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Thu Oct 16 18:02:34 2014 UTClccn-n822251150.00Jessie Tarbox Beals photograph collection0.231.00Recollections and reminiscences of life in the Bay Area from 1920 onward : and related material,74036593Judith_Andersonn 822251151138906Anderson, Dame Judith 1897-1992Anderson, Frances Margaret 1897-1992 DameAnderson, Frances Margaret 1898-1992 DameAnderson, Frances Margaret DameAnderson, Frances Margaret, Dame, 1897-1992Anderson, Frances Margaret, Dame, 1898-1992lccn-n50009560Taylor, Elizabeth1932-2011actlccn-n80009712Olivier, Laurence1907-1989nrtprfactlccn-no90021194Carson, Jack1910-1963actlccn-n50007286Selznick, David O.1902-1965prolccn-no95005960Warner Home Video (Firm)lccn-n79027022Hitchcock, Alfred1899-1980flmdrtlccn-n86075278Weingarten, Lawrence1898-1975prolccn-n50021984Price, Vincent1911-1993cstprfactlccn-n85135241Ives, Burl1909-1995actlccn-n87814575Brooks, Richard1912-1992ausadpdrtdirAnderson, Judith1897-1992DramaFilm adaptationsFictionPsychological fictionDomestic fictionHistoryTelevision adaptationsPoetryLove storiesStudy guidesMan-woman relationshipsEngland--YorkshireEnglandMoses--(Biblical leader)Ten commandmentsManners and customsTriangles (Interpersonal relations)FamiliesDu Maurier, Daphne,Rejection (Psychology)Rural familiesFoundlingsAlcoholicsExodus, TheHeathcliff (Fictitious character : Brontë)Murder--InvestigationMississippiFathers and sonsBible.--Old TestamentCaspary, Vera,Greek drama (Tragedy)Social conflictRevengeEngland--Cornwall (County)DeceptionDeathIsraelites crossing the Red Sea (Biblical event)Gay men--Relations with heterosexual womenRemarried peopleDe Winter, Mrs. (Fictitious character)De Winter, Maximilian (Fictitious character)United StatesHeathlandsMoors (Wetlands)MurderKirk, James T. (Fictitious character)Spock (Fictitious character)Dakota IndiansWivesFilm noirInterplanetary voyagesFriendshipEuripidesJewsUnited States, WestBritishInheritance and successionJohnson, Dorothy MBibleCommunity life1897199219241930193219331934193519361939194019421943194419451946194719481949195119521953195419551956195719581959196019621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741976197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201418082317784791.4372PN1997ocn058469450ocn067838493ocn259809512ocn054447434ocn216934169ocn070902660ocn061367169ocn069339888ocn023706514ocn056017686ocn020511702ocn002880665ocn003551756ocn002880615ocn004032341ocn004532853ocn003097014ocn005338068ocn000546726ocn005326222ocn220149481ocn220163498ocn221422474ocn472656031ocn861506452ocn692006597ocn761998416ocn433567604247857ocn259809512visu19400.21Hitchcock, AlfredRebeccaFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsA vacationing young lady meets, falls in love with, and marries handsome and wealthy widower Maxim de Winter. He takes his new bride home to his estate, Manderley. But the new Mrs. de Winter finds her married life dominated by the sinister, almost spectral influence of Maxim's late wife, Rebecca, who still rules from beyond the grave+-+3411755325324242126ocn067838493visu19580.22Brooks, RichardCat on a hot tin roofFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsA story of deception which is destroying a patriarchal Southern family as its' members gather for the imminent demise of their "Big Daddy."+-+K310425425154216ocn064668011visu19920.19DeMille, Cecil BThe ten commandmentsHistoryFictionDramaFilm adaptationsThe epic story of Moses, the prophet who led his people, the Israelites, out of bondage in the land of Egypt to the Promised Land+-+1813620696146234ocn011099705visu19590.37EuripidesMedeaDramaTelevision adaptationsFilm adaptationsThe Kennedy Center production of Euripides' great classic about a woman driven by emotion beyond the brink of rationality. Medea is abandoned by her husband Jason so he can marry the daughter of Creon, ruler of Corinth, and is exiled by Creon as a dangerous foreigner. She exacts revenge by causing the deaths of Creon and his daughter and by murdering her own and Jason's two children before escaping into exile in Athens132323ocn058469450visu19440.22Preminger, OttoLauraFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsA beautiful young woman named Laura is found murdered shortly before her wedding to a dashing young playboy. Stirred by her portrait and adoring descriptions by her admirers, the detective assigned to her case finds that he is strangely under Laura's spell+-+194564842532487421ocn052082287visu19830.19A man called HorseFictionDramaFilm adaptationsAn English aristocrat is taken prisoner by a tribe of American Sioux Indians and given to the chief's aging mother as a servant. Gradually, he embraces