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(Octave), 1832-1910lccn-nr2003018330Jackman, William J.(William James)1850-lccn-n85050306Russell, Thomas Herbert1862-1947lccn-n86053450Short, Simine1944-lccn-n79077414Wright, Orville1871-1948lccn-n79077415Wright, Wilbur1867-1912lccn-n80139323McFarland, Marvin Wilks1919-edtlccn-n79072887Crouch, Tom D.lccn-n79022809United StatesNational Park Servicelccn-n85249118Lilienthal, Otto1848-1896nc-national air and space museumNational Air and Space MuseumChanute, Octave1832-1910Records and correspondenceHistoryBiographySourcesBibliographyAeronauticsChanute, Octave,Flying-machinesUnited StatesCivil engineersWright, Orville,Wright, Wilbur,AirplanesFlightGliders (Aeronautics)Indiana--Indiana Dunes National LakeshoreIndianaLilienthal, Otto,Gliding and soaringHang glidingAir pilotsBridgesMissouri RiverLangley, S. P.--(Samuel Pierpont),Wood--PreservationEngineeringRailroad tiesAeronautical engineersNavigation (Aeronautics)Missouri--Kansas CityAeronautics--FlightsMouillard, Louis-Pierre,Railroads--Cost of operationRailroads--Freight--RatesKitesAirplanes--Handling characteristicsKress, Wilhelm,Manuscripts, AmericanTennesseeStability of airplanesHelicoptersHuffaker, Edward CMissouri--Jackson CountyPolitical scienceGabari (Packet boat)Naval researchEgyptDesert reclamationSaudi ArabiaKansas--ChanuteCommerceBirdsTunisiaAlgeria183219101852186718701871187418781881188218851889189018911892189418951896189718981899190019041907190819091910191119121929193619401941194419481952195319571961196219631964196719681969197219741976197719781979198019901992199519971998199920002001200520082010201120134369153250629.13TL670ocn458982064ocn061482662ocn035570841130611ocn049294015file19100.27Jackman, William JFlying machines construction and operation ; a practical book which shows, in illustrations, working plans and text, how to build and navigate the modern airship+-+22145328966109ocn000523092book19530.53Wright, WilburThe papers of Wilbur and Orville Wright, including the Chanute-Wright letters and other papers of Octave ChanuteHistoryBiographySourcesRecords and correspondence[Vol. 1:] history of aviation, USA, flight pioneers, biographies, correspondence+-+412818625536923ocn001300545book18940.63Chanute, OctaveProgress in flying machinesHistoryThis volume contains research that originally appeared in The Railroad and Engineering Journal between 1891 and 1893. In it, the distinguished French-born aviation pioneer Octave Chanute analyzed virtually every flight experiment up to that time, explained their flaws and focused attention on the principles that showed most promise. His data on flight control and equilibrium was crucial to the early designs of the Wright Brothers+-+86344713951837ocn011250086book18900.59Chanute, OctaveAerial navigation9310ocn002610757book18700.92Chanute, OctaveThe Kansas City bridge, with an account of the regimen of the Missouri River, and a description of methods used for founding in that riverHistory+-+3216600796685ocn001367359book19070.70Moedebeck, Hermann W. LPocket-book of aeronautics634ocn004885517book19070.88White, Andrew DicksonSamuel Pierpont Langley, Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, 1887-1906 : Memorial meeting, December 3, 1906463ocn001651908book19290.97American Creosoting CompanyPioneer work in modern wood preservation: Bethel, Boulton, Chanute. Commemorating the twenty fifth anniversary of the founding of the American creosoting companyContains a reprint of Bethel's Specification, also reprints of the Antiseptic treatment of timber by Boulton, the Preservation of railway ties by Chanute, and other papers from the transactions of the American Society of Civil Engineers223ocn021126470book19100.95Chanute, OctaveRecent progress in aviation112ocn067722647book19070.66White, Andrew DicksonSamuel Pierpont Langley : memorial meeting, december 3, 1906103ocn002846738book18960.84Chanute, OctaveGliding experiments83ocn070826740book18850.94Chanute, OctaveThe Cost of railroad freight traffic51ocn458982064book19070.47White, Andrew DicksonSamuel Pierpont Langley, secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, 1887-1906, memorial meeting, December 3, 1906. Addresses by Dr. White, Prof. Pickering and Mr. Chanute51ocn002604145book19610.47Young, Pearl IThe complete writings of Octave Chanute (1832-1910) :Bibliography42ocn038769840book19760.92Chanute, OctaveProgress in flying machines : being a facsimile of the whole of the first 1894 edition including original illustrations41ocn244113341book19070.97Samuel Pierpont Langley, Secretary of Smithsonian Institution, 1887-1906: Memorial meeting, Dec. 3, 1906, addresses by Dr. White, Prof. Pickering, and Mr. Chanute32ocn063369909book19290.92Bethel, JohnPioneer work in modern wood preservation22ocn079832068book1.00Lilienthal, OttoPapers on aeronautics :Scrapbook of printed copies of Lilienthal's essays, with clippings, holograph and typescript