872571Emory, William H.(William Hemsley)1811-1887lccn-n90648067Engelmann, George1809-1884np-englemann, george$1809 1884Englemann, George1809-1884Schott, Arthur1814-1875Criticism, interpretation, etcClassificationMexicoUnited StatesBoundariesSouthwest, NewDiscoveries in geographyGeologyBotanyZoologyNorth America--Rio GrandePlantsAnimalsNorth America--Mexican-American Border RegionEurope--BanatNatural historyIncome taxFranceAlgaeRomaniaTalesFairy talesFolkloreTravelSchott, Arthur,SerbiaCriticism and interpretationAus der Reisetasche (Schott, Arthur)ColombiaSquirrelsAntiquitiesMayas--AntiquitiesMexico--Yucatán (State)Mayas--ReligionCanals, InteroceanicPanama--Isthmus of PanamaUnited States, WestTorrey, John,South AmericaUnited States and Mexican Boundary SurveyEngelmann, George,Emory, William H.--(William Hemsley),Henry, Joseph,Stanley, John Mix,Baird, Spencer Fullerton,PaleontologyBotanical illustrationScientific expeditionsPutnam, F. W.--(Frederic Ward),Whipple, Amiel Weeks,Palmer, Edward,Leidy, Joseph,1814187518451849185018521854185718591861187118731887189218991921193319411952195719711973197519761977197819791982199119951996200020012012114267134570.97F786ocn468570825ocn417563261ocn007008879ocn312154463ocn84768294640514ocn002338704book18570.70United StatesReport on the United States and Mexican boundary survey, made under the direction of the secretary of the Interior2386ocn017718967book19960.63United StatesReport on the United States and Mexican boundary survey+-+83325007961019ocn778040561file18920.86Schott, ArthurDie französische Wehrsteuer nach dem Gesetze vom 15. Juli 1889683ocn000982988book19410.76Taylor, William RandolphTropical marine algae of the Arthur Schott herbarium6316ocn003311686book19710.73Schott, ArthurRumänische Volkserzählungen aus dem Banat : Märchen, Schwänke, Sagen425ocn000967523book18450.90Schott, ArthurWalachische Maehrchen335ocn010018869book19820.93Schott, ArthurContes roumains / programme d'une autre analyse des contes / par Patrick TortCriticism, interpretation, etc214ocn256084617book19790.84Schott, ArthurWalachische Märchen204ocn468570825book20010.63Schott, ArthurContes roumainsCriticism, interpretation, etcOn connaît la fortune des contes de Grimm. Vers la même époque, deux frères, philologues également, Arthur et Albert Schott transcrivent en allemand la tradition roumaine, dite alors valaque. La grande richesse poétique et l'intérêt morphologique de ces contes les placent d'emblée au niveau des classiques les plus appréciés du fonds indo-européen exploré jusque-là102ocn213505912book18990.93Nelson, Edward WilliamDescriptions of three new squirrels from South AmericaClassificationDescriptions of specimens of Sciurus (Microsciurus) isthmius collected on the Truandó River, Colombia, by A. Schott, during explorations on the Isthmus of Panama led by N. Michler; specimens of Sciurus (Microsciurus) similis and Sciurus (Guerlinguetas) caucensis collected in 1898 from the Cauca River Valley, Colombia, by J.H. Batty101ocn019940143book0.84United StatesUnited States and Mexican boundary survey : report103ocn058672121book18610.97United StatesReport of the secretary of war, communicating, in compliance with a resolution of the Senate, Lieutenant Michler's report of his survey for an interoceanic ship canal near the Isthmus of Darien71ocn028593327art18731.00Schott, ArthurRemarks on an ancient relic of Maya sculpture72ocn028593320art18710.97Schott, ArthurRemarks on the "Cara gigantesca" of Yzamal in Yucatan52ocn246641008book18500.47Schott, ArthurGedichte42ocn049760874book18490.19Schott, ArthurHandbuch der Botanik43ocn083029088book18570.92United StatesGeological reports41ocn073454539book19570.47Hoerster, TheodorBürgerkunde für die Landwirtschaft : Eine Gemeinschaftskunde f. Schule u. Praxis41ocn162982769book18450.19Walachische Mährchen : mit einer Einleitung über das Volk der Walachen : nebst einem Anhang zur Erklärung der Mährchen31ocn604072685book18450.47Schott, Arthur und AlbertWalachische Mährchen332ocn024318629book19910.93Mojašević, MiljanStihovi i putopisne crtice Artura Šota o Srbiji i Banatu, 1841-185011ocn426049235art1952Taft, RobertThe pictorial record of the Old West. John M. Stanley and the Pacific railroad reports11ocn003752291book19771.00Fox, Gretchen GauseArthur Schott : German immigrant illustrator of the American West11ocn778561008bookSchott, ArthurCorrespondence : Schott and TorreyRecords and correspondenceIncoming correspondence from Arthur Carl Victor Schott to John Torrey, for 1851-1869. The correspondence discusses Schott's work on the Emory expedition surveying the boundary between the United States and Mexico11ocn152415687art2000Powers, John ESchott, Arthur Carl Victor11ocn776910849bookParry, C. CCorrespondence : Parry and EngelmannRecords and correspondenceFolders contain original letters and postcards, as well as photocopies and abstracts of the original material11ocn122316346mixLawrence, George NThis collection contains professional and personal correspondence, as well as some personal business accounts. The topics mentioned range from general ornithology to specific birds, particularly of the West Indies and South America; bird illustrations and various publications; paleontology, and zoology11ocn793341805bookSchott, ArthurCorrespondence : Schott and EngelmannRecords and correspondenceIncoming correspondence to George Engelmann from Arthur Schott, for 1852-1875. The corresondence relates to Schott's involvement with the Boundary Commission and its survey of the United States/ Mexican boundary, as well as Schott's collection and identification of botanical specimens during this time+-+8332500796+-+8332500796Fri Mar 21 15:26:03 EDT 2014batch15649