the tribe's way of life and falls in love with the chief's sister. The constant threat of ambush by a rival tribe and rigors of survival now fill the days of this man called "Horse." He is eventually given a chance to prove his worthiness and be accepted into the tribe. But in order to be accepted with honor as an equal within the tribe, he must endure the Sun Vow84417ocn048623917visu19900.17Fitzgerald, BarryAnd then there were noneDramaDetective and mystery filmsFilm adaptationsThrillers (Motion pictures)One by one guests are being murdered on a mysterious island and those remaining realize the killer is among them+-+95795132253244651ocn216934169visu20080.22Mann, AnthonyThe furiesHistoryFictionDramaIn 1870s New Mexico Territory, megalomaniacal widowed ranch owner T.C. Jeffords butts heads with his daughter, Vance, a firebrand with serious daddy issues, over her dowry, choice of husband, and finally, ownership of the land itself4304ocn070902660visu19840.21Kings RowDramaFilm adaptationsWhen Parris Mitchell, an aspiring doctor, loses the one woman in his life to a tragic and untimely death, he goes off to Europe to forget. While he's gone, his friend Drake loses his inherited fortune and his fiancee. He takes up with a woman "from the wrong side of the tracks" and an ensuing accident leaves him a cripple. When Parris, now a full-fledged doctor returns home, it takes everything he has ever learned and experienced to put things right again41319ocn003551756rcrd19550.33EuripidesMedeaDramaAudio adaptationsEuripides tragedy of a woman scorned and desperate to wreak vengeance. Deserted by Jason, whose life she saved at great cost to herself and others, and forced into exile by the father of her rival in love, Medea plots a barbaric revenge38410ocn061367169visu19740.08The borrowersDramaFilm and video adaptationsCome along on an adventure with a family of Borrowers, the Clocks, who reside under the floorboards of Aunt Sophie's house in England. The Clocks, like all other Borrowers, survive by borrowing items from the humans. But life for the Clocks takes a turn for the worse when Arrioty befriends a human and the secrets of the Borrower world are discovered. What fate lies in the waiting for the Borrowers?30110ocn056779913visu19880.17Lewis, JerryCinderfellaDramaIn a posh Beverly Hills mansion, a kind-hearted soul named Fella works as a downtrodden houseboy for his evil stepmother and his two vain stepbrothers. The fairy godfather helps Fella go to the party where he sweeps visiting Princess Charming off her feet. That is until midnight when Fella loses a glass loafer and his spiffy convertible turns back into a bicycle+-+75784674252867ocn002880615rcrd19650.50Shaw, BernardCaesar and CleopatraDrama27327ocn062076934visu19460.22Milestone, LewisThe strange love of Martha IversBiographyDramaFilm noirFilm adaptationsA small-town ice queen grows suspicious when an old flame appears, so she and her district attorney husband hatch a plot to run him out of town+-+940862069632426711ocn051859596visu19470.24Walsh, RaoulPursuedDramaA complex tale of family feuds, murder and vengeance in the Old West+-+55585573253242552ocn074813747visu19920.21Sherman, VincentAll through the nightDramaA big shot gambler investigating the murder of his favorite German baker stumbles upon a Nazi plot to blow up an American warship and is framed for murder in this comedy-thriller+-+79676374253242468ocn000361579rcrd19570.08Stevenson, Robert LouisA child's garden of versesJuvenile worksWhen I am grown to man's estate. I shall be very proud and great. And tell the other girls and boys. Not to meddle with my toys. Thus reads the whimsical, "Looking Forward," of this delightful collection. From the sweetness of "Land of Nod," to the imaginative dreams of "Pirate Story" and "Travels," Robert Louis Stevenson's beloved poems celebrate childhood in all its simplicity and joy2397ocn004532853rcrd19530.50Benét, Stephen VincentJohn Brown's bodyHistoryPoetry"On October 16, 1859, John Brown led 21 men on a raid of the federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry, Virginia. His plan was to seize arms and supply them to slaves with the hope of starting a war against slavery. After a life of failed enterprises and anti-slavery activities he emerged at age 55 with the intent of finding a way to start his anti-slavery war. His raid failed and he was arrested by the future Southern general, Robert E. Lee, who was in charge of the Marine contingent"--Container2352ocn438877825visu20090.17Nimoy, LeonardStar trek III the search for SpockDramaScience fiction filmsSarek, Spock's father, informs Captain Kirk that McCoy is harboring Spock's living essence. With