translations of papers related to aeronautics. Collected by Octave Chanute21ocn083968366book18671.00Chanute, OctavePneumatic bridge foundations21ocn769266396book19530.47Wright, WilburThe papers of Wilbur and Orville Wright10156ocn785781240file20110.39Short, SimineLocomotive to aeromotive Octave Chanute and the transportation revolutionBiographyFrench-born and self-trained civil engineer Octave Chanute designed America's two largest stockyards, created innovative and influential structures such as the Kansas City Bridge over the previously 'unbridgeable' Missouri River, and was a passionate aviation pioneer whose collaborative approach to aeronautical engineering problems encouraged other experimenters, including the Wright brothers+-+K6818570751762ocn027652763book19920.70Crouch, Tom DOctave Chanute1442ocn006275924book19800.76National Air and Space MuseumOtto Lilienthal and Octave Chanute : pioneers of gliding423ocn001425654book19630.81Young, Pearl IOctave Chanute, 1832-1910; the contributions of an American civil engineer to the improvement of railroads, railroad bridges, timber preservation, and aeronautics; a bibliographyBibliography223ocn262538300com19400.88Williamson, H. WOctave Chanute, aviation pioneer Chanute Field, IllinoisHistoryBiography122ocn007971885book19620.95Chanute, OctaveThe Chanute-Mouillard correspondence, April 16, 1890 to May 20, 1897, on the subject of flightBiographyRecords and correspondence62ocn002604043book19610.81Young, Pearl IBibliography of items about Octave Chanute, 1832-1910Bio-bibliographyBibliography31ocn020156914book19670.10Chanute Air Force Base (Ill.)Chanute Air Force Base golden anniversary: 50 years, 1917-1967. Chanute Technical Training Center22ocn052248961book1.00Delaurier, E. TAérien et moteur à feu : description et dessins :Consists of manuscript and printed materials related to Delaurier's work in aeronautics. Includes a letter from Delaurier to Zahm, Paris, 1893 Jun 9, with English translation; five diagrams of flying machines; patent request for "Aérien;" manuscript of "Mémoire sur un moteur à feu inexplosible ... ;" English translation, "Treatise on fire mover [i.e. fire combustion motor] not liable to burst, very light, powerfull [sic], generally appropriated [sic] to aerial navigation, without balloons;" seven folded pen & ink diagrams of flying machines. Assembled by Octave Chanute22ocn052245779book18961.00Huffaker, Edward CThe kite : its mechanism and equilibrium :Manuscript describing flight experiments conducted in Chucky City, Tennessee, November 14, 1896. Collected by Octave Chanute22ocn078691057book19091.00Phillips, HoratioLetter : West Barnham, Sussex, to Octave ChanuteAutograph letter, signed, from Horatio Phillips to Octave Chanute on their work in mechanical flight22ocn052245773book19081.00Chalmers, Charles HThe helicopter :Consists of two typescript drafts of "The Helicopter," four letters from Chalmers to Octave Chanute (1901 and 1908), blueprints, diagrams, and photographs. Material was collected by Chanute22ocn052249628book18951.00Kress, WilhelmThe aeroplane and its stability during flight :Manuscript essays and notes. Includes original German draft of "Der Drachenflieger und dessen Stabilität während dem Fluge" and its English translation, "The aeroplane and its stability during flight." Also includes "Questions to Kress" (possibly from Octave Chanute) and a letter from Kress, Vienna, to Chanute (1895 June 12)11ocn247417948book1936Fowle, Frank FOctave Chanute : bibliographyBibliography11ocn052247660book1.00Lilienthal, OttoClippings and photographs on the Lilienthal flyer :Scrapbook of clippings, correspondence, mounted photographs, and drawings related to Lilienthal's work on flying machines. Includes clippings reporting Lilienthal's fatal flying accident. Collected by Octave Chanute11ocn038047650book19770.10Plumb, CharlieOctave Chanute, 1832-1910 : a brief biographyBiography11ocn070979768mix1.00Mouillard, Louis-PierreLouis-Pierre Mouillard papersRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, writings, notes, printed material, certificates, photographs, drawings, and other papers pertaining primarily to Mouillard's inventions. Subjects include aviation, agricultural techniques in the desert, naval technology, local politics, and bird flight and wing structure. Includes a record book of the packet boat Gabari documenting trade between Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Tunisia. Correspondents include Octave Chanute11ocn052245780book1.00Koch, GustavPapers on aerial navigation :Manuscript facsimiles of three essays by Gustav Koch. Topics concern the principles of mechanical flight. Illustrated with diagrams, drawings, and photographs. Assembled by Octave Chanute11ocn056928833book19411.0070 years of progress : pioneer editionHistory11ocn083162442book1969Ångström, TordBröderna Wright och Octave Chanute+-+4128186255+-+4128186255Fri Mar 21 15:41:09 EDT 2014batch23908