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Fri Mar 21 17:13:12 2014 UTClccn-n821588000.01Madeleine's light : a story of Camille Claudel /0.490.95Camille Claudel & Rodin : time will heal everything /66585142Camille_Claudeln 82158800854760Camille Claudelクローデル, カミーユlccn-n79090126Rodin, Auguste1840-1917illartdtelccn-n84234102Paris, Reine-Marielccn-nr92029507Nuytten, Brunoausdrtlccn-n82025613Adjani, Isabelle1955-actlccn-nr97024396Ayral-Clause, Odilelccn-no97049474Films Christian Fechnerlccn-n83050355Depardieu, Gérard1948-actlccn-nr92029506Goldin, Marilynauslccn-n89648721Fechner, Christianproviaf-27243844Clévenot, PhilippeactClaudel, Camille1864-1943Exhibition catalogsCatalogsBiographyCriticism, interpretation, etcRecords and correspondenceFictionClaudel, Camille,FranceSculptorsRodin, Auguste,Relations with womenMistressesWomen sculptorsArtistsArtArt, FrenchWomen artistsGender identitySymbolism (Art movement)Paris, Reine-MarieMan-woman relationshipsSculpture, FrenchFrench languageLair Lamotte, Pauline,Women--Mental healthPsychiatric hospital patientsAutobiography--Women authorsDante Alighieri,Rimbaud, Arthur,Orchestral musicChamber orchestra musicSymphonic poemsMentally ill, Writings of theFriendshipMental healthArtists' modelsFrench fictionFrench literatureMotion pictures, FrenchFamiliesPsychologyAuthors, FrenchSculpture, ModernSculptors--BiographyBiographyGauguin, Paul,Valadon, Suzanne,ReligionClaudel, Paul,LiteratureFrench literature--Women authorsDebussy, Claude,186419431907193219351938194019481951196519821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201410064295555730.924NB553.C44ocn074748854ocn311327993ocn198505123ocn315507519ocn311459116ocn311576271ocn314504414ocn722424103ocn311459037ocn180465291ocn461715415ocn465707809ocn832584771ocn441871521ocn443961796ocn440505955ocn440289595ocn821090209ocn185896146ocn797901347ocn440261766ocn799291182ocn440261628ocn456415197ocn797764111ocn829992335ocn743111065ocn834487192ocn740277341ocn8421117103853ocn017547506book19880.56Paris, Reine-MarieCamille ClaudelExhibition catalogs21710ocn035854832book19960.84Rivière, AnneCamille Claudel : catalogue raisonnéCatalogs1496ocn023142145book19900.84Paris, Reine-MarieL'œuvre de Camille Claudel : catalogue raisonnéCatalogs1402ocn060557155book20050.86Camille Claudel & Rodin : la rencontre de deux destinsExhibition catalogs+-+8444075037704ocn034642503book19950.86Bouté, GérardCamille Claudel : le miroir et la nuit : essai sur l'art de Camille ClaudelCriticism, interpretation, etcUne lecture de la vie de Camille Claudel et de son oeuvre, présentée comme agissant à travers un miroir, lieu de reflets, de conversions, de déplacements, révélateur des formes poétiques. La démarche se situe à deux niveaux : dans un premier temps, une analyse globale, ensuite éclairée par des exemples se rapportant aux oeuvres maîtresses de l'artiste646ocn402019086book20030.84Claudel, CamilleCorrespondanceRecords and correspondenceUne nouvelle approche de la vie de Camille Claudel, à travers les lettres envoyées à son frère Paul, à sa mère, ou à Rodin, son professeur, et un ensemble de correspondances non expédiées ou non reçues par l'artiste, adressées à une amie anglaise, au critique Gustave Geffroy, et conservées dans divers dossiers médicaux des hôpitaux psychiatriques qu'elle a fréquentés533ocn067735481book20050.56Camille Claudel & Rodin : fateful encounterExhibition catalogs+-+8444075037431ocn052813856book20030.95Le Normand-Romain, AntoinetteCamille Claudel & Rodin : time will heal everythingCriticism, interpretation, etcDiscusses and lists Claudel's work at the Rodin Museum415ocn461715415book19840.81Claudel, CamilleCamille Claudel, 1864-1943 : Musée Rodin, Paris, 15 février-11 juin 1984 [et] Musée Sainte-Croix, Poitiers, 26 juin-15 septembre 1984Exhibition catalogs361ocn066734591book20030.17Claudel, CamilleEen leven in brievenAan de hand van brieven wordt het leven van de Franse beeldhouwster Camille Claudel (1864-1943) beschreven364ocn022960160book19900.79Barbier, NicoleC. ClaudelExhibition catalogs353ocn299424030book19870.76Cassar, JacquesDossier Camille ClaudelBiographyJ. Cassar se passionna pour la vie et l'oeuvre de l'artiste : cette biographie présente le résultat de ses recherches et livre l'intégralité des archives (lettres, documents, articles de presse) pour découvrir la véritable histoire de C. Claudel3412ocn182851694book20070.81Claudel, CamilleCamille Claudel, 1864-1943 : Madrid, Fundación Mapfre, 7/XI/2007-13/I/2008 ; Paris, Musée Rodin, 15/IV/2008-20/VII/2008Records and correspondenceExhibition catalogs342ocn455851281book20090.86Morel, Jean-PaulCamille Claudel : une mise au tombeauBiographyRecords