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(John Ching-hsiung), 1899-1986Wu, John Chin-hsung, 1899-Wu, John Chin-hsung, 1899-1986Wu, John Ching-hsiungWu, John Ching-hsiung 1899-1986Wu, John Ching-hsung, 1899-1986吴, 经熊, 1899-1986, légiste吳德生, 1899-1986吴经熊, 1899-吴经熊, 1899-1986吳經雄, 1899-1986lccn-n80044882Laoziattlccn-n50053709Stammler, Rudolf1856-1938lccn-n00094729Geny, François1861-1959lccn-nr89015852Husik, Isaac1876-1939trllccn-n79054782Holmes, Oliver Wendell1841-1935lccn-n50026107薛光前1910-edtlccn-n79006848United StatesSupreme Courtlccn-n79148295Sun, Yat-sen1866-1925viaf-306157704Hsüeh, Kuang-ch'ien1909-edtlccn-n80036570Thérèsede Lisieux, Saint1873-1897Wu, Jingxiong1899-1986Sacred booksHistoryBiographyCriticism, interpretation, etcComparative studiesRecords and correspondenceTrials, litigation, etcPrescriptions, formulae, receipts, etcPictorial worksCommentariesTaoismPhilosophy, ChineseDao de jing (Laozi)Taoist philosophyChinaJurisprudenceLaw--PhilosophyZen BuddhismZen priestsCatholic convertsTaoPeaceWu, Jingxiong,Natural lawStammler, Rudolf,Chinese poetryTang Dynasty (China)Philosophy, AsianMysticismChristianity and other religions--ChineseBilingual booksLaoziTaoist literatureHolmes, Oliver Wendell,United StatesJudgesUnited States.--Supreme CourtLove--Religious aspects--ChristianityTaoist literature, ChineseThérèse,--de Lisieux, Saint,God--Worship and loveLawConduct of lifeWisdomBuddhismBuddhist philosophyPhilosophy, ConfucianConstitutional historyMerton, Thomas,ZhuangziLawyersVirtueTaoism--Relations--ChristianityChristianity and other religions--TaoismMedicineSkin--DiseasesCatholic ChurchSpiritual lifeScholarsTaiwan1899198619001922192519281929193019311932193319351936193719381940194119431944194619471948194919511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119831984198519861987198819891990199119921994199619971998199920002002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220135573200529299.51482BL1900.L26ocn001663859ocn055214714ocn797932244ocn025842495ocn398039130ocn469700292ocn461886691ocn868688530ocn023330078ocn644941756ocn122735583ocn080709490ocn724031221ocn82286143675633ocn019722326book19610.29LaoziTao te chingCommentariesPictorial worksSacred booksPrescriptions, formulae, receipts, etcA poetic translation to Lao Tzu's text, which teaches the art of leadership and to realize that their true nature is to embody humility, spontaneity, and generosity+-+533882223563017ocn032431085book19670.27Wu, JingxiongThe golden age of ZenHistoryJohn C. H. Wu's classic work has long been the primary source for understanding the development of this hugely influential branch of Buddhism by students and teachers alike, and now, for the first time, it is available from an American publisher. The Golden Age of Zen explores the important period of religious history that followed the meeting of Buddhism with Chinese philosophies, most particularly Taoism. Wu looks first at the basic foundations of the school of Zen laid down in the sixth century by Bodhidharma and in the seventh century by Hui-neng, and then examines the magnificent flowering of the whole movement in the hands of successive generations of Chinese sages+-+K8442903855256ocn001560589book19550.70Wu, JingxiongFountain of justice; a study in the natural law46313ocn000884467book19250.79Stammler, RudolfThe theory of justice4037ocn000340347book19000.47Wu, JingxiongThe four seasons of Tʻang poetryCriticism, interpretation, etc2483ocn000378661book19650.76Wu, JingxiongChinese humanism and Christian spiritualityComparative studies1752ocn002198059book19470.86Holmes, Oliver WendellJustice Holmes to Doctor Wu; an intimate correspondence, 1921-1932BiographyRecords and correspondence1593ocn003055451book19530.39Wu, JingxiongThe