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Fri Mar 21 17:13:01 2014 UTClccn-n822273050.10[London], to Mr. [Joseph] Bennett,0.651.00Letter Ways End, to Alexander Strahan,59893499Francis_Hueffern 82227305881667Hueffer, F.Hueffer, F. 1843-1889Hueffer, F. (Francis), 1843-1889Hueffer, Francis, 1845-1889Hueffer, Franz.Hueffer, Franz, 1843-1889Hüffer, Franz.Hüffer, Franz, 1843-1889Hüffer, Franz, 1845-1889lccn-n79089831Wagner, Richard1813-1883lccn-n79079048Liszt, Franz1811-1886lccn-n80010162Boito, Arrigo1842-1918lbtlccn-n79038460Verdi, Giuseppe1813-1901lccn-n88244187Guhl, E.(Ernst)1819-1862lccn-n88244188Koner, W.(Wilhelm)1817-1887lccn-n50009064Ellis, William Ashton1852-1919edtlccn-no88005915Saladino, Michele1835-1912arrfast-1048901Othello (Fictitious character)lccn-n79091197Berlioz, Hector1803-1869cmpHueffer, Francis1843-1889Criticism, interpretation, etcDramaRecords and correspondenceMusical settingsPeriodicalsHistoryManuscriptsBiographyMusicBibliographyOperas--Vocal scores with pianoLiszt, Franz,Wagner, Richard,Operas--ScoresOthello (Fictitious character)Manners and customsGreeceRome (Empire)Wesendonck, Mathilde,Music--Instruction and studyCorrespondence (Wagner, Richard)Provençal poetryTroubadoursSongs (High voice) with pianoEnglandBerlioz, Hector,SongsEnglish literatureEnglish essaysMusic--Philosophy and aestheticsFrance--ProvenceCivilizationLiteratureRossetti, Dante Gabriel,Civilization, MedievalSchubert, Franz,Schumann, Robert,Franz, Robert,OperaComposersSongs (Medium voice) with pianoItalian poetryItalian literatureSongs (Low voice) with pianoSchopenhauer, Arthur,GermanyRing des Nibelungen (Wagner, Richard)FranceConservatories of musicChopin, Frédéric,English poetryHueffer, Francis,Sonnets, EnglishBallads, EnglishMcGann, Jerome JMusiciansVocal musicFine booksArchivio storico RicordiVerdi, Giuseppe,18431889186218631869187018721873187418751876187718781880188118821883188418851886188718881889189018921894189718981900190419101911191219131917192119481950196419691971197319771980198319851986199419971998199920002002200320052006200720092010201120134517143438782.10924ML410.W1ocn004480776ocn000810553ocn000522021ocn000010558ocn002516399ocn001279039ocn000981123ocn005504920ocn000788315ocn004996383ocn006193908ocn070009174ocn015148564ocn570956080ocn657846198ocn459950310ocn458157308ocn746984420ocn762404491ocn859420192ocn072632180ocn441907762ocn122540754ocn083258154ocn842140454ocn46548915677825ocn000810553book18880.56Wagner, RichardCorrespondence of Wagner and LisztBiographyRecords and correspondence+-+932955356669317ocn004480776score18870.56Verdi, GiuseppeOthello : a lyrical drama in four acts (founded on Shakespeare's tragedy)Musical settingsDrama57625ocn000522021book18750.63Guhl, EThe life of the Greeks and Romans described from antique monuments32122ocn003581194book18760.73Hueffer, FrancisThe troubadours; a history of Provençal life and literature in the middle agesCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+852487390528118ocn000195687book18740.66Hueffer, FrancisRichard Wagner and the music of the future; history and aestheticsCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+692955356619229ocn001355727book18720.59Hueffer, FrancisRichard WagnerBiographyBibliography+-+K02955356617111ocn003055311book18890.76Hueffer, FrancisHalf a century of music in England, 1837-1887. 