that knowledge, Kirk steals the Enterprise and defies Starfleet's Genesis planet quarantine to help his friends20811ocn017632309rcrd19780.13Brontë, EmilyWuthering HeightsHistoryJuvenile worksFictionStudy guidesAudio adaptationsPsychological fictionDomestic fictionLove storiesRadio playsYoung adult worksA dramatization of the novel+-+7781944006324191ocn081996419visu19890.27Specter of the roseThriller about a young ballerina who marries a dancer suspected of his first wife's murder31ocn026642858mix1.00Lehman, B. HRecollections and reminiscences of life in the Bay Area from 1920 onward : and related materialAppended: essay portrait of Noël Sullivan by William Justema; and poems by Thomas Parkinson and Josephine Miles31ocn021242777visu19680.47Judith Anderson English actress, Feb. 10, 1898-Portraits21ocn030123296book19490.92Guthrie McClintic presents Judith Anderson in Medea : freely adapted from the "Medea" of Euripides by Robinson Jeffers11ocn057043015visu19341.00Van Vechten, Carl[Portrait of Judith Anderson]11ocn057043067visu19511.00Van Vechten, Carl[Portrait of Judith Anderson, as Medea]11ocn593495518mix1.00Austin, WarrenWarren Austin papersPapers of Warren Austin (1911-1999), owner of Val Verde estate in Montecito, California. Austin was a close friend of Dame Judith Anderson, a patron of the Lobero Theatre (Santa Barbara, CA.) and personal physician to the Duke and Dutchess of Windsor11ocn057042937visu19341.00Van Vechten, Carl[Portrait of Judith Anderson]11ocn495546319art19950.10Quigley, MartinAnderson, Judith: ActressBiography Dictionaries11ocn057042972visu19341.00Van Vechten, Carl[Portrait of Judith Anderson]11ocn078433768visuBeals, Jessie TarboxJessie Tarbox Beals photograph collectionPortraitsPictorial worksThe collection contains about 420 black and white photographs, ca. 1900-1940, primarily of New York City and its inhabitants. It also includes postcards, as well as larger prints, of bohemian Greenwich Village between 1905 and 1920. New York City photographs show the Hudson-Fulton Celebration in 1909, the Woolworth Building, the Municipal Building and City Hall, and the New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street. A sizable portion of the collection shows the city of Boston betwen 1902 and 1910, including views of Boston Common, the Massachusetts State House, the Robert Gould Shaw Memorial, and the Old South Church. Pictures taken at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis of 1904, where she was the first woman awarded a license to photograph it, focus on the international air show in the fall of 1904. Other photographs include views of San Antonio, Nantucket, and other places in Texas, Massachusetts, and Arkansas. Almost half the collection consists of portraits, mainly of artists, writers, and Greenwich Village residents. Artists include Rose O'Neill Wilson, James Carroll Beckwith, Gutzon and Solon Borglum, Karl Bitter, Bessie Potter Vonnoh, Julian Weir, Irving Wiles, Harrison Fisher, Daniel Chester French, Norman Bel Geddes, and Tony Sarg. Writers include Mark Twain, Mabel Herbert Urner, William Dean Howells, Fannie Hurst, Kate Douglas Wiggin, Frances Parkinson Keyes, Floyd Dell, Emily Post, Ida11ocn862058701bookMedea : [theatre program], 1955Theatre program11ocn057042956visu19321.00Van Vechten, Carl[Portrait of Judith Anderson]11ocn057042995visu19391.00Van Vechten, Carl[Portrait of Judith Anderson draped as a nun(?) in veils, in "Family portrait"]11ocn080195114visu20001.00Interview with Zoe CaldwellInterviewsActor/director Zoe Caldwell reminisces about her theatrical career, citing early influences such as Judith Anderson, and discussing her three years of repertory experience in Australia, her work in West End shows and on Broadway, and her marriage to Robert Whitehead, who later produced Terrence McNally's play Master class, in which Ms. Caldwell starred. She also discusses her career as a director, and compares this discipline with acting11ocn057043027visu19341.00Van Vechten, Carl[Portrait of Judith Anderson]11ocn057043131visu19341.00Van Vechten, Carl[Portrait of Judith Anderson]11ocn057042788visu19321.00Van Vechten, Carl[Portrait of Judith Anderson]11ocn051636576visu1.00[Interviews with Roger Stevens, Zoe Caldwell, Zelda Fichandler, and Marshall W. Mason]InterviewsFour separate interviews with Roger Stevens, Zoe Caldwell, Marshall W. Mason, and Zelda Fichandler (ca. 28 min. each)11ocn221425516book2004They got their start here : a display by the Performing Arts Collection of South Australia : Lawrence Power, Dame Judith Anderson, Sir Robert Helpmann, 22 Oct 04 - Feb 05BiographyExhibition catalogs+-+K310425425+-+K310425425Thu Oct 16 15:01:45 EDT 2014batch37698