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Fri Mar 21 17:13:15 2014 UTClccn-n821441740.00Bad blood by Lorna Sage : notes /0.380.88The Last Edwardians : an illustrated history of Violet Trefusis & Alice Keppel : selections from an exhibition prepared by and held at The Boston Athenaeum November 4 through December 6, 1985 and at the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum, Whitehall Mansion, Palm Beach, Florida, March 11 through April 13, 1986 /66528751Lorna_Sagen 82144174840267セイジ, ローナlccn-n79078645Greer, Germaine1939-edtlccn-n84040048Showalter, Elaineedtlccn-n79041772Lessing, Doris1919-2013lccn-n79088989Carter, Angela1940-1992lccn-n79043273Mansfield, Katherine1888-1923lccn-n79041870Woolf, Virginia1882-1941lccn-n80038467Peacock, Thomas Love1785-1866lccn-n85818101Sage, Victor1942-lccn-no2004018823Sage, Sharonnp-gallimore, patriciaGallimore, PatricianrtSage, LornaFictionDomestic fictionCriticism, interpretation, etcHistoryBiographyDictionariesBibliographyChronologyShort stories, EnglishReviewsMarried peopleRural poorNew EnglandOcean travelFarm lifeMan-woman relationshipsTriangles (Interpersonal relations)Accident victimsManners and customsWomen and literatureYoung womenWomen travelersMassachusetts--Berkshire HillsSouth AmericaEnglish-speaking countriesYoung women--TravelSage, LornaWales--HanmerGreat BritainEnglish literature--Women authorsEnglandAfricaLessing, Doris,New ZealandMassachusettsWomen--Social conditionsEnglish fictionFamiliesWomenCarter, Angela,England--LondonSocial adjustmentBritishAmerican fictionAmerican fiction--Women authorsEnglish fiction--Women authorsMarriageDespairInterpersonal relationsBildungsromansBritish--TravelFrench fictionFrench fiction--Women authorsFranceMansfield, Katherine,Domestic fictionPeacock, Thomas Love,Satire, EnglishHumorous stories, EnglishFiction1943200119661971197219761977197919801983198419851986198819891990199219931994199519961997199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013754980290823.912PS3545.H16ocn468175192ocn468240148ocn496049988ocn785887133ocn785887131ocn785887110ocn785887094ocn785887114ocn785887117ocn785887112ocn468358603ocn781231966ocn441124070ocn862292812ocn416973946ocn185334320163725ocn040298523book19990.33Sage, LornaThe Cambridge guide to women's writing in EnglishBiographyDictionaries"This Guide aims to consolidate and epitomise the re-reading of women's writing that has gone on in the last twenty-five years. This is an opportunity for stock-taking - a timely project, when so much writing has been rediscovered, reclaimed and republished." "There are entries on writers, on individual texts, and on general terms, genres and movements, all printed in a single alphabetical sequence. The earliest written documents in medieval English (the visionary writings of Julian of Norwich and Margery Kempe) are covered in an historical - and geographical - sweep that takes us up to the present day." "The book reflects the spread of literacy, the history of colonisation and the development of post-colonial cultures using and changing the English language. The entries are written by contributors from all the countries covered."--BOOK JACKET+-+807049670596711ocn008930964book19830.50Sage, LornaDoris LessingHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcAfrica - England - New worlds59923ocn026618032book19920.56Sage, LornaWomen in the house of fiction : post-war women novelistsHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+208137888532450214ocn039640277book19770.27Mansfield, KatherineThe garden party and other storiesBibliographyFictionChronologyShort stories, EnglishShort stories, New ZealandTwenty-one stories depict the dangers and complexities of modern life and the conflict between men and women+-+553336596535916ocn031416209book19900.63Sage, LornaAngela CarterHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+127258192534517ocn031169375book19940.59Flesh and the mirror : essays on the art of Angela CarterHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+551263803631914ocn047117688book20010.35Sage, LornaMoments of truth : twelve twentieth-century women writersHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography+-+90810669363242748ocn036364239book19920.28Woolf, VirginiaThe voyage outFictionBildungsromansLove storiesAnnotation+-+26628374652559ocn002964934book19760.66Sage, LornaPeacock : the satirical novels : a casebookCriticism, interpretation, etc1837ocn055877573book20030.50Sage, LornaGood as her word : selected journalismCriticism, interpretation, etcReviews+-+7422062555324581ocn013334904book19850.88The Last Edwardians : an illustrated history of Violet Trefusis & Alice Keppel : selections from an exhibition prepared by and held at The Boston Athenaeum November 4 through December 6, 1985 and at the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum, Whitehall Mansion, Palm Beach, Florida, March 11 through April 13, 1986HistoryExhibition catalogs374ocn023130277visu19840.59Vidal, GoreGore Vidal with Lorna SageInterviewsGore Vidal discusses the novel's peripheral role in contemporary culture, ambition and power in the United States, Lincoln, Americans and their history and the impact of televisual culture341ocn066626827book20040.16Sage, LornaKwaad bloedAutobiografie van de Britse schrijfster (1943-2001) over haar jeugdjaren in de jaren veertig en vijftig in een conservatief dorp in Wales316ocn000615672rcrd19710.53Broadbent, J. BMiltonCriticism, interpretation, etcJ.B. Broadbent and Lorna Sage discuss Milton's Paradise lost, Comus, and Samson Agonistes3013ocn247965524book20000.21Sage, LornaBad bloodBiographyDen engelske litteraturkritiker fortæller om sin barndom og tidlige ungdom i efterkrigstidens Wales+-+1895066936181ocn764414560book20070.13Sage, LornaBad bloodBiography141ocn034340149book19930.23Wharton, EdithEthan FromeHistoryJuvenile worksGlossaries, vocabularies, etcFictionDictionariesDomestic fictionOn a poor farm near Starkfield in western Massachusetts, Ethan Frome struggles to wrest a living from the land, unassisted by his whining and hypochondrialcal wife Zeena. When Zeena's young cousin Mattie Silver is left destitute, and only place she can go is Ethan's farm. An embittered and man and an enchanting young woman meeting in such circumstances unleash predictable consequences as passions are aroused between the three protagonists+-+2348235195324133ocn493239447book20000.31Rhys, JeanAfter leaving Mr. MackenzieFictionFor six months, Julia has lived alone in a drab Parisian hotel on an allowance from her ex-lover, Mr Mackenzie. When his cheques stop, Julia decides to leave France and return to London. Past her prime, exhausted by broken love affairs and addled by drink, Julia is tragically unable to find what she really wants - love+-+2948366965324121ocn022542554book19880.25Sage, LornaContemporary fictionBibliographyBook reviews123ocn076664204book20050.27Sage, LornaDie Anfänge meiner Welt : walisische Erinnerungen149216ocn048123015book20000.21Sage, LornaBad bloodBiographyThe late author and renowned literary critic describes her life in post-World War II Britain in a memoir of family life, marriage, and personal history+-+78996711551142ocn155855670book20020.13Sage, LornaBad bloodBiography784ocn223198655rcrd20010.13Sage, LornaBad bloodBiography131ocn173199009rcrd20010.10Sage, LornaBad bloodBiographyThe author's memoir of childhood and adolescence brings to life her eccentric family and somewhat bizarre upbringing in the small town of Hanmer, on the border between Wales and Shropshire. A Whitbread prize-winner, the book captures moments in time with great lucidity and poignancy+-+357576255532421ocn223762652book2002Bouras, GillianBad blood by Lorna Sage : notesCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+8070496705+-+8070496705Fri Mar 21 15:14:07 EDT 2014batch20961