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A biographical sketch of the composer is provided as part of Island of Freedom. The sketch highlights Wagner's early interest in the theater, his operas, his exile from Germany because of political activities, and his purported anti-Semitic views257ocn063599545score18850.56Cowen, Frederic HSleeping beauty : cantata in a prologue and four scenesMusical settingsMusic483ocn015148564book18860.59Morris, WilliamA selection from the poems of William Morris31ocn062412794book18730.95Rossetti, Dante GabrielPoems ... With a memoir of the author by Franz Hüffer21ocn030827357book19940.47Hay, JeffThe colloquial musical metaphysics of Francis Hueffer and George Bernard ShawCriticism, interpretation, etcMusic22ocn222250967book19970.88Muir, TheresaWagner in England : four writers before ShawCriticism, interpretation, etcExamines Wagner's critical reception in 19th century England, through a study of four writers: James W. Davison, Joseph Bennett, Francis Hueffer and William Ashton Ellis. These four represent the full range of Wagner reception in England during the composer's lifetime21ocn237823276book20030.28Vater und Sohn: Franz Hüffer und Ford Madox Ford (Hüffer) : eine Anthologie11ocn270578115book18840.10Gounod, Charles[n.p., Paris?], 26 March 1884, to Alfred [Mapleson?]Saying that he has only 24 places for the première of Sapho and 200 requests, expressing regret that it is absolutely impossible to provide tickets for [Francis] Hueffer and [Joseph] Bennett, suggesting they write directly to Vaucorbeil, and adding that he is exhausted dealing with Sapho and [La] rédemption at the same time11ocn270871073book18940.10Hueffer, Catherine[London], to an unidentified recipientAbout the sale of pictures by D.G. Rossetti, and pictures in the estate of Ford Madox Brown, her father, and Francis Hueffer, her husband11ocn270517310book19170.10Conrad, JosephCapel House, Orlestone, to Mrs. J.B. Pinker, the wife of his literary agentAbout his work at the Admiralty, and with an anecdote about the late Dr. Hueffer, the father of Ford Madox Ford11ocn647812902mix18781.00Hawthorne, JulianLetter Ways End, to Alexander StrahanHawthorne writes to Strahan informing him that "the loan and assurance must be paid today"; assures him that his security is good; that he has just sold a story to Franz Hueffer of "The New Quarterly" and though he will not be paid immediately he offers a promissory note for 40 pounds11ocn739294037book20100.47Lorenzon, Matthew Donald AdrianThe literary works of G.W.L. Marshall-Hall : 1888-191511ocn270581727book0.10Manns, August Friedrich[London], to Mr. [Joseph] BennettPraising [Hamish] MacCunn's Lord Ullin's Daughter and other works by MacCunn, mentioning the Handel Festivals of 1888 and 1903, Barnby, Gounod, Hueffer, Engel, Smetana's Vltava (Moldau), Albert Fransella, d'Albert, Cowen, Santley, criticizing the "well-managed Richter-adulation in London" and Richter's conducting of Beethoven's Seventh and Ninth Symphonies, etc11ocn270665404book18880.10Hartvigson, Frits[London] Jan. 3 and 5 March 1888, to Joseph BennettWriting at Henschel's request to say he has Barry's permission to reprint his notes on Liszt's Totentanz, saying that Liszt has made some additions that will be introduced in the performance on the 10th, enumerating the additions, adding that Variation IV is not by Liszt but by C.F. Weitzman, correcting Bennett by saying that Bülow did not distribute money to members of the Philharmonic Orchestra but instead donated his fee to the pension fund, mentioning Hueffer, etc11ocn309773426mix1.00Engel, Solton and JuliaCollection of Literary Letters, Manuscripts and Drawings1999 addition: Nine letters and sketches by Rudyard Kipling. One letter from Siegfried Sassoon to Paul Lemperly11ocn057071432book1.00Hueffer, FrancisFrancis Hueffer letter to Alfred HipkinsRecords and correspondenceHueffer writes to Hipkins, circa 1880, to thank him for an unspecified favor and asserts his friendship+-+6929553566+-+6929553566Fri Mar 21 15:28:36 EDT 2014batch24863