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Thu Oct 16 17:54:19 2014 UTClccn-n820181710.50Peirce, semeiotic, and pragmatism essays /0.621.00Walker Percy papers,22163784n 82018171715396Ketner, K. L.Ketner, K. L. (Kenneth Laine)Ketner, Kenneth L.Ketner, Kenneth L. (Kenneth Laine)Laine Ketner, KennethКетнер, Кеннет Лэйн 1939-np-peirce, charles s$charles sanders$1839 1914Peirce, Charles S.(Charles Sanders)1839-1914lccn-n80109873Kloesel, Christian J. W.othlccn-n82144153Fisch, Max Harold1900-lccn-n87905607Stewart, Arthur Franklinedtlccn-n80101851Samway, Patrick H.edtlccn-n80030460Percy, Walker1916-1990lccn-n85259101Bridges, Claude V.edtlccn-no2003119912Cook, James Edwardlccn-n50049338Putnam, Hilaryauilccn-n79034265Peirce, Charles SandersKetner, Kenneth LaineConference proceedingsFictionBibliographyRecords and correspondenceBiographyPeirce, Charles S.--(Charles Sanders),SemioticsPragmatismAesthetics, ModernEthics, ModernAestheticsEthicsPhilosophyLogicReasoningUnited StatesPhilosophersKetner, Kenneth LainePercy, Walker,Question (Logic)Philosophy, ModernFolklorePowers, J. F.--(James Farl),Reagan, Nancy,Malamud, BernardVeatch, Henry BabcockMississippiLouisianaRubin, Louis D.,--Jr.--(Louis Decimus),Tate, Allen,Marlette, Doug,Manners and customsMoviegoer (Percy, Walker)Ong, Walter JGordon, Caroline,Handke, PeterWoodward, C. 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Peirce Bicentennial International CongressProceedings of the C.S. Peirce Bicentennial International CongressConference proceedings1283ocn000814911book19730.84Ketner, Kenneth LaineAn emendation of R.G. Collingwood's doctrine of absolute presuppositions572ocn033857938book19950.74Peirce, Charles SLe Raisonnement et la logique des choses : les conférences de Cambridge (1898)579ocn002235865book0.77Peirce, Charles SCharles Sanders Peirce : contributions to The Nation544ocn002783979book19710.95Peirce, Charles SComplete published works including selected secondary materials : microfiche collection411ocn003805014book19750.56Peirce, Charles SCharles Sanders Peirce : contributions to The Nation : part one : 1869-1893386ocn311791995file19990.74Peirce, Charles Santiago SandersCharles Sanders Peirce, published works IBibliographyThe Past Masters Charles Sanders Peirce: Published Works Database will eventually contain all of Peirce's philosophical and scientific texts published during his lifetime. The first release contains Peirce's contributions to The Nation 1869-1908, edited by Kenneth Lain Ketner and James Edward Cook, published by Texas Tech University, 1975-1987, and A Comprehensive Bibliography of the Published Work of Charles Sanders Peirce, edited by K.L. Ketner312ocn017387627book19770.94Peirce, Charles SCharles Sanders Peirce complete published works, including selected secondary materials303ocn022789659book19900.84Ketner, Kenneth LaineElements of logic : an introduction to Peirce's existential graphs231ocn769344131com19940.50Parret, HermanPeirce and value theory on Peircian ethics and aestheticsConference proceedingsMost of the essays collected in this book were presented at the Charles S. Peirce Sesquicentennial Congress (Harvard University, September 1989). The volume is devoted to themes within Peirce's value theory and offers a comprehensive view of less known aspects of his influential philosophy, in particular Peirce's work on ethics and aesthetics.The book is divided in four sections. Section I discusses the status of ethics as a normative science and its relation with logic; some applications are presented, e.g. in the field of bioethics. Section II investigates the specific position of Peircean a203ocn011860757book19750.53Texas Tech UniversityCharles Sanders Peirce : contributions to The Nation : part two: 1894-1900203ocn006418128book19790.53Peirce, Charles SCharles Sanders Peirce : contributions to The Nation : part three : 1901-1908162ocn051212189file19970.95Peirce, Charles SCharles Sanders Peirce, published philosophy111ocn003336593book19770.95Ketner, Kenneth LaineA comprehensive bibliography and index of the published works of Charles Sanders Peirce : with a bibliography of secondary sourcesBibliography91ocn001371662book19730.92Ketner, Kenneth LaineA preliminary survey of the grammar of 'folklore' : an introduction to hominology2783ocn032347456book19950.77Ketner, Kenneth LaineA thief of Peirce : the letters of Kenneth Laine Ketner and Walker PercyRecords and correspondence11ocn031966166mix1.00Percy, WalkerWalker Percy papersPhotographsThe collection includes drafts, notes, and other materials relating to all of Percy's major works and to many of his shorter efforts. Also included are subject files containing source materials and other items relating to authors and topics in which he was particularly interested, including religious themes in literature and the intellectual life of the American South. There are also materials relating to John Kennedy Toole's A Confederacy of Dunces (1980), which Percy helped publish. The collection contains a large amount of correspondence with authors, critics, and others. Most significant among Percy's correspondents were Shelby Foote, a life-long friend; Caroline Gordon, who, in the early 1950s, offered Percy in-depth critiques of his work and pointers on writing in general; and Donald Barthelme, who wrote about Percy's submissions to the journal Forum. Other correspondents include Zoltan Abadi Nagy, Malcolm Bell, Cleanth Brooks, Gary M. Ciuba, James Collins, Ansley Cope, John William Corrington, Robert Woodham Daniel, John N. Deely, Clifton Fadiman, Robert Giroux, Peter Handke, John Hofer, Paul Horgan, Kenneth Laine Ketner, Victor A. Kramer, Bernald Malamud, Jacques Maritain, Doug Marlette, Thomas Merton, Flannery O'Connor, Walter J. Ong, J.F. Powers, Thomas A. Sebeok, Elizabeth Spencer, Lewis P. Simpson, Allen Tate, Mark Taylor, Gene Usdin, Henry Babcock Veatch, Eudora Welty, and C. Vann Woodward. There are also over 200 formal and informal photographs, most of Percy with his family, including his uncle William Alexander Percy, but some of Percy with Pope John Paul II, Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan, Eudora Welty, Cleanth Brooks, C. Vann Woodward, Elizabeth Spencer, Louis D. Rubin Jr., Ernest Gaines, Shelby Foote, and others. Also included are several hats and a sweater belonging to Percy+-+2214929215+-+2214929215Thu Oct 16 15:57:57 EDT 2014batch16660