interior Carmel: the threefold way of love1233ocn000505207book19580.93Wu, JingxiongCases and materials on jurisprudenceTrials, litigation, etc11812ocn016770614book19670.79Wu, JingxiongChan xue de huang jin shi dai = The golden age of ZenHistory757ocn053038758book20030.47Wu, JingxiongThe golden age of Zen : Zen masters of the Tang dynastyHistoryBiographyThis book gives a fascinating survey of the early years of Chinese Zen (Chan) Buddhism, staying focused on the movement of Buddhism to the land where Taoism and Confucianism flourished. Wu's survey, combined with interesting translations from these earliest Zen masters, reveals a time of spiritual vibrancy and powerful personalities that help explain the later developments of Zen with which western readers are more familiar+-+09978069457415ocn813563138book19730.28Wu, JingxiongNei xin yue le zhi yuan quan683ocn000481922book19710.86Wu, JingxiongSun Yat-sen; the man and his ideas614ocn004720487book19410.59Wu, JingxiongThe science of love; a study in the teachings of Thérèse of Lisieux538ocn815063384book19800.32Wu, JingxiongTang shi si jiCriticism, interpretation, etc538ocn023205765book19370.96Wu, JingxiongZhongguo zhi xian shi532ocn003792490book19280.97Wu, JingxiongJuridical essays and studies512ocn002903815book19740.93Chinese philosophy468ocn004566607book19290.97Wu, JingxiongEssays in jurisprudence and legal philosophy4013ocn644502691book19510.35Wu, JingxiongJenseits von Ost und West3995ocn000347487book19510.56Wu, JingxiongBeyond East and WestBiography272ocn022567056book19880.79Christian, MatthiasRechtsphilosophie zwischen Ost und West : eine vergleichende Analyse der frühen rechtsphilosophischen Gedanken von John C.H. Wu252ocn858404523book20130.90Merton & the Tao : dialogues with John Wu and the ancient sagesCriticism, interpretation, etc203ocn051008305book20020.93Wu, JingxiongChao yue dong xi fang = Beyond East and WestBiography172ocn033490648book19940.66Lee, CyrusThomas Merton and Chinese wisdomComparative studies162ocn053839224book20030.97Wu Jingxiong bo shi bai zhou nian ming dan ji nian xue shu yan tao hui lun wen jiBiography132ocn041032997book19350.86Holmes, Oliver WendellJustice Holmes to Doctor Wu; an intimate correspondence, 1921-1932BiographyRecords and correspondence91ocn651599279book20100.98Sun, WeiWu Jingxiong yu jin dai Zhongguo fa zhiBiography91ocn012070012book19480.59Wu, JingxiongDu Confucianisme au Catholicisme81ocn221816998book19520.47Wu, JingxiongBeyond East and WestBiography73ocn045717529book19860.93Wu Zhu, WenyingSheng xin yuan : Wu Jingxiong bo shi yu woBiography61ocn806379606book20120.97Zheng, ZhihuaChao yue dong xi fang de fa zhe xue jia : Wu Jingxiong yan jiuBiography51ocn659963125book20100.97Sun, WeiWu Jingxiong cai pan ji yu Huomusi tong xin ji : chuan yue shi dai jing dian pan jie, hui tong dong xi wang nian you yiRecords and correspondence31ocn166413537book20060.47Guo, Guo-qiWu jing xiong. Zhong guo ren yi ji du tuBiography21ocn857378130book20131.00Wu, JingxiongChao yue dong xi fang : Wu Jingxiong zi zhuan = Beyond east and westBiography11ocn222517470book19850.10Wu, JingxiongTongsŏ ŭi p'ian = Beyond East and WestBiography11ocn009364632art1935Holmes, Oliver WendellSome unpublished letters of Justice Holmes [to Dr. John C.H. Wu]11ocn050778668book19880.96Wu, JingxiongTong sŏ ŭi p'ianBiography11ocn539537614book19790.47Yang, HaowanWu Jingxiong zhu zuo zhong zhi Zhongguo wen hua yu Jidu jiao xin yang = The relationship of Chinese culture to Christian faith in the writings of John C.H. Wu11ocn024888334rcrd19910.47Thomas Merton & John C.H. Wu a friendshipCriticism, interpretation, etcConference proceedings+-+K844290385+-+K844290385Fri Mar 21 15:12:31 EDT 2014batch27449