and correspondence299ocn256249027book19860.70Paris, Reine-MarieCamille Claudel : 1864-1943BiographyCatalogs282ocn012568366book19850.93Kuthy, SandorCamille Claudel, Auguste Rodin : Künstlerpaare, Künstlerfreunde : dialogues d'artistes, résonancesBiographyExhibition catalogs273ocn011003740book19350.59Duhamel, GeorgesLe notaire du HavreFictionRomanserie om en lille, borgerlig fransk families åndelige, sociale og økonomiske udvikling fra 1890 til 1930'erne263ocn056753139book20000.88Paris, Reine-MarieCamille Claudel re-trouvée : catalogue raisonnéCatalogscatalogue raisonné241ocn074748854book19860.47Rivière, AnneCamille Claudel : d. Verbannte214ocn163628577book20050.47Camille Claudel et Rodin : la rencontre de deux destins : [exposition, Québec, Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, 26 mai-11 septembre 2005, Detroit, Detroit institute of arts, 2 octobre 2005-5 février 2006, Martigny, Fondation Pierre Gianadda, 3 mars-15 juin 2006]Exhibition catalogs122233ocn045816713visu19880.28Nuytten, BrunoCamille ClaudelDramaBiographical filmsFilm adaptationsDepicts the collaboration between the sculptor, Rodin and the creative progidy Camille Claudel+-+702500710632410313ocn047756244book20020.28Ayral-Clause, OdileCamille Claudel : a lifeBiography"Camille Claudel was a gifted nineteenth-century French sculptor who worked with Auguste Rodin, became his lover, and then left him to gain recognition for herself in the art world. With a strong sense of independence and a firm belief in her own considerable talent, Claudel created some extraordinary works of art and challenged the social and artistic limitations imposed upon the women of her time. Eventually, however, she crumbled beneath the combined weight of social reproof, deprivation, and art-world prejudices. Her family, distraught by her unconventional behavior as well as her delusions and paranoia, had her committed to a mental asylum, where she died thirty years later." "Camille Claudel's life has been romanticized in print and on film, but this is the first fully researched biography to present a rounded picture of the life and work of this remarkable woman. The author, Odile Ayral-Clause, has obtained access to the letters of friends and family and to recently released medical documents that dispel some of the myths that have been woven around Claudel's life. She presents Claudel as a major sculptor of the period, establishing her position in the context of the late-nineteenth-century Paris art world, in which she struggled to overcome the obstacles that faced all women artists of the time. The last chapters describe in hearbreaking detail Claudel's isolation from friends, family, and work during the last third of her life and answer many questions that have been posed over the years about the circumstances of her confinement." "Illustrated with reproductions of Claudel's known works and with little-known family photographs, many seen here for the first time, this beautifully written book brings to life a brilliant artist, who began her life full of energy and hope that gradually eroded in the face of mental and emotional anguish."--BOOK JACKET+-+42259456356235ocn016901002book19840.28Paris, Reine-MarieCamille : the life of Camille Claudel, Rodin's muse and mistressBiography5841ocn794493089com20060.33Charles, VictoriaCamille ClaudelPictorial worksBien que le nom de Camille Claudel ait toujours été lié à celui d'Auguste Rodin, son statut d'artiste à part entière est incontestable. C'est en son for intérieur que Camille puisa sa force : elle essuya la colère et la désapprobation des membres de sa famille, le refus de Rodin de l'épouser ou encore le rejet de ses travaux par quelques ministres, à l'humeur changeante, qui lui passaient commande avant de se retirer. Cependant, il se dégage de ses sculptures une sensualité et un amour du corps humain qui trahissent avec force les émotions de Claudel. Et, si un nombre important de ses œuvres a5204ocn031634920book19940.37Schmoll gen. Eisenwerth, J. AdolfAuguste Rodin and Camille ClaudelAsylum and how did her family and Rodin react to her illness? Further, the author critically examines the relationship between the two artists: to what extent did they influence each other? How did Rodin really treat Claudel? Finally and most importantly, Claudel's oeuvre is investigated in terms of her biography and in relationship to her contemporaries in an attempt to evaluate her work as a sculptor and to understand the personal and artistic crisis she underwent+-+07386864283244522ocn041258455book19990.73Mathews, Patricia TownleyPassionate discontent : creativity, gender, and French symbolist art"Passionate Discontent is a study that explores the relationship between gender and genius in late nineteenth-century French Symbolism." "Art historian Patricia Mathews examines the artistic, social, and scientific discourses of fin-de-siecle France. Along the way, she illuminates the Symbolist construction of a feminized aesthetic that nonetheless excluded female artists from its realm. She analyzes contemporary cultural assumptions as well as theories such as social Darwinism, biological determinism, and degeneracy."--BOOK JACKET+-+73656017754121ocn039380244book19990.66Caranfa, AngeloCamille Claudel : a sculpture of interior solitudeBiography"The revelation of Camille Claudel as an artist in her own right is the primary focus of this study. Clear and simple in theme and design, and containing over forty illustrations, Camille Claudel: A Sculpture of Interior Solitude unfolds her life and art in distinct movements, beginning with a biographical sketch and ending with a comparison of her art to that of her contemporary, Aristide Maillol. The book unveils the uninterrupted movement of Claudel's path to artistic creativity and independence, the price for which was solitude and self-denial."--BOOK JACKET+-+96480238353243ocn025833941book19920.28Delbée, AnneCamille Claudel : une femmeBiographyThis is the book that caused a sensation in France, inspired a motion picture, and resurrected the passion, courage, beauty, indomitable will, and rare talent of an artist the public had forgotten2068ocn008984389book19820.39Delbée, AnneUne femmeBiographyRomanbiografi om billedhuggeren Camille Claudel, hvis ulykkelige kærlighedsforhold til kunstnerkollegaen Auguste Rodin og forgæves kamp for at blive anerkendt som kunstner, drev hende ud i sindssygen1864ocn500794394book20050.88Wilson, SusannahVoices from the asylum : four French women writers, 1850-1920HistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcStraddling the disciplines of literature and social history, and based on extensive archival research, this book makes a crucial contribution to the feminist project of writing women back into literary history. It brings to light the hitherto unrecognised literary tradition in the prehistory of psychoanalysis: the psychiatric memoir+-+50842044651836ocn012237478book19840.70Paris, Reine-MarieCamille Claudel : 1864-1943BiographyCatalogs1613ocn007035445book19480.76Claudel, PaulPositions et propositionsCriticism, interpretation, etc1552ocn756597303book20120.01Ziarnik, Natalie ReifMadeleine's light : a story of Camille ClaudelJuvenile worksFiction"Camille Claudel, the famous sculptor, has come to work at Madeleine's family inn, far from the distractions of Paris. Madeleine, who has secret aspirations as an artist herself, is fascinated by this remote and somewhat unfriendly guest. Slowly the persistent girl and the secretive sculptor form a bond that leads to beautiful surprises for both artist and child"--1453ocn811457701file20040.81Beck, JeremyWaveMusic1021ocn830366930book20130.15Franco, BetsyNakedFictionFantasy fictionWhen Jesse Lucas, a troubled, magnetic acting major, touches the sculpture Meditation in Stanford's Rodin Sculpture Garden, he burns his finger on the bronze. By the time he returns to the garden that night, an eighteen-year-old girl has emerged from the statue, naked and disoriented. It is 2008, yet her mind is swimming with vivid, fractured memories of her volatile past in nineteenth-century Paris--of serving as Rodin's muse, of her passionate affair with the acclaimed artist, and of her own creations998ocn018052158book19870.76Cassar, JacquesDossier Camille ClaudelBiographyJ. Cassar se passionna pour la vie et l'oeuvre de l'artiste : cette biographie présente le résultat de ses recherches et livre l'intégralité des archives (lettres, documents, articles de presse) pour découvrir la véritable histoire de C. Claudel935ocn019357300book19880.84Claudel, Camille"L'Age mûr" de Camille Claudel : [exposition présentée au Musée d'Orsay du 27 septembre 1988 au 8 janvier 1989 et au Musée des beaux-arts de Lyon du 1er février au 30 avril 1989]Criticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogs871ocn013861217book19840.81Claudel, CamilleCamille Claudel, 1864-1943 : Musée Rodin, Paris, 15 février-11 juin 1984 [et] Musée Sainte-Croix, Poitiers, 26 juin-15 septembre 1984Exhibition catalogs773ocn053362982book20030.92Templeton, FionaDelirium of interpretationsDrama+-+0000477436752ocn054821790book20010.93Arnoux, DanielleCamille Claudel, l'ironique sacrificeCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+8444075037+-+8444075037Fri Mar 21 15:30:20 EDT 2014batch33477